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“Play Beautiful” is the slogan for EA SPORTS FIFA 16, the latest edition of the world’s most popular sports video game. This year, women are “in the game” for the first time, as national teams from 12 countries are represented. To  support the game’s global launch, Loma produced this video featuring U.S. star Alex Morgan playing… Read more »


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  Loma Media is stupendously proud to serve as advertising and marketing partner for America’s fourth largest (and most fabulously fantastic) County Fair. This year, the San Diego County Fair Makes History, as an iconic cavalcade of innovative inventors set the stage for 25 days of Mirthful Merriment on the Midway (and beyond!). ENJOY an… Read more »

The Sportin’ Life

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By John DeBello Sports metaphors abound in the workplace, and sports themes thrive in the marketplace. In an era of “all sports, all the time,” it often follows that a product pitch is delivered—literally–by a pitcher. Or a linebacker. Or skier, skater, goalie, golfer, even “tagger” (in certain parts of Eurasia.) By any name, it’s… Read more »

Rise Up with the Aztec Club

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Across all sports the San Diego State Aztecs are ascendant, but major college athletics requires strong support from alums and fans alike. Loma was called on to present a compelling “motion infographic” message to effectively present the challenges faced by ambitious programs—and the importance of Aztec Club membership. Go State!   

SEA San Diego: AMERICA’S CUP 2016

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San Diego is determined to host the 35th America’s Cup, envisioning an all-new “stadium sailing” experience for a sport synonymous with innovation. Loma has produced an energetic video overview that illustrates the unique level of passion and planning that only San Diego can provide.  The city is one of two finalists to host the 2016 event.

AAA: The Athlete’s Journey

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AAA is well-known for being America’s number one choice for Roadside Assistance.  However, for the not-for-profit association to continue to grow and remain strong, introducing members and non-members to other products and services from AAA is critical.  This led to the creation of a new marketing strategy, tying closely into America’s love of youth sports… Read more »

America’s Most Inventive City

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The mission of the San Diego Exploratory Committee is simple – bring the future Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games to the San Diego mega-region. If it can be done, these are the people to do it, and we’re proud to help introduce the effort through an energetic video describing the key reasons why “America’s Most Inventive… Read more »

I Love Balboa Park!

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We captured some of the excitement that visitors from around the world feel when experiencing Balboa Park. Building on this energetic spirit, Loma is launching a User Generated Content Campaign where viewers are encouraged to share their Balboa Park stories online via Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube under the hashtag #ilovebalboapark. Do you love Balboa Park?… Read more »

We Are Aztecs!

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San Diego State football is on a roll, and Loma is excited to help accelerate the momentum. We produced the 2013 Aztecs season ticket TV campaign, which has begun airing. Featuring head coach Rocky Long, plus pre-season All Conference selections Adam Muema and Jake Fely, the production design is highly visual and completely visceral. Building… Read more »

EA SPORTS Puts Loma Media in the Game

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When EA SPORTS, a trademark of Electronic Arts, Inc, a global leader in digital interactive entertainment, was searching for a partner to give young sports fans an all-access pass to the world of sports, they turned to Loma Media. The result is EA SPORTS GameTime, a broadcast series airing on FOX Sports regional networks, as… Read more »

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The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack Announced

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

Earlier this year, EA told investors that by March 2016 we would see “another” Sims 4 expansion pack released, along with multiple game packs. There’s been no official word on that Sims 4 expansion (although it’s most likely The Sims 4 Pets), but we do know that the next game pack will be The Sims 4 Spa Day.

Following on from the chilled out Outdoor Retreat, Luxury Party Stuff, and Perfect Patio Stuff add-ons, The Sims 4 Spa Day will let your Sims to get their ‘rest and relaxation’ on. There will be a series of health and wellness related activities on offer from massages to mudbaths and you can find out more about this game pack after the break.

