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HCIL Technical Reports Archive

From 1983 to ~2013: complete list of HCIL papers.
From 2013 to present: only a few papers are included
For more recent publications, please ALSO consult individual HCIL faculty pages


Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence: Trusted, Reliable & Safe
Shneiderman, B.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Well-designed technologies that offer high levels of human control and high levels of computer automation can amplify human abilities, leading to wider adoption. The Human-Controlled Automation (HCA) model clarifies how to (1) design for high levels of human control and high levels of computer automation so as to amplify human abilities, (2) understand the situations in which full human control or full computer automation are necessary, and (3) avoid the dangers of excessive human control or excessive computer automation. The new goal of HCA is more likely to produce designs that are Trusted, Reliable & Safe (TRS). Achieving these goals will dramatically increase human performance, while supporting human self-efficacy, mastery, creativity, and responsibility.


The Twin-Win Model: A Human-centered approach to research success
Shneiderman, B.
Proceeding of the National Academy of Sciences, 115, 50 (2018) 12590-12594 [Published Version]

Abstract: A 70-year-old simmering debate has erupted into vigorous battles over the most effective ways to conduct research. Well-established beliefs are being forcefully challenged by advocates of new research models. While there can be no final resolution to this battle, this paper offers the Twin-Win Model to guide teams of researchers, academic leaders, business managers, and government funding policymakers. The Twin-Win Model favors a problem-oriented approach to research, which encourages formation of teams to pursue the dual goals of breakthrough theories in published papers and validated solutions that are ready for widespread dissemination. The raised expectations of simultaneously pursuing foundational discoveries and powerful innovations are a step beyond traditional approaches that advocate basic research first. Evidence from citation analysis and researcher interviews suggests that simultaneous pursuit of both goals raises the chance of twin-win success.

Interactive visual event analytics: Opportunities and challenges
Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C.
IEEE Computer (2018, to appear)

Explainable Recommendation for Event Sequences: A Visual Analytics Approach
Du, F.
Ph.D Dissertation from the Department of Computer Science (2018)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: People use recommender systems to improve their decisions, for example, item recommender systems help them find films to watch or books to buy. Despite the ubiquity of item recommender systems, they can be improved by giving users greater transparency and control. This dissertation develops and assesses interactive strategies for transparency and control, as applied to event sequence recommender systems, which provide guidance in critical life choices such as medical treatments, careers decisions, and educational course selections. Event sequence recommender systems use archives of similar event sequences, such as patient histories or student academic records, to give users insight into the order and timing of choices, which are more likely to lead to their desired outcomes. This dissertation’s main contribution is the use of both record attributes and temporal event information as features to identify similar records and provide appropriate recommendations. While traditional item recommendations are generated based on choices by people with similar attributes, such as those who looked at this product or watched this movie, the event sequence recommendation approach allows users to select records that share similar attribute values and start with a similar event sequence, and then see how different choices of actions and the orders and times between them might lead to users’ desired outcomes. This dissertation applies a visual analytics approach to present and explain recommendations of event sequences. It presents a workflow for event sequence recommendation that is implemented in EventAction. Results from empirical studies show that these prototypes can assist users in making action plans and raise users’ confidence in following their plans. It presents case studies in three domains to demonstrate the effectiveness and safety of generating event sequence recommendations based on personal histories. It also offers design guidelines for the construction of user interfaces for event sequence recommendation and discusses ethical issues in dealing with personal histories. This dissertation contributes an analytical workflow, an interactive system, and design guidelines identified in empirical studies and case studies, opening new avenues of research in explainable event sequence recommendations based on personal histories. It enables people to make better decisions for critical life choices with higher confidence.

A Task-based Taxonomy of Cognitive Biases for Information Visualization
Dimara, E., Franconeri,, S., Plaisant, C., Bezerianos, A., Dragicevic, P.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2018) [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Information visualization designers strive to design data displays that allow for efficient exploration, analysis, and communication of patterns in data, leading to informed decisions. Unfortunately, human judgment and decision making are imperfect and often plagued by cognitive biases. There is limited empirical research documenting how these biases affect visual data analysis activities. Existing taxonomies are organized by cognitive theories that are hard to associate with visualization tasks. Based on a survey of the literature we propose a task-based taxonomy of154 cognitive biases organized in 7 main categories. We hope the taxonomy will help visualization researchers relate their design to the corresponding possible biases, and lead to new research that detects and addresses biased judgment and decision making in data visualization.

Visual Interfaces for Recommendation Systems: Finding Similar and Dissimilar Peers
Du, F., Plaisant, C., Spring, N., Shneiderman, B.
Transactions on Intelligent Systems and Technology, 38, 3 (2018) 21-29 [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Recommendation applications can guide users in making important life choices by referring to the activities of similar peers. For example, students making academic plans may learn from the data of similar students, while patients and their physicians may explore data from similar patients to select the best treatment. Selecting an appropriate peer group has a strong impact on the value of the guidance that can result from analyzing the peer group data. In this article, we describe a visual interface that helps users review the similarity and differences between a seed record and a group of similar records and refine the selection. We introduce the LikeMeDonuts, Ranking Glyph, and History Heatmap visualizations. The interface was refined through three rounds of formative usability evaluation with 12 target users, and its usefulness was evaluated by a case study with a student review manager using real student data. We describe three analytic workflows observed during use and summarize how users’ input shaped the final design.

Virtual memory palaces: immersion aids recall
Krokos, E., Varshney, A., Plaisant, C.
Virtual Reality (2018) [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Virtual reality displays, such as head-mounted displays (HMD), afford us a superior spatial awareness by leveraging our vestibular and proprioceptive senses, as compared to traditional desktop displays. Since classical times, people have used memory palaces as a spatial mnemonic to help remember information by organizing it spatially and associating it with salient features in that environment. In this paper, we explore whether using virtual memory palaces in a head-mounted display with head-tracking (HMD condition) would allow a user to better recall information than when using a traditional desktop display with a mouse-based interaction (desktop condition). We found that virtual memory palaces in HMD condition provide a superior memory recall ability compared to the desktop condition. We believe this is a first step in using virtual environments for creating more memorable experiences that enhance productivity through better recall of large amounts of information organized using the idea of virtual memory palaces.

Observations and Reflections on Visualization Literacy at the Elementary School Level
Chevalier, F., Henry Riche, N., Boy, G., Alper, B., Plaisant, C., Elmqvist, N.
IEEE Computer Graphics & Applications Magazine (Visualization Viewpoints) 38, 3 (2018) 21-29 [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: In this article, we share our reflections on visualization literacy and how it might be better developed in early education. We base this on lessons we learned while studying how teachers instruct, and how students acquire basic visualization principles and skills in elementary school. We use these findings to propose directions for future research on visualization literacy.

Designing a Medication Timeline for Patients and Physicians
Belden, J., Wegier, P. Patel, J., Hutson, A., Plaisant, C., Moore, J. L., Lowrance, N. J., Boren, S., Koopman, R.
Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association (2018) to appear
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Objective: Most electronic health records display historical medication information only in a data table or in clinician notes. We designed a medication timeline data visualization intended to improve ease of use, speed, accuracy, and safety in the ambulatory care of chronic disease. Materials and Methods: We identified information needs for understanding a medication history managing chronic disease in primary care, then applied human factors and interaction design principles to the tools that support that process. Our methodology started with the research and analysis of existing medication lists and timelines, which guided initial requirements. Next, we hosted design workshops with multidisciplinary stakeholders from industry and academic disciplines to expand on our initial concepts. Subsequent weekly meetings of the core team used an iterative user-centered design approach to refine our prototype. Results: We propose an open source online prototype that incorporates user feedback from initial design workshops, subsequent target audience reader reviews, subject matter expert focus groups, and a target audience user survey. We describe the applicable design principles associated with each of the prototype’s key features. Discussion: There is industry interest in developing medication timelines based on the example prototype concepts. An open, standards-based technology platform could enable developers to create a medication timeline that could be deployable across any compatible health IT application. Conclusion: The design goal was to improve physician understanding of a patient’s complex medication history, using a medication timeline visualization. Such a design could reduce the temporal and cognitive load on physicians for improved and safer care.

