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Auslogics boostspeed free Archives

auslogics boostspeed free Archives

auslogics boostspeed free Archives

Colin Hensley

"I use BoostSpeed regularly and it has kept my PC clean and in perfect working condition."

Paul Slow

"BoostSpeed is an excellent product that looks after your PC or Laptop!"

Rudolph Lantine

"BoostSpeed keeps your PC running the way you want it to be, not the way it wants to be!"

Dale Crane

"BoostSpeed - it's like buying 20 different programs rolled up in one."


"Tiny, effective, fast, all modules very useful and clear."

David Weeks

"I never have to worry about installing anything you produce fuzzing up my system."

Mike Middlesworth


Shannon Tuttle

"I wish I could give you constructive criticism but I love every piece of this software."

Allan Brownlee

"I find it excellent and am very pleased with the ease of use."

Robert Johnson

"It keeps my computer running at that peak level, like it was out of the box."

Brad Krohn

"It is a great all-in-one optimization center that replaced all of my paid standalone programs."

Gerry Howser

"Best overall defrag and tuning program I have used (and I've tried many)."

Rex Delph

"Thank you for a great product and attitude towards customers."

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, auslogics boostspeed free Archives

Auslogics BoostSpeed

Auslogics BoostSpeed is a software application presented as a bundle of software utilities intended to speed up, optimize and clean the user's computer, fix registry errors, improve Internet performance, remove unneeded files and entries, and defragment the disks and the registry. The program can also adjust Windows settings to match a specific computer configuration with the intent to improve Internet speed and reduce computer startup and shutdown time. The program is intended for use on computers that run the Microsoft Windows operating system.


The program is published by Auslogics, an Australian-based company that specializes in maintenance software for computers that run the Microsoft Windows operating system. Started in 2008, the company products include Auslogics BoostSpeed and Auslogics Disk Defrag. In 2009 the company partnered with Sony Vaio to develop part of the Sony Vaio Care software installed on the Vaio laptops and desktop PC's. As of 2011, Auslogics has the Premier Elite Partner status in the Intel Software Partner Program.[1]


Auslogics BoostSpeed 3 was the first official release of the program, as prior versions were deemed by their developers as requiring more work to be done. It started out with limited computer optimization options and expanded to include 18 utilities combined into one computer maintenance suite in version The publisher also made the program available in different languages, with more languages being added from version to version.[2][3]

ZOTAC, a Macau-based hardware manufacturer, included Auslogics BoostSpeed in its ZOTAC Boost XL software bundle, which is supplied with ZOTAC's mini-computers.[4]

Independent tests[edit]

Auslogics BoostSpeed software received the Editor's Pick award from several software distributing and reviewing websites, including DownloadPipe,[5] Brothersoft,[6] Software.Informer,[7] Free Downloads Center.[8] It has been reviewed by computer experts from a number of industry magazines and websites, such as the online CNet,[9] PC World, SoftwareCrew, as well as printed editions – Windows Vista: the Official Magazine,[10] Computer Buyer,[11] PC Advisor,[12] Computer Shopper,[13] Micro Mart.[14] Most give it their highest mark pointing out the program's advantages, including the large number of computer system optimization tools included in one suite, its small size, its high speed and ease of use for inexperienced customers.

Among the disadvantages mentioned in online reviews are the limited functionality of the application's trial version and, again, the large number of tools, which requires a user to spend some time familiarizing with the application.

The Ultimate Guide to Windows Vista book published in 2008 recommends using Auslogics BoostSpeed to optimize Windows-based systems saying that "Tests showed an impressive performance improvement on a 4-year old laptop and its optimization techniques should work for a much newer computer, too."[15]

In the independent tests performed by Asiasoft Online, an Asian publisher of Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Auslogics BoostSpeed improved the gaming experience on test systems by speeding up game launching, eliminating lags and increasing frame rate.[16]


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auslogics boostspeed free Archives

Clean, tweak and turbo-charge your computer today

Industry Acclaimed

Auslogics software is recognized by leading IT magazines and online resources

Mark Oakley, Micro Mart (issue 1035, p.56)

"This system optimization tool suite takes an everything-plus-the-kitchen-approach to cleaning, optimizing, and potentially speeding up your PC. Auslogics BoostSpeed includes modules and wizards for just about any kind of tweak or optimization you can imagine..." Learn more "It is almost impossible to manually remove junk files and registry errors, but there are some handy tools out there that can do it for you. One of them is Aulsogics BoostSpeed. With this program you can maintain your PC at top speed with just a click of a button once a week." "To prevent system slowdown from happening, regular defragmentation of your disk and registry is recommended. You can defragment your disk with the built-in tool from Microsoft, however we recommend using the faster and more avdnaced version in Auslogics BoostSpeed." "Removing junk files manually can be a tedious process, but a nifty software from down under called Auslogics BoostSpeed can do it for you automatically. It will remove junk files and optimize the one-sit-fit-all Windows settings to your hardware. For additional speed boost it will fix registry errorrs and optimize your Internet settings." "Of all the optimisation tools I've tested over the past few years, I'm happy to write that Auslogics BoostSpeed is one of the most comprehensive and user friendly, ... I couldn't recommend it highly enough." "BoostSpeed is an effective all-encompassing utility suite, combining some of Auslogics' popular freeware titles with services that they don't offer elsewhere... No doubt, BoostSpeed gives you your money's worth." Learn more "Another source of identity theft are files with sensitive information. Simply deleting them doesn't make them go for good. It's quite easy to "undelete" them and use in ways you probably will not be happy about. But if you delete a file, or a folder with Auslogics' File Shredder, you can be sure that they will be impossible to recover." "This meticulously written application is an ideal solution for anyone who wants to boost their computer for peak performance without costly hardware upgrades. BoostSpeed gives you a combination of 15 precision-engineered modules to clean-up and defragment your computer disks, fix registry errors and speed up internet connection." "Think of the best PC speedup suite you've tried. And then add more. More tools. More features. More depth, more extras, and more thought behind everything. That'll give you some idea of what to expect from this excellent program..." Learn more "All in one performance tool for your PC that is very easy to use." Learn more "Auslogics BoostSpeed will give you the ideal solution to keep your computer running smooth and fast." Learn more "Auslogics BoostSpeed can protect you from identity theft. Being a useful computer optimization tool, it also includes a number of very useful privacy and security applications. It offers advanced protection where anti-virus software can't help." "You can clean up, optimize and defragment your PC using Auslogics's OneButton Checkup. Tests showed an impressive performance improvement on a 4-year old laptop and its optimization techniques should work for a much newer computer, too." "This is a smart little program that novice users will find handy, and it does a good job of explaining itself and the various tweaks it offers."

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