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FIFA 16 Gameplay Trailer Stars Messi, No Touch Dribbling

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

Every year, without fail, EA releases a brand new FIFA game. And every year, EA has to come up with some significant new features and tweaks to prove that this year’s game isn’t just last year’s game in a new box with a new roster update.

EA has already tried to prove how different FIFA 16 is, with the biggest addition being the inclusion of women’s international teams. As important as that is, we don’t just want new characters models, new names on the back of the jerseys and new pronouns in the commentary, we want tangible gameplay changes. So could ‘no touch dribbling’ be the change that we need? According to the new FIFA 16 gameplay trailer, no touch dribbling will change everything.

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The Sims 4: Hot Tubs Only Ever Available If You Pay Extra; Future Updates Outlined

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

In the past few months, we have praised EA and The Sims 4 development team for listening to fans and making up for what was a disappointing launch. Fans asked for swimming pools and family trees and they added them to the game for free, fans wanted more space so they introduced new Sims 4 neighbourhoods, and fans also asked for more things to do and so they have released various Sims 4 DLC.

The latest of these DLC add-ons is The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuffpack which gives your Sims the tools they need for a chill hangout; including hot tubs. These hot tubs are a big, key feature as Sims of all ages can hang out in them and listen to the radio, and adult Sims can even WooHoo in them. It’s a shame then, that Sims 4 producer Graham Nardone has now confirmed that hot tubs will only ever be available to players who pay extra.

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E3 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Multiplayer Detailed

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

Mirror’s Edge Catalyst is a game all about hurtling across the tops of buildings at full speed, trying to get to places in the fastest time possible without falling off the roof or getting apprehended by a corporate goon. So it would be the perfect sort of game for a multiplayer race; players could go head to head, trying to find the best line on a course and set the best time.

Speaking at E3 2015, Patrick Bach from the game’s developer DICE, has confirmed Mirror’s Edge Catalyst multiplayer, just not in the way that you think.

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The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Trailer Goes Live

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

While The Sims 4‘s launch is better left forgotten (as are the threats made from a developer that they would cancel The Sims 5), since then, the game’s development team has done a good job of listening to fans and taking our feedback on board. Fans have especially been asking for more content which is why in addition to the Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, Luxury Party Pack add-on DLC, a new patch was also recently released, which added brand new neighbourhoods and several new lots to the game for free.

Adding to this rapidly growing heap of new game content is The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff pack, which includes lots of new clothing, decor and gameplay items for your Sims have nice backyard boogies and patio parties. The new pack is out now; you can watch the launch trailer after the break.

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E3 2015: FIFA 16 Gameplay Trailer Released

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

Last week, Konami showed that it’s not pulling any punches with Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 as not only has the company put football superstar Neymar Jr. on the box, but their game is also boasting improved graphics, advanced collision, and it also launches a week before its closest rival, FIFA 16. So how will EA, the publisher and developer of FIFA 16 hold off the competition?

EA previously announced the fact that FIFA 16 will feature female football players for the first time in FIFA history, with 12 women’s international teams being included in the game. During their E3 2015 press conference EA shed even more light on the game so read more about about FIFA 16 and watch a brand new gameplay trailer after the break.

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E3 2015: Mirror’s Edge Catalyst Release Date and Announcement Trailer

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

Mirror’s Edge fans have been asking for a new game since…well, ever since the first game was released. So when EA and DICE announced that the next Mirror’s Edge game would be called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, players had plenty of questions. They wanted to know how they would build on the first game’s stellar free-running gameplay and if Catalyst would right the wrongs of Mirror’s Edge‘s poor story.

In the run up to E3 2015, EA and DICE teased us but ultimately left us hanging. But now that the show has kicked off proper, they have revealed the Mirror’s Edge Catalyst release date along with a swanky new trailer that’s chock full of gameplay.

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Sims 4 Update Adds Three Brand New Neighbourhoods

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

Things have been rather busy for The Sims 4 lately. The game has already added Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, and Luxury Party Stuff as optional DLC and next week it will introduce the Perfect Patio Stuff pack too. Understandably, some housekeeping will need to be done to nix the bugs that that DLC has produced and to prepare the game for all of that upcoming content as well.