Mining clinical big data for drug safety: Detecting inadequate treatment with a DNA sequence alignment algorithm
Ledieu, T., Bouzille, ., Plaisant, C., Thiessard, F., Polard, E., Cuggia, M.
Proc. American Medical Informatics Association annual symposium 2018
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Health data mining can bring valuable information for drug safety activities. We developed a visual analytics tool to find specific clinical event sequences within the data contained in a clinical data warehouse. To this aim, we adapted the Smith-Waterman DNA sequence alignment algorithm to retrieve clinical event sequences with a temporal pattern from the electronic health records included in a clinical data warehouse. A web interface facilitates interactive query specification and result visualization. We describe the adaptation of the Smith-Waterman algorithm, and the implemented user interface. The evaluation with pharmacovigilance use cases involved the detection of inadequate treatment decisions in patient sequences. The precision and recall results (F-measure = 0.87) suggest that our adaptation of the Smith-Waterman-based algorithm is well-suited for this type of pharmacovigilance activities. The user interface allowed the rapid identification of cases of inadequate treatment.

Visualization of temporal patterns in patient record data
Plaisant, C.
Fundamental & clinical pharmacology, 32, 1 (2018) 85-87. [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Visualization contributes to a variety of tasks, from reviewing individual patient records to helping researchers assess data quality, find patients of interest, review temporal patterns and anomalies, or understand differences between cohorts. We review some of visualization techniques developed at the University of Maryland.

Taking Big Paper and Sticky Notes to the 360th Degree
Golub, E., Agarwal, R., Carroll, D., Mendelsohn, A., Walters, M., Yue, C.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The use of low-fidelity prototyping approaches has been a part of user-centered design and participatory/co-design for many years, dating back to at least the 1980s. However, the display experiences for which these were created (first desktops, then laptops, and later adding tablets and smartphones) are flat. The rise in interest about virtual reality (VR) headsets and other technologies that support the viewing of 360° spaces, as well as an increase in their availability, calls for updated lowfidelity prototyping approaches that still support co-design with diverse user populations. We present and discuss how to support collaboration between technical and non-technical design partners using supplies such as a consumer-grade 360° camera and tripod, along with common materials such as foam-core boards, basic metal easels, a standard color printer, paper, tape, and a variety of types of sticky note. The codesign is accomplished by creating, and then annotating during a design session, a basic representation of a 360° scene or experience using low-fidelity techniques, specifically a hybrid of the "big paper" and "sticky note" approaches, but taking them to the 360th degree.

SMIDGen: An Approach for Scalable, Mixed-Initiative Dataset Generation from Online Social Networks
Mauriello, M., Buntain, C., McNally, B., Bagalkotkar, S., Kushnir, S., Froehlich, J.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Recent qualitative studies have begun using large amounts of Online Social Network (OSN) data to study how users interact with technologies. However, current approaches to dataset generation are manual, time-consuming, and can be difficult to reproduce. To address these issues, we introduce SMIDGen: a hybrid manual + computational approach for enhancing the replicability and scalability of data collection from OSNs to support qualitative research. We demonstrate how the SMIDGen approach integrates information retrieval (IR) and machine learning (ML) with human expertise through a case study focused on the collection of YouTube videos. Our findings show how SMIDGen surfaces data that manual searches might otherwise miss, increases the overall proportion of relevant data collected, and is robust against IR/ML algorithm selection.


Event analytics for innovation trajectories: Understanding inputs and outcomes for entrepreneurial success
Dempwolf, S., Shneiderman, B.
Technology and Innovation 19 (2017), 397-413 [Published Version]

Abstract: New analysis tools are expanding the options for innovation researchers. While previous researchers often speculated on the relationship between innovation inputs, such as patents or funding, and innovation outcomes, such as product releases or initial public offerings, new software tools enable researchers to analyze innovation event data more efficiently. Tools such as EventFlow make it possible to rapidly scan visual displays, algorithmically search for patterns, and study an aggregated view that shows common and rare patterns. This paper presents initial examples, using data from 34,331 drugs or medical devices, of how event analytic software tools, such as EventFlow, could be applied to innovation research.

Increasing Recognition of Wrong-Patient Errors through Improved Interface Design of a Computerized Provider Order Entry System
Taieb-Maimon, M., Plaisant, C., Hettinger, A., Shneiderman, B.
International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction, 34, 5 (2017) 383-398 [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Wrong-patient errors from inadvertent menu selections while using computerized provider order entry (CPOE) systems could have fatal consequences. This study investigated whether the manipulation of CPOE interface design could improve healthcare providers’ ability to recognize patient selection errors and also decrease the time to error recognition. Using a 2 × 2 design, 120 participants were randomly assigned to one of four groups, interacting with different versions of a simulated CPOE: (1) control – standard version; (2) highlighted selection – the selected patient row was highlighted for 2 s, by blanking the rest of the screen; (3) photo – photographs of patients’ faces were displayed in all screens; (4) combined – with photo and highlighted selection. Each participant navigated through five order scenarios. On the last scenario, an error was simulated by directing the participant to a wrong patient. Recognition rates of the wrong-patient error and times to error recognition were significantly improved for the highlighted selection, photo, and combined groups, relative to the control group. These results suggest that the addition of patient photos and highlighted selection could substantially reduce errors in CPOE systems and other applications.

Coping with Volume and Variety in Temporal Event Sequences: Strategies for Sharpening Analytic Focus
Du, F., Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C., Malik, S., Perer, A.
IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics 23,6 (2017) 1636-1649 [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The growing volume and variety of data presents both opportunities and challenges for visual analytics. Addressing these challenges is needed for big data to provide valuable insights and novel solutions for business, security, social media, and healthcare. In the case of temporal event sequence analytics it is the number of events in the data and variety of temporal sequence patterns that challenges users of visual analytic tools. This paper describes 15 strategies for sharpening analytic focus that analysts can use to reduce the data volume and pattern variety. Four groups of strategies are proposed: (1) extraction strategies, (2) temporal folding, (3) pattern simplification strategies, and (4) iterative strategies. For each strategy, we provide examples of the use and impact of this strategy on volume and/or variety. Examples are selected from 20 case studies gathered from either our own work, the literature, or based on email interviews with individuals who conducted the analyses and developers who observed analysts using the tools. Finally, we discuss how these strategies might be combined and report on the feedback from 10 senior event sequence analysts.

Understanding the Use of the Vistorian: Complementing Logs with Context Mini-Questionnaires
Molinero, V.S., Bach, B., Plaisant, C., Dufournaud, N., Fekete, J.
Proc. of the Workshop on Visualization for the Digital Humanities (2017) 1-5. [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The Vistorian is a web-based visual analytics tool including four different interactive visualizations. It allows digital humanists to analyze complex geolocated and temporal networks of individuals. A research prototype is now available to researchers. The challenge we try to address is: could we improve our understanding of how digital humanities research prototypes are being used “in the wild”? Standard usage logs are insufficient since they do not capture users’ intent or the reasons why they might struggle with a prototype. Here, we designed a novel lightweight combination of usage logs and mini-questionnaires attempting to consistently capture user intent and usage context. The paper first describes the Vistorian, then introduces our combined log and questionnaire methodology—with design principles and screen mockups. The technique will be pilot tested this summer, and deployed in the fall for evaluation with historians and their students.

