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CorelCAD 2020

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"Seems like an expensive rehash of free CAD software"

"Seems like an expensive rehash of free CAD software"

hcn2011 May 10, 2011  /  Version: CorelCAD 11.4.209

2011-05-10 10:22:24  |  By hcn2011


No sure of any after trying the demo.


There are free CAD software that appear to have similar functionality.

For example, there is a program called DraftSight that has been available for free ( ). The CorelCAD interface looks very much the same as it!


I fail to see the originality of CorelCAD nor its price justification considering that there are free alternatives with sufficient functionality. I did not notice any significant contributions to my workflow with CorelCAD.

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Reply by gmetrail on May 11, 2011

There are many differences between the free solutions available and CorelCAD, such as automation (including LISP support), 3D solid modelling and export capability to CorelDRAW for example. - Gerard @ Corel.

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, CorelCAD Torrent Archives

CAD software

The cost-effective alternative to industry-standard CAD features

With a robust set of design tools built into CorelCAD 2020, it’s easy to achieve expert results with this industry-leading CAD software.


Produce professional projects in no time with industry-leading design resources and features.

  • NEW! Layer group filters

    Group all the referenced layers from other drawings that are created automatically when attaching external references.

  • Industry-standard CAD features

    CorelCAD is compatible with all major CAD programs and users can onboard quickly with familiar commands and toolbar items.

  • Layer palette

    Access layer controls easily without leaving the drawing UI. Merge one or multiple layers to a destination layer.

    Watch video
  • Enhanced performance

    Enjoy an accelerated CAD experience on the latest operating systems with intuitive updates and features for each interface, like ribbon UI*.

  • Design resources

    Access and manage design components like blocks, styles, drawings, and images for a variety of CAD projects in industries like technology, engineering, or manufacturing.
    Watch video

2D Drafting

From new Dimension tools to enhanced Custom Block features, CorelCAD has you covered.

  • ENHANCED! MultiLeader and Dimension tools

    Configure callouts and leader lines that auto adjust. Create a new dimension style from a specified dimension, and use Smart Dimension tools for accuracy. Watch video

  • ENHANCED! Custom Block features

    Save a Custom Block (symbol definition) as a separate drawing with New CBWBlockAs, or test Custom Block definitions without exiting the Block Editor.

    Watch video
  • ENHANCED! Drawing constraint features

    See how the new set constraint name format can specify how dimensional constraints are displayed, and geometric shapes conform to dimensional constraints. Watch video

  • ENHANCED! Patterns along paths

    Duplicate objects along a path in a variety of shapes, and create specified number of copies in a linear pattern with the enhanced Copy tool. Watch video

  • Object Snaps and Grips

    Redistribute objects with Object Snaps, Grips, and Polar Guides. Contextual shortcut menus allow interactive editing of the geometry. Watch video

3D Modeling

Professional output made easy with advanced technical tools.

  • ENHANCED! 3D design and editing tools

    Create wireframe geometry from the edges of a 3D solid, surface, mesh, or region. Use new OffsetEdges to make 2D entities from 3D solid or surface boundary.

    Watch video
  • STL file import

    Import stereolithography files (*.stl) to insert contained 3D objects. Further modification is now possible on ready-made 3D design imports.

  • PolySolid 3D solid editing and modeling tools

    Use PolySolid to draw 3D solid objects in the shape of polygonal walls. Apply ChamferEdges to bevel 3D solid objects, with Face and Loop options.

  • Transition from 2D to 3D

    Create a 2D design in CorelCAD or import from CorelDRAW to shift to 3D. Extrude, revolve, or sweep 2D entities along a path to go from 2D drafting to 3D modeling. Watch video

  • 3D mouse support

    Navigate in 3D with support for 3Dconnexion input devices*.

Annotation & Collaboration

Easily add recorded messages, reminders, or instructions into your drawings.

    NEW! Data Extraction Wizard

    Use the Data Extraction Wizard* to specify and/or block object attributes, extract information.

