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Another few thousand DOS Games are playable at the Internet Archive! Since our initial announcement in 2015, we’ve added occasional new games here and there to the collection, but this will be our biggest update yet, ranging from tiny recent independent productions to long-forgotten big-name releases from decades ago.

To browse the latest collection, hit this link and look around.

The usual caveats apply: Sometimes the emulations are slower than they should be, especially on older machines. Not all games are enjoyable to play. And of course, we are linking manuals where we can but not every game has a manual.

If you’ve been enjoying our “emulation in the browser” system over the years, then this is more of that. If you’re new to it or want to hear more about all this, keep reading.

A Recognition of Hard Work, and A Breathtaking View

The update of these MS-DOS games comes from a project called eXoDOS, which has expanded over the years in the realm of collecting DOS games for easy playability on modern systems to tracking down and capturing, as best as can be done, the full context of DOS games – from the earliest simple games in the first couple years of the IBM PC to recently created independent productions that still work in the MS-DOS environment.

What makes the collection more than just a pile of old, now-playable games, is how it has to take head-on the problems of software preservation and history. Having an old executable and a scanned copy of the manual represents only the first few steps. DOS has remained consistent in some ways over the last (nearly) 40 years, but a lot has changed under the hood and programs were sometimes only written to work on very specific hardware and a very specific setup. They were released, sold some amount of copies, and then disappeared off the shelves, if not everyone’s memories.

It is all these extra steps, under the hood, of acquisition and configuration, that represents the hardest work by the eXoDOS project, and I recognize that long-time and Herculean effort. As a result, the eXoDOS project has over 7,000 titles they’ve made work dependably and consistently.

Separately from the eXoDOS project, I’ve been putting a percentage of these games into the Emularity system on the Internet Archive for research, entertainment and quick online access to the programs. The issues that are introduced by this are mine and mine alone, and eXoDOS is not able to help with them. You can always mail me at jscott@archive.org with questions or technical concerns.

This should be all that needs to be said, but since the Archive is doing things a little strangely, there’s a lot to keep in mind before you really dive in (or to realize, when you come back with questions).

That Hilarious Problem With CD-ROMs

Putting these games into the Internet Archive has, over time, brought into sharp focus particular issues with browser-based emulation. For example, keyboard collision, where the input needs of the emulator are taken over by the browser itself, and the problems of a program needing a lot more horsepower to run in a browser emulator than a user’s system can handle.

Some of these have solutions that aren’t always great (Buy faster hardware!) and in some cases the problem is currently terminal (these programs have been taken offline for a future date). But the most obvious and pressing is that games based off CD-ROMs take a significant, huge amount of time to load.

CD-ROMs were a boon to the early-to-late 1990s, allowing games to have audio and video like never before. Depending on the tricks used, you got full-motion video (FMV), the playing of CD audio tracks for background music, and levels and variation of content for the games far beyond what floppy disks could ever hope.

But it was also a very large amount of data (up to 700 megabytes per CD) and it’s one thing to have the data sitting on a plastic disc in a local machine, and yet another to have a network connection pull the entire contents of the CD-ROM into memory and hold it there as a virtual file resources. This is going to be an enormous lean on the vast majority of Internet users out there – downloading multi-hundred-megabyte files into memory and then keeping them there, and then losing it all when the browser window closes. Network speeds will improve over time, but this is probably the biggest show-stopper of them all for many folks.

If you find yourself loading up one of these games and facing down a hundred-megabyte download, consider one of the smaller games instead, unless it’s a title you really, really want to try out. Maybe in a few years we’ll look back at cable-modem speeds and laugh at the crawling, but for now, they’re pretty significant.

Some Jewels in the Mix

Luckily, there are some smaller-sized games in this new update that will load relatively quickly and are really enjoyable to look at and to play. Here’s some of my recommendations:

First, a game special to me: the IBM DOS version of Adventure, calling itself “Microsoft Adventure”. It’s actually a small rebranding of the original start of the text adventure world, “Colossal Cave” or ADVENT, by Don Woods and Will Crowther. Remixed to be sold by IBM and Microsoft, this is how I first got into these, and it boots up instantly, providing hours of fun if you’ve never tried it before.

Mr. Blobby, a 1994 DOS Platform game, has all the hallmarks of the genre – bonkers physics, bright and lovely graphics, and joyful music. Be sure to redefine the keys before you try to play it, because besides running and jumping, you can spin and take things. The game does not get less weird as you go along.

Super Munchers: The Challenge Continues is a 1991 remix of the original educational game that sent your “muncher” gathering up words representing a given topic or idea. The speed of the game, along with the learning aspect, make this one of the more zesty “edutainment” titles available from the time.

Street Rod is a wonderfully compact 1989 racing game where it’s the 1960s and you’re going to buy your first hot-rod, tune it up, and race it for money to buy better and better rides. It’s a mouse-driven interface and loaded with all sorts of tricks to make the game fit into a “mere” 600 kilobytes compressed. Initially simple and then well worth the effort!

Digger from 1983 is a Dig-Dug-Clone-but-Not that came out right as IBM PCs were starting to take off, and it’s a lovely little game, steering around a mining machine while avoiding enemies and picking up diamonds. The most unintuitive thing is you need to fire using the “F1” key, so hopefully your keyboard has one.

I’m also going to suggest Floppy Frenzy from Windmill Software because it’s so much closer to the beginning of the IBM PC’s reign and you can see the difference in what the authors were comfortable with – the graphics are simpler, the game movement a little more rough, and the theme is geekiness incarnate: You’re a floppy disk avoiding magnets to leave traps for them, so you can gather the magnets up before the time runs out. If you don’t make it, an angel comes down and brings you to Floppy Disk Heaven. Again, F1 is the unusual key to leave traps.