The valuation of privacy premium features for smartphone apps: The influence of defaults and experts
Dogruel, L., Joeckel, S., Vitak, J.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: This study examines the impact of privacy defaults and expert recommendations on smartphone users' willingness to pay for "privacy-enhanced" features on paid applications using a 2 (privacy premium default/no privacy premium default) x 2 (privacy expert recommendation/non-privacy expert recommendation) experimental design. Participants (N = 309) configured four paid apps with respect to privacy features. Selecting premium privacy features was associated with an increased cost, while removing premium privacy features reduced the cost of the application. Replicating findings from behavioral economics on default modes in decision-making, we found that participants presented with apps with privacy premium default features were more likely to retain the more expensive privacy features. However, the recommendation source did not have a significant effect on this relationship. We discuss how these findings extend existing work on users' decision-making process around privacy and suggest potential avenues for nudging users' privacy behaviors on mobile devices.

Sharing Automatically Tracked Activity Data: Implications for Therapists and People with Mobility Impairments
Golub, E., Malu, M., Findlater, L.
May 2017
Proceedings of PervasiveHealth 2017, 10 pages
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The ability to share automatically tracked health and fitness behaviors has yielded benefits ranging from increasing user motivation to providing therapists with greater insight into their patients' progress. While past work on sharing this data has primarily focused on users with typical motor abilities, features are now emerging in mainstream tracking technologies to extend to people with mobility impairments (e.g., tracking wheelchair rolling). This paper explores opportunities specifically for users with mobility impairments to share this automatically tracked data both with peers and with physical, occupational or recreational therapists. We conducted semi-structured interviews with 10 therapists and 10 people with mobility impairments. The interviews focused on current and desired activity-tracking and sharing practices, and included a design probe activity to more concretely assess the perceived utility of sharing tracked fitness data. We report on attitudes and concerns toward sharing fitness data from the perspective of therapists and people with mobility impairments as well as outline design opportunities to explore in future work.

Privacy Policies and Their Lack of Clear Disclosure Regarding the Life Cycle of User Information
Kumar, P.
In Technical Report FS-16: AAAI Fall Symposium Series on Privacy and Language Technologies. Arlington, Virginia. November 17-19, 2016.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Companies, particularly those in the information and communications technology sector, collect, aggregate, and store immense amounts of information about billions of people around the world. Privacy policies represent the primary means through which companies articulate to the public how they manage this user information. Extensive research has documented the problems with such policies, including that they are difficult to understand. This paper presents an analysis of 23 policies from 16 of the world's largest internet and telecommunications companies and shows the specific ways that vague or unclear language hinders comprehension of company practice. It argues that the lack of clarity in such policies presents a significant barrier toward empowering people to make informed choices about which products or services to use. The incoherent language in privacy policies can also hinder the widespread adoption of machine learning or other techniques to analyze such policies. Clearer disclosure from companies about how they use, share, and retain all types of information they collect will shed light on what the life cycle of user information looks like.

Acknowledgement to Ranking Digital Rights for making this paper possible.

I Want to Believe: Journalists and Crowdsourced Accuracy Assessments in Twitter
Buntain, C., Golbeck, J.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Evaluating information accuracy in social media is an increasingly important and well-studied area, but limited research has compared journalist-sourced accuracy assessments to their crowdsourced counterparts. This paper demonstrates the differences between these two populations by comparing the features used to predict accuracy assessments in two Twitter data sets: CREDBANK and PHEME. While our findings are consistent with existing results on feature importance, we develop models that outperform past research. We also show limited overlap exists between the features used by journalists and crowdsourced assessors, and the resulting models poorly predict each other but produce statistically correlated results. This correlation suggests crowdsourced workers are assessing a different aspect of these stories than their journalist counterparts, but these two aspects are linked in a significant way. These differences may be explained by contrasting factual with perceived accuracy as assessed by expert journalists and non-experts respectively. Following this outcome, we also show preliminary results that models trained from crowdsourced workers outperform journalist-trained models in identifying highly shared "fake news" stories.

A Preliminary Investigation of #a11y Tweets to Understand Accessibility Trends and Concerns
Zhang, J., Findlater, L.
Jan. 2017
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Building on recent work analyzing online content to identify accessibility trends and challenges, this poster paper presents preliminary analysis of one month of tweets using the #a11y hashtag. Our analysis of ~4000 tweets suggests that the most active users of this hashtag are accessibility professionals, with less representation from end users in creating new tweets. By far the most common mention is of visual accessibility concerns, although other types of accessibility are represented. Qualitative assessment of the tweets reveals that #a11y is used primarily for design and development tips or resources, self-promotion tweets, and comments on the accessibility of virtual and physical experiences. Finally, we highlight open questions and plans for future work with this type of data

Finding Similar People to Guide Life Choices: Challenge, Design, and Evaluation
Du, F., Plaisant, C., Spring, N., Shneiderman, B.
To appear in Proc. Of ACM CHI'2017
[Abstract] [PDF] [Video]

Abstract: People often seek examples of similar individuals to guide their own life choices. For example, students making academic plans refer to friends; patients refer to acquaintances with similar conditions, physicians mention past cases seen in their practice. How would they want to search for similar people in databases? We discuss the challenge of finding similar people to guide life choices and report on a need analysis based on 13 interviews. Our PeerFinder prototype enables users to find records that are similar to a seed record, using both record attributes and temporal events found in the records. A user study with 18 participants and four experts shows that users are more engaged and more confident about the value of the results to provide useful evidence to guide life choices when provided with more control over the search process and more context for the results, even at the cost of added complexity.

Project page:PeerFinder


Toward Accessible Health and Fitness Tracking for People with Mobility Impairments
Malu, M., Findlater, L.
Proceedings of the 10th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare, May 2016.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Electronic health and fitness trackers have received substantial attention over the past decade, from new mobile and wearable technologies to evaluations of potential health impacts. These trackers, however, may not be accessible to people with mobility impairments, for whom activities such as running, walking, or climbing stairs can be difficult or impossible. To investigate the accessibility of wearable tracking devices and mobile apps, we conducted a study with 14 participants with a range of mobility impairments. The study included an in-person interview, evaluation of two off-the-shelf wearable devices, and a participatory design activity, followed by an optional week-long field evaluation of a mobile fitness app (to which 8 participants opted in). Our findings highlight widespread accessibility challenges with existing tracking technologies and provide implications for designing more inclusive solutions.

Assessing the Necessary Skill Profiles for Playing Video Games
Norman, K., Wang, C., Barnet, J., Mahmud, R.
December 2016.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: It seems clear that different video games require different skills. However, there has been no systematic way of assessing what these skills are or for assessing the extent to which particular skills are required by a particular game. This study used a psychometric approach to help identify these skills and profile particular games and genres of video games. Experienced gamers generated a list of 32 skills and then a diverse sample of participants rated a number of games on the extent to which they required the skills. Factor analysis revealed seven general components: perceptual-motor, role-playing, numerical reasoning, problem solving, focuspersistence, acceptance of uncertainty, and player interaction. Different genres of games differed significantly on a number of these components. The resulting instrument can be used by the game industry to profile games for review and evaluation.

