Dragon Quest 11 Product Key Archives

Dragon Quest 11 Product Key Archives

Dragon Quest 11 Product Key Archives

Dragon Quest 11 Product Key Archives

Dragon Quest

Dragon Quest
Box art of the original North American NES release, titled Dragon Warrior
Director(s)Koichi Nakamura
Producer(s)Yukinobu Chida
Designer(s)Yuji Horii
Programmer(s)Koichi Nakamura
Artist(s)Akira Toriyama
Writer(s)Yuji Horii
Composer(s)Koichi Sugiyama
SeriesDragon Quest
  • Famicom / Nintendo Entertainment System
    • JP: May 27, 1986
    • NA: August 1989
    MSXSuper FamicomGame Boy Color
    • JP: September 23, 1999
    • NA: September 27, 2000
    Mobile phonesWiiAndroid, iOS
    • JP: November 28, 2013
    • WW: September 11, 2014
    Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest,[lower-alpha 1] titled Dragon Warrior when initially localized to North America, is the first role-playing video game (RPG) in the Dragon Questmedia franchise. It was developed by Chunsoft for the Family Computer and published by Enix in Japan in 1986 as Dragon Quest and by Nintendo in 1989 in North America for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Dragon Quest has been ported and remade for several video game platforms, including the MSX, PC-9801, Super Famicom, Game Boy Color, Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation 4, and mobile phones. Players control a hero character who is charged with saving the Kingdom of Alefgard and rescuing its princess from the evil Dragonlord. Dragon Warrior's story became the second part in a trilogy. Several more anime and manga series, which revolve around this overarching plot were created.

Dragon Quest was created by Yuji Horii, who took inspiration from previous role-playing games such as Wizardry, Ultima, and his own 1983 game The Portopia Serial Murder Case. Horii wanted to create an RPG which would appeal to a wide audience of people who were unfamiliar with the genre of video games in general. He tried to place a greater emphasis on storytelling and emotional involvement, as well as simplify the interface and expose the mostly Western computer genre to the Japanese console market. Manga artist and Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama produced the game's artwork and Koichi Sugiyama composed its music. The North American version features numerous changes, including battery-backed RAM save games (rather than using a password save system), modified character sprites, and pseudo-Elizabethan English style dialog.

Dragon Quest was commercially successful in Japan, with more than 2 million copies sold. Its release as Dragon Warrior in North America, and other Western countries, was less favorably received. Later, Western critics noted the game's shortcomings but acknowledged its importance to the genre. Fan-madeROM hacks were released with substantial changes to the game. The game's synthesized soundtrack has been orchestrated, and its music has been performed at numerous concerts. As a whole, Dragon Warrior has been credited with establishing the basic template for the Japanese console RPGs that followed.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Dragon Warrior is a role-playing video game. Its gameplay mechanics have been described, years after its release, as simplistic and spartan.[1][2] Players control a young hero who sets out to defeat a being known as the Dragonlord.[3] Before starting the game, players are presented with a menu which allows them to begin a new quest (a game), continue a previous quest, or change the speed in which messages appear on the screen. In the Japanese version, continuing a quest requires players to enter a password; in the North American Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) English version, the quest is saved onto the game cartridge's battery-backup (known in the game as an "Adventure Log" in the "Imperial Scrolls of Honor").[1] The English version also has options to delete or duplicate a saved quest. If players choose to start a new quest, they may give the hero any name they wish in either Japanese kana or English letters depending on the version.[4][5] The hero's name has an effect on his initial ability scores and their statistical growth over the course of the game. Each stat falls into one of two categories, one with faster growth than the other, and the game determines which path each stat uses with a formula based on the kana or letters in the character's name.[6]

Dragon Warrior presents players with a clear objective from the start and uses a series of smaller scenarios to increase the hero's strength in order to achieve the objective.[7] The game begins in King Lorik's chamber in Tantegel Castle, where the hero receives information about the Dragonlord, whom he must defeat, and the stolen Balls of Light, which he must retrieve.[lower-alpha 2] After receiving some items and gold, the hero sets out on his quest. Much of Dragon Warrior is spent talking to townspeople and gathering information from them that leads to additional places, events, and secrets. Players are advised to take notes of these hints for future reference. Towns contain shops that sell improved weapons and armor; general stores where the player may buy other goods; inns that allow the hero to recover his health and magic, and shops that offer keys for purchase. Players may sell items at half price to shops that provide weapons, armor, or general goods. The hero's status window is shown whenever he stops moving, displaying his current experience level (LV) and the number of hit points (HP), magic points (MP), gold (G), and experience points (E).[8][9]

To safely progress to the next areas in the game, players need to accumulate experience points and gold by defeating enemies outside of towns – in the overworld and in dungeons.[10] Apart from the Dragonlord's castle, there are no physical restrictions on where players can roam.[11] Instead, monsters increase in difficulty as players venture further from Tantegel castle. As the hero's level increases, players can explore further afield with less risk.[12] Enemies appear in random encounters and the hero fights one opponent at a time.[1] The encounter rate is lowest on fields and increases in forests and hills.[13] Battles are turn-based and fought from a first-person perspective while the hero remains off-screen.[1] In combat, players must defeat the enemy by reducing its HP to zero. During combat, players have four commands: "fight", "run", "spell", and "item". The "fight" command causes the hero to attack the enemy with a weapon, or with his bare fists if no weapon is available, in an attempt to inflict damage. With the "run" command, the hero attempts to escape from a battle, which is recommended if his HP is low. The "spell" command casts magic that can, for example, heal the hero or damage the enemy. The "item" command uses herbs that replenish the hero's HP.[14]

During combat, the hero loses HP when he takes damage, and the display turns red when his HP is low. If his HP falls to zero, he dies and is taken back to King Lorik to be resurrected, and loses half his gold "as punishment."[9] If the hero succeeds in defeating an enemy, he gains experience points and gold; if he gains enough experience points, his experience level increases, giving him greater strength, agility, speed, and the ability to use magic spells.[15] Every time a spell is used, the hero's MP decreases, with different spells costing different amounts of MP. Both HP and MP can be restored by resting at an inn. Additionally, a non-player character can replenish the hero's MP in Tantegel Castle.[14] As the hero earns more gold, he can purchase better weapons, armor, and items.[16] However, players have limited inventory space to hold items, so they must manage their item collection conservatively.[1] The caves which the hero explores are dark and require the use of a torch or the "RADIANT" spell to display a temporary field of vision around the character.[17] In the English version, players can return to King Lorik at any point to save the quest.[15][18] Because the Japanese version does not have a battery backup, players receive a password to return to a quest at a later time.[1]

The control pad may be used to move the hero in any direction and to move the flashing cursor in menu displays. Additional buttons confirm and cancel commands. In the English version, players use menu commands to talk to people, check their status, search beneath their feet, use items, take treasure chests, open doors, and go up or down stairs.[1][2][19] However, in some of the game's later remakes, certain commands were assigned to buttons, navigating stairs became automatic,[10][20] and the hero's speed was increased.[1] In the Japanese version, characters always face forward, so players must choose a command and then a direction in which to perform that action.[1] In the North American version, the hero turns to face the direction he is moving, making direction selection unnecessary.[1]

Plot[edit | edit source]

Dragon Warrior's plot is a twist on saving a princess from a dragon, in that the player doesn't even have to meet with or speak with her to complete the game.

