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Icare data recovery free Archives

icare data recovery free Archives

icare data recovery free Archives

iCare Data Recovery Free Edition for Windows

Simple Free Data Recovery and Management Software

iCare Data Recovery Free Edition is a file recovery system which scans drives to find any hidden or lost files. The software can check hard drives, external devices and other storage systems to recover any files which may have been lost or written over. Files can then be safely moved to a new destination or removed as required.

One Click Recovery

With a range of supported files and a focus on clarity, iCare Data Recovery Free Edition is designed to make the whole process of file recovery as simple as possible. Scans are started with a single click, results are clearly labelled and moving files is a breeze. A range of files, from images to video, are all recovered in the same way, meaning that no advanced knowledge is required. With this focus on the non-technical user, there isn't a huge amount of extra options under the hood but it performs well for a free piece of software.

Entry Model

iCare Data Recovery Free Edition works well as an alternative to expensive data recovery services. Everything is explained simply, the interface is immediately accessible and scans run fairly quickly. While more experienced users may find it a little oversimplified, it is a great option for occasional use to deal with emergency storage errors.

Free file recovery software that is able to restore files deleted formatted

iCare Data Recovery Free is an easy-to-use and completely free data recovery utility that offers two effectively data recovery modes, including Deleted File Recovery and Advanced File Recovery modes, for
people to recover deleted or lost photos, videos, documents, movies, audios, mails, games, apps and files after many unexpected or accidental data loss troubles, like hard drive deleted file loss for free, computer Recycle Bin emptying, hard drive format or reformat, memory card blank or unsupported file system error, hard drive not formatted or RAW format error, hard drive corruption or even sudden computer power loss or crashing, etc. It works perfectly under different Windows operating system
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, icare data recovery free Archives

Review on iCare Data Recovery — a program for data recovery

You have accidentally deleted important information from your computer or other device? iCare Data Recovery app is designed exactly for such cases. The software recovers deleted and formatted files.

This data recovery application supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows 10, 8.1, 8 and 7;
  • Windows Vista and XP;
  • Windows Server 2000, 2003, 2008, 2012 and 2016.

iCare Data Recovery can detect and retrieve more than 600 types of multimedia files and documents: video and audio recordings, emails and images, photos, text documents and etc.

The program works with the following file formats:

  • mp3, mp4, MID and wav;
  • 3gp, avi and swf;
  • archives like .zip, gz, .rar and other common formats.

iCare Data Recovery recovers erased and formatted data from PC hard drives, external USB drives, USB flash drives, iPods, digital cameras, smartphones, memory cards and other modern devices.

Free and paid versions of iCare Data Recovery: what is the difference between them?

Both versions of the app, Free and Pro, operate only in read mode. This means that they don't make any changes in a hard drive and therefore are completely safe for your computer.

Manufacturers promise up to 90% recovery of lost information via iCare data recovery software. In practice, the claimed figures don't always correspond to the real situation. Probably the manufacturers were talking about the perfect conditions when deleted data hadn't been overwritten and not a lot of time had passed since the moment of deletion).

The features of the app free edition:

  • it recovers deleted files from the PC Recycle Bin;
  • retrieves data deleted by mistake;
  • has the feature of extended recovery: searches for lost data on the majority of digital devices.

The flaws of the free version of iCare Data Recovery:

  • isn't updated automatically;
  • isn't suitable for commercial use;
  • can't recover deleted JPG files;
  • often "can't detect" the information missing as the result of disk formation.

The features of iCare Data Recovery Pro app:

  • recovers up to 100% of lost information in any format;
  • it recovers deleted files from the PC Recycle Bin;
  • deep scanning: retrieves data missing after accidental formatting on all types of devices;
  • recovers files that disappeared as the result of unexpected software failures (due to system problems, virus attacks and other unclear reasons);
  • updates automatically;
  • customer support is available via email;
  • is suitable for commercial use.

The trial-version of iCare Data Recovery Pro is limited to 20 MB. The license key costs $70 for individual users and from $95 for corporate clients.

The interfaces of both variants of the utility are quite similar: they're user-friendly and even an inexperienced user can figure out how they work. The free and paid versions work with quite the same speed: they find and recover information within 10 minutes.

How to use iCare Data Recovery: step-by-step guides

Important: once you have realized that important data has disappeared, you'd better avoid saving new items on your device. Thus you'll increase the chances of recovering the files you've lost.

A step-by-step guide on how to recover information deleted from Windows Recycle Bin

Step 1. Click on "Deleted File Recovery" button and select the partition where the lost information was stored. Select "Next".

Step 2.Wait for scanning process to complete. The process will take about 2 minutes.

Step 3.Go through the found files.

Step 4.Select the data you want to recover. Avoid saving them on the same disk from which they were gone.

Step 5.The program will distribute the recovered data into folders on its own: it will send music to "MP3 Music file", videos to "MP4 Multimedia file" and etc.

A step-by-step guide on how to recover files deleted from a formatted external drive

  1. Connect an external data drive to your computer.
  2. In the opened utility select "Advanced File Recovery" (Free version) or "Deep Scan Recovery" (Pro version). Select the name of the device from which the information has been deleted from the list and click on "Next".
  3. Wait for scanning process to complete. It will take about 8 minutes.
  4. Go through the found files. Select the files you want to recover and click on "Next".

Both guides are applicable to the free version of  iCare Data Recovery, but the paid one will find much more lost information. PC users are usually satisfied with the features of iCare Data Recovery Free.

System requirements for the installation of the program:

  • a processor: 1 GHz (32 bit or 64 bit);
  • RAM: 256 MB or more (1024 MB is recommended);
  • hard disk drive space: 1 GB and more than 100 MB of free space.

Via this program you can recover any data: photos, videos and text documents, in approximately the same way. This means that its user won't require any special skills in order to be able to use the utility.

Download iCare Data Recovery

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icare data recovery free Archives

iCare Data Recovery Free - 100% Freeware

$0.00, Recover unlimited files from most digital devices
in a way which is much faster, no limit &totally FREE.

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Video Tutorial - iCare Data Recovery Free

Step by Step Data Recovery User Manual

Data loss won't be your biggest nightmare anymore! As one of the best data recovery software - iCare Data Recovery works as a comprehensive solution for data recovery which provides files recovery and easy access for wrong formatted drives, unexpectedly operations, inaccessible drive, raw drive or raw file system, virus attack, partition deleted, software unexpected crashes etc. It can provide file recovery function to recover any deleted files like photos, documents, mp3/mp4/music files, outlook/email files, presentations, and its fundamental character/features stands out for itself among any other kind of software such as hard drive recovery, removable hard drive recovery, digital camera sd card recovery, android micro sd card recovery, usb drive recovery, memory card recovery etc.

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