Gatherplots: Extended Scatterplots for Categorical Data
Park, D., Kim, S., Elmqvist, N.
Journal of Latex Class Files, Vol. 14, No. 8, August 2015

Abstract: Scatterplots are a common tool for exploring multidimensional datasets, especially in the form of scatterplot matrices (SPLOMs). However, scatterplots suffer from overplotting when categorical variables are mapped to one or two axes, or the same continuous variables are used for both axes. Previous methods such as histograms or violin plots for these cases aggregate marks, which makes brushing and linking difficult. To improve this, we propose gatherplots, an extension of scatterplots to manage overplotting for categorical data, while keeping individual object identities. In gatherplots, every data point that maps to the same position coalesces to form a stacked entity, thereby making it easier to see the overview of data groupings. The size and aspect ratio of data points can also be changed dynamically to make it easier to compare the composition of different groups. In the case of a categorical variable vs. a categorical variable, we propose a heuristic to decide bin sizes for optimal space usage. This means that make better use of visual space to show the overall distribution. To validate our work, we conducted a crowdsourced user study that shows that gatherplots enable users to judge the relative portion of subgroups more quickly and more correctly than when using jittered scatterplots.

EventAction: Visual Analytics for Temporal Event Sequence Recommendation
Du, F., Plaisant, C., Spring, N., Shneiderman, B.
To appear in Proceedings of the IEEE Visual Analytics Science and Technology (2016)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Recommender systems are being widely used to assist people in making decisions, for example, recommending films to watch or books to buy. Despite its ubiquity, the problem of presenting the recommendations of temporal event sequences has not been studied. We propose EventAction, which to our knowledge, is the first attempt at a prescriptive analytics interface designed to present and explain recommendations of temporal event sequences. EventAction provides a visual analytics approach to (1) identify similar records, (2) explore potential outcomes, (3) review recommended temporal event sequences that might help achieve the users' goals, and (4) interactively assist users as they define a personalized action plan associated with a probability of success. Following the design study framework, we designed and deployed EventAction in the context of student advising and reported on the evaluation with a student review manager and three graduate students.

A Visual Analytics Approach to Comparing Cohorts of Event Sequences
Malik, S.
Ph.D Dissertation from the Department of Computer Science
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Sequences of timestamped events are currently being generated across nearly every domain of data analytics, from e-commerce web logging to electronic health records used by doctors and medical researchers. Every day, this data type is reviewed by humans who apply statistical tests, hoping to learn everything they can about how these processes work, why they break, and how they can be improved upon.

To further uncover how these processes work the way they do, researchers often compare two groups, or cohorts, of event sequences to find the di erences and similarities between outcomes and processes. With temporal event sequence data, this task is complex because of the variety of ways single events and sequences of events can differ between the two cohorts of records: the structure of the event sequences (e.g., event order, co-occurring events, or frequencies of events), the attributes about the events and records (e.g., gender of a patient), or metrics about the timestamps themselves (e.g., duration of an event). Running statistical tests to cover all these cases and determining which results are significant becomes cumbersome.

Current visual analytics tools for comparing groups of event sequences emphasize a purely statistical or purely visual approach for comparison. Visual analytics tools leverage humans' ability to easily see patterns and anomalies that they were not expecting, but is limited by uncertainty in findings. Statistical tools emphasize finding signifiant differences in the data, but often requires researchers have a concrete question and doesn't facilitate more general exploration of the data.

Combining visual analytics tools with statistical methods leverages the benefits of both approaches for quicker and easier insight discovery. Integrating statistics into a visualization tool presents many challenges on the frontend (e.g., displaying the results of many different metrics concisely) and in the backend (e.g., scalability challenges with running various metrics on multi-dimensional data at once). I begin by exploring the problem of comparing cohorts of event sequences and understanding the questions that analysts commonly ask in this task. From there, I demonstrate that combining automated statistics with an interactive user interface amplifies the benefits of both types of tools, thereby enabling analysts to conduct quicker and easier data exploration, hypothesis generation, and insight discovery. The direct contributions of this dissertation are: (1) a taxonomy of metrics for comparing cohorts of temporal event sequences, (2) a statistical framework for exploratory data analysis with a method I refer to as high-volume hypothesis testing (HVHT), (3) a family of visualizations and guidelines for interaction techniques that are useful for understanding and parsing the results, and (4) a user study, five long-term case studies, and five short-term case studies which demonstrate the utility and impact of these methods in various domains: four in the medical domain, one in web log analysis, two in education, and one each in social networks, sports analytics, and security.

My dissertation contributes an understanding of how cohorts of temporal event sequences are commonly compared and the difficulties associated with applying and parsing the results of these metrics. It also contributes a set of visualizations, algorithms, and design guidelines for balancing automated statistics with user-driven analysis to guide users to significant, distinguishing features between cohorts. This work opens avenues for future research in comparing two or more groups of temporal event sequences, opening traditional machine learning and data mining techniques to user interaction, and extending the principles found in this dissertation to data types beyond temporal event sequences.

Related research:Coco: A Visual Analytics Tool for Comparing Cohorts of Event Sequences

Animations 25 Years Later: New Roles and Opportunities
Chevalier, F., Riche, N., Plaisant, C., Chalbi, A., Hurter, C.
To appear in ACM Proc. of Advanced Visual Interfaces (2016)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Animations are commonplace in today's user interfaces. From bouncing icons that catch attention, to transitions helping with orientation, to tutorials, animations can serve numerous purposes. We revisit Baecker and Small's pioneering work Animation at the Interface, 25 years later. We reviewed academic publications and commercial systems, and interviewed 20 professionals of various backgrounds. Our insights led to an expanded set of roles played by animation in interfaces today for keeping in context, teaching, improving user experience, data encoding and visual discourse. We illustrate each role with examples from practice and research, discuss evaluation methods and point to opportunities for future research. This expanded description of roles aims at inspiring the HCI research community to find novel uses of animation, guide them towards evaluation and spark further research.

High-volume hypothesis testing for large-scale web log analysis
Malik, S., Koh, E.
Malik, S. and Koh, E., High-volume hypothesis testing for large-scale web log analysis. Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI '16, 2016 (to appear)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Time-stamped event sequence data is being generated across many domains: shopping transactions, web traffic logs, medical histories, etc. Oftentimes, analysts are interested in comparing the similarities and differences between two or more groups of event sequences to better understand processes that lead to different outcomes (e.g., a customer did or did not make a purchase). CoCo is a visual analytics tool for Cohort Comparison that combines automated highvolume hypothesis testing (HVHT) with and interactive visualization and user interface for improved exploratory data analysis. This paper covers the first case study of CoCo for large-scale web log analysis and the challenges that arise when scaling a visual analytics tool to large datasets. The direct contributions of this paper are: (1) solutions to 7 challenges of scaling a visual analytics tool to larger datasets, and (2) a case study with three real-world analysts with these solutions implemented.

The Future Role of Thermography in Human-Building Interaction.
Mauriello, M., Dahlhausen, M., Brown, E., Saha, M., Froehlich, J.
Mauriello, M., Dahlhausen, M., Brown, E., Saha, M., & Froehlich, J. (2016) The Future Role of Thermography in Human-Building Interaction. CHI 2016 Workshop: Future of Human-Building Interaction (To Appear).
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: With recent sensor improvements and falling costs, energy auditors are increasingly using thermography--infrared (IR) cameras--to detect thermal defects and analyze building efficiency. In this workshop paper, we view thermographic energy auditing as a HumanBuilding Interaction (HBI). We provide an overview of emerging thermal data collection techniques in research and industry. We also reflect on our own work in this area and present our vision of citizen science/DIY thermography (Figure 1), which has the potential to engage the public in new HBIs by expanding their ability to: perform energy audits, survey public infrastructure, and contribute to urban energy analysis.

