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Mac Pro Case For PC Archives

Mac Pro Case For PC Archives


It's on the inside where you'll see the more noticeable changes. The case will support motherboards ranging from mini ATX through to extended ATX, and it can accept video cards up to 380mm (15 inches) long -- you can stuff a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti inside if this will serve as a gaming rig. It also promises ample room for air or liquid cooling (up to a 360mm watercooling radiator), and the combination of five SSD trays with three hard drive trays means you won't be hurting for storage space.

The Dune Pro should reach Kickstarter on October 21st, with pricing and expected ship times expected by then. The looming question, of course, is whether or not it'll survive legal scrutiny. Dune already has another Apple-inspired enclosure in the works, the $199 Dune Case, but it's based on the 2013 Mac Pro and takes more creative liberties. The Dune Pro is a more... literal translation. Dune does say the Dice Y panel is "patent pending," though, so it appears to be at least somewhat aware of the potential for a court battle.

There's also the question of whether or not it'll arrive in a timely fashion, assuming the project goes according to plan. The earlier Dune Case is still characterized as a "beta" and isn't available for pre-order. You may be waiting a while to pull off that ultimate Hackintosh setup.

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  • Using Multiple Macs, PPC Linux for Computing Freedom, and More Vintage Mac News, Vintage Mac News, 2012.10.05. Also more PowerPC browsers, Leopard security, a great notepad app, and give OS X a maximize button.
  • iPhone 5 CPU Faster than First Reported, Free iPhone User Guide from Apple, A6 Teardown, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.10.02. Also Kawasaki calls Lightning connector 'irresponsible', iPhone 5 teardowns, iOS 6 YouTube client, Streetview for iOS 6, and more.
  • OS X 10.8.2 Boosts Battery Life, Firmware Updates for Mid 2012 MacBooks, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.10.01. Also Intel's coming Haswell CPU, Toshiba's first hybrid drives, mDock docking station for Unibody MacBook Pros, and more.
  • Apple Most Valuable Brand, OS X 10.8.2 Update, Launchpad Manager, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.09.28. Also Google Docs moves to Google Drive, OS X Lion gets Gatekeeper, Snow Leopard Security Update, and more.
  • Where Are New iPhone Users Coming From?, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.09.26. As the world's most popular smartphone, lots of iPhone users are upgrading. But who else is moving up to the iPhone 5?
  • Android: How Google Is Driving Away Its Partners, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.09.25. Apple, Amazon, and Acer all have issues with Google, Android, and its Open Handset Alliance.
  • iPhone 5 Tops Benchmarks, iPhone 5 Outsells 'Smarter' Phones, iPad First in Satisfaction, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.09.25. Also Lightning adapters a jackpot for Apple, EarPods and Kindle Fire HD teardowns, A6 chip speculation, and more.
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  • iPhone OS 3: Let's Build an App List, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.09.21. Although Apple now ignores the first two iPhones, they remain capable devices, but finding apps for them is difficult.
  • iOS 6 Makes iPhone 3GS Feel Like a New Phone, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.09.20. Although the iPhone 3GS was introduced in 2009, iOS 6 makes it feel like a newer, faster phone.
  • iOS 6 Compatibility Chart, 2012.09.20. Not all iDevices support all the features available in iOS 6. We break them down for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch users.
  • Tough Choices: Droid or iPhone?, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.09.19. It doesn't take a genius to recognize that Android is a real alternative to iPhone, but is it settling for second best?
  • Apple's iPhone 5 Event, Apple Top in Smartphone Satisfaction, Quad Screen Browser, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.09.17. Also where to sell your old iPhone, Solar iPad Keyboard Folio, cases and accessories for iPhone 5, and more.
  • iPad More Useful than Mac?, Power Sipping Haswell Processors to Fuel Mobile Innovation, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.09.14. Also 13" Retina MacBook Pro and new iMac in supply chain, and 10 Gigabit and eSATA Thunderbolt adapters from Sonnet.
  • Mac Fading Away?, Linux Programmer Loves OS X, Disabling Java Your Best Bet, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.09.14. Also Apple's "real world" software interface creating dissension within Apple, and Mountain Lion's hidden wallpapers.
  • No PowerPC Support for iPhone 5, Ripping Video on PowerPC, and More Vintage Mac News, Vintage Mac News, 2012.09.14. Also another Flash alternative for PowerPC Macs, and Apple ends Software Update support for OS X 10.3 and earlier.
  • iPhone Feature Comparison, 2012.09.12. Chart compares all five iPhone models from the first one through the new iPhone 5.
  • iPhone 5/iOS 6 Special Edition, iOS News Review, 2012.09.12. Apple introduces the high definition iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Also iTunes, iPod nano, and iPod touch updates.
  • TenFourKit Brings Updated WebKit to Tiger, TenFourFox Updated, and More Vintage Mac News, Vintage Mac News, 2012.09.10. Also Shiira browser still runs nicely on Tiger Macs, playing Flash 11 content on PowerPC Macs, and installing Leopard on unsupported Macs.
  • 9-pin Dock Will Kill Low Cost Audio Docks, iOS Generates 2/3 of Mobile Web Traffic, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.09.07. Also don't use iPhone as your only camera, 30% of iPad owners would prefer a smaller model, iPhone now one-third of US smartphone market, and more.
  • Living without a DVD Drive, WD Portable Drives Go USB 3, Superfast Velociraptor Duo Drive, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.09.07. Also iPad cannibalizing PC market, 13" Retina MacBook Pro rumored at $1,299, Lenovo's new thin and light laptops, and more.
  • Time to Ditch Java?, Computers vs. Dementia, Half of Americans Stressed by Computers, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.09.07. Also Mountain Lion passes 10% mark among Mac users, Java updates for OS X 10.6 and newer, free Bible Buddy software, and more.
  • $90 USB 2.0 Blu-ray Drive Also Works Inside a Mac mini, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.09.05. The Blu-ray drive inside this USB 2.0 enclosure transplants easily into a pre-2009 Core 2 Duo Mac mini, where it works like a charm.
  • Upgrading to a Solid State Drive Rejuvenates My 4-Year-Old MacBook, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.09.04. Booting the MacBook and launching apps is 4x to 10x as fast with the SSD as with its old 512 GB hard drive.
  • iPad May Disrupt Sleep Patterns, Stay Connected in Severe Weather, iPhone Rumor Roundup, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.08.31. Also who inherits your iTunes library?, replace your own iPhone 4 battery, iPad mini expected in October, iTypewriter retro iPad keyboard, and more.
  • Is Apple Green Enough?, Why Tablets Will Never Completely Replace PCs, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.08.31. Also a love/hate relationship with Apple, Desktop Chair stand for laptops and tablets, displays for 13" Retina MacBook Pro in production, and more.
  • Jobs' Love of Simplicity Launched a Design Revolution, Windows 8 'Worst Computing Experience', and More, Mac News Review, 2012.08.31. Also positive tech service improves Apple user loyalty, Java exploit unlikely to impact Macs, free apps, and more.
  • Images in Mac SE ROMs, Sawtooth Best Mac Ever, Video on G3 Macs, and More Vintage Mac News, Vintage Mac News, 2012.08.31. Also browser projects for PPC Leopard, stop spinning beachballs, Open Sonic comes to PPC Macs, and more.
  • Apple's G5 iMac: Wonderful in White, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.08.31. The iMac G5 introduced a bold new all-in-one design along with G5 processing power.
  • 2004: The First G5 iMacs, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.08.31. It was a pleasant surprise when Apple redesigned the iMac around the fast, efficient, hot running G5 CPU.
  • 1999: The First G4 Power Macs, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.08.31. Thanks to the AltiVec vector processor, the G4 was a big step up in processing power from the G3.
  • Why Copy When You Can Innovate?, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.08.30. Trade dress laws protect color schemes, shapes, and smartphone design. Samsung should have known that.