On top of that, the Sims 4 development team has been fending off complaints from fans who argue that there just isn’t enough space in the game. So to address those aforementioned bugs and to give the fans what they want, The Sims 4 has received a brand new patch including bug fixes and a brand new world called Newcrest.

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The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack Announced

by Jasmine Henry2 Comments

As has been well-documented (read: well-complained) about on this site, The Sims 4 has suffered from a content problem. The game is shinier and prettier than its predecessor, yes, but it hasn’t brought any substantial new features to the plate and it has actually removed several favourites such as pools, which had to be added into the game as a post-launch patch.

EA is making amends though, such as with those free patches, and the publisher has also been ramping up its paid-for content schedule with Get to Work, Outdoor Retreat, and the Luxury Party Stuff pack being additional add-ons. The publisher did confirm that the game would also get a new expansion and a new stuff pack between now and March 2016 (the expansion pack will most likely be Sims 4 Pets, according to some sources) and now, The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff has officially been announced.

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Mirror’s Edge 2 is Officially Called ‘Mirror’s Edge Catalyst’

by Jasmine HenryLeave a Comment

When Mirror’s Edge was released way back in 2008, its story was criticised for being too short and frankly, for being a bit rubbish. But the game starred a likeable female protagonist, a dystopian world filled with secrets and mysteries and it featured exhilarating free-running gameplay. The series had legs and fans and so demanded another game.

After five long years, publisher EA announced Mirror’s Edge 2 at E3 2013 before wheeling the game out again at E3 2014. That got fans excited, in spite of the fact that the game didn’t have an official name. Up until now that is, as EA has confirmed that Mirror’s Edge 2 is officially called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst.

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GENEVA — FIFA is helping soccer players switch eligibility and represent a second national team with a planned rule change announced Wednesday.

[ MORE: US Soccer create ‘Jersey Masks’ ]

The proposal gives hope to players who are eligible for multiple countries but fell out of favor at their first national team, where they are bound after just a single minute of playing time in a competitive game.

The new wording would let players switch eligibility if they played a maximum of three times for the first national team — including tournament qualifying games — before they turned 21, and at least three years earlier.

The new rule will take effect next month if 211 national federations approve it at the Sept. 18 congress that FIFA is hosting online from Zurich.

A FIFA working group has tried for more than two years to shape the new proposal.

A test case at the Court of Arbitration for Sport ahead of the 2018 World Cup is key background.

[ VIDEO: Premier League highlights

Munir El Haddadi, now with Europa League finalist Sevilla, wanted to be selected for Morocco but lost his appeal against the FIFA rules. He had played just once for Spain in September 2014, as a 77th-minute substitute in a European Championship qualifier.

The new rule would not help Brazil midfielder Oscar, who has suggested switching to China where he has played club soccer since 2017.

Oscar would fail the test because he has played more than three times for Brazil, including after he was aged 21, and at a World Cup finals tournament in 2014.

The proposal would bar nationality switches for anyone who played at a “final tournament of the FIFA World Cup or a final tournament of a confederation competition.”

FIFA’s new flexibility even suggests letting players revert back to their original national team if they never actually play for the second one.

The existing FIFA rules have been used by many players born in Europe – who played in national age-group teams or friendly games – and switched to African countries where they have ties through their parents or grandparents.

In more updating of eligibility rules, FIFA wants to clarify how long players must live in a country before they can play for its teams.

The proposal aims to help players who as children moved with their families to a new country for non-soccer reasons.

Three years residency would be required if a player moved before the age of 10, and five years residency if the move was aged 10 to 18.

FIFA’s existing rule already requires a five-year residency from the age of 18 if a player wants to acquire a new national eligibility.

That allowed Brazil-born forwards Elkeson and Aloisio to switch to the current China team after they were naturalized as citizens.

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