There’s many more and I suggest people browse around and try things out, really soak in that MS-DOS joy. (And feel free to leave comments with suggestions.)

Thanks so much for coming along on this emulation journey!

  • Jason Scott, Internet Archive Software Curator
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 12.27.06 - Top Exploration and Discovery Stories of the Year
NASA moved forward in 2006 to extend humanity's exploration of the solar system and learn more about the universe and our home planet.
+ Read More  12.22.06 - NASA Welcomes Discovery Crew Home for the Holidays
The Space Shuttle Discovery and its crew returned home Friday after a 13-day journey of more than 5.3 million miles in space.
+ Read More  12.22.06 - Images From Hinode Offer Clues About Our Violent Sun
Instruments aboard a Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency satellite named Hinode, or "Sunrise," are returning extraordinary new images of our sun.
+ Read More  12.21.06 - Discovery Set to Land Friday
Commander Mark Polansky and his crew aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery will complete their 13-day mission to the International Space Station Friday, Dec. 22.
+ Read More  12.20.06 - Satellite Discovers New Kind of Black Hole Explosion
Scientists using NASA data are studying a newly recognized type of cosmic explosion called a hybrid gamma-ray burst, and is likely signaling the birth of a new black hole.
+ Read More  12.18.06 - NASA and Google Bring Exploration to Earth
NASA Ames Research Center and Google have signed a Space Act Agreement that formally establishes a relationship to work together.
+ Read More  12.15.06 - Ames Schedules Briefing to Discuss Google Agreement
NASA Ames Research Center hosts a media briefing Monday to discuss a major announcement involving Google, Inc.
+ Read More  12.15.06 - NASA Looking for Future Explorers
NASA is searching for the next generation of explorers to participate in the challenge of designing and building a lunar rover or "moonbuggy" to compete in the 14th Great Moonbuggy Race.
+ Read More  12.15.06 - NASA Selects Teams to Fly on 'Weightless Wonder'
Thirty-four undergraduate student teams have been selected to fly and conduct experiments aboard NASA's "Weightless Wonder" reduced gravity aircraft next spring.
+ Read More  12.12.06 - NASA Outlines Recent Changes in Earth's Freshwater Distribution
Observations of freshwater storage by the Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment provide a new picture of how water is distributed globally and how it is changing.
+ Read More  12.11.06 - NASA Press Secretary Leaves for D.C. Communications Firm
NASA Press Secretary Dean Acosta is leaving the agency to become a managing director at Qorvis Communications LLC in Washington, effective Jan. 2.
+ Read More  12.09.06 - Discovery Lights up the Sky
Crew will add to the Space Station's structure and reconfigure power systems.
+ Read More  12.08.06 - NASA Sets Briefing With Next Station Crew
NASA will hold a media briefing at 10:15 a.m. CST Dec. 13 with members of the next ISS crew and a U.S. businessman who will visit the complex in spring 2007.
+ Read More  12.07.06 - Weather Scrubs Shuttle Launch
Next attempt set for 8:47 p.m. EST on Dec. 9.
+ Read More  12.06.06 - Climate Warming Reduces Ocean Food Supply
In a NASA study, scientists have concluded that when Earth's climate warms, there is a reduction in the ocean's primary food supply. This poses a potential threat to fisheries and ecosystems.
+ Read More  12.06.06 - Images Suggest Water Still Flows in Brief Spurts on Mars
NASA photographs have revealed bright new deposits seen in two gullies on Mars that suggest water carried sediment through them sometime during the past seven years.
+ Read More  12.05.06 - NASA'S GENESAT-1 To Hitch a Ride On Air Force Rocket
NASA's GeneSat-1 is set to launch into orbit on an Air Force rocket on Dec. 11 from NASA's Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Va.
+ Read More  12.04.06 - NASA Schedules Briefing to Announce Significant Find on Mars
NASA hosts a news briefing at 1 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Dec. 6, to present new science results from the Mars Global Surveyor.
+ Read More  12.04.06 - NASA Unveils Global Exploration Strategy and Lunar Architecture
NASA on Monday unveiled the initial elements of the Global Exploration Strategy and a proposed U.S. lunar architecture, two critical tools for achieving the nation's vision of returning humans to the moon.
+ Read More  12.01.06 - NASA Awards Engineering Contract for Goddard Center
NASA has selected SGT, Inc., Greenbelt, Md., for engineering support for ongoing programs and projects at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md.
+ Read More  12.01.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-052
The ISS crew have been preparing for the planned arrival next week of the Space Shuttle Discovery on a complex mission to rewire the station's electrical system.
+ Read More  12.01.06 - NASA Administrator Speaks to Royal Society
Administrator Griffin called the exploration of space “the boldest human adventure yet conceived” and emphasized the importance of international collaboration.
+ Read More  11.30.06 - Launch Countdown Begins Dec. 4 for Discovery
NASA will begin the countdown for Space Shuttle Discovery's STS-116 mission at 11 p.m. EST Monday, Dec. 4, at the T-43 hour point.
+ Read More  11.30.06 - NASA Sets Shuttle Events, Briefings and News Center Hours
News conferences, events and operating hours for Kennedy Space Center's News Center are set for the Dec. 7 launch of the Space Shuttle Discovery mission to the International Space Station.
+ Read More  11.30.06 - NASA Awards Information Science and Library Services Contract