  • Is There Such a Thing as Ethical Technology?, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.08.30. As it has grown, Apple has become a focus for the ethical technology movement, which looks at green energy, labor practices, recyclable and nontoxic materials, and more.
  • Copycat Samsung Should Have Known Better, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.08.30. Apple has a reputation for litigation, so Samsung should have known better than to copy the iPad.
  • The Best of Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger, 2012.08.29. Where to buy Tiger, installation tips, user tips, and browsing options for OS X 10.4 on PowerPC Macs.
  • Google Nexus 7 Tablet More Than a Match for Larger iPad, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.08.29. At half the price and with half the footprint of the iPad 2, the quad-core Nexus 7 includes a higher resolution screen.
  • iPad mini: Apple's 80% Solution, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.28. With a display just 20% smaller than today's iPad, the 8" iPad mini is going to crush top-end Android tablets.
  • OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard at 3: The Best Classic Version of OS X?, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.08.28. Just three years ago, OS X left PowerPC Macs behind but still ran PowerPC software. A year later, OS X got iOSiffied, making OS X 10.6 a last, best option for many.
  • Can Apple TV Replace Your Cable or Satellite Service?, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.08.28. Dish Network, DirecTV, and cable are expensive. Apple TV, an antenna, and your internet connection might save you money.
  • Xbox 360 and PS3: A PowerPC G5 Saga, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.08.27. Oddly, as Apple was leaving PowerPC behind, Sony and Microsoft were preparing to adopt IBM's G5 technology for their next generation gaming consoles.
  • $148 iPhone 4S at Walmart, Blogger Goes Mostly iPad, iPad mini Will Blow Away Nexus 7, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.08.27. Also Microsoft Office Web apps get touch support, iPad battery care tips, iPad mini may already be in production, Windows 8 painful to swallow, cross-platform Maxthon browser comes to iPhone, and more.
  • OS X 10.8.1 Fixes Battery Life Issues?, Some Users See Retina MacBook Pro Interface Lag, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.08.24. Also Apple's sealed Macs mean costly tradeoffs, Cloud spells grim outlook for hard drive makers, iFixit tears down Asus Zenbook, and more.
  • Mountain Lion 10.8.1 Update, Why OS X Is Best for Writers, Free Clipboard Manager, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.08.24. Also Mountain Lion gripes, Logitech's washable keyboard, Mac Blu-ray Player updated for Mountain Lion, and more.
  • Windows 95: Big Step Forward or Blatant Mac Ripoff?, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.08.24. Released 17 years ago, Windows 95 was a huge step forward for Microsoft and became real competition for the Mac.
  • Windows 95: One of the Greatest Operating Systems Ever?, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.08.24. "Windows 95 was a massive leap forward in terms of technology and usability."
  • Now That All the Smoke Has Cleared, Windows 95 Actually Looks Pretty Good, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.08.24. Looking back at Windows 95 a month after its release.
  • Thank You, Low End Mac Supporters!, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.23. A big Thank You to everyone who has helped us out this month.
  • Fuzzy Retina Fonts: How Bad Are They?, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.23. The Retina Display MacBook Pro had a gorgeous screen, except that a lot of third-party apps look fuzzy.
  • How to Install and Configure MySQL in Mountain Lion, Leaman Crews, Plays Well with Others, 2012.08.22. MySQL doesn't come with OS X, but it's free, easy to install, and very powerful.
  • Apple Passes One-Year High in Tablet Market, Never Text and Drive, Coming Windows Tablets, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.08.20. Also how iPhone value drops with new models, blogging on an iPad, MessageEase speedy soft keyboard, PhoneClean app boosts iDevice speed, and more.
  • Microsoft Plans No Fix for Blurry Office on Retina MacBook, 480 GB SSD for Retina MacBook, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.08.17. Also Swedish website finds Apple community gullible, Geekench leaks 13" MacBook Pro details, use your iPhone to control your Mac, and more.
  • Most Loyal Apple Fans Now Aged 35+, DVD and Blu-ray Movie Rentals Top Streaming, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.08.17. Also Apple offers $100 gift card to college students buying a Mac, HyperCard turns 25, Consumer Reports finds Macs among most reliable desktops, and more.
  • How Does Apple Maintain Laser Focus with 40+ Products?, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.08.15. The list of Apple products goes way beyond Macs, iDevices, operating systems, and peripherals.
  • 10 Years Ago: The Last Power Mac to Boot OS 9, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.08.10. The Mirrored Drive Door Power Mac G4 without FireWire 800 was the last capable of booting into Mac OS 9, and it remains useful today.
  • iPad Drives Tablet Market Growth, Microsoft Surface vs. Others, USB Hub/Card Reader for iPad, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.08.10. Also what consumers look for in a tablet, why iPad magazines are a flop, more on the Nexus 7, Stump Stand for iPad and iPhone, and more.
  • iFixit Repair Guides for Retina MacBook Pro, Lenovo's 3 Pound ThinkPad X1 Carbon, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.08.10. Also Apple memo says Retina MacBook Pro battery not replaceable, Thunderbolt-to-FireWire adapter only works one way, SLAPPA laptop backpack sale, and more.
  • How to Use Substitition in Mountain Lion, Wozniak Sees Dark Side of the Cloud, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.08.10. Also restoring traditional Exposé behavior in Mountain Lion, new titles from Wiley and Sons, Carbon Copy Cloner updated, and more.
  • How to Enable PHP in Mountain Lion, Leaman Crews, Plays Well with Others, 2012.08.08. How to enable the PHP scripting language on your Mac running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.
  • Mountain Lion Makes Your Mac a Bit More Like an iPad, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.08.08. The latest version of Mac OS X continues the trend begun with Lion of making Macs work more like iPads and iPhones.
  • Macs in Space: Curiosity Rover Based on G3 Processor, Jeff Adkins, Mac Lab Report, 2012.08.07. When choosing a CPU for space missions, NASA looks for reliability above all else - and NASA chose a PowerPC G3 as the brains of the Curiosity rover.
  • Restore Web Sharing in Mountain Lion, Leaman Crews, Welcome to Macintosh, 2012.08.06. Web Sharing isn't missing in OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion - just the checkbox to enable it is gone.
  • 1997: Microsoft Saves Apple, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.06. Desperately hurting financially, Apple was rescued by Microsoft's $150 million investment.
  • Apple #1 PC Maker with iPad, Android Drops to 56% in US, Why Rush Limbaugh Loves Apple Products, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.08.03. Also iPad infographic, more Nexus 7 raves, miGlass are frames for iPads, iPad-friendly USB splitter, and more.
  • New Configurations for Entry-Level Retina MacBook Pro, Mountain Lion Cuts Battery Life, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.08.03. Also SMC updates for Mid 2011 and Mid 2012 MacBook Air, Crucial's lower-cost SSDs, portable USB powered display, new mice and keyboards from Microsoft, and more.
  • Mountain Lion a Roaring Success, Mac's Golden Age Ending?, Windows 8 a Catastrophe, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.08.03. Also Save As... returns in Mountain Lion, Apple's goal is not making money, the PC is not dead, PCIe expansion chassis for Thunderbolt Macs, and more.
  • Low End Mac Needs Your Help, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.02. The sluggish economy impacts all of us, and Low End Mac is really hurting this summer. Can you help?
  • Low End Mac Needs a Content Management System, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.02. Low End Mac needs more automation to reach its potential. We want to use a content management system, but we need some help.
  • The Rapid Rise of OS X Mountain Lion, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.08.01. In just a few days, Mountain Lion passed Snow Leopard on its way to displacing Lion as the king of the OS X jungle.
