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CameraFi app Archives

CameraFi app Archives

CameraFi app Archives

[Notice] Android 10 Devices Do NOT Support USB Camera Connection.

Android 10 devices do NOT support USB camera connection.


Android 10 devices do NOT support UVC(USB Video Class) devices to be connected in the apps with targetSdkVersion API Level 28 and above.


From November 2019, all app updates on Google Play have been required to target API level 28 or higher.


Therefore, for updating the app to Google Play, microscope camera apps should be API level 28 or higher.


  • Android 10 smartphones CANNOT connect a USB cameras like webcams, etc in the app from the Play Store.


  • People who use the Android 10 device and broadcast live with webcams, DSLRs, camcorders, and etc., can download OTG View, USB Camera with target API Level 27 as below:

OTG View.apk(17.52MB) Android 4.4 and above
USBCAMERA.apk(4.18MB) Android 4.4 and above

 Android 10
 Google Play
 (targetSdkVersion 28)
 Microscope Camera Unavailable
 targetSdkVersion 27 Microscope Camera Available
 Lower than Android 10
 Google Play
 (target SdkVersion 28)
 Microscope Camera Available


So far, we haven’t found any official documents form Google OS about these policy changes.

We are looking for various ways to solve the issue and will share if there’s any updates.


Thank you.


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, CameraFi app Archives

CameraFi Live

If you've ever dreamed about becoming a celebrity on social media through video platforms like YouTube, Wowza, or Twitch, CameraFi is a great way to get started. It's not a powerful enough utility to replace the professional equipment that rising stars need to really offer the production levels that their viewers expect, but it's a great option for amateurs, hobbyists, and fledgling celebrities looking to hit the ground running. This app for mobile phones takes the camera you already use for your daily activities and provides you with a number of new functions tailored to the needs of professional and semi-professional content creators.

While CameraFi has long existed as a tool that allows you to connect your smart phone and tablet to a USB UVC camera, CameraFi focuses explicitly on the needs of creators looking to stream live video. It takes all of the lessons learned through the CameraFi interface and then makes some adjustments to suit the needs of modern video creators. The result is an impressive piece of work that allows you to accomplish all the basics for making your videos look sharp and presentable. All you have to do is plug in a USB camera or a capture card or use your existing camera to shoot the video you want. Audio support is available via a mic or UAC, and CameraFi Live offers direct connections with YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, USTREAM, and RTMP/RTSP servers. VGA, HD, and FHD formats are all supported as well, so this is an app that can scale up to meet the needs of even high end and professional cameras and capture cards.

Once you set up the parameters, there's not a lot of effort on the user end to get going. You can basically just hit play and trust that your viewers will see the results at a quality resolution and in real time with little in the way of hiccups or data loss. The connectivity is one of the most critical components here, as it allows you to get more varied perspectives without having to do much in the way of pre-production and still get quality results. A smart setup allows users to get the dependable imagery they want while having both hands free to express themselves while on camera.

Once you've set up the basics for the CameraFi Live settings, you have a lot of versatility over how you stream. Videos are automatically saved so that you can archive them or shuttle them over for post production, and you can configure privacy settings directly in the app interface. Whether you're looking to televise your performance only to patrons or family members or do a dry run that you can edit later, the options are available.


  • Provides a lot of versatility for live recording using a variety of different devices
  • Offers easy setup and simple compatibility with most of the major video streaming social platforms


  • A no frills utility that doesn't offer any production tools

- Added Camera Pro feature

- Added audio volume control

- Added internal sound recording function (Android 10)

- Other bug fixes

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CameraFi app Archives

CameraFi Live team updated the design of CameraFi Live(v1.27.64.0824) and added the features users had requested a lot!

1. Update to UI 2.0
- An innovative new design for CameraFi Live!
- More comfortable & easy!
- Manual:…/introduction-guide-for-camerafi…

2. Support #vertical broadcasting
- You asked for it—and we did! Now CameraFi Live supports vertical live streaming.
- Available in camera mode as well as screen mode.

3. Support a text preset
- Save your time to prepare the live-streaming!
- When you need to use the same live stream theme in different times, you can set them as a preset and use it again in the future.
- Manual:…/manual-how-to-use-preset-featur…

4. Optimize the app for Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G
- Broadcast with both hands freely without a tripod with #Z_Flip!
- CameraFi Live optimized its UI only for Galaxy Z Flip and Z Flip 5G users.

5. Fix minor bugs and improve performance

We sincerely hope you enjoy this update and look forward to hearing your feedback!

To learn more about this update, please refer to our blog post:…/update-new-ui-vertical-broadcas…

App Download:

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to let us know in the comments section.

Thank you!

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