NASA has selected Library Associates of Maryland to provide support to the technical libraries at the Goddard Space Flight Center and Wallops Flight Facility, Wallops Island, Va.
+ Read More  11.29.06 - Flight Director Interviews Set as Shuttle Countdown Starts
The flight director for NASA's third space shuttle mission this year, STS-116, will be available for satellite interviews from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. CST Monday, Dec. 4.
+ Read More  11.29.06 - NASA Gives 'Go' for Space Shuttle Discovery Launch
NASA senior managers today unanimously recommended launching the Space Shuttle Discovery on Dec. 7.
+ Read More  11.29.06 - NASA Awards Construction Contract at Marshall
NASA has awarded a contract to GSC Construction Inc. to construct a replacement building at the agency’s Marshall Space Flight Center.
+ Read More  11.29.06 - NASA Briefing on How Climate Warming Affects Marine Life
NASA is hosting a media teleconference at 2 p.m. EST on Wednesday, Dec. 6, announcing new scientific findings that show for the first time how the foundation of Earth's marine food web responds to changes in climate.
+ Read More  11.28.06 - NASA to Brief Exploration Strategy and Lunar Architecture
NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale and senior executives from the Exploration Systems Mission Directorate will host a press conference at 1 p.m. CST Monday, Dec. 4, to announce the agency's global exploration strategy and lunar architecture.
+ Read More  11.27.06 - NASA Selects Maryland Firm for Mission Support
NASA has selected Swales Aerospace, Beltsville, Md., to provide research and technology services to the agency's Langley Research Center.
+ Read More  11.23.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-051
Two residents of the International Space Station ventured outside the complex Wednesday for a 5 hour, 38 minute spacewalk to reposition, deploy and relocate equipment, and to take a swing at a commercially sponsored activity.
+ Read More  11.21.06 - NASA Announces News Conference on Shuttle Launch
With Discovery poised on the launch pad for the next mission to the ISS, NASA managers plan to hold a news conference at 3 p.m. EST, Wednesday, Nov. 29 to discuss the upcoming mission.
+ Read More  11.21.06 - Mars Global Surveyor May Be at Mission's End
NASA's Mars Global Surveyor has likely finished its operating career. The spacecraft has served the longest and been the most productive of any mission ever sent to the red planet.
+ Read More  11.20.06 - NASA Provides Mars Global Surveyor Update
NASA will hold a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EST, Tuesday, Nov. 21, to discuss the status and science accomplishments of the Mars Global Surveyor.
+ Read More  11.17.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-050
The Expedition 14 crew continue to prepare for a spacewalk Wednesday, Nov. 22, out of the International Space Station's Russian Pirs Docking Compartment airlock.
+ Read More  11.17.06 - Rocket Motor Test Helps Shuttle and Ares I
NASA's Space Shuttle Program successfully fired a reusable solid rocket motor Thursday, Nov. 16, at a Utah facility.
+ Read More  11.16.06 - NASA Completes Review of Next Human Spacecraft System
NASA has completed a milestone first review of all systems for the Orion spacecraft and the Ares I and Ares V rockets.
+ Read More  11.16.06 - Hubble Finds Evidence for Dark Energy in the Young Universe
Scientists using NASA's Hubble Space Telescope have discovered that dark energy is not a new constituent of space, but rather has been present for most of the universe's history.
+ Read More  11.14.06 - Briefing, NASA TV Coverage Set for Space Station Spacewalk
NASA officials will hold a briefing at 1 p.m. CST Thursday, Nov. 16, to discuss an upcoming spacewalk from the International Space Station.
+ Read More  11.13.06 - NASA Schedules Dark Energy Discovery Media Teleconference
NASA will host a media teleconference with Hubble astronomers at 1 p.m. EST Thursday, Nov. 16, to announce the discovery that dark energy has been an ever-present constituent of space for most of the universe's history.
+ Read More  11.09.06 - NASA Schedules First Live HDTV Broadcast From Space
NASA makes history on Nov. 15 week with the first live broadcasts from space in High Definition television (HDTV).
+ Read More  11.09.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-049
The ISS crew spent the week getting ready for an upcoming spacewalk, performing scientific research.
+ Read More  11.08.06 - High School Students to Chat With Space Station Crew
NASA and the U.S Department of Education will host a live, ultra-long distance call with the crew of the International Space Station at 9:21 a.m. EST Tuesday, Nov. 14 at the U.S. Department of Education, Washington.
+ Read More  11.09.06 - NASA Aviation Safety Reporting System Turns 30
NASA's Aviation Safety Reporting System recently marked its 30-year anniversary. The confidential reporting system is widely used by pilots and other airline employees to identify potential safety hazards.
+ Read More  11.09.06 - NASA Sees Into the Eye of a Monster Storm on Saturn
NASA's Cassini spacecraft has seen something never before seen on another planet -- a hurricane-like storm at Saturn's South Pole with a well-developed eye, ringed by towering clouds.
+ Read More  11.08.06 - NASA Awards Systems and Services Contract
NASA has selected Alcatel Alenia Space, Toulouse, France for award of a $50,000 Rapid Spacecraft Development Office II contract.
+ Read More  11.08.06 - NASA Honors Apollo Moon Walker
NASA will honor former astronaut Charles 'Pete' Conrad for his involvement in the U.S. space program with the presentation of the Ambassador of Exploration Award at 2 p.m. EST, Saturday, Nov. 18.