Backstory[edit | edit source]

Dragon Warrior, its sequel, Dragon Quest II, and its prequel, Dragon Quest III, comprise a trilogy with a shared timeline.[21][22] The story's background begins when the kingdom of Alefgard was shrouded in permanent darkness. The brave warrior Erdrick (known as "Loto" in the Game Boy Color (GBC) remake of the game) defeated an evil creature and restored light to the land. In Erdrick's possession was the Ball of Light,[lower-alpha 2] which he used to drive away enemies who threatened the kingdom. Erdrick handed the Ball of Light to King Lorik, and Alefgard remained peaceful for a long time.[3] The Ball of Light kept winters short in Alefgard and helped maintain peace and prosperity for the region.[23]

However, there is one man who shunned the Ball of Light's radiance and secluded himself in a mountain cave. One day, while exploring the cave's extensive network of tunnels, the man encountered a sleeping dragon who awoke upon his entrance. He feared the dragon would incinerate him with its fiery breath, but the dragon instead knelt before him and obeyed his commands. This man, who is later discovered to be a dragon,[24] became known as the Dragonlord.[23] One day, after his soul became corrupted by learning magic,[24] the Dragonlord attacked Tantegel Castle and the nearby town of Breconnary with his fleet of dragons and set the town on fire. Riding a large red dragon, the Dragonlord descended upon Tantegel Castle and stole the Ball of Light. Soon, monsters began to appear throughout the entire land, destroying everything in their paths.[23] Much of the land became poisonous marshes, and at least one destroyed town (Hauksness, whose name is erroneously transposed with that of Rimuldar in the "Adventurer's Handbook" walkthrough) never recovered and remains in ruins even as of the time of gameplay.[3]

The following day, Erdrick arrived at Tantegel Castle to speak with King Lorik and offered his help to defeat the Dragonlord. After searching the land for clues to the Dragonlord's whereabouts, Erdrick found that the Dragonlord lived on an island that could be accessed only via a magical bridge that only a "Rainbow Drop" could generate. After venturing to the island, Erdrick was never heard from again.[23] Many years later, during King Lorik XVI's reign,[3] the Dragonlord attacked the kingdom again and captured Princess Gwaelin.[23] Many heroes tried to rescue the princess and recover the Ball of Light from the Dragonlord's castle, called Charlock, but none succeeded. The prophet Mahetta predicted that "One day, a descendant of the valiant Erdrick shall come forth to defeat the Dragonlord."[3] However, when the descendant (the game's hero) arrives, many of the people of Alefgard have forgotten the story of Erdrick, and those few who do remember consider it a myth and do not believe in Mahetta's prophecy. King Lorik starts to mourn the decline of his kingdom.[25]

Main story[edit | edit source]

The game begins when the player assumes the role of a stranger who arrives at Tantegel Castle. A castle guard tells him that a dragon has captured the princess and is holding her captive in a distant cave.[26] Determined to rescue the princess and defeat the Dragonlord, he discovers an ancient tablet hidden inside a desert cave; carved on the tablet is a message from Erdrick that outlines what the hero needs to do to follow in Erdrick's footsteps and defeat the Dragonlord.[23] The hero eventually rescues Princess Gwaelin, but realizes that in order to restore light to Alefgard, he must defeat the Dragonlord at Charlock Castle. After the hero collects a series of relics, he creates a bridge to reach Charlock and fights his way through the castle before finally confronting the Dragonlord. At this point the hero is given a dialogue choice – to side with the Dragonlord or to challenge him. If players choose the former, the game ends, the hero is put to sleep, and the game freezes;[1] however, in the GBC remake, the hero instead wakes up from a bad dream. If players choose to fight, a final battle between the hero and the Dragonlord commences.[23][27]

Once the hero defeats the Dragonlord he reclaims the Ball of Light, eradicating all monsters in Alefgard, and triumphantly returns to Tantegel Castle where King Lorik offers his kingdom as a reward. The hero turns down the offer and instead wishes to find his own kingdom. Accompanied by Princess Gwaelin, the hero then sets off in search of a new land; this sets the stage for the events in Dragon Warrior II, which take place many years later and tells the story of three of the hero's descendants.[23][28][29]

Characters[edit | edit source]

In Dragon Warrior the hero and the Dragonlord are the two main characters. Other major supporting characters are King Lorik (King Lars in the GBC remake); his daughter Princess Gwaelin (Lady Lora), and two sages the hero meets during his journey.[8]

The hero, who comes from a land beyond Alefgard,[30] is a descendant of the legendary Erdrick.[31][32] When the hero arrives, he does not appear to be a warrior – he arrives without weapons or armor – and is ignorant of the situation. The populace thinks his claim of the ability to defeat the Dragonlord are preposterous; however, King Lorik sees this ability, which give him hope and he aids the hero on his quest.[30]

The Dragonlord is a dragon who rules from Charlock Castle, which is visible from Tantegel Castle, the game's starting point.[7][8] His soul became evil by learning magic.[24] Rumors say that, through a spy network, he knows everything that happens in Alefgard.[30] He seeks "unlimited power and destruction",[24] which results in a rising tide of evil throughout Alefgard.[3] The Dragonlord wants to enslave the world with his army of monsters that he controls with his will.[8][30]

Development and release[edit | edit source]

Super Famicom1993N/AN/A
Game Boy Color19992000N/A
Android, iOS20132014
PlayStation 4, Nintendo 3DS2017N/AN/A
Nintendo Switch2019

Yuji Horii and his team at Chunsoft began developing Dragon Quest in 1985.[33] It was released in Japan in 1986 for the Famicom, the MSX,[34][35] and the PC-9801.[36]Dragon Quest has been released on multiple platforms since its initial release, including mobile phones in 2004 with updated graphics similar to those of Dragon Quest VI.[37]

Historical backdrop[edit | edit source]

When Eidansha Boshu Service Center was founded in 1975 it published tabloid magazines that advertised real estate. In 1982, after failing to establish a chain of stores, the company's founder Yasuhiro Fukushima transformed it into a software company devoted to gaming and created Enix. To find talent for the company, Fukushima held the "Enix Game Hobby Program Contest". The competition was styled after manga competitions, was advertised in computer and manga magazines, and had a ¥1 million prize for the winners. The winners were Kazuro Morita (森田和郎), Koichi Nakamura, and manga magazine Shōnen Jump editor Yuji Horii, who was the top winner. Horii designed a tennis game, Love Match Tennis, which became Enix's first release. While he did not believe he would win, he was motivated by his editor, who enjoyed the games and published Horii's articles on them. Later, when Enix began creating games for the NES, Fukushima held another contest. This time, Nakamura won with his "cartoonish and creative contest entry" Door Door, which became Enix's first release for the NES.[38]

Horii's earliest inspiration for Dragon Quest is his own 1983 PC visual novelThe Portopia Serial Murder Case[39] – a murder mystery adventure game that bears some similarities to games such as Mystery House, Zork, King's Quest, and particularly Déjà Vu.[38][40] Horii wanted to advance the game's storyline by using dialogue. Portopia was originally released for Japan's NEC PC-6001 and was later ported to the NES in 1985.[40] The port is Enix's second release for the system and the first game which Horii and Nakamura worked on together.[38] Horii redesigned the interface for the port to accommodate the console's limited controls,[40] and added a dungeon-crawling area which the detective explores.[38] While Portopia did not directly result in Dragon Quest's creation, it was, according to 1UP.com, "a proving ground" for the RPG. The menu-based command system of Portopia would later be used in Dragon Quest.[40]

At the time I first made Dragon Quest, computer and video game RPGs were still very much in the realm of hardcore fans and not very accessible to other players. So I decided to create a system that was easy to understand and emotionally involving, and then placed my story within that framework.