  • MorphOS: Amiga Operating System Meets PowerPC Macs, Sebastian Patting, Edelweiss, 2012.07.31. The Amiga disappeared in 1997, but Amiga lovers have worked to recreate the experience on PowerPC Macs.
  • Is There a Cure for a Smelly Mac?, Charles W. Moore, Miscellaneous Ramblings, 2012.07.30. For those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, gases let of by a new computer can be no end of trouble.
  • Which Macs Might OS X 10.9 Leave Behind?, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.07.30. Recent versions of OS X have really raised the bar on hardware. What if Apple decides it doesn't need to do that next time?
  • In Praise of Optical Viewfinders, John Hatchett, Recycled Computing, 2012.07.30. Although modern digital cameras have digital viewscreens, there's something to be said for the traditional viewfinder.
  • iPad 68% of Tablet Market, Nexus 7 Gets Lots of Love, IKEA Catalog for iOS, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.07.27. Also Nexus 7 more rugged than New iPad, huge advance demand for iPhone 5, vintage magazines come to iPad, and more.
  • Apple Hires AMD Chip Engineer, 100W USB Coming, SSDs for 2012 MacBook Air, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.07.27. Also Retina 13" MacBook Air predicted for September, Mac Pro GPUs still outpeform Retina MacBook Pro, and more.
  • OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Ships and Reviewed, New Mac OS X/Crisis Trojan Found, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.07.27. Also make your own Mountain Lion install drive, OS X 10.7 Lion gone from App Store, Google acquires Sparrow, and more.
  • How We Choose and Use Cloud Storage Options, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.07.27. Low End Mac's staff shares which cloud storage options they use and how they use them.
  • Is a 12" PowerBook G4 from 2005 Still Useful?, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.07.26. Seven years on, does a 12" 1.5 GHz PowerBook G4 have the power to remain a useful tool in one's computing arsenal?
  • 2005 iBook G4: Going Out with a Technological Bang, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.07.26. The last generation iBook G4 had several technologies absent in earlier versions, giving it strong value even today.
  • First Impressions of OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.07.26. Installation took 45 minutes, all apps that ran in Lion run well, and everything seems a little faster.
  • Mac OS 8: Short of a Revolution but Still a Step Forward, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.07.26. More than anything, Mac OS 8 felt like Apple catching up to Microsoft's Windows 95.
  • My Experiences with Efficient Mac OS 8, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.07.26. Especially for vintage Macs with limited memory, Mac OS 8 will be far less sluggish than Mac OS 9.
  • Lines in the Sand: A Brief History of the Classic Mac OS, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.07.26. 'You could say that with each major OS version since System 6, Apple draws a line in the sand that some models cannot cross.'
  • Competition Heating Up in the Tablet Market, Alan Zisman, Mac 2 Windows, 2012.07.25. HP and RIM tried to take on the iPad and failed. Now Microsoft and Google are stepping up to the plate.
  • Software Update Broke My Hackintosh, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.07.24. Letting Software Update do automatic installs can break your Hackintosh. Frank Fox shares how he fixed his.
  • Mac Blu-ray Player Lets Macs Display Blu-ray Movies, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.07.24. Dan Bashur reviews the only software designed to let you watch Blu-ray movies on Macs
  • The Clamshell iBook: Beautiful but Lacking, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.07.23. Apple's first consumer laptop was rugged and good looking, but it fell short in specs and ports.
  • Steve Jobs vs. iPad Mini Rumors, iPhone Case with Stun Gun, Scan and Print Apps, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.07.20. Also growing demand for smaller tablets, iPhone cases that look like a camera or hard drive, precision stylus, and more.
  • How Did Retina MacBook Pro Get EPEAT Gold?, Set Up a $300 Beater Mac Notebook, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.07.20. Also tips on buying a used MacBook, all Mid 2012 MacBooks models reviewed, Pixelmator 2.1 adding Retina support, and more.
  • Microsoft's First Quarterly Loss Ever, OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion Coming July 25?, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.07.20. Also EPEAT welcomes Apple back, Apple could have made Forrest Gump a billionaire, Mac App Store for people 'afraid of computers', and more.
  • How to Recover from a Beige G3 Startup Error, Dan Knight, Mac Daniel, 2012.07.19. If you're not careful, installing OS X 10.2 Jaguar can create an unbootable Beige Power Mac G3. How to fix it - and how to avoid the problem.
  • Optimizing PowerBook G4 Performance, TenFourFox May Run Faster with NoScript, and More, Charles W. Moore, Charles Moore's Mailbag, 2012.07.18. Also pros and cons of Linux on G3 PowerBooks and iPhoto 11 no longer updating in Snow Leopard.
  • Preparing Your Mac for the Worst, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.07.18. Hard drives crash, laptops get dropped or stolen - are you prepared to recover from a disaster like that?
  • No Office 2013 for Mac? Don't Panic, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.07.18. Based on some headlines, you'd think Microsoft was sticking it to Mac users by making Office 2013 Windows only.
  • Woz Says Surface Like Something Jobs Would Design, Nexus 7 the iPad's Chief Competitor, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.07.13. Also why smaller tablets will dominate, poor reviews of Touchfire keyboard, $150 edifi "Christian" tablet launched, and more.
  • Upgrade MacBook Pro or Buy New?, 5 MP Video Conferencing on Retina MacBook Pro, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.07.13. Also Retina MacBook Pro benchmarked with Aperture and Motion, Dell developing Linux laptop, Apple's FireWire-Thunderbolt adapter, and more.
  • List of Macs Officially Supported by Mountain Lion, Apple Withdraws from EPEAT, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.07.13. Are Power Macs energy hogs?, Chrome dropping OS X Leopard , Logitech Control Center drops PowerPC and Leopard, and more.
  • Burn: A Free Alternative to Toast, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.07.12. It's not as sophisticated as Roxio Toast, but Burn does a great job burning data, music, and video discs - and it's free.
  • Blu-ray No Longer a 'Bag of Hurt' for Macs, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.07.10. Dan Bashur looks at the first internal Blu-ray drive for the MacBook Pro and likes what he finds.
  • Windows 7 vs. Ubuntu 12.04 on a 2005 ThinkPad, Austin Leeds, Low End PC, 2012.07.09. Windows eats up more memory and has more consistent frame rates, while free Ubuntu is less memory hungry and easy to use.
  • iPad 2 Stealing New iPad Sales?, iPhone Nearly One-Third of Smartphone Market, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.07.09. Also Bill Gates says Apple may need a Surface-like device, top 5 uses of tablets, Windows RT to displace Windows NT, and more.
  • Life After PCs, Retina MacBook Has Better Color, $42 Portable USB Blu-ray Player, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.07.06. Also Ultrabooks creating growth of higher price point notebooks, Lounge-Book laptop stands, security lock for Retina MacBook Pro, and more.
  • Chrome or IE #1 Browser?, Will Kinect Leap Obsolete Mouse, Free Menubar Calendar, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.07.06. Dualing sources disagree on top 3 browser spots, Mac users spend more on long term care insurance, and more.
  • The Lion Sleeps (on My MacBook) Tonight, John Hatchett, Recycled Computing, 2012.07.05. Starting with a full backup, a Time Machine Backup, and an OS X 10.7 thumb drive, John Hatchett moved to Lion.
  • Is Tech Really Racist?, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.07.05. The folks at Online IT Degree claim that tech 'seems to be' racist. Do their arguments hold water?
  • MobileMe: The Unappreciated Super Cloud That Changed the World, Chris Carson, Building Bridges, 2012.07.03. Plagued with problems at its birth, MobileMe helped paved the way for today's many cloud services and today's iCloud.
  • Everybody Get Skinny!, John Hatchett, Recycled Computing, 2012.07.03. The iPad is thin and light. So is the Retina MacBook Pro, which is almost unupgradable. Time to go back to a Power Mac?
  • Mac OS X: Major and Minor Versions, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.07.03. Some versions of OS X make a lot of significant changes, while others are mostly tweaks to improve on the previous version.