+ Read More  11.03.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-048
Repair of an oxygen generator, robotic arm operations and cargo unpacking were the top priorities aboard the International Space Station this week.
+ Read More  11.03.06 - NASA Awards Aircraft Operations Systems Support Contract
Johnson Space Center, Houston, has awarded a three-year $19.8 million Aircraft Operations Systems Support contract to Science Applications International Corp., of San Diego.
+ Read More  11.03.06 - Newly Returned Station Astronaut Available for Interviews
NASA astronaut Jeff Williams, back from six months on the International Space Station, will be available for satellite interviews from 6:15 to 8:30 a.m. EST Thursday, Nov. 9.
+ Read More  11.03.06 - NASA Announces Astronauts' Appearance at Veterans Job Fair
NASA astronauts Joe Tanner and Dan Burbank will give job candidates their perspective Monday about using military experience to build careers at an employment fair exclusively for veterans.
+ Read More  11.01.06 - Space Shuttle Discovery Rolls to Vehicle Assembly Building
NASA's Space Shuttle Discovery completed one milestone and is nearing another as workers prepare the orbiter for a December launch to the ISS.
+ Read More  10.31.06 - NASA Approves Mission and Names Crew for Return to Hubble
Shuttle astronauts will make one final house call to NASA's Hubble Space Telescope as part of a mission to extend and improve the observatory's capabilities through 2013.
+ Read More  10.30.06 - NASA Announces Discovery Program Selections
NASA Monday selected concept studies for missions that would return a sample of an enigmatic asteroid, probe the chemistry of Venus' atmosphere and reveal the interior structure and history of the Earth's moon.
+ Read More  10.30.06 - NASA Awards Goddard Mission Assurance Services Contract
NASA has selected SRS Technologies, Newport Beach, Calif., for award of a Mission Assurance Services Contract.
+ Read More  10.27.06 - NASA Sets Hubble Servicing Mission Decision Announcement
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin will announce on Tuesday, Oct. 31, a decision on a space shuttle mission to service the Hubble Space Telescope.
+ Read More  10.26.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-047
A shipment of supplies arrived at the International Space Station Thursday as the ISS Progress 23 cargo ship docked to the outpost.
+ Read More  10.26.06 - Discovery Set for Move to Vehicle Assembly Building
NASA invites news media to witness an important milestone for the upcoming Space Shuttle Discovery mission, designated STS-116.
+ Read More  10.26.06 - NASA Announces 2005 Agency Invention of the Year Winner
A groundwater treatment technology developed at the Kennedy Space Center, Fla., was recognized Thursday as NASA's 2005 Government Invention of the Year and Commercial Invention of the Year Award winner.
+ Read More  10.25.06 - NASA's First 3-D Solar Imaging Mission Soars Into Space
NASA's twin Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatories mission, known as STEREO, successfully launched Wednesday night from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Fla.
+ Read More  10.24.06 - Alaska Native to Discuss Role as Pilot of Next Shuttle
Alaska native and former float plane pilot Bill Oefelein, who will serve as pilot of the Space Shuttle Discovery in December, will be available for interviews by satellite from 5:30 to 7 p.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 27.
+ Read More  10.24.06 - NASA Robotics Operator Discusses Role On Next Shuttle Flight
NASA astronaut Nick Patrick, who will operate the space shuttle's robotic arm during a mission targeted to launch in December, will be available for interviews by satellite from 7 to 8:45 a.m. EDT Friday, Oct. 27.
+ Read More  10.23.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-046
A shipment of supplies began its journey to the International Space Station Monday as the ISS Progress 23 cargo ship was launched from the Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan.
+ Read More  10.20.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-045
Crew activities included experiments and technical tasks.
+ Read More  10.20.06 - Baltimore Native to Discuss Role on Next Shuttle Flight
Bob Curbeam, a NASA astronaut who will fly aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in December, will be available for interviews by satellite from 7 to 8:45 a.m. EDT Tuesday, Oct. 24.
+ Read More  10.20.06 - NASA TV Airs Arrival of Next Space Station Cargo Ship
The residents of the International Space Station will receive a new shipment of food, fuel and supplies Thursday, Oct. 26, and NASA TV will broadcast its arrival live.
+ Read More  10.19.06 - NASA Opens Media Accreditation for Next Shuttle Mission
Media accreditation is now open for the Space Shuttle Discovery's launch on the STS-116 mission to the International Space Station.
+ Read More  10.19.06 - NASA and NOAA Announce Antarctic Ozone Hole Is a Record Breaker
NASA and NOAA scientists report this year's ozone hole in the polar region of the Southern Hemisphere has broken records for area and depth.
+ Read More  10.19.06 - NASA Centers Honored for Innovations
The 44th Annual R&D 100 Awards recognized four NASA centers for excellence in innovation in research and development.
+ Read More  
  10.18.06 - NASA Announces New ISS Crew
NASA and the Russian Federal Space Agency have named two astronauts and two cosmonauts to the next International Space Station crew, known as Expedition 15.
+ Read More  10.17.06 - Help Name the Next Station Module
The International Space Station is growing, and NASA's Node 2 is the next U.S. pressurized module scheduled for installation on the orbiting laboratory.