The original idea for Dragon Quest came during the development of the NES port of Portopia. Horii and Nakamura came across the RPG Wizardry at a Macworld Conference & Expo. While it had some influence on the NES Portopia's dungeon crawl segments, Horii liked the game's depth and visuals. He wanted to create a game similar to Wizardry, to expose the mainly Western-exclusive RPG genre to Japan and to expand the genre past computer enthusiasts.[38][40] Horii also cited Ultima as an inspiration for Dragon Quest's gameplay,[42][43] specifically the first-personrandom battles in Wizardry and the overhead perspective of Ultima.[1] While the RPG genre was predominantly Western and limited to PCs, Japanese gamers enjoyed home-grown games such as The Black Onyx and the Dragon Slayer series alongside Western RPG ports. However, while Horii and Nakamura enjoyed the dungeon crawling and statistical nature of Wizardry, they realized most people would not. This had not originally been a concern, but the success of Super Mario Bros. greatly increased the potential audience of any new Famicom/NES game. To create Dragon Quest, the gameplay needed to be simplified.[38] According to Horii: "There was no keyboard, and the system was much simpler, using just a [game] controller. But I still thought that it would be really exciting for the player to play as their alter ego in the game. I personally was playing Wizardry and Ultima at the time, and I really enjoyed seeing my own self in the game."[40]

In order to create an RPG that would appeal to a wide audience unfamiliar with the genre, and video games in general, Horii wanted to create a new kind of RPG that did not rely on previous experience with the Dungeons & Dragons tabletop RPG, did not require hundreds of hours of rote fighting, and could appeal to any kind of gamer. To accomplish this he needed to simplify the system and have players associate themselves with the hero.[38][41] Thus as the game progressed, the hero would become stronger, in contrast to games like Super Mario Bros. where the character Mario did not become progressively more powerful during the game.[38] He wanted to build on Portopia and place a greater emphasis on storytelling and emotional involvement. He developed a coming-of-age tale that audiences could relate to and made use of RPG level-building gameplay as a way to represent this.[39]

Japanese development[edit | edit source]

Horii believed that the Famicom was the ideal platform for Dragon Quest, because unlike arcade games, players would not worry about spending money if they got a game over, and they could continue playing from where they left off.[7] Whenever the player loses a battle, they would immediately be restored to a previous save point rather than the game ending and returned to the main menu, making the game more accessible.[40] He also wanted to include multiple player characters but was forced to use only one due to memory constraints. Horii knew that RPGs had a steeper learning curve than other video games of the time, and to compensate for this he implemented quick level-ups at the start of the game and gave players a clear final goal that is visible from the world map's starting point: the Dragonlord's castle. He also provided a series of smaller scenarios in order to build up the player's strength to achieve the final objective.[7] He created an open world which is not blocked physically in any way except by monsters that can easily kill unprepared players; Gamasutra described this as one of the earliest examples of nonlinear gameplay. Horii used bridges to signify changes in difficulty and implemented a level progression with a high starting growth rate that decelerates over time, which contrasted to the random initial stats and constant growth rates of the early editions of Dungeons & Dragons.[44] To make the game appeal to a larger audience, manga artist and creator of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama, was hired to produce the artwork.[38][45] As with Dragon Ball, Toriyama's artwork features characters "whose strength and cunning transcend generations", but also includes humorous elements such as a chibi style.[46]

Koichi Sugiyama, the game's music composer, sought Enix out. Sugiyama sent a PC game's feedback questionnaire to Enix. He was already a well-known television composer, and, upon seeing Sugiyama's feedback, Fukushima contacted him to confirm that "he was the Sugiyama from television."[38] Upon confirmation, Fukushima asked Sugiyama to compose a score for Dragon Quest.[38] The game's classical score was Sugiyama's second video game composition after Wingman 2.[47] Sugiyama said it took him five minutes to compose the original opening theme, and noted the difficulty in adding a personal touch to the short jingles, but that his past experience with creating music for television commercials helped. According to Sugiyama, the composer has between three and five seconds to catch the audience's attention through music. The theme and his other jingles for Dragon Quest have remained relatively intact in its sequels.[47]

1989 North American localization[edit | edit source]

Coverage of Dragon Quest's North American localization first appeared in Nintendo Fun Club News's winter 1988 issue – where the title changed to Dragon Warrior. The title was changed to avoid infringing on the trademark on wargame publisher Simulations Publications's pen-and-paper RPGDragonQuest.[43][48] The article about the game featured images from the game's Japanese version, Erdrick's original name ("Roto"), the Dragonlord's original name ("Dragon King"), and the original name of the game's starting location (Radatome Castle). It briefly explained the backstory and basic gameplay elements, comparing the game to The Legend of Zelda.[49] The game was later mentioned in Nintendo Power's "Pak Watch" preview section in March 1989, mentioning Dragon Quest III's Japanese release in the magazine's premiere July 1988 issue. It again mentioned the change of name from Dragon Quest to Dragon Warrior, its inspiration of two Japanese sequels, and that its release was still distant in time.[50]

Dragon Warrior was released in North America by Nintendo of America under the direction of Satoru Iwata with help from Horii in August 1989 – months before the Japanese release of Dragon Quest IV.[51][52] Because the game was released in North America nearly three years after the original release in Japan, the graphics were improved. Instead of lengthy passwords with kana characters, the North American version features a battery-backed RAM savegame.[1] Akira Toriyama's artwork in the instruction booklets was also changed to reflect more of a traditional tone as found in popular American based RPGs such as the Ultima series. The game's character sprites were changed so that they face their direction of travel; in the Japanese versions, the sprites are smaller and face only forwards, requiring players to choose a direction for actions from a menu. Spells were given self-explanatory one-word titles instead of the made-up words of the Japanese version. Locations were renamed, and dialogue was rewritten from its whimsical style comparable to Dragon Ball to a style inspired by Elizabethan English,[1][53] with sentences such as "Thy hit points have decreased by 1."[51] Nintendo also removed salacious humor and religious connotations from the English-language version.[51] For example, in the Japanese version, in the town where the hero first buys keys, a woman offers to sell puff-puff – a Japanese onomatopoeia for a girl rubbing her breasts in someone's face, or juggling her own breasts. In the North American version, the same woman sells tomatoes.[43] The term has been included in the game's sequels as well as in Toriyama's Dragon Ball series.[54]

Katsuya Terada created some of the artwork for the early Dragon Warrior articles in Nintendo Power. Neither Terada nor those editing the artwork for the instruction booklet followed Toriyama's work; they instead used the settings and character poses to create alternate artwork in an American style.[55] While the Japanese hero was drawn in a super deformed manga style, the English version's appearance is based on "the West's template of a medieval hero".[55]

In June 1989, Electronic Gaming Monthly's "Quartermann" speculated that Dragon Warrior would be Nintendo's "big release" in North America that Christmas. He based this on the series's immense popularity in Japan especially after Dragon Quest III's sales.[56]Nintendo Power provided three feature articles on Dragon Warrior for issues between May and October 1989[15][24][32] and the November–December 1989 issue includes a strategy guide.[57] The March–April 1990 issue of Nintendo Power has a map of the game world, with a poster of Super Contra on the other side, and also features a Dragon Warrior text adventure.[58]

In late 1990, Nintendo Power gave free copies of Dragon Warrior to subscribers,[40] including a 64-page "Explorer's Handbook" that has a full walkthrough of the game and additional backstory not mentioned in the original instruction booklet.[59] Nintendo was reportedly interested in getting rid of unsold copies of the game, so it gave them away to subscribers.[60] At the time, the game cost approximately US$50 at retail and the magazine's subscription fee was only US$20 ($Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[". and $Expression error: Unrecognized punctuation character "[". respectively, adjusted for inflation).[51] The giveaway attracted nearly 500,000 new magazine subscribers, and many more renewed their subscription just to get the game.[51][60][61] This ultimately led to the success of the series in the Western market.[60]