Simplifying Overviews of Temporal Event Sequences
Mauriello, M., Shneiderman, B., Du, F., Malik, S., Plaisant, C.
Mauriello, M. L., Shneiderman, B., Du, F., Malik, S., Plaisant, C., Simplifying Overviews of Temporal Event Sequences, Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, CHI '16 (2016) to appear
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Beginning the analysis of new data is often difficult as modern datasets can be overwhelmingly large. With visual analytics in particular, displays of large datasets quickly become crowded and unclear. Through observing the practices of analysts working with the event sequence visualization tool EventFlow, we identified three techniques to reduce initial visual complexity by reducing the number of event categories resulting in a simplified overview. For novice users, we suggest an initial pair of event categories to display. For advanced users, we provide six ranking metrics and display all pairs in a ranked list. Finally, we present the Event Category Matrix (ECM), which simultaneously displays overviews of every event category pair. In this work, we report on the development of these techniques through two formative usability studies and the improvements made as a result. The goal of our work is to investigate strategies that help users overcome the challenges associated with initial visual complexity and to motivate the use of simplified overviews in temporal event sequence analysis.

Understanding the Role of Thermography in Energy Auditing: Current Practices and the Potential for Automated Solutions
Mauriello, M., Norooz, L., Froehlich, J.
April 2015,
In CHI 2015 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 1993-2002. DOI: 10.1145/2702123.2702528
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The building sector accounts for 41% of primary energy consumption in the US, contributing an increasing portion of the country's carbon dioxide emissions. With recent sensor improvements and falling costs, auditors are increasingly using thermography -- infrared (IR) cameras -- to detect thermal defects and analyze building efficiency. Research in automated thermography has grown commensurately, aimed at reducing manual labor and improving thermal models. Though promising, we could find no prior work exploring the professional auditor's perspectives of thermography or reactions to emerging automation. To address this gap, we present results from two studies: a semi-structured interview with 10 professional energy auditors, which includes design probes of five automated thermography scenarios, and an observational case study of a residential audit. We report on common perspectives, concerns, and benefits related to thermography and summarize reactions to our automated scenarios. Our findings have implications for thermography tool designers as well as researchers working on automated solutions in robotics, computer science, and engineering.

Data Visualization Tools for Investigating Health Services Utilization Among Cancer Patients
Onukwugha, E., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.
In Hesse, B., Ahern, D., and Beckjord, E. (Eds.) Oncology Informatics, Elsevier (2016 to appear)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The era of "big data" promises more information for health practitioners, patients, researchers, and policy makers. For big data resources to be more than larger haystacks in which to find precious needles, stakeholders will have to aim higher than increasing computing power and producing faster, nimbler machines. We will have to develop tools for visualizing information; generating insight; and creating actionable, on-demand knowledge for clinical decision making. This chapter has three objectives: 1) to review the data visualization tools that are currently available and their use in oncology; 2) to discuss implications for research, practice, and decision making in oncology; and 3) to illustrate the possibilities for generating insight and actionable evidence using targeted case studies. A few innovative applications of data visualization are available from the clinical and research settings. We highlight some of these applications and discuss the implications for evidence generation and clinical practice. In addition, we develop two case studies to illustrate the possibilities for generating insight from the strategic application of data visualization tools where the interoperability problem is solved. Using linked cancer registry and Medicare claims data available from the National Cancer Institute, we illustrate how data visualization tools unlock insights from temporal event sequences represented in large, population-based datasets. We show that the information gained from the application of visualization tools such as EventFlow can define questions, refine measures, and formulate testable hypotheses for the investigation of cancer-related clinical and process outcomes.

VisHive: Creating Ad-hoc Computational Clusters using Mobile Devices in Web-based Visualization
Sen, S., Badam, S., Elmqvist, N.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Current web-based visualizations are designed for single computers and cannot make use of multiple devices, even when a user has access to not only a laptop, but also a tablet and a smartphone. We present VisHive, a JavaScript toolkit for constructing web-based visualization applications that can transparently connect multiple devices--called cells--into an ad-hoc cluster--called a hive--for local computation. Cells are organized into a master-slave architecture, where the master provides the visual interface to the user and controls the slaves, and the slaves mainly perform computation. VisHive is built entirely using current web technologies, runs in the native browser of each cell device, and requires no specific download and install on the involved devices. We demonstrate VisHive using a time-series prediction visual analytics tool that utilizes connected slave cells to continuously perform additional predictions while the master awaits user input.


RBI: A New Approach to Rapid Generation of Big Ideas When Working in Intergenerational Design Teams
Golub, E., McNally, B., Druin, A.
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: In an ideal world, there is time for all members of an intergenerational design team of children and adults to present, aggregate, and evaluate the suggestions that come out of work done with a design target concurrently by sub- groups during a session. However, when presented with either a relatively large set of features or not enough copies of prototypes to distribute, time or resource constraints mean this is not always realistic in practice. For those design experiences when time is short and quick design ideas are needed, a rapid evaluation of designs and big ideas generation can be utilized to provide feedback on numerous designs and/or features.

Understanding Adherence and Prescription Patterns Using Large Scale Claims Data
Bjarnadottir, M., Malik, S., Onukwugha, E., Gooden, T., Plaisant, C.
October 2015
To appear in PharmacoEconomics
[Abstract] [PDF]


Purpose: Advanced computing capabilities and novel visual analytics tools now allow us to move beyond the traditional cross-sectional summaries to analyze longitudinal prescription patterns and the impact of study design decisions. For example, design decisions regarding gaps and overlaps in prescription fill data are necessary for measuring adherence using prescription claims data. However, little is known regarding the impact of these decisions on measures of medication possession (e.g., medication possession ratio). The goal of the study is to demonstrate the use of visualization tools for pattern discovery, hypothesis generation and study design.

Method: We utilize EventFlow, a novel discrete event sequence visualization software, to investigate patterns of prescription fills, including gaps and overlaps, utilizing large scale healthcare claims data. The study analyzes data of individuals who had at least two prescriptions for one of five hypertension medication classes: ACE inhibitors (ACE-I), Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARB), Beta blockers (Beta), Calcium channel blockers (CCB) and Diuretics (Diur).

We focus on those members initiating therapy with Diuretics (19.2%) who may concurrently or subsequently take drugs in other classes as well. We identify longitudinal patterns in prescription fills for antihypertensive medications, investigate the implications of decisions regarding gap length and overlaps, and examine the impact on the average cost and adherence of the initial treatment episode.

Results: A total of 790,609 individuals are included in the study sample, 19.2% (N=151,566) of whom started on diuretics first during the study period. The average age is 52.4 years and 53.1% of the population is female. When the allowable gap is zero, 34% of the population has continuous coverage and the average length of continuous coverage is 2 months. In contrast, when the allowable gap is 30 days, 69% of the population shows a single continuous prescription period with an average length of 5 months. The average prescription cost of the period of continuous coverage ranges from $3.44 (when the maximum gap is 0 days) to $9.08 (when the maximum gap is 30 days). Results were less impactful when considering overlaps.