+ Read More  10.17.06 - Chicago Native to Discuss Role on NASA's Next Shuttle Flight
Joan Higginbotham, a NASA astronaut who will fly aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery in December, will be available for interviews by satellite from 7:15 to 9 a.m. EDT on Friday, Oct. 20.
+ Read More  10.16.06 - Next Shuttle Commander Available for NASA Satellite Interviews
New Jersey native Mark Polansky, commander of NASA's next space shuttle mission in December, will be available for interviews by satellite from 7 to 8:45 a.m. EDT on Wednesday, Oct. 18.
+ Read More  10.16.06 - NASA Sets Briefings to Preview Next Space Shuttle Mission
NASA will preview the next space shuttle mission during a day-long series of media briefings beginning at 9 a.m. EST, Monday, Nov. 6 from the Johnson Space Center, Houston.
+ Read More  10.13.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-044
Crew activities included moving the Soyuz vehicle and performing maintenance and experiments.
+ Read More  10.13.06 - Manuel Named Head of NASA Diversity and Equal Opportunity
NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale today announced the appointment of Brenda R. Manuel as the new assistant administrator for the Office of Diversity and Equal Opportunity.
+ Read More  10.12.06 - Spitzer Sees Day and Night on Exotic World
NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has made the first measurements of the day and night temperatures of a planet outside our solar system.
+ Read More  10.11.06 - NASA Media Day Highlights Space Exploration Progress
Media are invited to an Exploration Media Day at NASA's Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, on Wednesday, Oct. 18.
+ Read More  10.11.06 - Saturn's Moons May Be Creating New Rings
Cassini scientists are on the trail of the missing moons of Saturn.
+ Read More  10.11.06 - NASA Selects New Education Assistant Administrator
NASA Deputy Administrator Shana Dale announced Wednesday the selection of Joyce L. Winterton as the agency's new assistant administrator for education.
+ Read More  10.11.06 - NASA Announces New Cleveland Safety Center
NASA re-designated the NASA Assurance Technology Center Wednesday as the NASA Safety Center.
+ Read More  10.10.06 - Stefanyshyn-Piper Set for Interviews
Satellite interviews set for Friday, Oct. 13.
+ Read More  10.10.06 - NASA Announces New Student Aeronautics Competition
NASA's Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate, Washington, announced a new aeronautics competition for high school and college students.
+ Read More  10.06.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-043
Expedition 14 completed its first full week solo on the International Space Station performing standard early mission checks, drills and some equipment troubleshooting.
+ Read More  10.06.06 - Mars Rover and Orbiter Team Examines Victoria Crater
NASA's long-lived robotic rover Opportunity is beginning to explore layered rocks in cliffs ringing the massive Victoria crater on Mars.
+ Read More  10.05.06 - NASA Seeks Undergrads to Experiment in Lunar and Zero Gravity
NASA is calling on college undergraduates interested in performing reduced gravity experiments onboard the agency's "Weightless Wonder" aircraft to submit their proposals by Monday, Oct. 30.
+ Read More  10.04.06 - Ares I Crew Launch Vehicle First Stage Contract Modification
NASA is extending a previous contract action with ATK Thiokol of Brigham City, Utah, to continue design and development of the first stage for the Ares I crew launch vehicle.
+ Read More  10.04.06 - NASA Selects Small Business Research Projects
NASA has selected 120 proposals for negotiation of phase 2 contract awards in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.
+ Read More  10.04.06 - Hubble Finds Extrasolar Planets Far Across Galaxy
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has discovered 16 extrasolar planet candidates orbiting a variety of distant stars in the central region of our Milky Way galaxy.
+ Read More  10.04.06 - Station Crew to Take a Short Trip
The International Space Station's residents will take a brief ride around their home on Tuesday, Oct. 10, and NASA TV will provide live coverage of the short journey.
+ Read More  10.04.06 - NASA Announces Public Meeting for Proposed Mars Mission
NASA officials will be available Tuesday, Oct. 10, from 1 to 4 p.m. EDT to exchange information and receive public comments about the recently released Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the proposed Mars Science Laboratory mission.
+ Read More  10.03.06 - NASA Selects Maryland Firm for Science and Research Support
NASA has selected Science Systems and Applications, Inc., Lanham, Md., to provide science, technology and research support services to the agency's Langley Research Center, Hampton, Va.
+ Read More  10.03.06 - NASA Awards Applied Physics Lab R&D, Engineering Contract
NASA announced Friday it has entered into a five-year contract with the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Lab (APL) in Laurel, Md.
+ Read More  10.03.06 - NASA Scientist John C. Mather Wins 2006 Nobel Physics Prize
The Nobel Prize Committee announced Tuesday that NASA scientist and Goddard Fellow Dr. John C. Mather is this year's recipient of the Nobel Prize for Physics.
+ Read More  10.03.06 - NASA Telephone Conference Scheduled With Nobel Prize Winner
NASA hosts a telephone news briefing Tuesday at 4:15 p.m. EDT with Dr. John C. Mather, who was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics.
+ Read More  10.03.06 - NASA's Mars Rover Reveals Dramatic New Images
NASA is hosting a news briefing at 11 a.m. EDT, Friday, Oct. 6, to present stunning images returned by the agency's "Opportunity" rover from the Victoria crater on Mars.