    Watch video
  • Native .DWG file support

    Open, edit, and save files with the latest AutoCAD .DWG file format, 2018 .DWG—ensuring swift collaboration between colleagues and business partners.

  • Table support

    Export tables as CSV for use in Microsoft Excel or database applications. Add formulas into cells and modify existing tables on screen.

    Watch video
  • CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER file support*

    Easily import and export CorelDRAW® (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER™ (.DES) files into CorelCAD on Windows, for a seamless workflow between CAD and graphics.

  • Annotation and markup

    Add recorded messages, reminders, or instructions into drawings with VoiceNotes tool. Mark or mask portions of drawings to exempt from annotations. Watch video


Platform support, printing, and peripherals make CorelCAD a standout.

Platform support

Enjoy a native CAD software experience on your platform of choice, Windows and Mac, including industry-standard features and support for the latest Windows 10 and macOS Catalina.

3D printing

Export 3D solid objects to .STL , the most commonly-used file format for 3D prints. Print 3D prototypes using .STL support for direct connection to 3D printers or output to third party 3D printing services.

3D mouse

Navigate in 3D with support for 3Dconnexion input devices*. Rotate 2D and 3D drawings by moving the cap of the 3D mouse. Assign preferred navigation settings or custom commands to buttons of the 3D mouse.

AutoCAD features & files

Open, edit, and save files with the latest AutoCAD 2018 .DWG file format—ensuring swift collaboration between colleagues, suppliers, and business partners. Easily insert dynamic blocks from AutoCAD with .DWG files support.

Mobile app

Design and annotate on-the-go with CorelCAD Mobile for iOS and Android devices. CorelCAD Mobile is available as a free companion app with .DWG 2D and 3D viewing, basic annotation, and .DWG file sharing options.

File support

CorelCAD supports import from and export to CorelDRAW (.CDR) and Corel DESIGNER (.DES), on Windows*. CorelCAD also supports leading formats, including .PDF, .SVG, .EPS, .DWF, .STL, .SAT, .SHP, and .DWS.

Windows version

  • Microsoft Windows 10*, 8.1 or Windows 7, in 32-bit or 64-bit, all with latest Updates and Service Packs
  • Intel Core 2 Duo, or AMD Athlon x2 Dual-Core processor
  • 2 GB RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
  • 500 MB hard disk space
  • 3D Graphics accelerator card with OpenGL version 1.4 (OpenGL version 3.2 or better recommended)
  • 1280 x 768 screen resolution (1920 x 1080 (Full HD) recommended)
  • Mouse or tablet
  • DVD drive optional (for box installation)
  • Internet connection for product activation and access to the plug-in store

Mac version

  • macOS High Sierra (10.13) or higher (incl. macOS Catalina (10.15))
  • Intel Core 2 Duo processor (or better)
  • 2 GB RAM (8 GB recommended)
  • 500 MB hard disk space
  • 3D Graphics accelerator card with OpenGL version 1.4 (OpenGL version 3.2 or better recommended)
  • 1280 x 768 display (1920 x 1080 (Full HD) recommended)
  • Mouse or tablet
  • DVD drive optional (for box installation)
  • Internet connection for product activation and access to the plug-in store

*CorelCAD 2020 supports Windows 10, version 1809, 1903 and later versions being released during the lifecycle of CorelCAD 2020.

CorelCAD goes mobile!

Get instant access to design and annotate on-the-go with CorelCAD Mobile, a companion app that’s available as a subscription for the iPad or iPhone through iTunes, and for Android tablets and smartphones through Google play. For subscribers, the app includes a full set of 2D drawing, editing and 3D viewing tools as well as advanced annotation capabilities. With the free app mode, you can already enjoy 2D and 3D .DWG viewing, basic annotation tools, and connectivity to cloud storage services like Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive.

Explore the many benefits of CorelCAD Mobile

Mobile drawings

Share the files you’ve created with CorelCAD on your desktop or laptop with CorelCAD Mobile. To gain access, simply use Box, Dropbox, or Google Drive to synchronize your drawings online in the Cloud or store drawings locally on your device.

