Take a Name App Description Archives

Take a Name App Description Archives

Take a Name App Description Archives

Take a Name App Description Archives

Publishing an update

So you’re ready to release a new version of your app. How do you go about doing that?

Archive your app

Put a copy of your .app (with the same name as the version it’s replacing) in a .zip, .tar.gz, or .tar.bz2. If you distribute your .app in a .dmg, do not zip up the .dmg.

Make sure symlinks are preserved when you create the archive. macOS frameworks use symlinks, and their code signature will be broken if your archival tool follows symlinks instead of archiving them. For creating zip archives, can be used (behaves the same as Finder’s Compress option):

If you can’t use regular app bundles, you can also create an Installer .pkg with the same name as your app and put that .pkg in one of the aforementioned archive formats. By default Sparkle launches Installer without a GUI. If instead of .pkg extension you use .sparkle_interactive.pkg, then installation will run with a GUI and ask user to confirm every step.

Secure your update

In order to prevent corruption and man-in-the-middle attacks against your users, you must cryptographically sign your updates.

Signatures are automatically generated when you make an appcast using tool. This is a recommended method.

To manually generate signatures for your updates, Sparkle includes a tool to help you make a EdDSA signature of the archive. From the Sparkle distribution:

The output will be an XML fragment with your update’s EdDSA signature and (optional) file size; you’ll add this attribute to your enclosure in the next step.

Since 10.11, macOS has App Transport Security policy which blocks apps from using insecure HTTP connections. This restriction applies to Sparkle as well, so you will need to serve your appcast and the update files over HTTPS.

Update your appcast

You need to create an for your update in your appcast. See the sample appcast for an example. Here’s a template you might use:

Test your update, and you’re done!

Downloading from a web site

If you want to provide a download link, instead of having Sparkle download and install the update itself, you can omit the tag and add and tags. For example:

Delta updates

If your app is large, or if you’re updating primarily only a small part of it, you may find delta updates useful: they allow your users to only download the bits that have changed.

Internal build numbers

If you use internal build numbers for your key (like an SVN revision number) and a human-readable , you can make Sparkle hide the internal version from your users.

Set the attribute on your enclosure to the internal, machine-readable version (ie: “1248”). Then set a attribute on the enclosure to the human-readable version (ie: “12.X Sea Lion”).

Remember that the internal version number ( and ) is intended to be machine-readable and is not generally suitable for formatted text.

Minimum system version requirements

If an update to your application raises the required version of macOS, you can only offer that update to qualified users.

Add a child to the in question specifying the required system version, such as “10.8.4”:

Note that Sparkle only works with macOS 10.7 or later, so that’s the minimum version you can use.

Embedded release notes

Instead of linking external release notes using the element, you can also embed the release notes directly in the appcast item, inside a element. If you wrap it in , you can use unescaped HTML.

You can embed just marked up text (it’ll be displayed using standard system font), or a full document with , etc.


You can provide additional release notes for localization purposes. For instance:

Use the attribute with the appropriate two-letter country code for each localization. You can also use this attribute with the tag.

Alternate download locations for other operating systems

Sparkle is available for Windows.

To keep the appcast file compatible with the standard Sparkle implementation, a new tag has to be used for cross platform support. It is suggested to use the following to specify downloads for non macOS systems:

Replace os_name with either “windows” or “linux”, respectively (mind the lower case!). Feel free to add other OS names as needed.

Xcode integration

There’s an old description of how to automate the archiving and signing process with a script build phase in Xcode. Find other guides.

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, Take a Name App Description Archives

Unilever Art, Archives and Records Management

The custodians of Unilever’s history and heritage

Located in Port Sunlight, the historic home of Unilever in the UK, the Unilever Art, Archives and Records Management team look after one of the most important collections of business records in the world.

The team are responsible for the collection and management of Unilever’s archives which span several centuries – in fact, our oldest document dates from 1292.

The collections contain original documents, printed sources, images and films, for example, we hold the first advert that was ever aired on television for S. R Gibbs toothpaste.

There are minute books reporting on company board meetings, financial records, a wealth of advertising and examples of packaging, as well as architectural plans and maps of current and former Unilever sites.

Well-known brands, such as Colman’s, Wall’s, Lipton, Persil, Pears Soap, Lux, PG Tips and Marmite, all feature.

To discover more about our rich history, browse our interactive timeline.

Access our collections

For the safety and wellbeing of visitors and staff in response to the ongoing pandemic, we’ve taken the decision to close the Unilever Art, Archive and Records Management searchroom and library in Port Sunlight until further notice.

You can find out more about what Unilever is doing to support Unilever Employees and our Global Communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are currently not able to say when we will re-open however we continue to monitor the situation closely. Any updates to our services will be posted on this page.


Staff of Unilever Art, Archives and Records Management remain working mostly from home but still welcome your enquiries. Please be aware that as we are unable to access the collections as normal there may be a delay in our response.

Online Catalogue

Our online catalogue remains fully accessible.


We are not accepting any Research Visit Requests at this time. Researchers may continue to submit their enquiries to us via email, but are advised that access to our collections is currently limited.

I need to...

...find out about a person who used to work at Unilever or a related company

We have a collection of in-house magazines, many of which include articles on long service awards, marriages and obituaries. We hold information cards on Directors and Board members detailing their working career with us. Unfortunately, records of staff for many small subsidiary companies have not survived.

To start your search, check our online catalogue to see if any records relate to your enquiry.

To have the best chance of identifying the person you are looking for, email archives@unilever.com with as much of the information below as possible:

  • employees full name
  • dates of employment
  • name of the company they worked for (Unilever or a subsidiary)
  • work location
  • any details of their position.

