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How to Archive Files and Folders in a ZIP File in Windows 10

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  4. How to Archive Files and Folders in a ZIP File in Windows 10

By Ciprian Adrian Rusen

An archive is a file containing one or more files along with their data. You use archives in Windows 10 to copy multiple files into a single file for easier portability and storage, or simply to compress files to use less storage space.

Archives are also useful when you want to send multiple files to someone by email. Instead of attaching several large files, archive them into one file. That file takes less space than sending all the files separately, and it’s easier to attach and send by email.

The most popular format for archiving files is .zip and Windows 10 can automatically work with this type of archive without having to install third-party apps. To archive several files and folders into a .zip file, open File Explorer and follow these steps:

  1. Select the files and folders that you want to archive.

  2. Click the Share tab on the Ribbon.

    The Share tab is displayed.

  3. In the Send section, click the Zip button.

    An archive is automatically created in the same folder as the files and folders that you selected. You can edit the name of the archive.

  4. Type the name that you want for the archive file.

  5. Press Enter or click somewhere else in the File Explorer window.

    You can now use the newly created .zip archive and send it by email or store it where you want on your computer.

    The Zip button in File Explorer.

If you want to save space on your hard disk, it’s a good idea to delete the files and folders that you placed in an archive, as you can always extract them from the archive.

About the Book Author

Ciprian Adrian Rusen is a Microsoft MVP and Windows expert. His blog has more than 1.3 million monthly readers who look to him for insight into technology in general and Windows in particular.

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The Best File Archive Utility for Windows

Windows has a number of good file archiving and unarchiving utilities, and which one you use generally depends on what you'll be using it for. For most users, we recommend the simple, fast, and powerful 7-Zip.


Platform: Windows
Price: Free
Download Page


  • Supports packing and unpacking of 7z, XZ, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ZIP and WIM formats, as well as unpacking of ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, CramFS, DEB, DMG, FAT, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MBR, MSI, NSIS, NTFS, RAR, RPM, SquashFS, UDF, VHD, WIM, XAR and Z.
  • Supports creating archives with the very high-compression 7z format
  • AES-256 encryption support for 7z and ZIP formats
  • Integration with the Windows context menu
  • Powerful, lightweight command line version available (and cross-platform)

Where It Excels

7-Zip excels in its simplicity and minimalism. If you come across an archive on the internet, 7-Zip will more than likely open it in the blink of an eye and extract it anywhere you want. You can also compress files with 7-Zip right from the Windows context menu, and the 7z format is one of the best file compression formats around. Encryption for 7z and ZIP is a nice touch as well, and the command-line utility is great if you want to compress big files and move them across platforms.

Where It Falls Short

While 7-Zip is pretty powerful, if you need a bit more security in your archive creation, it doesn't offer a ton of options. Encryption is great, but only supports two formats and doesn't have some of the other features that programs like PeaZip do. Also, while we love its minimal UI, it isn't exactly the prettiest, and some people may prefer a more filled-out interface. Again, it's all in how you use it—most users will be more than content with it, and users that want more can move on to one of the other programs below.

The Competition

Windows has quite a few good file compression programs, so if you don't like 7-Zip, you have quite a few choices. PeaZip is a very popular option, mostly for its good-looking interface and its numerous security options, like two-factor authentication, secure file deletion, and comparison of files using hashes. It can pack into a few more file formats too. PeaZip's biggest downside is that it often seems a bit overwhelming for those that just want a simple file compression utility, and the UI can be a bit quirky at times.

Similarly, TUGZip is a very powerful tool for those that need it. It can not only handle a ton of different formats, but you can create scripts that allow for things like automated backups, which is pretty cool. On the other side of the coin, Universal Extractor is super simple and integrates with Windows Explorer, but can only uncompress archives—not create them.

Lastly, if you're only compressing and uncompressing files on Windows, some people prefer WinRAR to 7-Zip, though it does cost money to use. However, the RAR compression is pretty great, and even better than 7z in some cases.

Got a particular compression utility that we didn't mention? Be sure to let us know about it in the comments.

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