Conclusions: This proof-of-concept study illustrates the use of visual analytics tools in characterizing longitudinal medication possession. We find that prescription patterns and associated prescription costs are more influenced by allowable gap lengths than by definitions and treatment of overlap. Research using medication gaps and overlaps to define medication possession in prescription claims data should pay particular attention to the definition and use of gap lengths.

Evaluating Multi-Column Bar Charts and Treemaps for Dense Visualization of Sorted Numeric Data
Yalcin, A., Elmqvist, N., Bederson, B.
October 2015
Under review
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: A single column bar chart can effectively visualize a sorted and labeled list of numeric records, such as salaries per employee. However, its height limits the number of visible records. As the number of records increase, scrolling requires interaction to see an overview, and using shorter bars hinders observing individual records. For dense visualization of sorted numeric data, we consider two multi-column bar chart designs, wrapped bars and piled bars, in addition to treemaps, a space-filling design that is commonly used to scale in the number of records. We evaluate their design characteristics and graphical perception performance by crowdsourcing under comparison, ranking and overview tasks. Our results suggest that multi-column designs can outperform the space-filling treemap design to show more records for comparison and overview tasks with training.

Data Comics: Sequential Art for Data-Driven Storytelling
Zhao, Z., Marr, R., Elmqvist, N.
October 15
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: We present Data Comics, a novel method for storytelling using sequential art---also known as comics---constructed from data-driven visualizations. This allows for building narratives using comic layouts of panels containing both snapshots and live visualizations. Each panel in a comic layout can be decorated with visual comic symbols---such as captions, speech and thought bubbles, directional arrows, and motion lines---to augment the narrative. To validate our method, we implemented a web-based Data Comics application that consists of (1) a Clipper for capturing data-driven content from the web, (2) a Decorator for creating panels and adding comic symbols, (3) a Composer for arranging clips into comic strips, and (4) a Presenter for viewing a finished comic. We compared the method to PowerPoint slideshows in a qualitative study, and found that participants found Data Comics more engaging, efficient, and enjoyable.

Improving Public Transit Accessibility for Blind Riders by Crowdsourcing Bus Stop Landmark Locations with Google Street View: An Extended Analysis
Hara, K., Azenkot, S., Campbell, M., Bennett, C., Le, V., Pannella, S., Moore, R., Minckler, K., Ng, R., Froehlich, J.
May 2015
To appear in ACM Transactions on Accessibility.

Head-Mounted Display Visualizations to Support Sound Awareness for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Jain, D., Findlater, L., Gilkeson, J., Holland, B., Duraiswami, R., Zotkin, D., Vogler, C., Froehlich, J.
April 2015
Proceedings of CHI 2015, 10 pages

High-Volume Hypothesis Testing: Systematic Exploration of Event Sequence Comparisons
Malik, S., Du, F., Plaisant, C., Bjarnadottir, M., Shneiderman, B.
April 2015
To appear in ACM Transactions on Interactive Intelligent Systems (2015)
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Cohort comparison studies have been traditionally hypothesis-driven and conducted with carefully controlled environment (such as clinical trials). Given two groups of event sequence data, researchers test a single hypothesis (e.g., does the group taking Medication A exhibit more deaths and earlier deaths than the group taking Medication B?). However, researchers are now moving towards more exploratory methods and retrospective analysis of existing data. High-Volume Hypothesis Testing (HVHT) becomes useful to compare datasets. Focusing on event sequences we propose new thechniques that provide context, effect, and flexibility during HVHT, and aid researchers in understanding HVHT results (how significant they are, why they are meaningful, and whether the entire dataset has been exhaustively explored). Using interviews and case studies with domain experts, we iteratively designed and implemented techniques dealing with prevalence, time, and frequency in a visual analytics tool, CoCo. These interaction techniques allow users to systematically and flexibly parse large result sets through filtering, searching, and journaling. We illustrate the utility of the method with a case study in the medical domain.

Simplified Overviews for Temporal Event Sequences: Designs for Novice and Expert Analysts
Mauriello, M., Shneiderman, B., Du, F., Malik, S., Plaisant, C.
April 2015
Contact Catherine Plaisant for a copy.

Abstract: Simplified overviews enable novices to more easily begin data analysis and enable experts to see common and surprising patterns. Simplified overviews have been used in research and commercial software for multi-variate data by choosing two dimensions to show on a scatterplot. We bring this idea to temporal event sequences, by facilitating the selection of two event categories. This simple strategy was inspired by observations of our case study partners and appreciated by pilot study users. The design was extended to provide six metrics for selecting categories that simplified the overview to display. To address the need of expert users, we also present simplified overviews using a lower triangular matrix of small overviews with all pairs of event categories. Along with single event category overviews shown on the diagonal they provide a revealing overview of the dataset. We believe these simplified overviews help novice and expert analysts to more rapidly and successfully extract insights. The design is implemented in the EventFlow software and refined based on two usability studies with 5 and 6 users. As a result of our work, guidelines for the design of simplified overviews are proposed.

Coping with Volume and Variety in Temporal Event Sequences: Strategies for Sharpening Analytic Focus
Du, F., Shneiderman, B., Plaisant, C., Malik, S., Perer, A.
April 2015
To appear in IEEE Transactions on Visualization and Computer Graphics (2016) [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: The growing volume and variety of data presents both opportunities and challenges for visual analytics. Addressing these challenges is needed for big data to provide valuable insights and novel solutions for business, security, social media, and healthcare. In the case of temporal event sequence analytics it is the number of events in the data and variety of temporal sequence patterns that challenges users of visual analytic tools. This paper describes 14 strategies for sharpening analytic focus that analysts can use to reduce the data volume and pattern variety. Four groups of strategies are proposed: (1) extraction strategies, (2) temporal folding, (3) pattern simplification strategies, and (4) iterative strategies. For each strategy we provide examples of use and of the impact of this strategy on volume and/or variety. Examples are selected from 18 case studies gathered from either our own work, the literature, or based on email interviews with application developers and analysts. Finally, we discuss how these strategies might be combined and opportunities for new technologies and user interfaces.

BodyVis: A New Approach to Body Learning Through Wearable Sensing and Visualization
Norooz, L., Mauriello, M., Jorgensen, A., McNally, B., Froehlich, J.
April 2015
In CHI 2015 Proceedings of the 33rd Annual ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 1025-1034. DOI: 10.1145/2702123.2702299 [Published Version]

Abstract: Internal organs are invisible and untouchable, making it difficult for children to learn their size, position, and function. Traditionally, human anatomy (body form) and physiology (body function) are taught using techniques ranging from worksheets to three-dimensional models. We present a new approach called BodyVis, an e-textile shirt that combines biometric sensing and wearable visualizations to reveal otherwise invisible body parts and functions. We describe our 15-month iterative design process including lessons learned through the development of three prototypes using participatory design and two evaluations of the final prototype: a design probe interview with seven elementary school teachers and three singlesession deployments in after-school programs. Our findings have implications for the growing area of wearables and tangibles for learning.

