Office professional plus 2010 product key Archives

Office professional plus 2010 product key Archives

office professional plus 2010 product key Archives

office professional plus 2010 product key Archives

Microsoft Outlook 2010 Professional Plus Not Showing Exchange 2010 Archive Mailbox folder

I did some testing on this whole Personal Archive thing as even when using a new version and new license key the archive wasn’t showing in Outlook 2010 (yet was showing in OWA).

So I setup two machines (VMs) running Windows 7 Ultimate.
One was x64 and the other x86 but vanilla installs.
Installed Office 2010 Professional Plus download from TechNet (the iso image with both x86 and x64 versions on it).
Installed the lastest Office updates published via MS Update.
Used the same license key for both installs of Office.
Exchange 2010 backend running SP1.

When the machines are not in a domain the archive doesn’t show in Outlook (both x86 and x64).
Pop the machines into the same AD domain as the Exchange server and hey presto the archive shows on both Outlook versions (x86 and x64).

Just to check things I removed them from the domain - archive folder missing again.
Re-added back to domain - archive folder shows.

It seems for the TechNet version anyhow the machine should be in a domain.
I can’t comment on other versions/license keys.


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, office professional plus 2010 product key Archives

How Do I Fix It if Microsoft Office 2010 Says It's an Unlicensed Product?

International Data Corporation's 2013 global study of software piracy, conducted for Microsoft, reported that pirated applications made up 42 percent of all installed PC software. Software activation procedures provide an anti-piracy measure designed to limit use to validly licensed installations. If your copy of Microsoft Office 2010 reports itself as unlicensed when you attempt to use it, your problem may stem from one of several kinds of licensing errors.

Preloaded Trial

When you purchase a PC running Microsoft Windows, your computer system may arrive with a trial version of Microsoft Office preloaded on its hard drive. This installation remains functional for a limited period. When this grace period -- usually 30 or 60 days -- ends, the software enters reduced functionality mode, in which you can use it to view but not to edit or save documents. To continue to use all the features of the software, you must purchase a license that entitles you to convert all or a subset of the applications included in the trial. Trial versions of Microsoft Office differ from Office Starter, which consists of special permanently licensed versions of Word and Excel that can create, edit and save files, but that include only a subset of these programs' regular features.

Incorrect Product Key

After you purchase and install Microsoft Office 2010 from a disc or a downloaded archive, you must enter a product key and activate the software to continue using it beyond its grace period. You can activate your software by phone or directly on your computer through an Internet connection. If you enter the product key's lengthy, case-sensitive sequence of letters, numbers and hyphens incorrectly, you will be unable to activate the software. Re-enter the product key and try again, use a different activation method or contact Microsoft's customer service if your attempts remain unsuccessful.

Too Many Computers

Licenses for Microsoft Office 2010 entitle you to install the software on two or more computers. Office Home and Student, designed for non-commercial, non-governmental use in a home setting, entitles one individual to install it on as many as three computers under one roof. The Professional and the Home and Business editions of the software permit two installations by a single user, one on a desktop and one on a notebook system. If you attempt to exceed the installation allowance of your license for Office 2010, you will be unable to activate it without deactivating one of the installations you've already activated.

Volume License

Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 consists of the regular Office applications and Microsoft Office 365, which operates through an Internet connection. A business that purchases a volume license for this version of Office can install it on a specific number of computers. If your copy of Office Professional Plus shows the message "Unlicensed Product" in its title bar or "Product Activation required" in its Help screen, your installation lacks the proper authorization to run, either because your system administrator unlicensed it or never added it to the subscription account. Correcting this requires a user ID and password for an Office 365 account and a reset procedure.

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office professional plus 2010 product key Archives
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