  • iPhones Earn Apple $150bn, Microsoft Surface vs. iPad, New Dock Connector Rumored, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.07.02. Also iOS devices popular in Iran despite sanctions, iPad cheap to charge, Google's 7" Nexus tablet, 2 new iOS text editors, and more.
  • Do Unfixable Computers Threaten the Planet?, Retina MacBook Pro 'Best Mac Ever', and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.07.02. Also Apple posts Retina Display FAQ, free utility to access hidden Retina Display resolutions, Doxio Go mobile scanner, 960 GB SSD from OWC, and more.
  • iPhone and iOS: The First 5 Years, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.06.29. Five years ago, Apple's first smartphone came to market. Even at $599, people lined up for it.
  • Always On Scroll Bars in Lion, 'New' Mac Pro Same as the Old Mac Pro, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.06.29. Run Classic Mac software with SheepShaver, Kensington security products for iMacs, iAntivirus updated, and more.
  • Dollar for Dollar, No One Updates You Like Apple, Chris Carson, Building Bridges, 2012.06.28. Although it's frustrating that the 2010 iPad will soon be left behind by iOS 6, the cost of Apple gear over its life is lower than ever.
  • Pismos Back from the Brink for a While Longer, Charles W. Moore, Charles Moore's Mailbag, 2012.06.27. Other browser options for the Pismos that no longer like running TenFourFox.
  • The First Generation iPad Blues, John Hatchett, Recycled Computing, 2012.06.27. The original iPad has been a great tool, but to use AirPlay or iOS 6, it has to be replaced.
  • Microsoft's Windows 8 Tablet Strategy May Lead to Massive Buyer Confusion, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.06.26. By offering different types of tablets running different versions of Windows 8, Microsoft may create a lot of confusion.
  • A Smaller Dock Connector for iDevices? Bring It On!, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.26. The 30-pin dock connector was designed for USB 2 and FireWire; we need one designed for USB 3 and Thunderbolt.
  • Bike Across the Country While in Your Basement, Jeff Adkins, Mac Lab Report, 2012.06.25. By linking your exercise bike to a PC running Google Maps Street View, you can virtually bike across the country.
  • I Hate It When Apple's Marketing Mavens Are Right, John Hatchett, Recycled Computing, 2012.06.25. After years and years as a PowerBook and MacBook user, John Hatchett finds himself turning more and more to the iPad, although printing frustrates him.
  • The G5 Legacy: Looking Back from 9 Years On, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.06.22. The first G5 Mac, the Power Mac G5, was introduced 9 years ago. It ran hot but was also a real powerhouse.
  • Microsoft Surface Tablets for Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 Introduced, Surface vs. iPad, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.06.22. Also free Carat app finds battery hog apps, FileMaker ships Bento 4 for iPad, waterproof iPad case, new Kensington iPad accessories, and more.
  • Retina MacBook Pro Runs 3 Displays, 15" MacBook Pro Teardown, 13" MacBook Pro Benchmarks, More, The 'Book Review, 2012.06.22. Also 13" MacBook Pro vs. Air, 13" Retina MacBook Pro rumors, Thunderbolt Software Update, and more.
  • SandDisk's Fast New USB 3 Flash Drives, Pixelmator and CameraBag Apps Updated, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.06.22. Fast, thin, high-capacity USB 3 flash drives from SanDisk, updates to Pixelmator and CameraBag image editing apps, and free MachineProfile utility at App Store.
  • My Experiences with the Lenovo ThinkPad X120e, Alex Barnes, Low End PC, 2012.06.22. When his 13" MacBook Pro died, Alex Barnes replaced it with a $400 ThinkPad, which he says is no slouch.
  • End of the Road in Sight for OS X Tiger and My Pismo PowerBooks, Charles W. Moore, 'Book Value, 2012.06.21. The 12-year-old PowerBooks and 7-year-old operating system are falling too far behind in browser support.
  • SSD in 2012 MacBook Air Over Twice as Fast as Last Year's, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.20. The Cult of Mac headline reads 'The SSD in the New MacBook Air Is 217% Faster than Before', but it undersells performance.
  • Microsoft Surface Destined to Be a Best Seller, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.19. Although Microsoft says its Surface is going to take on the iPad, in reality it will displace netbooks, small notebooks and Ultrabooks, and home PCs.
  • Will Microsoft Shoot Itself in the Foot with Its Own Brand of Tablet?, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.18. Rumor has it Microsoft will unveil its own tablet to take on the iPad - but not without offending every Windows licensee worldwide.
  • Keep Your PC Cool by Replacing Its Thermal Compound, Austin Leeds, Low End PC, 2012.06.15. Over time, thermal paste dries out and becomes less effective. Replacing it keeps you computer cool, thus increasing its life.
  • iOS 6 Coming This Fall to iPhone 3GS, iPad 2, and Newer; iPad 2 Is New iPad's Main Competitor; and More, iOS News Review, 2012.06.15. Also automakers partner with Apple on 'Eyes Free' Siri support, smartphone vs. phablet, blue LED dock cable for iDevices, and more.
  • Apple Intros MacBook Pro with Retina Display, Updated MacBook Air and Pro Models, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.06.15. Also new MacBook teardowns, 17" MacBook Pro discontinued, Apple's MagSafe to MagSafe 2 converter, and more.
  • Mountain Lion in July for $20, Save As... Sort of Returns, Mac Pro Not Really Updated, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.06.15. Also new Mac Pro promised for 2013, xMac mini Server rack enclosure ships, Flash adds background updates, what happens during permissions repair, and more.
  • Port Wars: Thunderbolt vs. USB 3, PCIe Cable, and FireWire, Dan Knight, Mac Daniel, 2012.06.14. Thunderbolt is very fast, USB 3 half as fast, FireWire is on the ropes, and PCIe Cable could blow away Thunderbolt.
  • What iOS 6 Means to iPhone 3GS Owners, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.06.13. The iPhone 3GS is 3 years old, and it will be able to run iOS 6 when it arrives later this year.
  • On the Road Again: Ways to Keep Your Business Working While You're Wayward and Wireless, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.06.13. 'The holy grail of mobile technology is to be always connected with good bandwidth and devices that let us do what we want.'
  • No New MacBook for Me at WWDC, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.06.12. The Late 2008 MacBook continues to do the job, and no affordable replacement is worth the price.
  • The Retina MacBook Pro Value Equation, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.12. The 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display has an amazing screen, but how much will graphical performance suffer?
  • The Mid 2012 MacBook Pro Value Equation, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.12. The 2012 MacBook Pro has some real improvements (especially USB 3), but what about close-out prices on last year's model?
  • The Mid 2012 MacBook Air Value Equation, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.12. The 2012 MacBook Air has some real improvements (especially USB 3), but what about close-out prices on last year's model?
  • 15" MacBook Pro with Retina Display, 2012.06.11. Thinner version of 15" MacBook Pro with double-resolution Retina Display, SSD instead of hard drive, and no internal SuperDrive.
  • 15" Mid 2012 MacBook Pro, 2012.06.11. Faster Ivy Bridge CPUs, improved graphics, USB 3, FaceTime HD, and no change in price.
  • 13" Mid 2012 MacBook Pro, 2012.06.11. Faster Ivy Bridge CPUs, improved graphics, USB 3, FaceTime HD, and no change in price.
  • Best Guesses About the New Macs at WWDC, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.11. Rumor has it almost every Mac will be updated at WWDC. Our guesses at some of the changes.
  • iPad Rules While Kindle Fire Fizzles, Apple on iOS Security, Flexible Corning Willow Glass, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.06.08. Also how to replace your laptop with an iPad, iPad case raises money for clean water, cases for New iPad and iPad 2, and more.
  • Double-Res Retina Display a Bad Idea, New Low Power Ivy Bridge CPUs for MacBook Air, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.06.08. Also solving MagSafe problems, Ultrabook death spiral begins, first Thunderbolt/USB 3 hard drive, two Thunderbolt docks, and more.
  • New Macs (Including Mac Pro) Expected at WWDC, Pros and Cons of Sandboxing, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.06.08. New Mac hardware and peripherals expected at next week's Worldwide Developer Conference, sandboxing limitations, and 5 free QuickTime alternatives.
