Omnisphere 2 Free Download Archives

Omnisphere 2 Free Download Archives

Omnisphere 2 Free Download Archives

Omnisphere 2 Free Download Archives

Installing Omnisphere Patches

Omnisphere 2 Install Instructions 

Installing Patches 

Open Omnisphere and click on the ‘UTILITY’ button and select ‘Install .omnisphere’ as seen in the Screenshot below:

Continue to locate your ‘.omnisphere’ for the specific Patch or Bundle you have purchased. Open the file and your installation is complete!


Installing Patches

Locate your Spectrasonics Steam* folder and copy the folder of the Producer's name (i.e. ‘Peter James’ ) and it's contents into this location:

Steam/Omnisphere/Settings Library/Patches

If you can't locate your Steam folder please see the video below

NOTE: If you are a previous customer and already have a folder for that producer and subsequent subfolders installed in this location DO NOT replace the existing producers folder with this new one! This will result in losing your previously installed patches. ONLY copy the contents inside this folder into the existing producers folder.

* For more detailed information on how to locate your Spectrasonics ‘Steam’ Folder, see specific Mac and PC instructions further down.

If you are still having trouble after viewing the screenshot instructions, please contact our support.

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- 1,757 Patches

Accidental Magic
Accompany Me Mr. Casio
Accompany Me Mr. SID
Acidic Energy Source
Afrobeat Duo 1
Afrobeat Duo 2
Age of Clarity
Age of Computations
Aggravated Pulse
Air of Resignation
Alejandro BuzzBass
Alert the Fleet
Alley Pulse
Alternate Forces
Alternative Fuel Source
Amber Skies
Ambient Whoosh Lights
An Echo of the Night
Analimbionic Builder
Analog Bass Drive
Analog Orbits of Jupiter
Analog Synth Guitar
Android Heartbeat
ANDROMEDA - Becoming Ramped
ANDROMEDA - Star Cycler
ANDROMEDA - The Envelooper
Angelo gets glitched
Angry Torched Lead Bender
Anthem of Youth
Anticpation of Energy 1
Anticpation of Energy 2
Aqua Motion Piano
Arclight Insistence
Arco Attack Movement 1
Arco Attack Movement 2
Arcophonic Echoes 1
Arcophonic Echoes 2
Arcophonico Movement 1
Arcophonico Movement 2
Arcophonico Rattling Movement
Arcophonico Saturated Ostinato
Army of Spazz
Arps of Simplicity
Art of Industry
Astral Visions 1
Astral Visions 2
Atomic Acceleration
Attack of the Badass Robots
Attack of the Tranceboy Arp
Automated Notch Wobble
Avante Garde Groover
Babyish Phase
Back to Basics
Backtracking the Backup
Backwards Cellios
Backwards Masking
Backwards Pulsing
Backwards Tape Loop Strings
Backwards Thinking Groove
Bad Blood
Bad Intentions
Bad Latitude Groove
Bad Philosophy
Bandito Heist
Bandpassed Euro Arp 1
Bandpassed Euro Arp 2
Bandpassed Minimalism
Bandpassed Trancer
Banging the Trashcans
Barkcello Staccato Movement 1
Barkcello Staccato Movement 2
Bass Bin Computation
Bass In Love
Bass O' Matic
Beat The Pipes
Beefy Feet
Bend My Circuits Baby
Bending Trancegate
Bendomatic Duo 1
Bendomatic Duo 2
Bendomatic Duo Sustain
Bendomatic Tricky
Berimbowwow Bass 1
Berimbowwow Bass 2
Beyond the Orbit
Bickering Bottom Life
Big Bad Drama Bass
Bigger Than You
Binary Bubbles
Bipolar Swings
Bit 'O Funky
Bit Crushed Club Sine
Bit o' Honey
Bit o' Honey MATCH
Black Thumb Rising
Blackhearted Crush 1
Blackhearted Crush 2
Blip Arp Sample Reduction
Blip Tripper
Blipper Octomeister
Blipper Syncomeister
Blissful Existence
Blissfully Unaware
Bodhran Tripper 1
Bodhran Tripper 2
Bodhran Tripper 3
Bolerina 1
Bolerina 2
Boreal Forest
Bossy Dreds
Bossy House
Both Wheels Beat Modeler 1
Both Wheels Beat Modeler 2
Bouncing Ball Party
Bouncing Bass Pattern
Bouncing Metal Strings Arp
Bouncing Minimalism
Bouncy Molecules
Bouncy Pluck
Brain Mismatch Arp
Brain of the Serial Killer
Brain of the Serial Maniac
Brazilian Bandpass Thipper
Breakdown Tranquilizer
Breakdown Wibbly Pad
Breaking Bad Habits
Breaking Out
Breaking The Ice
Breakout Bandwidth
Breakout Bits
Breathing Build Up
Bright Digital Urgency Arp
Browler Bass
Bubbling Analog Brew
Buenos Aires Arp
Bully Alarm
Burned Wasp Bass Arp 1
Burned Wasp Bass Arp 2
Busting Thru the Dark
Busting Thru the Grid
Buzzing Minimal Saw
Caffeine Overdose
Calling to the Industrialist
Came in like an LFO
Carillon Timbre Shifter
Carousel Dreams
Cascading Lights
Casio Cascades
Casio Piano Looper
Casiotronic Chaos
Cast Iron Pulse
Cat on the Piano
Cavern Expedition
Cavorting with Minors
Ceramic Skin Mallets
Cerebral Cortex Groove
Champagne Dreams
Chaos Bowls 1
Chaos Bowls 2
Chaos Bowls 3
Chaos Bowls 4
Chaos Bowls 5
Chaos Bowls 6
Chaos Celeste
Chaos in the Commodore
Chaotic Arcade
Chaotic Strumming Cue
Charango Groover
Chase The Flute
Chase through Chinatown
Chasing the Evil
Cheerfully Crushed Vibes 1
Cheerfully Crushed Vibes 2
Cheese Hyperspace Future Arp
Chest Press Wobble
Children of Time Arp
Chilling JP-8000 Gated Pad
Chime Paradox
China's Rising Tides
Chinese Checkers
Chinese Mellotron
Chip Seq 1
Chip Seq 2
Chip Seq 3
Cholesterol Levels are Fine
Chordal Ticking Trance
Chuckling Melodica
Chunkometrics 1
Chunkometrics 2
Cinematic Chugger
Cinematic Noise Ladder
Cineperc 1
Cineperc 2
Circadian Groove
Circuitbass 1
Circuitbass 2
Circuitrix 1
Circuitrix 2
Circular Reasoning
Circus Nightmare
City Slumbers
Clandestine Bombers
Claroscuro 1
Claroscuro 2
Classic Oberheim Pluck Arp
Cleansing Dance
Clever Girl
Clever Hat Beat
Clicky Sines 1
Clicky Sines 2
Clipped Sine Wobbler
Clocking the Timeshift
Clocks Whistling in the Wind
Cloned Organisms
Club Chaos 1
Club Chaos 2
Club Europa Groove
Clubbing Children Choir Grv
Clubbing Voices 1
Clubbing Voices 2
Clubbing Voices 3
Cobalt Droid
Coffee Can Arp
Colours of Light
Comper 3-Pole
Complaining Growl
Components of Darkness
Concealed Identity
Conitnuum Prophet Clicks
Controlled Anxiety
Converging Galaxies
Corrosive Influence Bass
Cosmic Bass and Filters Groove
Countdown Anxiety
Coursing through Veins
CPU Counter
Crackle Back Bass 1
Crackle Back Bass 2
Crackle Back Shellac 1
Crackle Back Shellac 2
Crackle Track 1
Crackle Track 2
Crackle Track 3
Cramming the Upbeater
Critical Pulsations
Cross Beat Breakdown
Cross Beat Flangestep
Cross Beat Kicker
Cross Beat Overdriver
Cross Beat
Crushback 1
Crushback 2
Crushed Choirama
Crushed HPF Sweep
Crushed Minimal Glitch
Crushed Upbeater
Crying out in the Darkness
Crystalline Pong Arp 1
Crystalline Pong Arp 2
Cubist Rhythms
Cyborian Ecstasy
Cycle of Grace 1
Cycle of Grace 2
Damage Limitation
Dance Floor Scream
Dances with Distance
Dancing Bells
Dancing Boy Factory
Dancing Cedars
Dancing Galaxies
Dancing in the Backdraft
Dancing Microchips
Dancing Molecules
Dancing Popcorn
Dancing Resologue
Dancing Talkbox Pain
Dancing Vox Molecules
Dancing Vox Shrinkwrap
Dark Ceremony 1