+ Read More
+ Mars Exploration Rovers  10.03.06 - NASA News Conference Scheduled With Nobel Prize Winner
NASA hosts a news briefing Tuesday at 3 p.m. EDT with Dr. John C. Mather, who was awarded the 2006 Nobel Prize for Physics by the Royal Academy of Sciences.
+ Read More  10.02.06 - NASA Awards Space Program Operations Contract
NASA has awarded a letter contract valued at $1.1 billion for the first six months to United Space Alliance (USA), LLC, of Houston.
+ Read More  09.29.06 - NASA Ends One Chapter in Human Spaceflight, Prepares for the Next
NASA is marking a historic moment in the life of the nation's largest rocket engine test complex.
+ Read More  09.28.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-042
After six months aboard the International Space Station that included arrival of two space shuttle missions, resumption of construction of the orbiting laboratory and the restoration of a three-member crew, Expedition 13 landed at 9:13 p.m. EDT in the steppes of Kazakhstan.
+ Read More  09.28.06 - Hubble Discovers Extrasolar Planets Across Our Galaxy
NASA is hosting a science update at 1 p.m. EDT, Wednesday, Oct. 4, to discuss a Hubble Space Telescope discovery of extrasolar planet candidates orbiting a variety of distant stars.
+ Read More  09. 27.06 - Hubble Discovers Extrasolar Planets Across Our Galaxy
NASA will host a science update on October 4 to discuss a Hubble Space Telescope discovery of extrasolar planet candidates orbiting a variety of distant stars.
+ Read More  09.27.06 - Mars Rover Arrives at Dramatic Vista on Red Planet
NASA's Mars Rover Opportunity has arrived at the rim of a crater approximately five times wider than a previous stadium-sized one it studied for half a year.
+ Read More  09.27.06 - NASA Extends Johnson Security Support Services Contract
NASA has awarded a potential two-year extension valued at $26 million to the existing contract for security support services at the Johnson Space Center to The Diamond Group of Dallas.
+ Read More  09.26.06 - NASA Announces New Security Procedure for News Media
Effective October 1, 2006, all news media entering the access controlled area of the NASA headquarters building in Washington must be escorted.
+ Read More  09.22.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-041
A handover continues aboard the International Space Station, with the 13th crew ending six months aboard and the 14th crew starting six months in orbit.
+ Read More  09.22.06 - Administrator Visits China
Highlights include meetings with Chinese space officials.
+ Read More  09.22.06 - NASA Honors Veteran Astronaut James McDivitt
NASA will honor former astronaut James (Jim) McDivitt for his involvement in the Gemini and Apollo space programs with the presentation of the Ambassador of Exploration Award.
+ Read More  09.22.06 - NASA Announces New NAC Members
Adminstrator selects nine, including science and space operations subcommitee chairs.
+ Read More  09.21.06 - America's First Flight Director, Chris Kraft
NASA will honor Christopher C. Kraft, Jr., for his key involvement in America's space programs with the presentation of the Ambassador of Exploration Award.
+ Read More  09.21.06 - Short-Term Ocean Cooling Suggests Global Warming 'Speed Bump'
The average temperature of the water near the top of the Earth's oceans has significantly cooled since 2003.
+ Read More  09.21.06 - NASA Welcomes Space Shuttle Crew Back to Earth
The Space Shuttle Atlantis and its crew are home after a 12-day journey of more than 4.9 million miles in space.
+ Read More  09.20.06 - NASA's Space Shuttle Atlantis Set for Thursday Landing
The Space Shuttle Atlantis, led by Commander Brent Jett, is scheduled to land at NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla. on Thursday, Sept. 21, completing space shuttle mission STS-115.
+ Read More  09.20.06 - Station Crews Brief Media on NASA TV
The NASA astronauts, Russian cosmonauts and spaceflight participant aboard the ISS will participate in a news conference Friday, September 22.
+ Read More  09.20.06 - NASA Forms Partnership With Red Planet Capital
NASA has joined with Red Planet Capital, Inc., a nonprofit organization, to establish a strategic venture capital fund for NASA.
+ Read More  09.18.06 - NASA, International Partners Study Sun
NASA is preparing major instrument components for launch this September on the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency's Solar-B spacecraft.
+ Read More  09.15.06 - NASA Awards Thermal Protection Contract for Orion Spacecraft
NASA has selected The Boeing Company, Huntington Beach, Calif., to support the design and development of a lunar direct return-capable heat shield for the Orion crew exploration vehicle.
+ Read More  09.15.06 - NASA and Honeywell Kick-0ff Interactive Science Program
The award-winning science education program FMA Live! begins its nationwide tour at Howard University in Washington, September 20-21.
+ Read More  09.14.06 - NASA Extends Lockheed Martin Contract
NASA has awarded a potential five-year, $448.86 million contract extension to Lockheed Martin Space Operations Co., Houston, for space shuttle and International Space Station mission operations support work.
+ Read More  09.14.06 - Payload Processing Services Contract Option
NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., will extend its Checkout, Assembly, and Payload Processing Services contract for three years with Boeing Space Operations Company of Titusville, Fla., a wholly owned subsidiary of The Boeing Company, Chicago. ork.
+ Read More  09.13.06 - NASA TV Coverage of Station Crew Exchange
The launch of the next station crew, Expedition 14, and the landing of the current crew, Expedition 13, are among events that will be broadcast live on NASA Television September 17-29.