  • Apple and Google: Is Breaking Up Hard to Do?, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.06.07. Once partners against Microsoft with their complementary services, Apple and Google are now direct competitors in the mobile space.
  • Low End Mac and Mission: Small Business, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.06.05. Low End Mac has applied for a small business grant. Learn how it could help solidify our future.
  • iPad Replaces PC for Some, Apple #1 Mobile Device Maker, iGifts for Dads and Grads, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.06.01. Also Retina Display holding back iPad graphics?, iPad used in NASCAR pit row reporting, Cortex Camera improves low light photos, and more.
  • Rescuing a Dead iBook, Retina Macs Expected This Month, Ultrabooks Replacing Netbooks, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.06.01. Also Apple's success threatens hard drive and PC makers, Toshiba to launch hybrid drive in September, har drive density to double by 2016, and more.
  • Apple's 'Crystal Prison' Pros and Cons, Mac Malware Safety, MailForge 3 Released, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.06.01. Also sandboxing a disservice to Apple, developers, and Mac users; Mac Pro petition on Facebook; Logitech Solar Keyboard for Mac, iPad, and iPhone; and more.
  • The Macintosh Clone Era, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.05.30. From early 1995 to May 1998, Apple licensed Mac clones - and nearly killed the company.
  • How to Change DNS Servers, Improved Google Search App, 3 Free Photo Apps, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.05.29. Also superiority of Apple's iPhone charger, 10 battery for iPad, Kodak All-in-One printer with iPad HD support, and more.
  • MacBook Pro Price Cuts Portend New Models?, Retina Display MacBooks Expected to Cost More, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.05.29. Also Retina resolution may be underwhelming, Sonnett's Thunderbolt-to-ExpressCard adapter reviewed, and more.
  • Jobs Wanted an iCar, Why OS X Is Growing More Like iOS, iMac Memory Upgrades, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.05.29. Also 'nanny computing' is the future of OS X, Getting Ready for Mountain Lion ebook, three free OS X utilities, and more.
  • Lion and the End of Bootable OS X Installers, Frank Fox, Stop the Noiz, 2012.05.23. Mac OS X Lion is only available as an upgrade from Snow Leopard. Is this the end of bootable installers from Apple?
  • iPhone 3D: Stereo Photography and 3D Movies for the Rest of Us, Anne Onymus, The Rumor Mill, 2012.05.22. Until now, stereo photography and 3D movies required expensive dedicated equipment. With the iPhone 3D, Apple will make it available to the masses.
  • Mac Pro on the Way Out or Changing with the Times?, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.05.22. No other desktop Mac offers a wide range of expansion options, but is that enough reason for Apple to keep the behemoth powerhouse Mac Pro around?
  • iPad 2 'Feels Like an Upgrade' from New iPad, Samsung Tops Apple in Smartphone Market, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.05.21. Also Apple to maintain tablet dominance, working in portrait mode, Wozniak would like to see end of walled garden, and more.
  • MacBook Airs Top Ultrabooks, Boost MacBook Performance, MacBook Pro Update in June?, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.05.21. Also Retina displays available now but costly, USB 3 expected in next MacBook rev, hybrid drives an affordable alternative to SSDs, and more.
  • Flashback Removal Update for OS X 10.5 Leopard, Dropbox Pick of the Cloud Litter, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.05.18. Also Kodak Hero supports wireless printing from anywhere, WinOnX lets you run Windows apps on Macs, and free Mac Malware Remover.
  • The MacBook Legacy: 2006 to 2011, Dan Knight, Mac Musings, 2012.05.16. Apple's original consumer Intel-based notebook, the MacBook filled an important niche until it was phased out in 2011.
  • 17" MacBook Pro on the Way Out or Changing with the Times?, Dan Bashur, Apple, Tech, and Gaming, 2012.05.15. No other MacBook rivals its expansion options, but is that enough reason for Apple to keep the largest MacBook Pro around?
  • 3 Ways to Use Microsoft Office on Your iPad, Alan Zisman, Zis Mac, 2012.05.14. You can't run Microsoft Office natively on the iPad, but one of these workarounds may do the job for you.
  • Swapless: Disabling Virtual Memory in Ubuntu, Austin Leeds, Low End PC, 2012.05.14. A slow hard drive slows virtual memory, and virtual memory can reduce the life of flash memory, so you may want to turn it off.
  • New iPad Design Apple's Second Choice?, Updated iPad 2 Improves Battery Life, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.05.11. Also hack improves iPad editing, Netgear Genie printing app, dual tip iPad stylus, recycled iPhone 4/4S case, and more.
  • Tablets Out to Kill Laptops, New iPad vs. MacBook Air, $799 MacBook Air This Fall?, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.05.11. Also should Apple discontinue the 17" MacBook Air?, 2012 MacBook Pro may include SSD and bigger batteries, and more.
  • Safari 5.1.7 and OS X 10.7.4, How Flashback Works, Free Lion Boot Disk Tool, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.05.11. Also Chrome passes Firefox for #2 spot, use Android with your Mac, Amazon and Microsoft cloud services for Macs, and more.
  • Apple May No Longer Support Your Older Mac, but Microsoft Will, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.05.11. Believe it or not, Windows 7 and 8 can run nicely on Macs than can't run OS X 10.7 or 10.8 at all.
  • Good Idea/Bad Idea Gets on the Bus, Dan Knight, Low End PC, 2002.11.15. Good idea: An industry standard bus. Bad idea: A bus nobody else uses.
  • Good Idea/Bad Idea Looks at Disk Format Confusion, Dan Knight, Low End PC, 2002.11.21. Good idea: Increased capacity for removable media. Bad idea: Too many formats to pick from.
  • Good Idea/Bad Idea Looks at Operating Systems, Dan Knight, Low End PC, 2002.11.27. Good idea: Giving consumers a choice in operating systems. Bad idea: Competing with Microsoft.
  • Tying up Loose Ends on Bitty Boxen, Buttercup, and the State of Tech, Michelle Klein-Hass, Low End Mac Mailbag, 2002.12.02. Mandrake Linux rocks, Buttercup gets a new motherboard, and the sorry state of the tech sector today.
  • Why We Need Anti-Spam Legislation, Dan Knight, Low End PC, 2003.01.02. Unlike rain, sending spam is a human behavior which can and should be covered by law.
  • Deliver Us From Evil: Thoughts on Computer Self Defense, Dan Knight, Low End PC, 2003.01.16. Should you have the right to take active steps to stop a computerized attack on your computer system?
  • Value and Cost: With a PC, You Get What You Pay For, Katherine Keller, Low End PC, 2003.02.26. With the right choices, your PC can be easy to upgrade and avoid becoming a doorstop.
  • Personal Computer History: The First 25 Years, Dan Knight, Low End PC, 2001.09.15. Personal computer history doesn't begin with IBM or Microsoft, although Microsoft was an early participant in the fledgling PC industry.
  • ThinkPad X41 Revived, Austin Leeds, Low End PC, 2012.05.09. The ThinkPad X41 converts from a laptop to a tablet. More memory and Compact Flash gave this one a new lease on life.
  • Windowed Multitasking for iPad, Puffin iOS Web Browser Supports Flash, iOS 5.1 Jailbreak, and More, iOS News Review, 2012.05.04. Also iPad and iPhone replacing iPod as family's first Apple device, magnetic iPad stand, LifeProof iPhone 4/4S case, and more.
  • Apple Loves to Release New Notebooks in May, Low End Mac Round Table, 2012.05.04. New MacBook Pros may be just around the corner, and Apple has a long history of introducing new 'Books in May.
  • All Quad-Core MacBook Pros Possible, Apple Tries to Patent MacBook Air's Wedge Design, and More, The 'Book Review, 2012.05.04. Also world's thinnest external SuperDrive from Samsung, AOC's 22" USB powered display, and more.
  • HP Overtakes Apple in PC Market, iPad May Save Desktops, New Mac Pro Could Come Soon, and More, Mac News Review, 2012.05.04. Also OWC kit adds second hard drive or SSD to 2011 Mac mini, Elgato's Thunderbolt cable now shipping, and more.
  • 1998: The iMac Saves Apple, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.05.04. Its specs were pedestrian, but the color, lack of standard Mac ports, and missing floppy drew a lot of attention.
  • Apple Should Make Older Mac OS Versions Free, Simon Royal, Mac Spectrum, 2012.05.03. It can cost more for a copy of the Mac OS than you paid for an old Mac you want to put it on.
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How to Back Up an iPhone or iPad with Your Mac Running Catalina