Dark Ceremony 2
Dark Ceremony Striker 1
Dark Ceremony Striker 2
Dark Circuits
Dark Day for Renée
Dark Railway Perc
Dark Side March
Dark Space Pluckers
Death Breath
Decimated Memories Arp
Deep Detuner Wooble
Deep Junkyard
Deep Pulsing M'bira
Deep Undercover Syncronization
Deeply Disturbed woBBass
DEEPM - Aggressive Bend
DEEPM - Churning Away
DEEPM - Element of Surprise
DEEPM - German TB
DEEPM - Japanese Warmth
DEEPM - Plukopations
DEEPM - Stairs Up PWM
DEEPM - Surprising Steps
DEEPM - Uncertainty
Deepwood Sniper
Deflector Shield Pulse
Deluded Orbit
Delusional State
Denmark Mood Pad
Denmark Noise Groove Sweep
Denmark Ratty Morse
Departure Lounge Groove
Deranged Fatman 1
Deranged Fatman 2
Destroy the Eraserhead
Destroy the Fuzzy Tubes
Devine Inspiration BBC
Devine Inspiration Juice
Devine Inspiration Saw2th
Devine Inspiration Sizzle
Diabolique Deep
Diabolique Edge
Diamond Sky
Digi Buzzer 1
Digi Buzzer 2
Digital Plasticity
Digital Techno Pulse Arp
Dipthong Clicker
Dipthong Groove
Dirt Monger
Dirty Wobbler
Disintegrating Chambers
Disorientation Chase
Displaced Dotted Quarters
Displaced Plucker
Dissolving Capsules
Distant Blipper
Distant Blips
Distorted Acid Synth
Distorted Triangle Drops
Diva Beat Rogue Depth
Diverbeat Ultraclap
Divide and Conquer
DMX Companion
Do the dishes
Don't Call My Name
Doots Till Dawn
Drama Choir Sparks
Dreambira Arp
Dreaming of Airborne Chimes
Drilling Down Deep
Drilling the Sickness
Drive Me Down
Driving Supersaw
Droid Mystery 1
Droid Mystery 2
Droid Redemption
Drops of Copper Arp
Drops of Glass Arp
Drops of Honey
Drumming Inside the Piano
Drumming on the Soundboard
DSX SPX-90 Tricks
Dual Destinies
Dubstep Marimbula
Dumbek Tripper 1
Dumbek Tripper 2
Dynamic Crystal Gamelan Arp
Early Computer Daze 1
Early Computer Daze 2
Early Mod Enveloper
Ebow Droplets
Ebowed Piano Groove 1
Ebowed Piano Groove 2
Echo Regeneration Vox 1
Echo Regeneration Vox 2
Echoes of a Classic Era
Echoes of Disturbance
Echoes of Lightbulbs
Echoes of Resonance
Edge of the Knife
EDM Trumpet
Eight Millimetre
Eight-bit Game Combo 1
Eight-bit Game Combo 2
Electric Ascension
Electric Asian Fireflies
Electric Run
Electric Sitar Ostinato
Electric Tiny Fireflies
Electrified Tesla Groove 1
Electrified Tesla Groove 2
Electro Ebow 1
Electro Ebow 2
Electro Gate Lead
Electro Murmur
Electro Organic Drum Machine 1
Electro Organic Drum Machine 2
Electro Shaker Swing
Electro Sixteenths 1
Electro Sixteenths 2
Electro Spasms
Electrocinema Break
Electrocinema Echo
Electrocinema Eighths
Electrocinema Groove
Electrocinema Syncopate
Electromechanical Pulse
Electromechanical Relay 1
Electromechanical Relay 2
Electron Comp Chorder
Electronic Hambone
Electronically Cloned Sheep
Emergent Echoes
End of Days
Energy Arc Arps
Energy Booster
Energy Drink Pulse
Energy Quest
Energy Swooper
Energysweeper Arp 1
Energysweeper Arp 2
Engines of Malice
Escape from Paranoia
Escher's Dream
Escher's Staircase
Essence of Arps
Eternal Changling Evo
Eternal Changling
Eternal Vibes
Euphoric Nights
Euro Juno
Eurotrash Fandrummers
Evolution of the Quirky Boy
Exaggerated Movement
Execution Cell
Execution Hall
Execution Hour
Execution Room
Exit Wound
Experibass Combo Ostinato
Experibass Staccato Movement 1
Experibass Staccato Movement 2
Experibass Staccato Movement 3
Experibass Stickato Muted
Experibass Stickato NoteBending
Experibass Stickato
Experibass Taps in Six 1
Experibass Taps in Six 2
Exploration Station
Exposing the Secret Life
Express Sweeps
Fair and Square 1
Fair and Square 2
Falling Forward
Falling Skies
Fame MegaSynth
Fanatiques Arp
Fancified Electrovox
Fandrum in a Water Tank
Fashion District
Fast Forward Motion Groove
Fatboy Attack Arp 1
Fatboy Attack Arp 2
Fatboy Attack Arp 3
Feed that little Beast
Feed that little Creature
Fence Bass Attacks Movement 1
Fence Bass Attacks Movement 2
Feudal Pulsing
Fibanacci Sequence
Filter Sweep Build Up Arp
Filter Sweep Build Up Chord
Filtervox Molecules
Fire Ants in my Boxers
Fire Ants in my Pants
Firing Range
Fishing for Silver
Flanging the Dancers
Floating Aloft Groove
Flustered Saw Straight
Flustered Saw Triplets
Fly Orchestra plays Avant-Garde
Fly-By Looper Crush
Fly-By Looper
Flying Wasp Plucks
Flying Wings of Love
Flying Wings of Peace
FM Dancelines
FM Freezing Sines
FM Kick Sweep
FM Motion M'Bira
FM Noisebass Upbeater
Foggy Trance Pattern
Forces of Darkness
Forces of Dread
Forces of Evil
Forgotten Town
Franken Factory 1
Franken Factory 2
Frantic Dronemonkeys
Frantic Resoline 1
Frantic Resoline 2
Freezing the Bows Res
Freezing the Bows
Freezing Vinyl Pad
French RAVE-olution Groove
Frozen Bell Poles
Frozen Quasar
Fuming Fireball
Funky Alarm
Furious Filters Arp
Furious Squirrel Bass Groove
Fuzz Tones Groove
GAIA - Bandpassenger
Game Winder
Gameboyz Arp
Gamelan Meditation
Gamelan Wheel
Gated Noise Sweep 1
Gated Noise Sweep 2
Gentle Vibrato Chording 1
Gentle Vibrato Chording 2
Gently Crushing Eternity
German Fist Pump
Get Ready to Dance
Get the Juices Flowin'
Getting a Buzz
Ghost Train
Giganticus Pumpus Romanus
Giorgio Express
Givin' Luv2U
Givin' Luv2U2
Givin' Luv2U4
Glass Chains
Glass Membranophone
Glass Spark Bubbles
Glassy Expectations
Gliding Plastic Saw
Glitch-o-plex Echo Reverse 1
Glitch-o-plex Echo Reverse 2
Glitch-o-plex Echo
Glitch-o-plex Organ 1
Glitch-o-plex Organ 2
Glitch-o-plex Organ 3
Glitch-o-plex Organ 4
Glitch-o-plex Shuffler
Glitch-o-plex Spastic Organ
Glitch-o-plex Spastic Piano
Glitch-o-plex Spastic Synth
Glitching Envelopes
Glittar not Gold
Go Kart Putt Putt
Going Through a New Phase
Gramohanger Movement 1
Gramohanger Movement 2
Gravel Siren
Gravity Planet
Gravity Rush
Greasy Bazz
Greetings from India
Grey Skyline Overtones
Grey Skyline Percussive
Gridlock Edge
Gridlock Huge
Gridlock Thin
Grinding Cymbals Sequence
Grinding Mids
Gritty and Dry
Gritty Sidechain 1
Gritty Sidechain 2
Gritty Sidechain 3
Groove Enhancer
Grooving in the Skins
Grooving Metallophone
Grooving Moog Square Bass
Grooving Talking Filter
Grooving Vowels
Grooving Water Drops
Grooving Water Stream 1
Grooving Water Stream 2
GTR Taponic Ostinato
Gumby and Pokey
Gunpowder Action
Gut Strings Little Accents
Hacked Circuits 1
Hacked Circuits 2
Half-Time Atonality
Half-Time Malevolence 1
Half-Time Malevolence 2
Hammer Step Seq
Handle Me Bass Boy
Hang Gliss Rods
Hang Gliss Sugar
Happiness Inversions
Happy Campers
Happy Gaga Square
Happy Gamer
Happy Go Lucky
Happy Hihats
Happy Pluck Signal
Hard Lead Gated Seq
Hard Plastic ArpLead
Hard Wobbler
Hardstyle Kick Riffer
Harmo Clickies
Harmo Generator
Harmocentric Slo Sweep
Harmonics of the Prophet
Hash Pipes
Hats Off
Haus Vocal Toy
He Walked
Heart Arrhythmia
Heart Stabber
Heartbeat of the Orchestron
Heightened Pulse Poly
Heightened Pulse Solo
Hex Vex
Hidden Tribe
Hiding in the Icefields