Re-releases and remakes[edit | edit source]

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Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe GoLive 5,7
Adobe GoLive CS2
Adobe Version Cue
Adobe Version Cue CS2
Adobe Photoshop Album 2.0
Adobe After Effects
Acesoft Tracks Eraser Pro
Acronis Disk Director
Acronis TrueImage Home
Acronis TrueImage Workstation
Acronis TrueImage Server
Acronis Partition Expert
Acronis Disk Backup
Adaptec Easy Autorun Creator
Adaptec Easy CD Creator 5.0
Adaptec Easy DVD Extractor
Adaptec Easy Lanceur
Adaptec Easy Media Cover
Adaptec Easy Password
Adaptec Wnspyc
Advanced Uninstaller Pro 2004
AltrixSoft Hard Drive Inspector
AltrixSoft Hard Drive
Inspector for Notebooks
AltrixSoft Chronograph Atomic Clock
Autodesk 3ds Max 10
Autodesk 3ds Max 11
Autodesk 3ds Max 12
Autodesk 3ds Max 7
Autodesk 3ds Max 8
Autodesk 3ds Max 9
Autodesk 3ds Max X3
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2005
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2006
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2007
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2008
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2009
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2010
Autodesk Architectural
Desktop 2011
Autodesk AutoCAD 2000
Autodesk AutoCAD 2002
Autodesk AutoCAD 2004
Autodesk AutoCAD 2005
Autodesk AutoCAD 2006
Autodesk AutoCAD 2007
Autodesk AutoCAD 2008
Autodesk AutoCAD 2009
Autodesk AutoCAD 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD 2011
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2005
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2006
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2007
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2008
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2009
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD Electrical 2011
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2000
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2002
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2002i
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2004
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2005
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2006
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2007
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2008
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2009
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 2011
Autodesk AutoCAD LT 98
Autodesk AutoCAD
Mechanical 2000i
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2005
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2006
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2007
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2008
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2009
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2010
Autodesk AutoCAD Mechanical 2011
Autodesk Building Systems 2005
Autodesk Building Systems 2006
Autodesk Building Systems 2007
Autodesk Building Systems 2008
Autodesk Building Systems 2009
Autodesk Building Systems 2010
Autodesk Building Systems 2011
Autodesk Civil 3D - Land
Desktop Companion 2006
Autodesk Civil 3D - Land
Desktop Companion 2007
Autodesk Civil 3D - Land
Desktop Companion 2008
Autodesk Civil 3D - Land
Desktop Companion 2009
Autodesk Civil 3D - Land
Desktop Companion 2010
Autodesk Civil 3D - Land
Desktop Companion 2011
Autodesk Civil 3D 2006
Autodesk Civil 3D 2007
Autodesk Civil 3D 2008
Autodesk Civil 3D 2009
Autodesk Civil 3D 2010
Autodesk Civil 3D 2011
Autodesk Civil Design 2005
Autodesk Inventor
Autodesk Inventor 10
Autodesk Inventor 11
Autodesk Inventor 12
Autodesk Inventor 13
Autodesk Inventor 14
Autodesk Inventor 15
Autodesk Inventor 2009
Autodesk Inventor 9
Autodesk Inventor Professional 11
Autodesk Inventor Professional
11 - for Routed Systems
Autodesk Map 3D 2006
Autodesk Map 3D 2007
Autodesk Map 3D 2008
Autodesk Map 3D 2009
Autodesk Map 3D 2010
Autodesk Map 3D 2011
Autodesk QuickCAD 7.0
Autodesk Raster Design 2007
Autodesk Survey 2005
Autodesk Survey 2006
Autodesk Survey 2007
Autodesk Survey 2008
Autodesk Survey 2009
Autodesk Survey 2010
Autodesk Survey 2011
Autodesk Utility Design 2005
Autodesk Utility Design 2006
Autodesk Utility Design 2007
Autodesk Utility Design 2008
Autodesk Utility Design 2009
Autodesk Utility Design 2010
Autodesk Utility Design 2011
Autodesk VIZ 2005
Autodesk VIZ 2006
Autodesk VIZ 2007
Autodesk VIZ 2008
Autodesk VIZ 2009
Autodesk VIZ 2010
Autodesk VIZ 2011
Autodesk Volo View 2002
Autoplay Menu Builder
ACD Systems ACDSee 10
Photo Manager
ACD Systems ACDSee 3,5,6,7
ACD Systems ACDSee 8.0
ACD Systems ACDSee 8.0 Pro
ACD Systems ACDSee 9
ACD Systems ACDSee FotoAngelo
ACD Systems ACDSee FotoVac
ACD Systems ACDSee ImageFox
ACD Systems ACDSee
Photo Editor 2008
ACD Systems ACDSee
Photo Manager 2009
ACD Systems ACDSee
Photo Manager 2010
ACD Systems ACDSee
Photo Manager 2011
ACD Systems ACDSee
Pro Photo Manager 2
ACD Systems ACDSee
Pro Photo Manager 2.5
ACD Systems ACDSee
Pro Photo Manager 3
ACD Systems ACDSee
Pro Photo Manager 4
ACD Systems FotoCanvas
ACD Systems FotoSlate
ACD Systems PicAView
ACDSee Photo Manager
ACDSee FotoAngelo
ACDSee FotoCanvas
ACDSee FotoVac
ACDSee ImageFox
ACDSee PicaView
Acala DVD 3gp Ripper
Acala DVD Creator
Activision Call of Duty
Activision Call of Duty 2
ActiveXperts Network Monitor
Aha-Soft AhaView
Aha-Soft Any to Icon
Aha-Soft ArtCursors
Aha-Soft ArtIcons
Aha-Soft ArtIcons
Aha-Soft ArtIcons Pro
Aha-Soft Icon to Any
Aha-Soft IconLover
Aha-Soft IconXP
Ahead InCD
Ahead Nero 10 DTS Plug-in
Ahead Nero 10 mp3PRO Plug-in
Ahead Nero 6 Dolby
Digital (5.1) Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 Dolby
Digital Encoding Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 DVD-Video Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 Fast
CD-Burning Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 HE-AAC Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 mp3PRO Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 MPEG2/DVD Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 MPEG2/SVCD Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 Multichannel Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 Nero
Digital Universal Plugin
Ahead Nero 6 PowerPack
Lame MP3 Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 Advanced
Audio Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 BlueRay &
HD-DVD Playback Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 DVD-Video
Multichannel Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 DVD-Video Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 MP3 Pro Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 mp3PRO Plugin
Ahead Nero 7 Multichannel Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 BD_TEST Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 BlueRay &
HD-DVD Video Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 BlueRay DVD Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 DVD-Video