Efficient meetings

Use your tablet or smartphone in lieu of paper to communicate on-the-go with clients and colleagues. Also, most modern devices enable you to connect to a video-projector via a USB to HDMI connector, or over wireless connections. Plus, with CorelCAD Mobile you can edit a drawing* and then immediately share the modified version.

On-site annotation

Add, change, or edit important project details on-site, such as confirming measurements, revising key data, or including text notes. With the unique annotation features, PictureNote* and VoiceNote*, you can take a picture from the camera of your mobile device or record your voice and pin the recorded note to the right place in your drawing.

Instant modifications

Find all the tools you need to make immediate changes or fixes with the 150+ drawing and editing features* in CorelCAD Mobile. The 2D tools will help you create or modify your drawing* within an interface that’s been optimized for touch and high precision.

Sketch ideas

Originate or capture ideas the moment inspiration strikes. CorelCAD Mobile is the natural extension of CorelCAD for your mobile devices. Plus, you’ll find all the familiar tools you’re used to seeing on your computer, with the exception of a few touch gestures, so there’s no learning curve.

Get CorelCAD Mobile for your smartphone and tablet

You can use your CorelCAD Mobile in two ways:

  • Explore the FREE “Simple mode” app that’s available for Android and iOS, which provides 2D and 3D viewing, basic annotation, and .DWG file sharing.
  • Choose the subscription option in CorelCAD Mobile as in-app purchase on iTunes or Google play, which adds a full set of 2D drawing and editing tools, advanced annotation and PDF output capabilities.

Explore the many benefits of CorelCAD Mobile:

Benefits of CorelCAD Mobile on a smartphone:

  • Make edits anywhere*
  • Enjoy a smaller device size
  • Get quick access to check drawings
  • Use handy annotation features*

Benefits of CorelCAD Mobile on a tablet:

  • View materials on a wider screen
  • Convert to a viewer for presentations
  • Create or modify CAD files*
  • Eliminate the need for paper and pen*

*These features, 2D drawing, 2D editing, advanced annotation tools, such as VoiceNote, PictureNote, and command list, are only available in the “Full mode” app and require a subscription which can be purchased in the CorelCAD Mobile app on Google Play or iTunes.

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CorelCAD Torrent Archives


CorelCADis the smart solution for day-to-day design work that requires precision and detail. With native DWG file support, industry-standard CAD features, and customizable 2D and 3D design tools, it lets you work more productively, communicate ideas clearly, and collaborate effectively. Discover the solution that makes high-level CAD designaffordable--CorelCAD.

Open, work with, and save files in DWG format for easy collaboration with colleagues, suppliers, and partners. Be productive immediately in an environment filled with industry-standard features and tools. Communicate your ideas with precision using customizable 2D and 3D design tools. Innovative features like VoiceNotes let you add messages and instructions in your drawing, and CorelDRAW and Corel DESIGNER compatibility enhance collaboration.

Enhance your visual communication expertise with the precision of superior 2D drafting and 3D design toolsavailable in CorelCAD. It’s the smart, affordable solution for drawing the detailed elements required in technical design. With native .DWG file support and optimization for Windows and macOS, you can enjoy computer-aided design software that delivers increased productivity and impressive performance on the platform of your choice. This app provides flexible expansion options for both new users and existing customers to match any workflow. Download Now!

Features and Highlights

Efficiency and productivity
Expand your visual communication expertise with the precision of superior drafting and design tools available in the tool. With an enhanced user interface and new time-saving features, you can increase workflow and deliver impressive, visually rich CAD designs.

2D drafting
Get the design power you need with an expansive collection of professional drafting tools that deliver the control and detail you require for any project. The program offers new helix tools for 2D spirals, advanced table tools, and a MultiLeader tool to configure and adjust callouts as your drawings evolve.