HiHat Analogue 16th
Hip-Hop 909 Bass
Hold Me Close
Homecoming Cascade
Hope U Know Someone Inside
House Mid Range Groove
House of Electro Pain
How to Rock the House 101
Human HiHats
Humble and Square
Hydrogen Generated Mutations
Hype Energizer
Hyper Alert
Hyperactive Robopet
Hyperdimensional Mirror Groove
Hypnotic Filter Tapper
Hypnotic Induction
Hypnotic Minimalism Crush
Hypnotic Minimalism
Hypnotic Spiralimba
Hysteria Pulse
I've Been to Mars and It Was Packed!
Iceland Groove
IDM Bassbelch 1
IDM Bassbelch 2
If Crickets Raved
Ignited Arcophonico Movement
Illinois Smith
Imperial March Movement
Impulsatronic Arp
Impulsive Connections
In a Trance-like State
In Memorium Musicbox
In the Basement
Incandescent Shimmer
India Indigo
Indian Timekeeper 1
Indian Timekeeper 2
Industrial Countdown
Industrial Damage
Industrial Iron Fists
Industrial Tensions
Industrial Trash Machine
Infinite EuroSaws
Infrared Groove Hallucination
Inharmonic Madness
Inkjet Printer Bass
Input Your Chord Data
Inside the Bottle Complex
Inside the Bottle Simple
Intense Balaphonia
Intermittent Hearbeat Bass
Interrogation Techniques
Intervals of Bliss
Intimate Bouncing Mallets
Into Battle
Inversion Conversion
Inversion Glides
Inversion Revision
Irritant Reduction
Irritated Intervals
It's 1975 Again
It's 1976 Again
It's 1977 Again
It's 1978 Again
It's 1979 Again
It's 1980 Again
Itchy Bug
Jacked Up the Ripper
Jambalaya Jig
Jamming Scrapers in Five 1
Jamming Scrapers in Five 2
Janitorial Duties
Japanese Humanoid 1
Japanese Humanoid 2
JayPee Heaven
JDXA - Tense Times
JDXi - Duophonica
JDXi - Orange Echoes
JDXi - Power Gate
JDXi - Throbbing Acid
Joy of Sid 1
Joy of Sid 2
JP Classic Arps 1
JP Classic Arps 2
JP-8 Synced Bells Arp
JP08 - Copper Beads
JP08 - Pulsing Wide
JP8000 - Chart Pulser
JP8000 - Classic Trancegate
JP8000 - Epic Euro 16ths
JP8000 - Viva le Trance
JP8000 - Wistful Time Bandit
Juicy Lounge
Juicy Sample and Hold
Juno Octave Arp Plucker
Juno Pulsatronic Brass
Jupiter Bells
Just Square
JX-3P Meets Juicy Filter
Karplus Motion
Karplus Strong Guitar Invert
Karplus Strong Guitar Smash
Karplus Strong Guitar
Keez Pleez
Kilowatt Alarm 1
Kilowatt Alarm 2
Kinetic Noise
Kinetic Prophets
King Pong
Kiss my Acetone
Kites in the Clouds
Kites in the Sky
Kites on the Run
Klaatu Barada Nikto
KMINI - Anticipation
KMINI - Auto Pulser
KMINI - Blast Alert
KMINI - Click Bait
KMINI - Distraught Trance Tension
KMINI - Emphasis
KMINI - Indie
KMINI - Interrogation
KMINI - Melodies
KMINI - Polyrhythmic Downer
KMINI - Relentless Sixteenths
KMINI - Suspense Pulse
KPRO - Cold Storage
KrafTwerk 1
KrafTwerk 2
Krafty Noise Groove
Labyrinth for the Brain
Lady Chopper
Lallo Tension Pulse
Largo Pesante 1
Largo Pesante 2
Laser GunZ
Latitude Adjustment 1
Latitude Adjustment 2
Lazer for Les 1
Lazer for Les 2
Lazer Square Trap
Lazerface Bass
Lazy Pumper
Le Arpatronica
Left for Dead on the Moon
Life Gets Messy
Light and Perky
Light and Simple
Light Digital Crush
Light of the Night 1
Light of the Night 2
Light the Darkness
Lighter Than Air
Lil Bouncer Granular
Lil Bouncer Strat Pick
Lil Bouncer Wheel Blip Sid
Limited Bandwidth
Liquid India
Liquid Life 1
Liquid Life 2
Lit Up Like Christmas 1
Lit Up Like Christmas 2
Lite Filler
Little Bit Bent
Little Bit Buzzed 1
Little Bit Buzzed 2
Little Bit Buzzed 3
Little Bouncer
Little Clique Riser
Little Energizer
Little Personality Quirks
Long Distance Runner
Longing for Home
Longing for Love
Longing for Warmth
Loping Circles
Lounge Choir Chords
Lounge Choir Mmmspace
Lounge Groove 1
Lounge Groove 2
Love Parade
LPHAT - Chopper Ride
LPHAT - Dance With Me
LPHAT - Elementary
LPHAT - Night Cruise
LPHAT - Timesquare
Lucious Airwaves 1
Lucious Airwaves 2
Luminopiano Metals
Luminopiano Movement 1
Luminopiano Movement 2
Luminopiano Movement 3
Luminopiano Movement 4
Lurching FM Guitaret
Luxi-Crush Synth
Luxi-Crush Throat
Machine Gun Spitoon
Machine Gun Trance
Machine HipsterZ
Machine Learning
Machine of Malice
Machine of Stress
Machine Shaker 16ths
Mad Bull Percussive Sequence
Mad Bull ResoCrush Sequence
Mad Bull Tonal Sequence
Mad Wow
Maddening Zapper
Magma Chaos Gate 1
Magma Chaos Gate 2
Magnetic Aura
Mainframe Triplet Pluck 1
Mainframe Triplet Pluck 2
Malabass Bouncer
Maladjustments 1
Maladjustments 2
Man At The Pump
Marching Toys
Marking the Rhythm
Massive Oscillators Arp
Massive Trance Station Arp
Master of Disaster
Masters Old Bow
Maximal Sinecrush
Mazz the Spazz
Mazz Throaters
Megalomaniacal Groove
Melchizedek 1
Melchizedek 2
Melchizedek 3
Membrane Builder
Mental Throbber 1
Mental Throbber 2
Metal Heart Altoid 1
Metal Heart Altoid 2
Metal To the Pedal
Metropolitan Minimalism
Micro Sources Arp
Micro Toy Botz
Microchip Hoedown
Microglitch 1
Microglitch 2
Micronoise Clicker 1
Micronoise Clicker 2
Mid Range Echoes
Midnight Clubland
Midnite Xpress Lane
Miley's Virus
Mind over Metal
Mini Hydroworks Looper
Minimal Buzz
Minimal Luminescence
Minimal Sinecrush
Minimalsitic Filterfunk 1
Minimalsitic Filterfunk 2
Minty Bells
Mirror Puffs
Mixo Meditation
Modding the SID Chips
Modern Prophecy 303
Modular Crush
Modular Gamelans Far
Modular Gamelans Near
Modular Harmonic Delays
Modular Sequenzer
Modular Square Drops
Modular Trance Crickets
Monopolyphonic Sea Dive
Monster Movie
Moody Greens
Moonbase Arp
MOPHO - Reso Ramper
Morphionic Dance
Morse Chill
Moving Skin
MS20 - Raw Power
MS20 - Task Force
MS2000 - Mental Uncertainty
Muscle Juno Pump
Musicbox Beat
Mutating M'Biras
Muted Expectations
Muy Guapo
My Altered Senses 1
My Altered Senses 2
My Density
My Little Guitar Stroke
Nails In Your Eyes
Name Check
Nasty Business
Nasty Sample and Hold Faker
Nasty Sonic Aggresso Groove
NCMS - Back Me Up
NCMS - Plucky Pulse
NCMS - Portal of Wonder
NCMS - Sweet Beef
Neural Toxin
New World Order
Night Skies in the City
Nippon Planetary Love
Nitrous Bass
NLEAD - Fakereverbarp
NLEAD - Lost in the Arcade
NLEAD - Shredded Counter
No Remorse in Space
Noise Choker 1
Noise Choker 2
Noise Prophets
Noise Sweeper Reduction
Noisegate Bender
Noisepulse Toothbrush
Noisy Contest Groove
Noisy Growl
NSA Surveillance
OB6 - Banding Side by Side
OB6 - Brassy Puffer
OB6 - Eight Times Eight
OB6 - Electron Spice
OB6 - Fingerplucking
OB6 - Flutey Puffer
OB6 - French Cinema
OB6 - Logarithm
OB6 - Manned Flight
OB6 - Pounding Wet Pavement
OB6 - Pulsation Sweepers
OB6 - Time Will Tell
Obscured Echo
Octomeister Bass
Odd Chip Bell Sequence
Ode to Mr Newman Arp
Offbeat Bass
Offbeat TranceChords
Oh I see
Oh Wow Wobbler 1
Oh Wow Wobbler 2
Oh Wow Wobbler 3
Old Habits
Old is New Again
One Layer Bombast
Operative Code Arp
Optigan Marimba in Space
Optigan Marimba Starship
Orange Lounge Groove
Orbital Delusions
Orchestral Cylinder
Orchestron Cello groove 1
Orchestron Cello groove 2
Orchestronic Trance