Multi-Channel Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 HD-DVD Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 Lame MP3
Encoder Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 LLS Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 Media Bundle
Ahead Nero 8 Media Markt Edition
Ahead Nero 8 Move-It
Ahead Nero 8 mp3 PRO Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 Nero LiquidTV Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 Plugin
Ahead Nero 8 SecurDiscViewer
Ahead Nero 8 Test Plugin
Ahead Nero BackItUp
Ahead Nero Burning Rom 10
Ahead Nero Burning Rom 5
Ahead Nero Burning Rom 6
Ahead Nero Burning Rom 7
Ahead Nero Burning Rom 8
Ahead Nero Burning Rom 9
Ahead Nero Fast CD-Burning Plug-in
Ahead Nero Media Player
Ahead Nero Multimedia Suite 10
Ahead Nero Vision
Alcohol 120%
AllNetic WorkingTimeTracker
Acon Digital Media
LoopWorx Hip Hop
Acon Digital Media Powerbundle
Acon Digital Media AudioLava
Acon Digital Media EffectChainer
Acon Digital Media
Studio Necessities
Acoolsoft PPT2Video Converter
ABF Audio Tags Editor
ABF CD Blaster
ABF Magnifying Tools
ABF OE Backup
ABF Outlook Backup
ABF Password Recovery
ABF Photo Camera
ABF Screen Saver
ABF Slide Show
ABF Value Converter
ABF Wallpaper Changer
AlgoLab Raster to Vector
Conversion Toolkit
Altiris Software Virtualization Agent
Amabilis 3D Canvas
Amabilis 3D Canvas Plus
Amabilis 3D Canvas Pro
Amadis Software Amadis DVD Ripper,
Amadis Audio Ripper,
Amadis 3GP Video Converter
Video Converter
Amadis DVD Audio Ripper
Amadis DVD Ripper
Amadis DVD to 3GP Converter
Amadis DVD to iPod Converter
Amadis DVD to
iPod/PSP/3GP/MP4/AVI Converter
Amadis DVD to PSP Converter
Amadis iPod Video Converter
Amadis PSP Video Converter
Amadis Video to DVD Creator
Amadis Video to FLV Converter
Apex Pacific SEO Suite
Atari Games
Araxis Merge
Arsenal Socrat Translator
Arcsoft Panorama Maker,
Video Downloader
Ariolic ActiveSMART
Articulate Presenter, Quizmaker,
Engage, Video Encoder
Arts & Letters Express Office
Ashamopp WinOptimizer, Ashampoo
Internet Accelerator, Ashampoo
uninstaller Suite, Ashampoo
Burning Studio
Ashampoo AntiSpyWare
Ashampoo AntiSpyWare 2
Ashampoo Antivirus
Ashampoo AudioCD MP3 Studio
Ashampoo Burning Studio 10
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2008
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2009
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2010
Ashampoo Burning Studio 2011
Ashampoo Burning Studio 5
Ashampoo Burning Studio 6
Ashampoo Burning Studio 7
Ashampoo Burning Studio 8
Ashampoo Burning Studio 9
Ashampoo Core Tuner
Ashampoo Cover Studio
Ashampoo Cover Studio 2
Ashampoo FireWall
Ashampoo Internet Accelerator 2
Ashampoo Magical Defrag 2
Ashampoo Magical Defrag 3
Ashampoo Magical Defrag 4
Ashampoo Magical Snap 2
Ashampoo Magical Snap 3
Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 2
Ashampoo Movie Shrink & Burn 3
Ashampoo Photo Commander 3
Ashampoo Photo Commander 5
Ashampoo Photo Commander 6
Ashampoo Photo Commander 7
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer
Ashampoo Photo Optimizer 3
Ashampoo PowerUP 2009
Ashampoo PowerUP 2010
Ashampoo PowerUP 2011
Ashampoo PowerUP XP Platinum
Ashampoo Startup Tuner 2
Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum
Ashampoo UnInstaller Platinum 2
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2009
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2010
Ashampoo WinOptimizer
2010 Advanced
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 2011
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 4
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 5
Ashampoo WinOptimizer 6
Ashampoo WinOptimizer Platinum 3
Ashampoo WinOptimizer
Platinum Suite
Ashampoo WinOptimizer
Platinum Suite 2
Ashampoo WinShampoo
Axailis Icon Workshop
Advanced Direct Remailer
Agnitum Outpost Firewall
Agent Ransack
Avanquest Fix-It and
Motorola Phone Tools
Avnex AV Voice
Changer Diamond 4.0
Avnex AV Voice
Changer Diamond 5.0
Avnex AV Voice Changer Gold 4.0
Avnex AV Voice Changer Gold 6.0
Avnex Back2Life 2.2
Avnex Back2Life 2.4
Avnex Back2Life 2.6
Avnex Back2Life for TC 2.1
Avnex Back2Life for TC 2.3
Avnex Back2Life for TC 2.6
Avery DesignPro
Axialis IconWorkshop
Axialis CursorWorkshop
Axialis Screen Saver Producer
Axailis Professional
Screen Saver Producer
AxySoft AirXonix
AxySoft Alonix
AxySoft AxySnake
AxySoft Azangara
AxySoft Chroma Crash!
AxySoft Chroma-Ways
AxySoft MoneyMania
AxySoft SkyMaze
Backup Platinum
Bandwidth Monitor
BarnStormer Software
Directory Catalog
Bomers Restorator 2004
Bomers Restorator 2005
Bomers Restorator 2006
Bomers Restorator 2007
Bomers Restorator 2008
Bomers Restorator 2009
Borland C++ Builder 6
Borland C++ Builder 7
Borland Delphi 5
Borland Delphi 6
Borland Delphi 7
Borland Delphi 8
Bohemia Studio Armed Assault
Benthic Golden32, BenthicSQALL,
PLEdit, Goldview
Beyond TV
Beyond Media
Belarc Advisor
BioVirtual 3DMeNow
BitComet Acceleration Patch
Blazing Tools Instant Source
Blazing Tools Perfect Keylogger
Blazing Tools Keylogger Detector
Blazing Tools Personal Antispy
Blazing Tools Smart
Type Assistant
Block Website Buddy
Blue Coat Systems
Blue Sky Software
( eHelp ) Robo Help 5
Blue Sky Software
( eHelp ) Robo Help 6
Blue Sky Software
( eHelp ) Robo Help 7
Blue Sky Software
( eHelp ) Robo Help 8
Blue Sky Software
( eHelp ) Robo Help 9
BitComet Acceleration Patch
Business Objects Crystal Reports
Call of Duty 2
Cerious Software ThumbsPlus
CAStudio DVD Audio Extractor
support AVConverter iPod
Converter, iPhone Converter,
Mobile Ringtone Converter,
MP3 Converter, Video Converter
Century Software
Check It Utilities
Company of Heroes
Codec Tweak Tool
Command and Conquer
Red Alert 2
Command and Conquer
Tiberian Sun
Companion Software
Metafile Companion
Convert X To DVD
Corel Designer
Corel Draw
Corel DRAW 10
Corel DRAW 11
Corel DRAW 12
Corel DRAW 7
Corel DRAW 8
Corel DRAW 9
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X3
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X4
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X5
Corel DRAW Graphics Suite X6
Corel DRAW X3
Corel DRAW X4
Corel DRAW X5
Corel DRAW X6
Corel Paint Shop Pro 10
Corel Paint Shop Pro 11
Corel Paint Shop Pro 12
Corel Paint Shop Pro 13
Corel Paint Shop Pro 6
Corel Paint Shop Pro 7
Corel Paint Shop Pro 8
Corel Paint Shop Pro 9
Corel Paint Shop Pro X
Corel Paint Shop Pro X3
Corel Paint Shop Pro XI
Corel Paint Shop Pro XII
Corel Painter 6
Corel Painter 7
Corel Painter Essentials 1
Corel Painter Essentials 2
Corel Painter Essentials 3
Corel Painter IX
Corel Painter X
Corel Painter XI
Corel PrintHouse 1.0
Corel Quattro Pro
Corel Ventura
Corel WordPerfect Office 2002
Corel WordPerfect Office 8
Corel WordPerfect Office 9
Corel WordPerfect Office X1
Corel WordPerfect Office X2
Corel WordPerfect Office X3
Corel WordPerfect Office X4
CoreCodec CoreAVC Pro
CFi ShellToys
Clean Disk Security
Creative Softworx
Capture Professional
Crystal Reports