by Aaron Bryson | Aug 12, 2020 | Article, backup, Blog, Catalina, Finder, How-To, iPad, iPhone, iTunes, Mac

One of the most significant changes in macOS 10.15 Catalina was the breakup of the long-standing iTunes app into separate Music, Podcasts, and TV apps. But what about backing up iOS devices, which you also used to do in iTunes? In Catalina, Apple moved this function into the Finder. So if you’ve upgraded to Catalina or bought a new Mac that comes with Catalina, here’s how you can continue to backup your iOS or iPadOS in the Finder.

One note first. If you haven’t been using iTunes to back up, manage, and sync media to your device from your Mac all along, we don’t recommend that you start now. Although Apple continues to make these capabilities available for those who need or prefer them, the company focuses most of its efforts on cloud-based services like iCloud Backup, Apple Music, and iCloud Photos. Plus, many of Apple’s apps, like Books, Calendar, Contacts, Podcasts, and TV, can sync their data among all your Apple devices through iCloud. We’re focusing on backup here—for more details about manually syncing media to your iOS device, check out Take Control of macOS Media Apps, by Kirk McElhearn.

Initial Connections

As when you were using iTunes, you’ll need to connect your iOS device to the Mac with a USB cable, either a USB-to-Lightning cable for most devices or a USB-C cable for recent iPad Pro models. When you plug your device into your Mac, it should appear in a Finder window’s sidebar. However, it may not show unless you open Finder > Preferences > Sidebar and select CDs, DVDs, and iOS Devices. (And if it still doesn’t appear, restart your Mac.)

The first time you connect an iOS device to your Mac, you’ll need to establish a trust link between the two devices. That requires that you select the iOS device in a Finder window’s sidebar, click a Trust button that appears, click Trust again on the device itself, and then enter the device’s passcode. This is all very sensible since it prevents someone from stealing your iPhone and connecting to their Mac to read its contents.

Back Up Your Device

Once you’ve jumped through the necessary security hoops, select your device in a Finder window sidebar to view the General screen, which has an interface that’s eerily reminiscent of iTunes. Here’s where you’ll find backup controls, along with a button that lets you update your device’s version of iOS and (not shown) a variety of other general options. Again, we’re focusing on backup here.

You have two choices: storing the backups on iCloud or keeping them on your Mac. Apple has more information comparing the two, but here are the basics:

  • iCloud backups: Assuming you have enough (or are willing to buy more) storage space in iCloud, select “Back up your most important data on your iPhone to iCloud.” Backing up to iCloud is the best option because it automatically happens once per day whenever the device is connected to power, locked, and on Wi-Fi—for us, that usually means during an overnight charge. Plus, if your Mac has a relatively small SSD, you may not have space to store the backups for a large iOS device. iCloud backups are highly secure and reliable, but there are those who don’t want to pay for sufficient iCloud space or don’t want their data in iCloud.
  • Local backups: If you prefer, select “Back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac.” Be sure to select “Encrypt local backup.” Otherwise, the backup won’t include saved passwords, Wi-Fi settings, browsing history, Health data, and your call history. And anyone breaking into your Mac could access everything else in your iPhone backup! When you select “Encrypt local backup,” you’ll be asked for a password—make sure it’s one you won’t forget.

If you’re going with iCloud backups, you’re done—backups will happen automatically. For local backups, however, click Back Up Now to initiate a backup. Backups can take quite some time—a circular progress indicator replaces the eject button next to the device’s name in the sidebar. That’s a hint that you shouldn’t unplug the device while it’s backing up.

In fact, you don’t have to choose between iCloud and local backups. Nothing prevents you from leaving the default set to iCloud (this mirrors the setting on the device itself in Settings > Your Name > iCloud > iCloud Backup) but occasionally connecting your device to your Mac and clicking Back Up Now to make a secondary local backup, just in case. That would be a sensible thing to do before switching devices or intentionally erasing the device for some reason.

Since iOS device backups can be quite large—up to hundreds of gigabytes—you may need to recover space used by backups for devices you no longer have. Plus, if you switch to iCloud backups at some point, there’s little point in devoting many gigabytes of storage to obsolete backups.

Click Manage Backups to see a list of backups. To delete one, select it and click Delete Backup. You can also Control-click any backup to delete it, archive it (which prevents it from being overwritten by future backups), or show it in the Finder. That last option is useful for determining the size of the folder containing the backup—select it in the Finder and choose File > Get Info.

Finally, backups are useful only if you can restore from them in case of problems. To do that from the Finder in Catalina, connect your iOS device and click Restore Backup. You can choose which backup to restore, if necessary, and enter the password you set for an encrypted backup. Restoring will likely take quite some time, depending on how much data needs to be transferred.