...visit Unilever Art, Archives and Records Management

We have a search room and library in our offices in Port Sunlight that can be used for research.

Please note that visits are by appointment only (between 10.00 to 16.00 Monday to Friday, excluding bank and public holidays) and are dependent on staff being available on site to assist.

To request an appointment for research at the archives, please download and complete the Research Request Form below, and email it to archives@unilever.com

Research Request Form (DOCX | 350KB)

Use our online catalogue to identify the records you would like to view. Watch our video guide for help on how to use our online catalogue.

...find an image

We hold a variety of images from Unilever’s past, including brand advertisements, promotional shots, maps and plans.

Note that requests to reuse or reproduce images are considered on an individual basis. Requests for reuse or reproduction can only be made for images sourced directly from our collections. Images can be provided for personal use.

To start your search, check our online catalogue to see if any records relate to your enquiry.

To have the best chance of identifying the image you are looking for, email archives@unilever.com with as much information as possible.

...discover Unilever’s Annual Reports and Accounts

Find annual reports going back to the company’s foundation in 1929 from the archive of Unilever’s Annual Reports and Accounts.

We also hold a series of Annual Reports and Accounts that cover the whole of Unilever’s history from 1891 to the present day.

If you can’t find what you are looking for online, please contact us at archives@unilever.com.

...get help with something else

If you have general query relating to Unilever, careers or current products and services, contact the Unilever helpdesk using Unilever contact form.

Other ways to connect

Volunteer at Unilever Art, Archives and Records Management

If you are interested in finding out about a career in Archives and Records Management, or if you’d like to learn new skills and gain work experience, we have an active volunteer programme that welcomes applications from people from all backgrounds and skill levels.

Placements are available for one day per week over 8-10 weeks or on a full-time basis over 1-2 weeks depending on availability.

Recent volunteers have been involved with cataloguing a large collection of photographs used in Unilever publications over the years. Full induction, training and supervision is provided.

If you are interested in volunteering, please email archives@unilever.com.

Donate Unilever artefacts

We welcome donations of artefacts or records from members of the public. If you have an item or collection you wish to donate, please email archives@unilever.com with details of the item you hold.

William Lever Speeches

The Lever-half of the Unilever name has its roots with one of the founding fathers, William Hesketh Lever. He was one of the great pioneers of modern consumerism. He understood the need for innovation, diversification, and adding value through marketing. Many of the values he stood for still have resonance for us as a business today.

We are proud that we can allow William Lever’s voice to be heard once more by conserving and digitising 39 of his published speeches.

To access his speeches, please visit the online archives.

Designated status

The high standard of the service has been recognised by The National Archives (TNA), and the collections have been recognised as being of international significance through the award of ‘Designated Status’ by the Arts Council England for both the Unilever and United Africa Company collections.

Connect with us

We're always looking to connect with those who share an interest in a sustainable future.

Contact us

Get in touch with Unilever and specialist teams in our headquarters, or find contacts around the world.

Contact us

This is Unilever's global company website

© Unilever 2020

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Take a Name App Description Archives

Chat Folders, Archive, Channel Stats and More

Many of our users rely on Telegram for their work and studies, even more so in the last weeks. To make sure everyone‘s chat lists can handle the increased load and you don’t miss important messages, we're introducing Chat Folders today.

If you have too many chats, you can now separate fun from work, or family stuff from school stuff – then swipe between the tabs to quickly access any of your chats.

You can include or exclude all chats of a particular type, like Channels, or Unread – or one by one.

Folders become available in the interface when your chat list is long enough to start getting cluttered. Alternatively, you may use this link in your app to enable Chat Folders.

Unlimited Pins

Each of your folders can have as many pinned chats as you like.

Archived Chats

Chat Folders work best to make some of your chats more visible. If you're looking to hide some of your chats from view, try archiving them instead.

Swipe left on a chat to transfer it to your archived chats folder. When an archived chat gets a notification, it will pop out of the folder and back into your chat list. Muted chats will stay archived forever.

You can hide the archive by swiping left on it. See it again by dragging the screen down.

On Android, if you are already using Folders, swiping will not work for archiving. Instead, you can long press on a chat to open the bulk actions menu where you can select multiple chats and then pin, mute, archive or delete them all at once.

Desktop Sync

Like everything on Telegram (except for Secret Chats), your Chat Folders will seamlessly sync to all your other connected apps, including our Desktop Apps.

Thanks to the extra space available on your computer screen, we've added a folder sidebar – as well as some icons to make your folders more recognizable:

Get the multiplatform Telegram Desktop or our dedicated macOS app. If you‘re not using those, you’re only enjoying half of Telegram.

Channel Stats

If you have a channel with more than 1000 subscribers, you can now view detailed statistics about its growth and the performance of its posts.

With this information, you can find out what‘s working and what’s working really well. Hint: Cat Pictures.

Voice Recording Animations on Android

Our designers added some fancy wavy animations below your finger when you're recording a voice or video message.

Tip of the day: Did you know you can slide your finger up to lock recording and keep talking without holding the button?

New Animated Emoji

The latest additions to our army of animated emoji can help you be brave and urge your friends to stay safe and healthy. Send , , , , , , , , , or to any chat to check them out.

Most of our sticker packs now also have something to say about the situation. Type in any chat and wait to see the suggestions:

And One More Thing

Missing your Catan or D&D partners while the world is on lockdown? Send to any chat to get a certified random number from the animated dice.

Besides trying to test your luck, you can also use it as a tiebreaker if a group poll or friendly debate ends in a split decision. Pick a number – the closest one wins!

Stay home, stay safe and stay tuned for our next updates!

March 30, 2020,
The Telegram Team

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