Crytek FarCry
Cucusoft DVD to Zune Converter
Cucusoft iPod-Converter
Cucusoft Video Converter Suite
CitySoftware products
Cyberlink CDS
Cyberlink DVD Solution
Cyberlink LabelPrint
Cyberlink PCM4Everio
Cyberlink Power2Go
Cyberlink PowerBar
Cyberlink PowerDirector 6
Cyberlink PowerDirector Express 5.0
Cyberlink PowerDVD
Cyberlink PowerDVD 5.0
Cyberlink PowerDVD DX
Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra
Cyberlink PowerProducer 3.0
Cyberlink PowerProducer
3.0 UniPlayer
Cyberlink PowerProducer Player
Cyberlink PowerStarter
Cyberlink QuickPlay MyMovie
CyberSpace HQ AddWeb
DataNumen Advanced Zip Repair
DaVinci Technologies AirplanePDQ
Dean Software Techfacts
DeLorme BlueLogger and SA 2009
Diffraction Limited MaxDSLR 2
Diffraction Limited MaxDSLR 3
Diffraction Limited MaxDSLR 4
Diffraction Limited MaxDSLR 5
Destineer FirstToFigh
Digital Minds Software
Future City 3D Screensaver
Digital Minds Earth 3D
Space Survey Screensaver
Digital Minds 3D Canyon
Flight Screensaver
Digital Minds Alchemy3D
Digital Minds Aqua 3D Screensaver
Digital Minds ElectriCalm
3D Screensaver
Digital Minds Software
SeaStorm 3D Screensaver
Digital Minds Software
WireWorld 3D Screensaver
Dart PowerTCP FTP Objects for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Mail for .NET
Dart PowerTCP PowerSNMP
for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Secure FTP for .NET
Dart PowerTCP SSL
Sockets for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Secure Mail for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Telnet for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Zip
Compression for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Sockets for .NET
Dart PowerTCP Emulation
for .NET for .NET
DVD Profiler
DVDFab Platinum
Dell Service Tag
DVD Profiler
DFX plugin
Dawn of War - Dark Crusade
Distinct Visual Internet Toolkit
Doblon PowerKaraoke
EO Video
ElcomSoft products
ElcomSoft Office password
recovery ( OPR )
ElcomSoft Advanced Access
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced
ACT! Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Archive
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced ART
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Disk Catalog
ElcomSoft Advanced
eBook Inscriber
ElcomSoft Advanced
eBook Processor
ElcomSoft Advanced
EFS Data Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced IE
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced IM
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Intuit
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Lotus
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Mailbox
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Office
2000 Password Recovery Pro
ElcomSoft Advanced Office
97 Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced
Office Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Office
Password Breaker
ElcomSoft Advanced Office
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Office
XP Password Recovery Pro
ElcomSoft Advanced Outlook
Express Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Outlook
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced PDF
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced PDF
Password Recovery Pro
ElcomSoft Advanced PDF
Password Recovery Pro
ElcomSoft Advanced RAR
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced SQL
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced VBA
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Windows
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced Wireless
Security Auditor
ElcomSoft Advanced WordPerfect
Office Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Advanced ZIP
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Distributed
Password Recovery
ElcomSoft Proactive
Password Auditor
ElcomSoft Proactive
Windows Security Explorer
Electronic Arts ( EA ) Games
Electronic Arts 1503
AD A New World
Electronic Arts 1503 AD
Treasures, Monsters and Pirates
Electronic Arts 2002 FIFA World Cup
Electronic Arts 2006 FIFA World Cup
Electronic Arts 2010 FIFA World Cup
Electronic Arts Adventure
Pinball Forgotten Island
Electronic Arts American
McGees Alice
Electronic Arts APB
Electronic Arts Armies of Exigo
Electronic Arts Battlefield
Electronic Arts Battlefield 1942
Electronic Arts Battlefield
1942 Secret Weapons Of WWII
Electronic Arts Battlefield
1942 The Road To Rome
Electronic Arts Battlefield 2
Electronic Arts Battlefield
2 Armored Fury
Electronic Arts Battlefield
2 Euro Force
Electronic Arts Battlefield
2 Special Forces
Electronic Arts Battlefield 2142
Electronic Arts Battlefield
2142 Northern Strike Booster
Electronic Arts Battlefield
2142 Northern Strike Booster Pack
Electronic Arts Battlefield
Bad Company 2
Electronic Arts Battlefield
Bad Company 2 (beta)
Electronic Arts Battlefield Heroes
Electronic Arts Battlefield Vietnam
Electronic Arts BattleForge
Electronic Arts Black and
White 2: Battle of the Gods
Electronic Arts Black and
White: Creature Isle
Electronic Arts Boulder Dash Rocks
Electronic Arts Bulletstorm
Electronic Arts Burnout Paradise
Electronic Arts Burnout
Paradise: The Ultimate Box
Electronic Arts Catwoman
Electronic Arts Championship Bass
Electronic Arts Clive
Barkers Undying
Electronic Arts Command
and Conquer 3
Electronic Arts Command
and Conquer 3: Kanes Wrath
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer 4: Tiberian Twilight
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer Generals
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer Generals: Zero Hour
Electronic Arts Command
and Conquer: Deluxe
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer: Red Alert 3
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer: Red Alert 3 (beta)
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer: Red Alert 3: Uprising
Electronic Arts Command and
Conquer: The First Decade
Electronic Arts Cricket 2002
Electronic Arts Cricket 2004
Electronic Arts Cricket 2005
Electronic Arts Cricket 2007
Electronic Arts Cricket 2009
Electronic Arts Crysis
Electronic Arts Crysis 2
Electronic Arts Crysis Warhead
Electronic Arts Dead Space
Electronic Arts Dead Space 2
Electronic Arts Der Herr der Ringe:
Die Schlacht um Mittelerde II
Electronic Arts Die Sims 2
H&M Fashion-Accessoires
Electronic Arts Dragon Age
Electronic Arts Dragon Age: Origins
Electronic Arts Dragon Age:
Origins: Awakening
Electronic Arts Drome Racers
Electronic Arts F1 2000
Electronic Arts F1 2001
Electronic Arts F1 2002
Electronic Arts F1 Challenge 99-02
Electronic Arts F1
Championship 2000
Electronic Arts FA Premier
League Manager 2002
Electronic Arts Face Breaker
Electronic Arts FIFA 10
Electronic Arts FIFA 11
Electronic Arts FIFA 12
Electronic Arts FIFA 2001
Electronic Arts FIFA 2002
Electronic Arts FIFA 2003
Electronic Arts FIFA 2004
Electronic Arts FIFA 2005
Electronic Arts FIFA 2006
Electronic Arts FIFA 2007
Electronic Arts FIFA 2008
Electronic Arts FIFA 2009
Electronic Arts FIFA
2009 Ultimate Team

Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 06
Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 07
Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 08
Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 09
Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 10
Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 11
Electronic Arts FIFA Manager 12
Electronic Arts FIFA Street
Electronic Arts FIFA Street 2
Electronic Arts FIFA Street 3
Electronic Arts Football Mania
Electronic Arts Freedom Fighters
Electronic Arts Freedom Force
Electronic Arts Fussball Manager 06
Electronic Arts Global Operations
Electronic Arts Harry Potter and
the Chamber of Secrets
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
and the Deathly Hallows
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
and the Goblet of Fire
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
and the Half-Blood Prince
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
and the Order of the Phoenix
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
and the Sorcerers Stone
Electronic Arts Harry Potter
Quidditch World Cup
Electronic Arts Hellgate: London
Electronic Arts Island Xtreme Stunts
Electronic Arts James
Bond 007 Nightfire
Electronic Arts Left 4 Dead
Electronic Arts Left 4 Dead 2
Electronic Arts Littlest Pet Shop
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2002
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2003
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2004
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2005
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2006
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2007
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2008
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2009
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2010
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2011
Electronic Arts Madden NFL 2012
Electronic Arts Mass Effect
Electronic Arts Mass Effect 2
Electronic Arts Mass Effect:
Pinnacle Station
Electronic Arts Medal of Honor
Electronic Arts Medal of
Honor: Airborne
Electronic Arts Medal Of
Honor: Allied Assault
Electronic Arts Medal Of Honor:
Allied Assault: Breakthrough
Electronic Arts Medal Of Honor:
Allied Assault: Spearhead
Electronic Arts Medal Of
Honor: Pacific Assault
Electronic Arts Mercenaries
Electronic Arts Mirrors Edge
Electronic Arts MVP Baseball 2003
Electronic Arts MVP Baseball 2004
Electronic Arts MVP Baseball 2005
Electronic Arts MySims
Electronic Arts NASCAR 09
Electronic Arts Nascar Racing 2002
Electronic Arts Nascar Racing 2003
Electronic Arts NASCAR SimRacing
Electronic Arts NASCAR
Thunder 2003
Electronic Arts NASCAR
Thunder 2004
Electronic Arts NBA 2003
Electronic Arts NBA 2004
Electronic Arts NBA 2006
Electronic Arts NBA 2007
Electronic Arts NBA Live 08
Electronic Arts NBA Live 09
Electronic Arts NBA Live 10
Electronic Arts NBA Live 11
Electronic Arts NBA Live 12
Electronic Arts NBA Live 2001
Electronic Arts NBA Live 2002
Electronic Arts NBA Live 2005
Electronic Arts NCAA Basketball 09
Electronic Arts NCAA Football 09
Electronic Arts Need For
Speed Carbon
Electronic Arts Need For
Speed Hot Pursuit
Electronic Arts Need For
Speed Hot Pursuit 2
Electronic Arts Need For
Speed Most Wanted
Electronic Arts Need for
Speed Porsche Unleashed
Electronic Arts Need for
Speed ProStreet
Electronic Arts Need for Speed Shift
Electronic Arts Need for
Speed Undercover
Electronic Arts Need For
Speed Underground
Electronic Arts Need For
Speed Underground 2
Electronic Arts Need for
Speed World
Electronic Arts Need for
Speed World Online
Electronic Arts NFL Head Coach
Electronic Arts NFL Head Coach 09
Electronic Arts NFL Tour
Electronic Arts NHL 07
Electronic Arts NHL 08
Electronic Arts NHL 09
Electronic Arts NHL 10
Electronic Arts NHL 11
Electronic Arts NHL 12
Electronic Arts NHL 2001
Electronic Arts NHL 2002
Electronic Arts NHL 2003
Electronic Arts NHL 2004
Electronic Arts NHL 2005
Electronic Arts NHL 2006
Electronic Arts Rail Simulator
Electronic Arts Rugby 06
Electronic Arts Rugby 08
Electronic Arts Rugby 09
Electronic Arts Rugby 2004
Electronic Arts Rugby 2005
Electronic Arts Shogun: Total War
Electronic Arts Shogun: Total
War: Mongol Invasion
Electronic Arts Shogun: Total
War: Warlord Edition
Electronic Arts Sid Meiers SimGolf
Electronic Arts Sim City 4
Electronic Arts Sim City 4 Deluxe
Electronic Arts SimCity 3000
Electronic Arts SimCity
3000 Unlimite
Electronic Arts SimCity 4: Rush Hour
Electronic Arts SimCity Societies
Electronic Arts SimCity
Societies: Destinationsd
Electronic Arts SimCoaster
Electronic Arts Sims 2
Electronic Arts Spore
Electronic Arts Spore BP1
Electronic Arts Spore
Creature Creator
Electronic Arts Spore
Creepy & Cute Parts Pack
Electronic Arts Spore EP1
Electronic Arts Spore
Galactic Adventures
Electronic Arts Sub Command
Electronic Arts Superbikes 2001
Electronic Arts The Battle
for Middle-earth
Electronic Arts The Battle
for Middle-earth II
Electronic Arts The Godfather
Electronic Arts The Godfather II
Electronic Arts The
Lord of the Rings: Conquest
Electronic Arts The Lord of the
Rings: The Battle for Middle Eart
Electronic Arts The Lord of the
Rings: The Battle for Middle
Earth IIh
Electronic Arts The Lord of
the Rings: The Battle for
Middle Earth II (beta)
Electronic Arts The Lord
of the Rings: The Return
of the King
Electronic Arts The Lord of the
Rings: The Rise of the Witch King
Electronic Arts The Orange Box
Electronic Arts The Saboteur
Electronic Arts The Sims
Electronic Arts The Sims 2
Electronic Arts The
Sims 2 Apartment Life
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 Best of Business
Electronic Arts The
Sims 2 Bon Voyage
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 Celebration Stuff
Electronic Arts The
Sims 2 Christmas Party
Electronic Arts The
Sims 2 Double Deluxe
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 Family Fun Stuff
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 Festive Edition
Electronic Arts The Sims 2 FreeTime
Electronic Arts The Sims 2
Fun With Pets Collection
Electronic Arts The Sims 2
Glamour Life Stuff
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 H&M Fashion Stuff
Electronic Arts The
Sims 2 Holiday Stuff
Electronic Arts The
Sims 2 IKEA Home Stuff
Electronic Arts The Sims 2
Kitchen & Bath Interior Design Stuff
Electronic Arts The Sims 2
Mansion & Garden Stuff
Electronic Arts The Sims 2 Nightlife
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 Open For Business
Electronic Arts The Sims 2 Pets
Electronic Arts The Sims 2 Seasons
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 Teen Style Stu
Electronic Arts The Sims
2 University Life Collectionff
Electronic Arts The Sims 3
Electronic Arts The Sims 3 Ambitions
Electronic Arts The Sims
3 High-End Loft Stuff
Electronic Arts The Sims
3 Hollywood
Electronic Arts The
Sims 3 World Adventures
Electronic Arts The Sims 8 in 1
Electronic Arts The Sims
Carnival BumperBlas
Electronic Arts The Sims
Carnival SnapCityt
Electronic Arts The Sims
Castaway Stories
Electronic Arts The Sims Deluxe
Electronic Arts The Sims
Deluxe Edition
Electronic Arts The Sims Hot Date
Electronic Arts The
Sims House Party
Electronic Arts The Sims Life Stories
Electronic Arts The Sims Livin' Large
Electronic Arts The Sims
Makin Magic
Electronic Arts The Sims Nightlife
Electronic Arts The Sims On Holiday
Electronic Arts The Sims Online
Electronic Arts The Sims Pet Stories
Electronic Arts The Sims Superstar
Electronic Arts The Sims University
Electronic Arts The Sims Unleashed
Electronic Arts The Sims Vacation
Electronic Arts Theme Park Inc
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 06
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 07
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 08
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 09
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 10
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 11
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 2001
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 2002
Electronic Arts Tiger
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 20042003
Electronic Arts Tiger
Woods PGA TOUR 2005
Electronic Arts Total
Club Manager 2002
Electronic Arts Total
Club Manager 2003
Electronic Arts Total
Club Manager 2004
Electronic Arts Total
Club Manager 2005
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Dragon Quest 11 Product Key Archives