Orchestronica Cellios
Organ Beatmap
Organafizz 1
Organafizz 2
Organafizz 3
Organic Blacksmith
Organic Energy
Organic Minimalism
Organized Pulsations
OSCar 1
OSCar 2
OSCar 3
OSCar 4
Oslo Trip
Our Cover Is Blown
Overboil 909
Overdriven Beep
Overheated Tank
Overstimulated Bass
Pad Pulsars 12db
Panic Mode
Panic Rocker
Paper Pulser Bass
Paraphonic Trance 1
Paraphonic Trance 2
Paraphonic Trance 3
Party Animal Lead
Pattern of Reflection
Pax Groove 1
Pax Groove 2
Peace Pulse Pad
PEAK - Azerbaijan
PEAK - Cinemotion
PEAK - Performance
PEAK - Sunny Day Simulation
Percussive Luminopiano 1
Percussive Luminopiano 2
Percussive Luminopiano 3
Perfect Structures of Crystals
Perk-o-lator Rhumba
Perky Kids
Perky Plucks
Persecution Bass
Persistent Accenter
Persistent Beating 1
Persistent Beating 2
Persistent Sixteenths
Phasey Club Synth
Phillip's Glass Staccato Soprano
Phlutterphase Hang
Piercing Pulse
Piercing the Skies
Pincher Pulse
Pinging Farfisa
Pinging Tonewheels Hit
Pinging Tonewheels
Pink Martini I
Pink Martini II
Pink Martini III
Pink Martini IV
Pink Noise Percussionist
Pipe Organ Pluck Arp
Pitch Rippin'
Planning the Demise
Planning the Revenge
Plastic Boy
Plastic Cat of the Plastic Boy
Plastic Chime Pluck Arp
Plastic Ninja
Plastico Lead Arps
Plasto303 Arp
Play 4 Note Chord
Pluck and Play 1
Pluck and Play 2
Pluck Up
Plucked Dream Piano Arp
Plucker Machine
Plucking Octaves
Plucking Pulses
Plucking the Musicbox Arp
Plucks in Three
Plucky Pipes are Dancing
Poly Pluckers
Pop Drop
Pop Drops
Pop Staples Pulse
Pop Syncopluck
Pop Tail Pumper
Pop Trance Phaser
Pop Upbeaterz
Poppie Pluckers
Positive Reactions Arp
Positronic Pulsations
Postmodern M'Birascura
Power Filter Sweep 1
Power Filter Sweep 2
Power Juno Rhythm
Power Pop Poly Pulser
Power Pop Trash
Power Throaty Sweep
PR12 - Good Day
PR12 - Harm Onica
PR12 - Nine Inches Deep
PR12 - Nine Inches Wide
PR12 - Unsafe Spaces
PR12 - Waltzing
PR12 - Ziplines
Preparing for the Pain
Preparing for the Worst
Preperation Sticks
Pressurized Pulse
PRO2 - Chaotic Cascade
PRO2 - Noisy VHS Saws Arp
PRO2 - Stairs of Destiny 1
PRO2 - Stairs of Destiny 2
PRO2 - Swing for the Fences
PRO6 - Delorean Disco
PRO6 - Steddee Smakker
PRO6 - Zigzag Driver
PRO8 - 1978
PRO8 - 1979
PRO8 - Fueling the Tension
PRO8 - Pac Boy
Prophesy Energy Arp
PROX - Hiding the Elephant
PSS Swing Drummer
PSS Tripletesque Drummer
Psycho Gamer
Pulminary Artery
Pulsating Interlude Lead
Pulsating Techno Interlude 1
Pulsating Techno Interlude 2
Pulsating Tuned Noise
Pulsating Voices
Pulsation Station
Pulsatronic Lead Arp
Pulsatronic Sweep
Pulse Carrier
Pulse of Bass Reduction
Pulse of the Synthetic Voices 1
Pulse of the Synthetic Voices 2
Pulsing Air Trance
Pulsing Airvox 1
Pulsing Airvox 2
Pulsing Nasties
Pulsing Resonance
Pumping Energizers
Pumping Pads
Pumping Phasey Pads
Pumping Sawstrings
Purdy Chaos
Purple Dreams
Purple Sky
Quantized Wind
Quirky Agitated Saw Pattern
Quirky Boy Pulse
Quirky Child
Quirky Dancer
Quirky Moves
Quivvering Square
Race against the Burn
RADIAS - Aggression Ramps
RADIAS - Andre the Giant
RADIAS - Brutalis
RADIAS - Chubby Dancer
RADIAS - Duophonic Resoramps
RADIAS - Heart Spasm
RADIAS - Hungry Man
RADIAS - Love Parade Hi
RADIAS - Love Parade Lo
RADIAS - Noise Groover
RADIAS - Taptoes
RADIAS - Technophobe
RADIAS - Technophonics
Radio Edit ArpChords
Radio Pulse Transmitter
Radio VL Groove
Radioactive Isotope 1
Radioactive Isotope 2
Raining on Replicants
Rampy Ruby
Random Acts 1
Random Acts 2
Random Tine Drops 1
Random Tine Drops 2
Random Vocal FX Drone
Rasputin Wobbler
Ratcheting Up the Pain
Rave of the Buzzards
Rave of the Buzzheads
Rave of the Flies
Raves 2001
Raving Boy
Raving in the Estuary 1
Raving in the Estuary 2
Raving in the Estuary 3
Raving Lunatic
Razorface Bass
Reaching the Breaking Point
Reanimators 1
Reanimators 2
Rectified Pump
Rectifier Reaction 1
Rectifier Reaction 2
Recurring Dream Sequence
Recurring Fears
Red Bull Saw Arp
Reduced Shaker Samba
Reduced Wobbler
Reduction Noise 16ths
Reduction of the Lama
Redwood Messaging 1
Redwood Messaging 2
Reflective Nylon Guitar
Relentless Popper
Reloaded Bass Pattern
Renaissance Traveler
Repeat Offender
Repeater Bass
Repeater Dream Piano Clickarps
Repeater Dream Piano
Reso Fuzz Echoes
Resonation 1
Resonation 2
Resonation Cycles
Retro Dancing Mallets
Retro Dancing Plucker
Retro Riffer
Retrograde Looper 1
Retrograde Looper 2
Retrospective Piano Arpeggio
Return of the Dancing Boy 1
Return of the Dancing Boy 2
Return of the Traceboy
REV2 - Bouncy Balls
REV2 - Classic 1970 16ths
REV2 - Dancing Night Train
REV2 - Driven Mad
REV2 - Homesick in Berlin
REV2 - Hyperventilated Saw
REV2 - Meteor Shower
REV2 - Midnight Clubland
REV2 - Midnight Snack
REV2 - Personal Echo Chambers
REV2 - Removed Mind
REV2 - Secret Subdivisions
REV2 - Speleothemic Dungeon
REV2 - Strumming Cables
REV2 - Summer Stroll
REV2 - Tension Builder
REV2 - Thought Process
REV2 - Unsettling Faucet
REV2 - Walk With Caution
Reversal of the Supersaws
Reverse Forward
Reversing the Trend
Reverskater Noise Sweep
Revisiting the Early Years 1
Revisiting the Early Years 2
Rhythm of a Fandrum
Rhythmic Human Sea Waves
Rhythmic Pop Female Voices
Rhythmic Structures
Ricochet Noise
Riding the Storm
Rise of the Supersaw
Road to Kinshasa
Robo Breaker
Robodrum Fun
Robodrum Wire 1
Robodrum Wire 2
Robodrum Wiredancer
Roboscratch Funk
Robot Throb
Robotic Actuator
Robotic Reduction
Roboto Arp
Rolling Hangdrum Accel
Rotating Dopplerhead
Rubber Cords Movement 1
Rubber Cords Movement 2
Rude Sine Tickler
Rude Tickler
Run Them Down
Running Scissors
Ruptured Glitches
Rusty Oil Can Bows in Seven
Sample and Hold Me
Satellite Radio
Satuloop Redux
Sauvignon Blanc
Saws of Simplicity
Scattering Thought Flowers
Science Class
Screaming Combers
Screeching Halt 1
Screeching Halt 2
SE02 - Rotor Torture 1
SE02 - Rotor Torture 2
Sensory Overblow
Seq to Scream
Sequence Interception
SETI Machine Wheel
SH01A - Broken Glasses Chase
SH01A - Cajun Brushes
SH01A - Cricket Bubble Ruff
SH01A - Glassy Perc Groove
SH01A - Legend Saw Arp
SH01A - My Burbler Bass
SH201 - Uncontained Rage
Shaking the Noise
Shark's Bite
Shattered Glass Doors
Shing and Bling
Shock to the System
Show Your Teeth
SID 303 EP
SID Beat Confident
SID Rough Beat
Sid's Brother in Law
Sid's Latest Riff
Sidechain Gain
Sidechain Verb Lead
Sidechained Bass Drive
Sidechained Trance
Signal Interference
Silly Tune from the Barn
Simple Moog Arp
Simple Trance Phased Eights
Sine Clickies 1
Sine Clickies 2
Sine Grain Delayz
Sine Reduction Perc
Sine Wave Groove Drops
Sines of Digitalism
Sines of the Millenium
SK-1 Auto Pilot
Skinny Chicks
Skip the Raging Swinger
Skipping Across the Radio
Sky Runner
Sloppy ElectroFunk
Smoked Synth Bass Groove 1
Smoked Synth Bass Groove 2
Smoked Synth Bass Groove 3