3D design
Experience the skillful and exacting results of the 3D capabilities in the tool, and transition your drawings from 2D drafting into advanced 3D designs. With an array of expert and intuitive 3D tools, including the enhanced EntityGrips and Properties palette, you are well equipped to move from project sketches to 3D output and printing.

Compatibility and optimization
Streamline project sharing with both internal teams and external suppliers. The app is fully compatible with the latest version, AutoCAD. DWG file format, to ensure worry-free collaboration with business partners and includes innovative customization and automation support options to align with any working environment.

Native .DWG files
Open, edit, and save files in .DWG format for easy collaboration with colleagues and suppliers. Increase project sharing with both internal teams and external suppliers using the latest version, AutoCAD. DWG file format, to ensure worry-free collaboration with business partners.

Table support
Use the new ExportTable command to export tables in a comma-separated format (CSV), and import CSV files in Microsoft Excelor database applications. In tables, you can add formulas into cells plus insert, delete, merge or resize cells, rows, and columns within existing tables.

Helix tool
Increase the shaping possibilities using the new Helix tool to create 2D spirals and 3D helixes to provide any object with a three-dimensional shape in a single layer around a cylindrical shape, such as a spring or spiral staircase.

MultiLeader and Smart Dimension tools
Draw, edit, and configure callouts with multiple leader lines. This handy tool also allows you to add and remove leader lines to and from the MultiLeaders to adjust and edit as your drawing changes. Use dimension tools for accurate measurements, plus the Smart Dimension tool will suggest the most appropriate and precise dimension type automatically.

Auto-Completion for commands
Streamline your workflow with a UI that allows you to apply an auto-completion function for command and variable names as you type them. In addition, it can display a list of suggested command and variable names that will contain your typed substring.

Patterns along paths
Utilize the Pattern commands to create copies of specified objects along a path. The established path can be in various shapes, such as a line, polyline, arc, circle, ellipse, or spline, plus the alignment options will control the pattern’s final appearance.

Trimming options
Cut quickly with confidence using the handy Trim and PowerTrim tools to precisely edit shapes including hatches and solid, single-color, or multicolor-gradient fills. Once the divisions are made, the resulting hatch and color fills will maintain their association with subsequent boundary objects and remain as one object.

In-place text editing
Create or modify existing text with the ability to quickly stack text and paste formatted text from Microsoft Wordwithin your project. It’s ideal for controlling the font, appearance, and location of text blocks.

Windows ribbon UI
Increase productivity with the customizable ribbon UI* workspaces and use the contextual ribbon options to select and implement the various design tools you need, such as tables, in-place text editing, and more.

Dynamic blocks
Save valuable drawing time by inserting dynamic blocks from AutoCADand then accessing the block settings and attributes for your own .DWG files in the tool.

CAD file standards verification
The software can verify a CAD drawing against drawing standards such as those stored in .DWS files. This verification will detect and repair industry-standard violations to ensure compliant CAD drawings.

The transition from 2D to 3D
Create your 2D design in the app or create 2D sketches in CorelDRAW. Import the sketch into Corel CAD* and transform the 2D sketch to 3D. Extrude, revolve or sweep 2D entities along a path to progress from 2D drafting into 3D modeling.

Print 3D designs
Export multiple 3D solid objects to .STL (Stereolithography), the most commonly used file format for 3D prints. Print 3D prototypes using .STL support for direct connection to 3D printers or output to 3rd party 3D printing services.

Work with GIS files
Visualize maps and geographic models created by geographic information systems (GIS) applications with support for ESRI Shapefiles (.SHP).

Exchange 3D files with colleagues and suppliers
Open and work with 3D models with support for the ACIS model file format (.SAT) that you can share with co-workers and 3D manufacturers.

Easy file sharing
Collaborate and share more easily with colleagues and clients with support for leading formats, including .PDF, .SVG, .EPS and .DWF.

Note: 30 days trial version. To activate printing and saving during the trial period, you need to register your product (otherwise, the product will run in demo mode).

Also Available: Download CorelCAD for Mac

Download CorelCAD Latest Version

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