+ Read More  09.13.06 - NASA Announces Solar-B Media Briefing
NASA is hosting a media teleconference to discuss its role in Solar-B, a three-year international mission to study the sun's magnetic field, at 1 p.m. EDT Monday, Sept. 18.
+ Read More  09.13.06 - NASA Sees Rapid Changes in Arctic Sea Ice
Data shows that Arctic perennial sea ice, which normally survives the summer melt season and remains year-round, shrunk abruptly by 14 percent between 2004 and 2005.
+ Read More  09.12.06 - Parsons New Kennedy Space Center Director
NASA Administrator Michael Griffin today named William (Bill) W. Parsons the new director of the agency's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., effective in January 2007.
+ Read More  09.11.06 - NASA Selects 12 Research Proposals in Radiation Biology
NASA will fund a dozen new research proposals to better understand and reduce the risks that crews of future moon and Mars missions could face from space radiation.
+ Read More  09.10.06 - Shuttle Atlantis Web and TV Mission Coverage
NASA offers 24/7 coverage of the shuttle's mission to the space station.
+ Read More  09.09.06 - Atlantis Begins Mission to the Space Station
The Space Shuttle Atlantis and its six-member crew are on their way to the International Space Station after lifting-off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, Fla., at 11:14:55 a.m. EDT Saturday.
+ Read More  09.08.06 - NASA Launch Aims for Shuttle Launch Saturday
Sensor failure postpones Friday's attempt.
+ Read More  09.07.06 - Shuttle Atlantis Set to Lift Off Friday
Shuttle program managers made the lift-off decision after reviewing more detailed data on a problem associated with one of the spacecraft's electricity-producing fuel cells.
+ Read More  09.07.06 - NASA Hosts Arctic Sea Ice Media Teleconference
NASA is hosting a media teleconference where scientists will discuss recent changes in Arctic sea ice and links to climate changes. The teleconference is Wednesday, Sept. 13, at 1 p.m. EDT.
+ Read More  09.06.06 - NASA Aims for Friday Launch Attempt
Engineers continue to analyze a problem with one of the shuttle's fuel cells.
+ Read More  09.06.06 - NASA Rover Nears Martian Victoria Bowl Goal
NASA's Mars rover Opportunity is closing in on what may be the grandest overlook and richest science trove of its long mission.
+ Read More  09.06.06 - Out of This World Experience For DC Area School
Crew members of NASA's recent space shuttle Discovery mission will visit the Maya Angelou Public Charter School in Washington on Thursday.
+ Read More  09.06.06 - NASA Postpones Space Shuttle Atlantis Launch
NASA has delayed Wednesday's launch due to a problem that occurred during the activation of one of the shuttle's three electricity-producing fuel cells.
+ Read More  09.01.06 - NASA Updates Pre-Launch Events
Briefings begin Sept. 4.
+ Read More  09.01.06 - Atlantis Countdown To Start Sept. 3
NASA will start the launch countdown for Space Shuttle Atlantis' STS-115 mission at 8 a.m. EDT on Sunday, Sept. 3
+ Read More  09.01.06 - Exploration Status Report
Parachute recovery system completes tests.
+ Read More
+ View Parachute Test Photos  09.01.06 - NASA Tests Technology Under Harsh Desert Conditions
Arizona's high desert is a long way from the moon and Mars, but its temperature extremes make NASA's robots and rovers feel right at home. Media who would like to observe tests Sept. 12 or participate in open house activities Sept. 15, must contact the Johnson Space Center by Sept. 11.
+ Read More  09.01.06 - ISS Status Report: SS06-040
Crew continues preparations for visitors next week.
+ Read More  09.01.06 - NASA Continues Space Exploration Research With Undersea Lab
NASA's third mission this year to an undersea laboratory begins when four astronauts splash down Sept. 16.
+ Read More 
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FailedDownload06/15/2016416Fireballs from the Sky!Download06/01/2016415Temperature of the UniverseDownload05/26/2016414Navigating FarDownload05/17/2016413Navigating NearDownload05/03/2016412The Color of the UniverseDownload04/26/2016411 Science of Sunset ColorsDownload04/18/2016410 Planet 9 Facts and FictionDownload04/11/2016409 Spin in the Solar SystemDownload04/05/2016408 Universe CannibalismDownload03/30/2016407 Galactic CannibalismDownload03/14/2016406 Stellar CannibalismDownload03/07/2016405 Method Not FoundDownload03/01/2016404 The Difference Between Can’t Know, Don’t Know & Just Awaiting Better TechDownload02/22/2016403 Funding Big Science, from Alma to Ligo to TMTDownload02/15/2016402 Gravity Eyes: See the Invisible with the ForceDownload02/08/2016401 Future PredictionsDownload02/01/2016400 The State of the UniverseDownload01/18/2016399 Women in ScienceDownload01/11/2016398 Seeing Things: Emitting, Reflecting, Ionizing LightDownload12/23/2015397 A Universe from 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MotionsDownload11/26/2012282 Seasons Download11/19/2012281 Explosions in Space Download11/12/2012280 Cosmological Constant Download11/05/2012279 Hubble Constant Download10/29/2012278 Animals In Space Download10/22/2012277 Orbit Download10/15/2012276 XMM NewtonDownload10/08/2012275 Isaac NewtonDownload10/01/2012274 VestaDownload09/24/2012273 Solutions to the Fermi ParadoxDownload09/17/2012272 AbiogenesisDownload09/10/2012271 Who Does What in Space and Astronomy Download09/03/2012Dragon*Con Astronomy Cast at Dragon*Con 2012: Space Money Download06/18/2012270 Inertia Download06/11/2012269 Mass Download06/04/2012268 Energy Download05/28/2012267 Infinities Download05/21/2012266 Archimedes Download05/14/2012265 Arthur Eddington Download05/07/2012264 Hazards of Spaceflight Download04/30/2012263 Radioactive