Sneaking into the Club
Sneaky Magma
Snipping the Mayhem
Solo on the Dance Floor
Sonic Highway Jam
Sonic Highway Trance
Space Cat of the Space Boy
Space Distress
Spaceship of the Plastic Boy
Spacey Sine Arps
Spasm Boy
Spectral Muck
SPHAT - Dub Circus
SPHAT - Heist Bass
SPHAT - Induction Wobble
SPHAT - Marching Orders
SPHAT - Neural Toxin
SPHAT - Persistent UPbeat
SPHAT - Pluck Wob Glider
SPHAT - Pulsing Low End
SPHAT - Scream then Seethe
SPHAT - Simply Ostinato
SPHAT - Urgency
SPHAT - Wobble Iron
SPHAT - Wobbledy Wobbledy
Spike's Basement Dance
Spinning in Reverse Looper
Spirit of the 70s
Spoiled Triplets
Square Blippy Arp
Square Reducer Bass
Squared Poppies
Squared Rollers
Squares in Distress 1
Squares in Distress 2
Squares Inside a Squared Box
Squeege Shaperz
Stage Rusher
Starcycle Boogie
Stars in My Tide Pool
State of Confusion
Steady Flow Bass in Six
Steady Flow Bass
Steady Growler
Steam Pipe Groove 1
Steam Pipe Groove 2
Steamed and Burned Bass
Step Vowels
Step-phaser String Machine 1
Step-phaser String Machine 2
Stepmeister Complex
Stepmeister Ringer
Stepmeister Simple
Steps of 8ths
Steps of Eternity 1
Steps of Eternity 2
Steps of Intensity 1
Steps of Intensity 2
Steps of Urgency 1
Steps of Urgency 2
Stockholm Trip
Stone Arps
Storm Catcher
Strained Plucker
Strategy Elements
Strategy Evaluation
Strategy Execution
Stress Disorders
Striking Bows with Hands
Striking Bows with Stick
String Machine Master Arp
Stringo Dingo
Strong Acid Reflux
Strum of Uneasiness
Stutter Crush
Stuttering Music Box
Stylophone Glide-O-phonic
Sub Process 1
Sub Process 2
SUB37 - Are We in Sync?
SUB37 - Barbados
SUB37 - Driptective
SUB37 - Droid Boy
SUB37 - Electronic Surveillance
SUB37 - Name 3 Times Arp
SUB37 - Outta Sync
SUB37 - Pending Doom
SUB37 - Sci Fi Arp
SUB37 - Trills and Thrills
SUB37 - Voodoo or Voodon't
SUB37 - Zplane Alarmist
Submarine Breach
Subterfuge Dance
Sucking Syncbots
Sugarlimba FM Arp
Sugarlimba Groove
Sultan of Stab
Summertime Chords
Sunrise Fisheries
Super Juicebox Arpies
Super Mario Circuitbender Groove
Super Mario is my Cousin
Supergate Juno
Supersaw Crush
Supersawwwww ArpLead
Surfs Up Dude
Surveillance Society
Swagger Sidechainer
Swagger Wobbler
Swaggering Around
Swarm Hit
Sweet Beef
Sweet Sixteenths
Swingin' Blipper
Swingin' Mr Buchla
Switching Decks
Swoop dee-doo 1
Swoop dee-doo 2
Symmetric Pulsation
Symphony of Pulsing Harmonia
Syncopated Blippers
Syncopated Yogi
Syncropated Sines
Synthetic Anxiety
Synthetic Juice Alarm
Synthetic Juice Funk
Synthetic Reaction
Synthwave Ballad
SYST1 - Attitudinal
SYST1 - Blue Origins
SYST1 - Duckbilled
SYST1 - Lozenges
SYST1 - Sucking Air Bass
SYST1 - Sucking at Life
SYST1 - Suction Triplets
SYST8 - Age of Clarity
SYST8 - Alert
SYST8 - Anthem Pump
SYST8 - Bending Pulse
SYST8 - Electric Wobble
SYST8 - Electricity
SYST8 - Electrostatic Beans
SYST8 - Green Giant
SYST8 - Leafy Greens
SYST8 - Pacemaker
System of an Upbeat
Talking Filter Groove
Tank Bass
Tap Out
Tapping Guitarbots
Tapping Tines Arp
TB Killerz
Tech Alert Alarm
Tech Alert Warning
Teknik Bombastic
Tempo Control Kaleidoscope 1
Tempo Control Kaleidoscope 2
Tempo Shaped Darkness
Tempo Synced Laser
Tension Tines
Tesla Coil Arp 1
Tesla Coil Arp 2
Tesla's Arclight
Tesla's Insistence
Teutonic Influence
The Aerophonic Steps
The Altered Sleep Cycle 1
The Altered Sleep Cycle 2
The Altered Sleep Cycle 3
The Altered Sleep Cycle 4
The Big Nasty
The Biggietron
The Descent of Vinyl
The Formant Wheel
The Foundry
The Hunted
The Odd Boy Dances
The Old School Trance
The Pursuit
Theory of Groove
Theory of Simple Complexity
Theremin at the Disco
Thick and Thin
Thinly Crushed Pad
Thousand Hands in the Air
Thrashed Tickler
Three-Pole Rhythm Love Pad
Throat Singer Syncorama
Thruster Force
Tibetan Meditation
Tick Tock Trance
Tickle the Icicles
Time Capsules
Time For Haus
Time Jumper II
Time Jumper
Time of Our Lives
Timekeeper Rebound
Tine Pulsation
Tiny Virus
Tireless Squares
Tommy Pluck Arp
Tonal Metallics
Tornado Percussive Sequence
Tornado Tonal Sequence
Tortured Saw
Tour De Click
Toxic Code
TR-909 Snare Roll
Trance Child
Trance Comber 1
Trance Comber 2
Trance Dyno-Arps 1
Trance Dyno-Arps 2
Trance Dyno-Arps 3
Trance Dyno-Arps 4
Trance Magma GT
Trance Pattern Morph
Tranceformation Masters
Tranquil Ending
Trap Screech
Trapping by Accident
Tribal Grains
Trip Tone Trance
Triple Casioplets 1
Triple Casioplets 2
Triplet Bass Wobble 1
Triplet Bass Wobble 2
Triplet Bass Wobble 3
Triplet Chill
Triplet Wobbler
Troubled Heart
Troubled Mind
TSB Groover
Tuvan Dance 1
Tuvan Dance 2
Tuvan Dance 3
Tuvan Orchestra
Tweaking and Twerking
Tweezy Kid Wobba
Tweezy Kid
Two AM at The Beach Hit
Uber Bendomatic 1
Uber Bendomatic 2
Ubersolina Trancephase Bright
Ubersolina Trancephase Warm
UK Underground Synth
Ultraviolet Groove Hallucination
Under Attack Siren
Undercover Operation
Undercurrent on Cloud 9
Underfed 1
Underfed 2
Underground Freeze 1
Underground Freeze 2
Understated String Pulse
Underworld Pipeline 1
Underworld Pipeline 2
Underworld Pipeline 3
Universalia Majora
Universalia Minora
Unpredictable Sweeper
Unreliable Narrator
Unstable and Loving It
Up Jacked
Upbeat Badass 5ths
Upbeat Voices
Upbeating Juno Strings
Upbeating Supersaw
Upscale Junos
Valve Oscillator Build
Vandalized Moog Echoes
VelocoTrap Hats
Vertigen Res
Vertigen Shake
Vertigen Sweep
Vicious Aggresitronic
Vindictive Rage
Vintage Analog Arps
Vintage Electro Drum 1
Vintage Electro Drum 2
Vintage Electro Drum 3
Vinyl Sample and Hold
Vinyl Toy Bells
Violent Dumbek
Violent Energy
Viral Organafifth
Viral Upbeater
Viral Urgency
VIRUS - Grinder
Virus Pulsations
Visual Groove
Visual Vortex
VL Groove
VL-Tone Mod
Vocal Sync Ornaments 1
Vocal Sync Ornaments 2
Vocoder Crush
Voltage Dreams of a Robot Arp
Voodoo Bits 1
Voodoo Bits 2
VYGR - Analog Ramps
VYGR - Parallel Filters Pulse 1
VYGR - Parallel Filters Pulse 2
VYGR - Stutter Butter Cutter
VYGR - Waves Approaching
Waiting for the Horizon
Waiting for the Peak
Wakandan War Rhino
Walk of Fame
Wandering Mind
Warble Fly
Warm Saws in the Dance Floor
Warmth of the Heart
Washing Wheel
Wasp Catcher
Waspy Octave Plucker
Water Lilies
Waterchime Lullaby
Watery Gamelan Spreader
Waveshaped Nights
Wavetable Dancer
Wavetable Wobbler 1
Wavetable Wobbler 2
Wavetable World 1
Wavetable World 2
Wavetable World 3
Weaponized Insects
Weathered Strummin
Whack Chaos Bending
Wheel of Richness
Wheel Up to My Jumper
Whining Glider
Whining Pulse
Whistleko Arp
White Morpheus
Whoofie Whowie Whobble
Wide Grinder
Wiggling Bowl Arp
Wind Groove
Wobble 'O matic
Wobble Aggressor
Wobble Feeders
Wobble Planet
Wobble Vowels
Wonderland Interruptus
Wood Key Ostinabula
Wood Rods Percussion
Workin' the Synthetic Organic
Workin' the Synthetic
Workstation Fugitive
Zplane Alarmist