Social media affordances and their relationship to social capital processes
Ellison, N., Vitak, J.
February 2015
Published in S. Sundar (Ed.), The handbook of psychology of communication technology (pp. 205-227). Boston: Wiley-Blackwell, (2015). [Published Version]

Abstract: This chapter considers the mechanisms by which social network site (SNS) use is associated with social capital processes, such as supporting beneficial interactions, information exchanges, and relationship maintenance. In doing so, we consider both the high-level affordances of SNSs, such as the persistence and visibility of content, as well as specific features of these sites, such as the profile. The chapter will proceed as follows: First, it will provide a review of research on social media and social network sites, highlighting the primary features and affordances of these sites. It will then synthesize the social capital literature, which is helpful for understanding how we access important human resources such as social and informational support from our social connections, before linking the two streams of research on SNSs and social capital by highlighting some of the key findings in recent years. In the next section, we turn to Ellison and boyd's (2013) revised definition of SNSs to consider the role played by the profile, the articulated network, and the broadcasted stream of content in social capital formation and development. To conclude the chapter, we draw from multiple research streams to examine social grooming practices in SNSs, focusing on the role of visible micro-transactions such as "liking" a comment on Facebook.

Korean mothers' KakaoStory use and its relationships to psychological well-being
Kim, J., Ahn, J., Vitak, J.
March 2015
Published in First Monday, 20(3), (2015). [Published Version]

Abstract: This study investigates the relationship between life contexts, SNS use, and psychological well-being, by focusing on Korean mothers' interactions on a popular social network site (SNS), KakaoStory. Through analysis of survey and interview data, we find (1) a positive relationship between KakaoStory use and mothers' perceptions of positive relations with others (a construct of psychological well-being), but no relationship with overall life satisfaction; (2) employment status is an important contextual factor that influences Korean mothers' social connections, KakaoStory use, and psychological well-being; and, (3) working mothers lack opportunities for socialization and report lower levels of positive relations with others compared to stay-at-home mothers, when controlling for reported self-esteem. By analyzing these relationships, this study sheds light on the important role contextual factors play in determining women's use of social media and unpacks the effect of social media use on different dimensions of psychological well-being.

Balancing audience and privacy tensions on social network sites
Vitak, J., Blasiola, S., Patil, S., Litt, E.
May 2015
Published in International Journal of Communication (2015).

Abstract: As social network sites grow and diversify in both users and content, tensions between users' audience composition and their disclosure practices become more prevalent. Users must navigate these spaces carefully to reap relational benefits while ensuring content is not shared with unintended audiences. Through a qualitative study of highly engaged Facebook users, this study provides insight into how people conceptualize "friendship" online, as well as how perceived audience affects privacy concerns and privacy management strategies. Findings suggest an increasingly complex relationship between these variables, fueled by collapsing contexts and invisible audiences. While a diverse range of strategies are available to manage privacy, most participants in this sample still engaged in some degree of self-censorship.

Cohort Comparison of Event Sequences with Balanced Integration of Visual Analytics and Statistics
Malik, S., Du, F., Monroe, M., Onukwugha, E., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.
January 2015
In ACM Intelligent User Interfaces (IUI) 2015. Atlanta, GA, USA, 38-49. (2015)
DOI: 10.1145/2678025.2701407 [Published Version]
[Abstract] [PDF]

Abstract: Finding the differences and similarities between two datasets is a common analytics task. With temporal event sequence data, this task is complex because of the many ways single events and event sequences can differ between the two datasets (or cohorts) of records: the structure of the event sequences (e.g., event order, co-occurring events, or event frequencies), the attributes of events and records (e.g., patient gender), or metrics about the timestamps themselves (e.g., event duration). In exploratory analyses, running statistical tests to cover all cases is time-consuming and determining which results are significant becomes cumbersome. Current analytics tools for comparing groups of event sequences emphasize a purely statistical or purely visual approach for comparison. This paper presents a taxonomy of metrics for comparing cohorts of temporal event sequences, showing that the problem-space is bounded. We also present a visual analytics tool, CoCo (for "Cohort Comparison"), which implements balanced integration of automated statistics with an intelligent user interface to guide users to significant, distinguishing features between the cohorts. Lastly, we describe two early case studies: the first with a research team studying medical team performance in the emergency department and the second with pharmacy researchers.

Discovering temporal changes in hierarchical transportation data: Visual analytics & text reporting tools
Guerra Gomez, J., Pack, M., Plaisant, C., Shneiderman, B.
January 2015
To be published in the Transportation Research Part C: Emerging Technologies, Volume 51, February 2015 Pages 167-179
[Abstract] [PDF]


Analyzing important changes to massive transportation datasets like national bottleneck statistics, passenger data for domestic flights, airline maintenance budgets, or even publication data from the Transportation Research Record can be extremely complex. These types of datasets are often grouped by attributes in a tree structure hierarchy. The parent-child relationships of these hierarchical datasets allow for unique analytical opportunities, including the ability to track changes in the dataset at different levels of granularity, over time or between versions. For example, analysts can use hierarchies to uncover changes in the patterns of passengers flying in the United States over the last ten years, breaking down the data by states, cities, airports, and number of passengers. Exploring changes in travel patterns over time can help carriers make better decisions regarding their operations and long-range planning.

This paper describes TreeVersity2, a web-based data comparison tool that provides users with information visualization techniques to find what has changed in a dataset over time. TreeVersity2 enables users to explore data that can be inherently hierarchical or not (by categorizing them by their attributes). An interactive textual reporting tool complements the visual exploration when the amount of data is very large. The results of two case studies conducted with transportation domain experts along with the results of an exit questionnaire are also described. TreeVersity2 preloaded with several demo datasets can be found at along with several example videos.


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  • League of Legends: Wild Rift closed beta is coming

    Following Riot Games' announcement on 12 September regarding the iOS beta test program, League of Legends Wild Rift today announced that its regional closed beta is being launched in five South-East Asian countries. Via their official twitter handle, the announcement was made. Indonesia is the first lucky country in South East Asia to get access to the beta version. There were also announced six additional new Champions and five new hero skins ahead of the closed beta test.   Prepare to Play League of Legends: Wild Rift on PC About Wild Rift regional closed beta The Indonesian players who have pre-registered themselves in Google Play will be able to receive the invite. They can further follow up on the news here. According to Riot Games, they will be inviting a very small number of players. In a couple of days, ie on September 18, they will be inviting players from the rest of Southeast Asian countries namely Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, and Singapore with future regional availability expected in the coming weeks! The selection from these regions will be entirely random and the test will be running for a few weeks and an announcement will be made before it is closed. The reason for picking those regions is to check the load handling and stability of the servers as the countries are fairly near to each other. In addition to that, they have cleared all the doubts and dilemmas about the Account Reset. All the data bound to the account will be reset when the testing ends. Like, progress, ranks, achievements, and the in-game currency (Wild Core) will also be reset.  But, the players who bought the in-game currency (Wild Core) will gain an extra 20% bonus when the game launches. In order to get the bonus, the player needs to sign with the same email id.   New Champions and Skins announced for the closed beta Further, six new Champions were revealed by LOL wildrift ahead of the closed regional beta release. They are: Dr. Mundo Sona Jarvan IV Singed Varus Amumu Along with them, they teased new footage of gameplay in a short clip. Five new hero skins were also announced ahead of the beta release. They’re available now to help you kick off the playtest in style! They are: Spellthief Lux Marauder Ashe Rogue Admiral Garen Boom Boom Blitzcrank Worldbreaker Nasus New Hero Skins of the Champions Apart from this, the devs encourage the players and content creators to make videos and posts regarding the beta test to create a hype among the gamers from other regions. Source: GamingonPhone   Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