Decay Download04/23/2012262 Solar Sails Download04/16/2012261 Lasers and Masers in Astronomy Download04/09/2012260 The Technology of Lasers and Masers Download04/02/2012259 Exploration of Venus Download03/26/2012258 Viking Landers Download03/19/2012257 Viking Orbiters Download03/12/2012256ResolutionDownload03/05/2012255 Observing HydrogenDownload02/27/2012254 Reflection and RefractionDownload02/20/2012253 Rayleigh Scattering (Why is the Sky Blue?)Download02/13/2012252 Heisenberg Uncertainty PrincipleDownload02/06/2012251Messier CatalogDownload01/30/2012250PrecisionDownload01/23/2012249Schrödinger’s CatDownload01/16/2012248Carina ConstellationDownload01/09/2012247The Ages of ThingsDownload01/02/2012246What if Something Were Different?Download12/26/2011245CalendarsDownload12/19/2011244IoDownload12/12/2011243Tunguska EventDownload12/05/2011242 Torino ScaleDownload11/28/2011241 Astrophotography, Part 3: Image ProcessingDownload11/21/2011240 Astrophotography, Part 2: TechniquesDownload11/14/2011239 Astrophotography, Part 1: The GearDownload11/07/2011238Solar ActivityDownload10/31/2011237Spooky Sounds From SpaceDownload10/24/2011236Einstein Was RightDownload10/17/2011235EinsteinDownload10/15/2011Dragon*ConAstronomy Cast at Dragon*Con 2011: Strange Stuff in SpaceDownload10/10/2011234Lunar PhasesDownload10/03/2011233RadarDownload10/09/2011232Galileo SpacecraftDownload05/02/2011231Galileo GalileiDownload04/25/2011230Christiaan HuygensDownload04/18/2011229Cassini MissionDownload04/11/2011228Giovanni CassiniDownload04/04/2011227The Big DipperDownload03/28/2011226WeatherDownload03/21/2011225Ice in SpaceDownload03/14/2011224OrionDownload03/11/2011223The Transit of VenusDownload02/28/2011222The Decadal SurveyDownload02/21/2011221GeomorphologyDownload02/14/2011220Mass Extinction EventsDownload02/07/2011219Planck MissionDownload01/31/2011218Max PlanckDownload01/24/2011217Stellar ClassificationDownload01/17/2011216ArchaeoastronomyDownload01/10/2011215Light EchoesDownload01/03/2011214Space TourismDownload12/27/2010213Supermassive Black HolesDownload12/20/2010212GPS NavigationDownload12/13/2010211Celestial NavigationDownload12/06/2010210Mars Exploration RoversDownload11/29/2010209 Exotic Life Download11/22/2010208 Spitzer Space Telescope Download11/15/2010207 Lyman Spitzer Download11/8/2010206 Fission Download11/1/2010205 Fusion Download10/25/2010204 Temperature Download10/18/2010203 Europa Download10/11/2010202 The Planets at Gliese 581 Download10/4/2010201 Titan Download9/27/2010200 The Mariner Program Download9/20/2010199 The Voyager Program Download9/13/2010198 How is a Space Mission Chosen? Download7/4/2010197 Astronomy Cast Live from Dragon*Con 2010 Download6/28/2010196 Luminosity and Magnitude Download6/21/2010195 Planetary Rings Download6/14/2010194 Dwarf Planets Download6/7/2010193 Astronomy with the Unaided Eye Download5/31/2010192 Chandra X-Ray Observatory Download5/24/2010191 Chandrasekhar Download5/17/2010190 Kepler Mission Download5/10/2010189 Johannes Kepler and His Laws of Planetary Motion Download5/3/2010188 The Future of Astronomy Download4/26/2010187 History of Astronomy, Part 5: The 20th Century Download4/19/2010186 History of Astronomy, Part 4: The Beginning of Modern Astronomy Download4/12/2010185 History of Astronomy, Part 3: The Renaissance Download4/5/2010184 History of Astronomy, Part 2:The Greeks Download3/29/2010183 History of Astronomy, Part 1: The Ancient Astronomers Download3/22/2010182 Astrometry Download3/15/2010181 Rotation Download3/8/2010180 Albedo Download3/1/2010179 Mysteries of the Universe, Part 2 Download2/22/2010178 Mysteries of the Universe, Part 1 Download2/15/2010177 Mysteries of the Milky Way, Part 2 Download2/8/2010176 Mysteries of the Milky Way, Part 1 Download2/1/2010175 Mysteries of the Solar System, Part 2 Download1/25/2010174 Mysteries of the Solar System, Part 1Download1/18/2010173 Herschel Space Observatory Download1/11/2010172 William Herschel Download1/4/2010171 Solar System Movements and Positions Download12/28/2009170 Coordinate Systems Download12/21/2009169 The Fermi Mission Download12/14/2009168 Enrico Fermi Download12/7/2009167 Future Civilizations Download11/30/2009166 Multiverses Download11/23/2009165 Doppler Effect Download11/16/2009164 Inside the Atom Download11/9/2009163AurorasDownload11/2/2009162Edwin HubbleDownload10/26/2009161 Launch Facilities Download10/19/2009160EclipsesDownload10/12/2009159Planet XDownload10/5/2009158PulsarsDownload9/28/2009157ConstellationsDownload9/21/2009156Famous StarsDownload9/14/2009155Dwarf StarsDownload9/7/2009154Dragon*Con Live with Seth ShostakDownload8/31/2009153Dark SkiesDownload8/24/2009152Binary StarsDownload8/17/2009151AtmospheresDownload8/10/2009150Telescopes, the Next LevelDownload8/3/2009149Constellation ProgramDownload7/27/2009148Astronomy and New MediaDownload7/20/2009147How to Be Taken Seriously By ScientistsDownload7/13/2009146Astronomy Research from Idea to PublicationDownload7/6/2009145Interstellar TravelDownload7/2/2009QuestionsImaging Extrasolar Planets, Infinite Universe, Inside a Black HoleDownload6/29/2009144Space ElevatorsDownload6/25/2009QuestionsMatter Balance, Jumping Light Speed and Black Hole Star FormationDownload6/22/2009143AstrobiologyDownload6/18/2009QuestionsBlack black holes, Unbalancing the Earth, and Space PollutionDownload6/15/2009142Plate TectonicsDownload6/11/2009QuestionsAvoiding the Heat Death, Orbiting Galaxies, and the Dangers of Space RadiationDownload6/8/2009141Volcanoes, Hot and ColdDownload6/4/2009QuestionsGalileoscope, Black Hole Time, and What Exactly is Energy?Download6/1/2009140EntanglementDownload5/28/2009QuestionsTelescope Suggestions, Black Hole Energy, and Universal TimeDownload5/25/2009139
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