- 265 Patches

Age Nouveau Bells
Air Chunk
Air Plink Musicbox
Ambient Cathedral Drops
Anabell Pipes
Analog Chimes
Analog Synced Bells
Anapluck Bellz
Anvil Belltones
Anvil Chimes
Anvil Strike
Astral Music Box
Astral Visions Gamelaphone
Astral Visions Musicbox
Attack Shimmer
Beads in the Bowls
Bell of the Apocalypse
Bell of Unlikely Harmonics
Bell Synergies
Bending Indonesia
Big Additive Keys 1
Big Additive Keys 2
Big Additive Keys 3
Bowls Doppler Warm
Bowls Shimmerswipe 1
Bowls Shimmerswipe 2
Bowls Softglide
Carillion Reality - f
Carillion Reality - p
Carillion Reality ^
Carlos Bellsaws
Cathedral Carillon
Celes Bells
Chaotic Fingerbells
Chaotic Glock
Chaotic Vibes
Cheese Bells
Childish Noisebell
Chime City
Chimus Filter
Chinese Wisdom
Christmas Layers
Church Bells
Church Bowls
Circuit Chimeland 1
Circuit Chimeland 2
Clangorous Dreams
Classic Super Bells
Coiling Zim'bira 1
Coiling Zim'bira 2
Coiling Zim'bira 3
Crystal Musicbox
CS-80 Sine Bells
D50 - I Remember the Eighties
D50 - Bell Chorale
D50 - Classic Staccato Heaven
D50 - Fantasia Chorale Mms
D50 - Glass Bells in Space
Dead Ringer
Death Toll
Delish Bells
Dimensional Vibralimba
Distant Holiday Dreams
Dripping Glide Bell High
Dripping Glide Bell Low
Drops of Copper
Drops of Glass
Dynamic Bowls Warm Rattle
Dynamic Crystal Gamelan
Dynamic Sprinklers
Earthbound Spirits Bell
Eighties Bells
Eurosphere 1
Eurosphere 2
Experimental Thought
Expressive Stringbowls
Fairy Tale Bells
Fizz Bells
Frozen Dream
Frozen Icebells
Frozen Rings
GAIA - Hybrid Pluck
GAIA - Pluckarama
Gamelan Drops
Gamelan Tremolo Shimmer
Gamma LAN Gong
Gary's Analog Bells
Gentle Vibrato Bellverb
Giant Bellz
Giant Indonesian Bell
Glass Butterflies
Glass Continental Vox
Glass Dragonflies
Glass Music Box
Glass Picked Boys Choir
Glass Picking
Glass Vibes
Glass Vibraphone
Glass Xylophone
Glassbell Voxpad
Glistening Drops of Platinum
Glock Urbana
Glockendream Reverse Delay
Glockenspiel Dry
Glockenspiel Natural Ambience
Glockenspiel Staccato Vocals
Glockenspiel Women Oos
Granular Bella
Granular Electric M'Bira
Grim Reaper
Gritty Bellz
Guitar Chimes
Harmonic Air Hit
Her Simple Dreams
High Priestess
Ice Glockenspiel
In Memorium 1
In Memorium 2
Indonesian Metallophone
Innocence Bells
Inside the Grandfather Clock
Intimate Glass Music Box
Intimate Music Box
JP Seq Bells
JP Vibrasine Bells
JP08 - Cross Mod Bells
JP08 - Mystery Bellz
JU06 - DCO Chorus Bells
JU06 - Octave Square Bells
JUNO - Synth Bellz Sub
JUNO - Synth Bellz
JUNO - Vintage 1985
JUNO - Vintage Hollowpoint
Jupiter Octabells
JX03 - Defective Bells
JX03 - Detuney Squares
JX03 - Eighties Bells
JX03 - Frozen Dissonant Crystal
JX03 - Soft Sines
KPRO - Dreamies
KPRO - Plucktables
Large Music Box
Lead VibraBell
Lightbulb in a Bowl
Love Chimes
Love Triangle Bells
Luminosonic Lightbulbs
Metal Dust Bell
MKS80 - Eighties Hollow
MKS80 - FMish Bell
MKS80 - Luxurious Bell
MKS80 - Tranquility Bell
MOPHO - Noizee Bellz Mono
MOPHO - Noizee Bellz Stereo
Morphing Belltower
Morphing Mallets
MS2000 - Old School Bells
Music Box + School Mallets
Music Box Guitaret
Music Box Resonances
Musicbox Symphony
Mystical Carillion
Nautical Bellswirl
NBS2 - Lullabyebye
Nightflight Aftermath
Nightlight Aftermath
Nite-nite Bells
NLEAD - Bells Cold
NLEAD - Bells of Lament
NLEAD - Bells Warm
NLEAD - Spitty Bells
Noise Bells
OB6 - Ornaments
OB6 - Zapped and Microwaved
Octabell Lead
Odd Chip Bells
Oiltank Glockenspiel
Oiltank Musicbox
Omniboard Bells
Omnisphere Fantasia
Organic Bells 1
Organic Bells 2
Organic Orbit
Otherworldly Toy Piano
PEAK - Deckard + Rachel 1
PEAK - Deckard + Rachel 2
PEAK - Glass Forests
PEAK - Sorceror's Tone
Perfect Cue Bell Sparkle
Pesky Red
Plastic Chime Pluck
Plucked Airbell
Plucked Melodizer
Pop Drops Pluck
Positive Analog
PR12 - Jacked Bells
PR12 - VS Love
PRO2 - Characteristix
PRO6 - Defined Vibrapluck
PRO8 - DSI Belltower
Pure in Spirit
Purewave Bells
REFACE - Dusty Sines
Resonant Glockenspiel
Resonata Bell
Resonator Glocken
REV2 - Chimes of Oblivion
Reverse Bowl Resonation
Rexus Bells
Rheostatic Music Box
Santa's Pocket Bells
Simple Glassian
SLEDG - Plantain Bell
SLEDG - Yellow Belly
SLEDG - Yellow Magic
Sodastream Bells
Spaceland OctoBlippie
Spinner Clock Bells
Spinning the Waterchimes
Squared Poppies Pluck
Squaretable Bells
Starfield Pianobells
Steam Sines
Stretching Glass Bells
Surprise Bowls
Swirling Additive Bells
Syncrobellz Brite
Syncrobellz Warm
Syncrobellz Wide
SYST8 - Tubular Bellz
Tea Garden Bells
Tea Garden Doppler Bells
Temple's Secret Mallet
The Mighty VS
Thin DSP Melodist
Tibetan Bowls in Motion
Tibetan Sforzando
Tibetan Singing Bowls Superball
Titanium Chimes
Toy Celeste for Small Birds
Vector Bellkeyz Fifth
Vectorized 5th Bells
Vox Bowls
VS Bells
VYGR - Water Stars
Warm Glockendream Bells
Water Bowls
Water Celeste
Water Gamelan
Wendy's Bells
Whistle Through Shards
Whistlers Bells
Wiggling Reversing Bowl
Workstation Bell