We’ll leave you with one last thought. An eject button appears next to your iOS device in the Finder window’s sidebar. You can click it to disconnect the device or, if there’s no other progress indicator there, just unplug the device.

(Featured image components by Apple)

Social Media: If you prefer to back up your iOS devices to your Mac, rather than take advantage of daily automatic iCloud backups, note that in macOS 10.15 Catalina, you now do that in the Finder, not in iTunes. Here’s what you need to know:

Use This Trick to Find a Missing App Window

by Aaron Bryson | Jul 31, 2020 | Blog, Mac, Tip, troubleshooting, window

Every so often, we hear from a Mac user with a seemingly impossible problem: a document window in some app is opening somewhere outside of the screen so it’s effectively invisible and they can’t work with it in any way. Just closing (with File > Close) and reopening the window, or quitting and relaunching the app, or even restarting the Mac won’t usually help because the app will reopen the window in the same off-screen position. The solution is to try various commands in the app’s Window menu, such as Tile, Move, or Zoom. (You may need to choose View > Show All Tabs to get the tab-related commands.) What’s there will vary by app, but with luck, one of them will bring your errant window back on screen.

(Featured image by Jeff Hendricks on Unsplash)

Forrester Research and IBM Studies Show Macs Are Cheaper than PCs

by Aaron Bryson | Jul 1, 2020 | Article, Blog, business, Explainer, Mac

It’s taken as gospel that Macs are more expensive than PCs. A quick look at the Dell Web site reveals laptops for as low as $300. Sure, we can say that the configurations aren’t comparable, that macOS is better than Windows, or that Apple’s hardware quality is superior. Still, our friendly local bean counters have trouble getting past those low upfront prices.

However, unless you’re Rancho Gordo, the goal isn’t to count beans, it’s to get work done, and that’s a different scenario. Let’s look at a few ways that Macs are not just worth the money but can also be cheaper than comparable systems. We’ll start with a Forrester Research study commissioned by Apple that compared the total economic impact of Macs and PCs in large companies with employee-choice programs. In such programs, every employee gets to choose between a Mac and a PC, providing a sizable group across which to compare numbers, but the conclusions apply to large and small organizations alike.

Deeper Cost Analysis

Although the Forrester Research study found that the upfront acquisition cost of Macs was indeed $500 higher than comparable PCs, when additional factors were taken into account, Macs ended up costing about $50 less.

That’s in part because Macs have a higher residual value after 3 years, meaning that you can resell a 3-year-old Mac for more than a 3-year-old PC. Pay more up front, but get more back later on.

Macs also don’t need operating system licenses, and the Mac’s better security eliminates the need for additional licenses for security software.

Reduced IT Support Costs

It has long been thought that Macs required less support than PCs, but only in the past few years have there been organizations with enough Macs and PCs to compare. At IBM, one of the largest Apple-using companies with 290,000 Apple devices, a 2016 study found that the company was saving up to $543 per Mac compared to PCs over a 4-year lifespan. Forrester Research came up with an even higher number, showing that Macs cost $628 less over a 3-year lifespan.

What accounts for these reduced support costs? It takes less time to set up a new Mac, Macs are easier to manage, Macs users open fewer service tickets, and many fewer IT staff are needed. All that adds up to paying for fewer support resources. In another 2018 study, IBM found that it needed just 7 support engineers per 200,000 Macs, compared to 20 support engineers per 200,000 Windows machines.

Improved Employee Productivity and Engagement

Beyond reduced support costs, Mac users turn out to be more productive, more engaged, and more likely to stay with the company than PC users. Forrester Research found that over 3 years, Mac-using employees posted 48 hours more productivity (in part due to reduced downtime). That’s likely thousands of dollars more benefit to the company, per employee.

Even still, it can be hard to quantify that benefit, which is why Forrester Research compared users in sales positions. In its study, Forrester found that Mac-using employees showed a 5% increase in sales performance. That’s nothing compared to IBM, which found that its Mac-based salespeople closed deals worth 16% more than their Windows-using counterparts.

Finally, both Forrester Research and IBM discovered that Mac users were less likely to leave the company—20% less likely in Forrester’s study and 17% less likely in IBM’s research. That’s not just an indication of loyalty. There are significant costs to replacing employees who leave, so the higher the retention rate, the better it is for the bottom line.

Improved Overall Security

Few would argue with the belief that Macs are more secure than PCs. In Forrester’s research, the interviewed organizations said that the Mac has a fundamentally more secure architecture than Windows. In today’s world, criminals employ malware to steal information. Data breaches are costly, with a 2019 study by IBM Security and the Ponemon Institute pegging the average cost of a data breach at $3.9 million. The amounts vary by industry and the size of the breach, of course, but the average cost per data record was nearly $150.

Security breaches can have other costs as well. With a compromised account, attackers have often been able to pose as executives and get accounting departments to wire money to offshore accounts. Plus, when news of a data breach hits, it can result in the loss of customers. In the IBM Security study, healthcare companies suffered from a 7% customer turnover after a breach.

So yes, Macs do have higher upfront costs than PCs. But savvy managers know to look past such simplistic comparisons to the bigger picture, where equipping employees with Macs both saves far more than the difference in cost between a Mac and a PC and enables employees to produce more for the organization.

(Featured image by freestocks on Unsplash)

Macs Switching to Apple Silicon from Intel Chips: Q. & A.

by Aaron Bryson | Jun 30, 2020 | Article, Blog, Mac, News

At Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference keynote, the company dropped a bombshell: in the future, Macs will no longer be powered by Intel chips but will instead rely on custom-designed Apple chips. As surprising as this is, the company has made such massive transitions twice before: first in 1994 with the move from Motorola’s 68000 chips to IBM’s PowerPC platform, and again in 2006 with the jump to processors from Intel. Here are answers to the main questions we’ve been hearing.

What is “Apple silicon”?

For many years now, Apple has created its own chips to power the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, and Apple TV. These chips, the A series, are based on a platform called ARM, though Apple took pains to avoid saying that during the keynote. Of all Apple’s products, only the Mac continues to use processors from Intel.

Apple said it would be creating chips specifically to power Macs, although they’ll be part of the same chip family used in iOS devices. That makes sense since macOS and iOS share a great deal of code under the hood.

Why is Apple making this transition?

There are three main reasons:

  • Performance: With its ARM-based A series of chips, Apple has achieved high levels of performance per watt. When chips run faster, they consume a lot more power, which cuts into battery life and produces a lot of heat. By creating its own chips, Apple can tweak the designs to the sweet spot of performance and power consumption for any given Mac—laptops trade processing power for longer battery life, whereas desktops have fewer tradeoffs. Plus, Apple can build special technologies, like advanced power management and high-performance video editing, into its chips to enhance those capabilities in macOS.
  • Profit: Apple didn’t mention this in the keynote, but it’s a big deal. Intel processors have high profit margins, and Apple would prefer to keep that money instead of paying it to Intel.
  • Control: Apple CEO Tim Cook has famously said, “We believe that we need to own and control the primary technologies behind the products we make.” With Apple making its own chips, its product roadmaps are within its control, rather than being subject to Intel’s schedule, capabilities, and whims.

When will the first Macs with Apple silicon appear?

Apple said that we’d see the first Mac with Apple silicon by the end of 2020. If past performance is any indication, expect it in December.

The company did not say what type of Mac it would be, although the Developer Transition Kit hardware that developers can rent from Apple is a Mac mini with the same A12Z chip that runs the latest iPad Pro models. Other likely possibilities include the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and iMac.