Enix Corporation (株式会社エニックス, Kabushiki-gaisha Enikkusu) was a Japanesevideo game publisher that produced video games, anime and manga. Enix is known for publishing the Dragon Quest series of role-playing video games.

The company was founded by Yasuhiro Fukushima on September 22, 1975, as Eidansha Boshu Service Center (株式会社営団社募集サービスセンター, Kabushiki Gaisha Eidansha Boshū Sābisu Sentā).[3] The name "Enix" is a play on the words "phoenix", a mythical bird that is reborn from its own ashes, and "ENIAC", the world's first digital computer.[4]

The company merged with rival Square in 2003 to form Square Enix.[5][6]


Enix was founded on September 22, 1975 as Eidansha Boshu Service Center by Japanese architect-turned-entrepreneurYasuhiro Fukushima.[3][7] The company initially published tabloids that advertised real estate.[8]

On February 5, 1980, Eidansha Boshu Service created a wholly owned subsidiary Eidansya Fudousan for the purpose of specializing in real estate trading and brokerage.[9][10] Eidansya Fudousan took the name Eidansha Systems on August 18. 1981.[9][10] The following year, on August 30, 1982, Eidansha Systems was renamed Enix Corporation.[9][10][3]

After a failed attempt of Eidansha Boshu Service to go nationwide in 1982, its newly established Enix subsidiary began a foray into the gaming market by holding a personal computer game programming contest.[11] One of the winners was Love Match Tennis, created by Yuji Horii. It would go to become one of the company's first PC releases.[12] Another winner was the puzzle game Door Door by Koichi Nakamura, which would become one of the company's better known home computer titles. The game was subsequently ported to the NintendoFamily Computer, but never saw any form of release outside Japan. Nakamura would stay on board as one Enix's key programmers.[11]

Over the next few years, Enix published several video games for various Japanese home computer systems. Rather than developing games within its own company, Enix would continue to outsource the production of its games to other developers through the use of royalties.[11] Enix is perhaps most famous for publishing the Dragon Quest series of console games (released as Dragon Warrior in North America until 2005) developed by Chunsoft. Key members of the developer's staff consisted of director Koichi Nakamura, writer Yuuji Horii, artist Akira Toriyama, and composer Koichi Sugiyama, among others. The first game in the Famicom-based RPG series was released in 1986, and would eventually sell 1.5 million copies in Japan, establishing Dragon Quest as the company's most profitable franchise.[12][13]

On April 1, 1989, the original Enix Corporation along with two sister companies (Konika Enix and Enix Products) were unified and merged into their parent Eidansha Boshu Service who then renamed itself Enix Corporation.[9][10][3]

In 1991, Enix registered its stock with the Japan Securities Dealers Association, later known as JASDAQ.[3] Enix soon began publishing manga from its shonen magazine Monthly Shōnen Gangan. The company established ties with more video game developers and would go on to publish several games for fourth, fifth, and sixth generation game consoles. Despite the announcement that Enix's long-time competitor Square Co., Ltd. would develop exclusively for SonyPlayStation, Enix announced in January 1997 that it would release games for both Nintendo and Sony consoles.[14] This caused a significant rise in stock for both Enix and Sony.[15] By November 1999, Enix was listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange's 1st section, indicating it as a "large company."[3][16]

Merger with Square[edit]

In June 2001, Enix expressed interest in partnering with both Square and Namco in online ventures to deal with mounting development costs.[17] That same month, Enix invested in the company Game Arts, acquiring ¥99.2 million worth of stock shares in order to publish the latter's Grandia series.[18] Despite Enix's marketing of Dragon Quest VII in 1999, the game was delayed numerous times and not released until 2000. As a result, the game didn't (as had been expected) contribute to the fiscal year 1999, cutting the company's previous profit-to-sales ratio in half and causing its stock value to drop by 40% in early 2000.[11][19] Enix was further hurt by a delay of Dragon Quest Monsters 2 in Japan in 2001, dropping its first-half 2001 fiscal year profit by 89.71%.[20]

Enix's competitor Square also suffered financially in 2001, mainly from the box office failure of its feature film Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within. This made Enix hesitant to join with the company.[21] However, it was announced on November 26, 2002 that the two companies would merge the following year in order to mutually decrease development costs and to compete with foreign developers.[22] The merge was delayed until April 1, 2003, when the new merged entity Square Enix came into being, with Enix as the surviving company.[5][6] On October 1, 2008, Square Enix (the former Enix Corporation) renamed itself Square Enix Holdings and became a pure holding company. On that same date, a new video game company called Square Enix was created as a subsidiary of Square Enix Holdings.[23][24][25]



Digital Entertainment Academy Co., Ltd. was established as a partially owned subsidiary in 1991.[3] Originally called Toshima Ku Hokkaido University, the school was founded to teach game development. As of April 2008, it is funded by 20 gaming corporations, including Square Enix.[26]

Square Enix Webstar Network Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. was a company formed between Enix and Mauritius Webstar Inc. in 2001 to develop online and mobile phone games in China and, later, other parts of Asia. One of the products includes the MMORPG Cross Gate. The subsidiary was carried over after the merger between Square and Enix, but was dissolved in 2005 after the establishment of Square Enix China.[27]

North America[edit]

Enix America Corporation was the corporation's first American localization subsidiary based in Redmond, Washington.[28] It was organized after the release of Dragon Warrior by Nintendo of America in 1989. The subsidiary came into existence in 1990, but closed in November 1995 when the parent company decided to no longer release products in North America[29] due to poor sales.[30] One of the games they published, King Arthur & the Knights of Justice, was Enix's first and only North America exclusive game.[31]

Enix America, Inc., Enix's last American localization subsidiary, was organized in 1999 after the release of Dragon Warrior Monsters through a joint venture with Eidos.[32] Paul Handelman, who was part of Enix America Corporation's staff, returned to lead Enix America, Inc. as president. The corporation was in existence until 2003, ceasing to exist after the merger with Square Co., Ltd.[33] It was based in Seattle, Washington.[34]


Video games[edit]

From 1983 to 1993, Enix published games for Japanese home computers including the NEC PC-8801, MSX, Sharp X68000, and FM-7. Beginning on the Famicom, Enix published the very successful Dragon Quest series, which, after the formation of Square Enix, had already sold over 78 million copies worldwide.[35] Although the first few titles were developed by Chunsoft, other companies would also develop main installments, spin-offs, and remakes for the series including Heartbeat, ArtePiazza, TOSE, and Level-5. The Dragon Quest franchise would carry over as one of Square Enix's most important assets. Other notable franchises published by Enix include the acclaimed Star Ocean and Valkyrie Profile series by tri-Ace, both of which would also continue with Square Enix. The company Quintet developed several role-playing games for Enix such as ActRaiser, Robotrek, Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia, and Terranigma for the Super NES.

Manga and toys[edit]

Enix began publishing manga in 1991 in its own Gangan Comics publications, which originally consisted of Monthly Shōnen Gangan, Monthly Gangan Wing, and Monthly GFantasy.

Other products[edit]

In November 2000, Enix set up a subsidiary titled BMF in Kawasaki, Kanagawa Prefecture to handle a fingerprint identification systems operation. Enix took a 68% stake in 200 million yen capitalization. The subsidiary was expected to post a pretax profit of 12 million yen on sales of 135 million yen in the first five months of operation.[36] In September 2002, Enix entered a joint venture with Waseda University to distribute broadband sports content. The subsidiary, Sports BB, was owned 80% by Enix and 20% by the college.[37]


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