- 126 Patches

Bark Cello
Barkcello Anguish Cry
Barkcello Injured Animal
Barkcello Ripdown
Barkcello Sustain Arco
Bowed Acoustic Guitar 'EVIL note'
Bowed Acoustic Guitar + EVIL
Bowed Acoustic Guitar
Bowed Balaphones
Bowed Bicycle 1 Reverse
Bowed Bicycle 1
Bowed Bicycle 2 Reverse
Bowed Bicycle 2
Bowed Gopichand FX Bend
Bowed Gopichand
Bowed Hat
Bowed Kalimbadrum 1
Bowed Kalimbadrum 2
Bowed Kalimbadrum 3
Bowed Kalimbadrum 4
Bowed Lightbulb
Bowed Organ Pipe
Bowed Pills
Bowed Uileen Lightbulbs
Bowed Vibes
Bowing Chromium
Bowing Detuned Crystal Glasses
Bowing Indy's Hat
Bowing the Temple
Brittle Bones
Broken Cello FX Scraper Sustain
Broken Cello Ghost Arco 1
Broken Cello Ghost Arco 2
Broken Cello Haunted Arco
Bursting Aura
Buzz Evolvoscraper
Cellosaurus Baby Dino Call
Cellosaurus Dialogue
Cellosaurus Lament
Cellosaurus Long Harmonics
Cellosaurus Skin Stretching
Cellosaurus Snoring
Cellosaurus Tonal Scrape
Cellosaurus Transforming
Cellosaurus Trumpet-like
Cellosaurus Yawning
Chaotic and Wistful Thoughts
Communing with Whales 1
Communing with Whales 2
Communing with Whales 3
Communing with Whales 4
Communing with Whales 5
Crescendo of Bowing Light
Dark Ages Arco Pipes
Deep Bowing Glass
Derangement over the Piano
Disturbed Scraper Strings
Dragging Leg Irons
Drone Freeze
Drying Rack Wistful
Ebowed Gopichand 1
Ebowed Gopichand 2
Ebowed Kalimbadrum
Elastic Bowed Kalimba
Electric Toothbrush Ruby Moon
Elephant Bow Bass
Emerging Beast
Eroded Spooky Strings
Evocative Bowed String Fifths
Evocative Bowed Strings Drone
Experibass Sustain Arco Wide
Experibass Sustain Arco
Fence Bass Arco Bender
Fence Bass Overtones Bow
Fence Bass Slow Bow
Five Strings
Flying Bows
Gentle Bowed Metal Octaves
Giant Flow of Molten Metal
Glacier Bowing
Glass Harmonica
Glass Strings Sustain Arco
Hurdy Gurdyish Bowed Piano
Hurdy Gurdyish Organ
Hurdy Gurdyish Pad
Laundry Ensemble
Living in the Himalayas 1
Living in the Himalayas 2
Lonely Metals Evolution
Menacing Bowed Kalimba
Nefarious Plans Anguish
Nefarious Plans Nightmare
Nefarious Plans Screecher
Neo Rheo
Ominous Groaning
Omninous Disturbance
Open the Gate 1
Open the Gate 2
Organcello Swell
Piano Bowing Atmosphere
Piano Bowing
Primal Anguish
Primal Ripdown
Psychodelic Bowing
Return to the Middle Ages
Scary Barkcello
Scraped Cello
Scraping My Skin
Scraping Shivers Up My Spine
Scraping the Avante Garde
Scratching the Itch
Silent Harmonics Arco Sustain
Soft Glass Harmonica
Spike Fiddle
Spirits of the Railway
Staring at the Medusa
Steel Armonica
The Last Battle
Transparent Harmonics Arco
Uilleann Cello
Unknowable Dialog
Welcome to the Asylum
Wine Whistles

- 138 Patches

Aggressive Tendencies
ANDROMEDA - Slowdowner
Angry Whiplash
Bad Dreams DR
Bad Photocopy of a Super Saw
Black Coffee Burners
Blood Letting Lead
Breakin' Up
Broken Amp Lead
Bronzed Organ Grinder
Brutal Megalomaniac
Brutal Moog DR
Brutal Moog
Buzzord DR
Crank Shaft
Cranky Electric M'Bira Lead
Crushed Rawker
Crying Whammy Guitaret Lead
Distorted Magma
Electric M'Bira Finger
Electric M'Bira Pick
Feed Me
Feedback Evolutions
Ferocious Megalomaniac
Fist in the Face Bass
Flesh Eating Drill
Frippy Colorization
Frippy DR
Fuzz Crunch Guitaret
Fuzzeridoo 1
Fuzzeridoo 2
Fuzzeridoo 3
Fuzzy Love
Gusher Slides
Gushing Tuvan Fuzz
Hard STEAMed MonoPoly
Hard STEAMed Moog
Heavy Megalomaniac
Hold Me Down
Howling Fishing Line
JDXA - Animosity
JDXA - Hungry Animals
JDXA - Xcavation Site
Lovely Guitar Feedback
LPHAT - Party Distressor
Microchip Chords
Monster OctaveFuzz Bow
MS20 - Pain Everywhere!
MS2000 - Discordant Ring
MS2000 - Panic Button
Napalm Fire Bass
Nasty Business Lead 1
Nasty Business Lead 2
Nasty Sonic Aggressor Lead
NBS2 - Disasters Edge
NLEAD - Painful Breakup
NLEAD - Stormfront
NLEAD - Tumbleweeds
NSTAGE - Eternal Flames
NWAVE - Growing Violence
PEAK - Gnarles Barkley
Power Blowout
Power Hungry
PRO2 - Pure Malice 1
PRO2 - Pure Malice 2
PRO2 - Shrieking
Rad Drug 1
Rad Drug 2
Rad Drug 3
Rad Drug 4
Rad Drug Aftermath
Ravenous 1
Ravenous 2
Ravenous 3
Rebellious Thinking
REFACE - Blues Travelers
REFACE - Deserted Feedback
REFACE - Greenwood
Rock Harder
Savage Moog
Savage Tones
Screaming Wheels
SE02 - Pyramid Scheme
SE02 - Vile Thoughts
Short Angry Ninja
Shredder BZG
Shredder Head
Shredding Megalomaniac
SIRIN - Unbearable Tension
SLEDG - Boiling Bow
SLEDG - Raging Scream
SLEDG - Yellow Trapper
Snarls DR
SPHAT - Gut Mulcher
SPHAT - Meaty Pulse
Spit 1
Spit 2
Spit 3
Spit Storm BZG
Squalor Drone DR
Squalor Drone
Strumendo 1
Strumendo 2
Strumendo 3
Strumendo 4
SUB37 - Distorted Zap Bass
SUB37 - Panic Stricken
SYST8 - Duophonic Fuzz
Talkbox Pain
Tap Hound
Tribute 2 Belew
Tuvan Fuzz 1
Tuvan Fuzz 2
U S U R P FX Menu