Is it better to wait for Macs with Apple silicon or buy Intel-based Macs while I can?

There are two schools of thought here. Some recommend buying the first models that appear after a major chip change because Macs with the previous chips may have a shorter effective lifespan once the transition is complete. Others prefer to buy the last models with the earlier chips under the assumption that the first new Macs might have unanticipated problems.

For the longest lifespan, wait for new Macs with Apple silicon. But if you’re worried that the first models out will have teething pains, invest in the last Intel-based Macs.

How long will Apple keep selling Intel-based Macs?

The company said that it anticipates releasing new Intel-based Macs for roughly 2 years and that it has some exciting new models in the pipeline.

How long will Apple continue to support Intel-based Macs?

Apple didn’t commit to a specific length of time but said it would be releasing new software and supporting Intel-based Macs “for years to come.” In the previous processor transition from PowerPC to Intel, Apple maintained the Rosetta translation environment for over 5 years.

In other words, if you buy an Intel-based Mac today, it should have an effective lifespan of at least 3–5 years. Businesses often refresh their Macs on such a cycle, so that’s not unreasonable.

Will my existing software run on a Mac with Apple silicon?

Happily, yes! Apple announced Rosetta 2, which will ship with macOS before Macs with Apple silicon appear. Rosetta 2 automatically translates existing Intel-based apps and can even dynamically translate apps with just-in-time code. If that all sounds like mumbo-jumbo, don’t worry—Apple said that Rosetta 2 will be completely transparent to the user.

We hope that’s true, but Rosetta 2 will probably work only with 64-bit apps that work in 10.15 Catalina. Old 32-bit apps that don’t run in Catalina are unlikely to be supported, nor will low-level software like kernel extensions. Plus, with translated software, performance is always a question.

Will I have to upgrade my apps for Macs with Apple silicon?

Although existing apps should still run, thanks to Rosetta 2, developers will be recompiling their apps to take advantage of all the capabilities of Apple silicon, so where upgrades are available, you’ll generally want to take advantage of them. Native apps running on Apple silicon should enjoy better performance.

Will I still be able to run Windows software in Boot Camp or a virtualization app?

Maybe. Apple talked about virtualization on Macs with Apple silicon and even showed off Parallels Desktop running Linux (versions of which run on ARM chips) but said nothing about Windows.

There are some ARM-based PCs, including Microsoft’s Surface Pro X, that come with Windows 10 for ARM. So our guess is that Boot Camp is history, but you’ll be able to run Windows 10 for ARM in Parallels Desktop or VMware Fusion. That may be sufficient if your needs are mainstream, but Windows 10 for ARM has a long list of restrictions.

Are there any other advantages to Macs with Apple silicon?

Indeed! Apple said that Macs with Apple silicon would be able to run all iPhone and iPad apps. During the keynote, the company demoed a few such apps running in their own windows on a Mac with Apple silicon. Whether this is game-changing depends on your needs, but given the millions of apps for the iPhone and iPad, it could be compelling.

Is this transition a good move?

Although there will undoubtedly be some bumps along the way, we think it is. Macs with Apple silicon should be faster and have better battery life than comparable Macs with Intel-based chips. It’s possible that Apple will lower prices too, given the savings from not buying expensive chips from Intel. And while the capability to run iPhone and iPad apps won’t float everyone’s boat, it could be useful.

And if nothing else, it’s yet another example of how we live in interesting times.

(Featured image by Apple)

Find Files in the Finder Better by Specifying a Search Scope

by Aaron Bryson | Jun 30, 2020 | Blog, Finder, Mac, productivity, Restricted Content, search, Tip

This isn’t about periscopes or mouthwash—when it comes to searching, a scope is the area in which a search takes place. When you use the Search field in a Finder window to look for files and folders, you have the choice of two scopes: This Mac or the current folder. You can always switch the scope after starting the search by clicking the other choice near the top of the window, but it’s easier to set the default search scope in Finder > Preferences > Advanced so it’s set right to start. From the “When performing a search” pop-up menu, choose Search This Mac to search across all indexed drives, Search the Current Folder to limit the search to the folder showing when you start the search, or Use the Previous Search Scope. Most of the time, if you have any idea where the item you’re looking for might be, selecting an enclosing folder and then searching within it is the best approach.

(Featured image by Noah Fischer from Pixabay)

Here’s What You Should Know about Battery Health Management in Catalina

by Aaron Bryson | Jun 10, 2020 | Article, battery, Blog, Catalina, Explainer, laptop, Mac, troubleshooting

We all want Mac laptops that can run for days on a single charge and never need their batteries serviced. Sadly, we’re always going to be disappointed. Battery and power management technologies continually improve, but those improvements are matched by more powerful processors and smaller designs with less room for battery cells. And, because physics is a harsh mistress, current lithium-ion batteries are always going to age chemically, so they hold less of a charge over time.

In the just-released macOS 10.15.5 Catalina, Apple has introduced a new battery health management feature that promises to increase the effective lifespan of the batteries in recent Mac laptops. It does this by monitoring the battery’s temperature and charging patterns and, in all likelihood, reducing the maximum level to which it will charge the battery.

You see the problem. While battery health management can extend your battery’s overall lifespan, it will likely also reduce your everyday runtime before you need to charge. It’s too soon to know the full extent of this tradeoff, and we suspect that it may be impossible to determine, given that everyone uses their Macs differently.

It’s worth noting that this battery health management feature appears only for those running macOS 10.15.5 or later, and only then if the Mac in question is a laptop with Thunderbolt 3 ports. In essence, then, it’s available only on MacBook Pro models introduced in 2016 or later, and MacBook Air models introduced in 2018 and later. (The Thunderbolt 3 port requirement is merely a shorthand way for Apple to indicate “recent Mac laptops.”)

So, if you have a supported laptop and you’re running macOS 10.15.5, what should you do? We see three scenarios:

  • Favor lifespan: If you seldom run your laptop’s battery down to the electronic fumes because it’s easy for you to plug in whenever you need to charge, leave battery health management enabled. That will preserve the battery’s overall lifespan to the extent possible.
  • Favor runtime: For those who need to eke every last bit of power from their batteries, disable battery health management. You might have to replace the battery sooner, but you’ll get more runtime in everyday usage.
  • Switch as needed: Many people need the longest possible runtime only occasionally, such as on long flights with no under-seat power. In such situations, switch battery health management off for the flight and back on when you return to normal usage patterns.

Switching is easy, but Apple buries it deeply enough that it’s clear that the company doesn’t think most users should be disabling it regularly. Open System Preferences > Energy Saver, click the Battery Health button at the bottom, and in the dialog that appears, uncheck Battery Health Management and click OK. You’ll be prompted to make sure you know what you’re doing; click Turn Off to finish the job.

One final note. The reduced maximum capacity with battery health management enabled may have an undesirable side effect—a recommendation from the Battery Status menu’s health indicator that you need to replace your battery. To check your battery’s health, hold the Option key down and click the Battery Status icon on the menu bar. At the top of the menu, next to Condition, you’ll see either Normal or Service Recommended. (In previous versions of macOS, it could have said Replace Soon, Replace Now, or Service Battery.)

Regardless of the term, anything but Normal indicates that your battery is holding less of a charge than when it was new. If you see that message and you aren’t getting enough runtime for your needs, get the battery evaluated at an Apple-authorized service provider or Apple Store.

(Featured image by Thomas Kelley on Unsplash)

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