- 114 Patches

Bandpass Noise Hit
Bit Crushed Sine Hat 1
Bit Crushed Sine Hat 2
Bit Crushed Sine Snare 1
Bit Crushed Sine Snare 2
Bit o' Glitch 1
Bit o' Glitch 2
Clap Dance
Clap Hall
Claps 808-style
Clever Hats
Clicky Blipper
Crushed Toms Cellosaurus
Darkness Noise Perc
Disco Zaps
Drumwerk Flat Snare
Drumwerk Resonthip Snare
Dry 909-style Claps
Dynamic Noise Hat
E-snare 1
E-snare 2
Eight Clappers
Electric Ballade Snare
Electro Kick
Electro Shaker Noise
Envelope Glitch Percussion 1
Envelope Glitch Percussion 2
Envelope Glitch Percussion 3
Fandrum Kick
Fandrum Perc 1
Fandrum Perc 2
Fandrum Perc 3
Fandrum Snare
Fuming Fireball Slam
Game Noise Snare 1
Game Noise Snare 2
Glass Hammer Perc
Glass Hammer Random
Glitch Oscillator Perc 1
Glitch Oscillator Perc 2
Glitch Oscillator Perc 3
Granular Tambourine
Hard Electro Kick
Hawk Hat
Hawk Snare
Headbasher Slam
Hihat Analogue
Hihat Closed
Hihat Open 1
Hihat Open 2
Hihat Open 3
Human Electro Rim
Human Electro Snare
Jive SynHats Upbeat
Jive SynKick
Jive SynSnare
Kick 808 Tuned
Kick Harder
Kick Me
Kick Particles
Kicktoms 808
Kit and Kaboodle
Massive Xplosive Clap
Micro Click 1
Micro Click 2
Micro Kick
Micro Shaker
Micro Snare
Model Kick
Model Snare
Move it Snare
Mr Buchla
Nano Glitch
Nein Und Nein
Nitrogen Drum
Noise Crash
Noise Perc Rails
Noise Rim BP
Noise Shaking
Noise Splash
Noise Stomper
Noise Sweeper Kick 1
Noise Sweeper Kick 2
Non Zero Crossing Kick 1
Non Zero Crossing Kick 2
Obese Kick
Obscured Spacekick
Pocket Drum Kit
Reduced Noise Snare
Resonant Space Click
Rim Cellosaurus
Rimclick Eko
Scratching the Juicy Wind
Shaker Cellosaurus
Sine Reduction Blip
Smack U Silly
Snare Me
Snare Noise
Soft Kick Cellosaurus
Soft Kick Reduction
Sticky Forward Kicker
Tin Snare
Tonal 808 Noise
Tonal Sine Kick
Tour De Velo Click
Velo Zappz
Velocity Electrodrums 1
Velocity Electrodrums 2
Xpress Kick
Xpress Snare

- 343 Patches

Acid Mbiras DR
Alien Lifeforms
Animated Chaos Synth
Arctic Signal 1
Arctic Signal 2
Asyncronous Unpredictability
Atonal Chaos
Attack the Massive
Bad Latitude
BBC Labs
Bending Resonating Saw
Birth of Organic Circuits
Bitter Resentments
Blip 1
Blip 2
Bob's Chop Shop
Bouncing on the Spring
Brain Anomaly 1
Brain Anomaly 2
Brain Mismatch
Breaking Up in Reno
Breakout Edge
Breakout Razor
Brewing the Analog Bubby
Buchla Hangover
Busy Little Beavers
Buzz Off!
Cable Bugs
Calliopedic Circuit Raga
Cannot Compute
Cartoon Character
Cartoon FM Boing
Cartoon RM Boing
Cast Iron Synth
Cerebral Cortex
Chaotic Glitchy Groove
Chickens in the Fuzzbox
Children of Destruction
Circadian Fuzzmatic
Circuit Bending 1
Circuit Bending 2
Circuit Bending 3
Circuit Bending 4
Circuit Bending Echoes
Circuit Bent FX
Circuitboard Meltdown
Clicky Modular Drops
Clink 'n that Girl is Gone
Control Thyself
Conversation of Sine Waves
Cougar in my Blender
CPU Battle menu
Cries of Impending Pain
Critters in the Pipes
Critters in the Shed
Crushed Particles Burst
Cubism in Space
Cyber Alarm
Cyber Cruiser
Cyber Door 1
Cyber Door 2
Cyber Door 3
Cyber Toy 1
Cyber Toy 2
Cyber Toy 3
Cyborg Relations
Dark Steps
Data Slide
Deep Delirium Bass
Deep Glitch
Despot Motors
Despot Robots
Disintegration Station
Distintegrating Piano Strings
Doctor Who
Dopamine Deficiency 1
Dopamine Deficiency 2
Downsampling the Irritants
Drillbit Cellosaurus
Dripping with Electrolites
Duty Cycle
Dying Tribbles
Echoes Edge Brassy
Echoes Edge Complex
Elastik Aliens
Electric Fireflies in the Gongs
Electrical Relays
Electro Shock
Electrocuted Aluminum
Electroshock Therapy
Evaporating Crystal Machines
Evil Circuitry 1
Evil Circuitry 2
Evil Circuitry in Space
Eye of the Hurricane Bass
Failing Bulb
Fandrum Insects
Firefly Festival
Firing Squad
Flare Virus
Flies Bending Lament
Fluorescent Buzz 1
Fluorescent Buzz 2
Fly Convention
Fried Neurons
Fry Me up Some Bacon
Fun E Farm
Fuzz Tubes
Gabriel's Flute FM Seq
Giant Mosquitos Attack
Glass Woodpecker
Glitch String FX
Glitchfield Swell 1
Glitchfield Swell 2
Glitching on the Radio
Glitchy Calmness
Gort's Visor
Granulated Lead
Gristle stuck in my Throat
Gutbusting Glitch 1
Gutbusting Glitch 2
Gutbusting Glitch 3
Half Life Atonality
Harm Mayhem
Harmonic Kaleidoscope
Heartbeat of the Mechanoids
Hunger in the Glitchfield 1
Hunger in the Glitchfield 2
Hydrogen Echo
Hypertension Wires
Inside the Electrical Panel
Inside the Throat of a Giant Insect
JDXA - Zee Eurorack Trap
JDXI - Doomed Transmission
JDXI - Posessed Speak 'n Spell
JDXI - Warp Wolf
JP08 - Single SideBand Echo
JP08 - Snazzy Canteen
Just Press the Button!
Key Up Robo Chat
KMINI - Descent Alert
KMINI - Modular Cauldron
KMINI - Psychedelix
KMINI - Space Pulse
KMINI - Station Alert
KMINI - Weeping Modular
Liquid Electro Drops
Liquid Sequencer
Little Robot with a Heart
Lo-Res Glockenmulch
Lurking in the Aphex Garden
Magic in the Water Pipes
Mazz Mod
Mean Code Gone Wild FX
Medusa Inside Your Brain
Melting Beams
Melting Plastic
Membrane Disintegration
Membrane Fragmentation
Menacing Cyborgs
Micronoise Splash
Minimal Random Glitches 1
Minimal Random Glitches 2
Minimal Random Glitches 3
Minimal Random Glitches 4
Modular Meditation
Morse Code Synthy
Moving Skin Low
Mr Putney
MS20 - Clearing my Throat
MS20 - Feel the Pain
MS20 - Holding my Sample
MS20 - I Refuse to Accept
MS20 - Old School Modularism
MS20 - Space Squirrel Calling
MS20 - Violent Digestion
MT Glitch Lab
MTAUR - Minitaur Alarmz
My Bit Crushed Brain 1
My Bit Crushed Brain 2
NBS2 - Losing Control
Neon Hum
New World Order Lead
NLEAD - ModWheel Chaos
NLEAD - Polymath
NLEAD - Rapid Future
No Self Control
OB6 - Bumpy Road
Odd Man Out
Old Frequency Scanners
Open Up Your Throat

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