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      Download Guns of Glory on PC   Guns of Glory is one of the last five years' most successful mobile strategy games, and it's not hard to see why. This stylish multiplayer epic, Musketeer-themed, isn't exactly like anything else on the market. It's not filled with dragons and orcs for a start, just like every other mobile MMO seems to be. Instead, it is set right before the industrial revolution in a real historical period when swords were sharp, guns were basic and hats were magnificent. The game sees you assemble an army of Musketeers, train them, form alliances, and perform daring raids. There is also generous resource-management help in there. And if you are concerned about the attractiveness of a purely historic setting, don't be so. Guns of Glory has a sleek aesthetic of steampunk, with airships, alchemy, and all that good things. In its three short years, Guns of Glory has done phenomenally well, racking up 80 million downloads and nearly 90 number one spots on Google Play and the App Store. Developer FunPlus is holding a series of in-game events to celebrate the third anniversary of the game as well as elevating one lucky superfan to godlike status within the Guns of Glory community. The contest Glory Ambassador, which began on September 3rd and runs until September 18th, will see the winner pocketing the vast sum of $20,000 and becoming the official Glory Ambassador of the game. This means working with the community and FunPlus, serving as a vital bridge between fans and developers. The runners up are also given prizes. Second place gets $10,000, third gets $5,000, and an additional 20 nominees each get a huge package of goodies in-game. Entering the contest for Glory Ambassador includes three separate submissions including a video, a picture, and a review. Just go to the Guns of Glory Facebook page for more information, and check out the posts on there. May superfan win best! Guns of Glory is available on the Play Store of MEmu for free.     Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

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  • Why Among Us is trending after the release in 2018?

    While released in 2018, Among Us recently reportedly shot up the trending list. It is currently one of Steam's most popular action-based games, and on mobile devices as well. But the question that arises is why this game suddenly launched nearly 2 years after release into the spotlight? Here are the 3 factors in the trending list for this sudden increase of Among Us.   Download Among Us on PC   What's Among Us? Among Us is a game style murder-mystery available for both PC and Smartphone. Players are given either the role of Crewmate or Impostor (max 3). The Impostors are expected to destroy the crewmates without being detected. The role of the crewmates is to discover who the impostor is by problem-solving and communication, while the impostors must try to hold away suspicion. During meetings, the entire crew can choose who they think is the impostor to vote out. If they're right then their 1 impostor down, but if they're wrong you and the rest of the crew just helped the impostor by tossing an innocent out. That's what brings the game's best aspect of meetings. What takes the fun out of Among Us is the confusion about who to trust, and the need to prove yourself innocent.   Why is Among Us Beloved now? For several reasons, Among Us was on the trending list. For this increase in popularity here are the most significant ones. 1. Twitch Streams: first shot A Twitch employee, Pluto has recommended the game to a Twitch Streamer called Sodapoppin, going by name. He then went on to stream Among Us to his 2.8 million Twitch followers, along with a group of his colleagues. Most viewers seemed to enjoy the game, which led to popularity among other Streamers, YouTubers, and the daily community. Overall, social media played a huge part in trending the game. A lot of famous celebrities on the internet were playing the game to a large crowd.   2. The Henry Stickmin Collection is published On August 7th, 2020, the developers as well as Among Us publishers, Innersloth, released The Henry Stickmin Collection, which was a popular game among Streamers and YouTubers. The same developers were Among Us publishers too, some people have chosen to try it out. 3. The low cost of the Among Us The final explanation might not be as significant as the other two, but it still played a major role in the popularity increase in the game. During the Steam Summer Sale, Among Us fell to $1, which was too much for a game like this. Even, on the whole, Among Us isn't as expensive as other major games as it sits at a fair $5. The game is also totally free on Mobile devices, so there's no justification why you shouldn't install it there. There are some advertisements and IAPs in your gaming experience but they really aren't a concern.   A bit of a nudge and a boom! Among Us suddenly shot to the limelight, because it proved to be a very fun game. The majority of people loved the game and it certainly had the potential from its release in 2018. All it took was a little bit of nudge. The reasons above and many more all played a part in the trend. The game now sits on Steam's 11th most famous count by users. It is also on the number 1 spot for both Android and iOS Top Free Games. You'll see a lot of major celebrities on the internet playing this game, maybe you should try it too. Playing with a group of friends is the best way of playing Among Us of course. It can also be very fun to play a public game though.   Source: GamingonPhone     Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

  • Free Fire OB24 Update: New Lobby, Character, Map, etc

    For Free Fire, the next big update patch is the OB24 update that is all scheduled to arrive at the end of this month. Registration for this update's advance server has already commenced. The last update, Free Fire OB23 update, brought in a lot of new features and stuff in the game. The previous update gave us an insight into what 'Plan Bermuda' could be. This update will enforce the strategy thoroughly within the game. In addition, the update patch for Free Fire OB24 will introduce a lot of new features in the game. But what's the update bringing to the table? Here are the latest features that will come with Free Fire OB24 update patch: Download Garena Free Fire on PC   1. New Lobby Players will be having a new lobby experience. This new lobby is very roomy and very luxurious. It will include a lot of fireworks and will sport a look in the background loaded with a yellow hue. Overall, a lobby capable of maintaining until Halloween. In the Indian server, the lobby will also display fireworks and a festive greeting as “Happy Diwali”. It’ll be primarily themed on the Free Fire Continental Series. 2. New Characters: Dasha and Sverr Each patch update brings two new characters or more. Well, this update to Free Fire OB24 won't let you down either. Players should assume that when the update patch goes live, two new characters will roll out in the Free Fire universe soon enough. This patch will be a very unique one in the sense that players will come across yet another character with a powerful active power. Let's learn more about those characters.   Dasha Dasha, 25, is a punk, and a prankster. She seems to be a nice person if she does not turn wild, which is when she is about to cause mayhem. Its power is passive. Its name is Partying On. This experience would really be useful for both survival experts and rushers alike. It's more of an active capacity because it gives loads of buffs at the cost of only one slot. Her ability to minimize harm from falls is one of the most critical aspects of this skill. The campers out there who prefer camping in risky places located very high in Kalahari and other maps should find this ability very useful. Equipped with this experience, your aim will become more accurate when shooting on the move. Here's how much he upgrades his skills to each successive level.   Level 1 Reduces recoil in motion by 5%. Reduces the general recoil by 5%. Reduces damage from falls by 45%. Reduces crash recovery time by 55%. Level 2 Reduces recoil in motion by 6%. Reduces the general recoil by 6%. Reduces damage from falls by 50%. Reduces crash recovery time by 60% Level 3 Reduces recoil in motion by 7%. Reduces the general recoil by 7%. Reduces damage from falls by 55%. Reduces crash recovery time by 65%. Level 4 Reduces recoil in motion by 8%. Reduces the general recoil by 8%. Reduces damage from falls by 60%. Reduces crash recovery time by 70%. Level 5 Reduces recoil in motion by 9%. Reduces the general recoil by 9%. Reduces damage from falls by 65%. Reduces crash recovery time by 75%. Level 6 Reduces recoil in motion by 10%. Reduces the general recoil by 10%. Reduces damage from falls by 70%. Reduces crash recovery time by 80%. ‘Partying On’ Skill Stats Sverr Sverr is a warrior at the top level of MMA. He's a born warrior inside him who has a hunger for blood that helps him channel his inner berserker while he's out in the ring. The next update will put him into Free Fire. His animations and dialogs with his voice seem pretty cool. Of course that's what you expect with an active talent from a legendary character. He 's called his abilities 'Going Berserk.' It's an offensive ability, quite an odd, unusual change from the normal healing / defensive abilities Free Fire comes out of every patch update. When it comes to 'skills,' players should eventually expect a wide range of individuality. This is the first character in that path.   The ability of Going Berserk gives a boost to the player in the harm done at the cost of consumption by HP. It's a gambler talent that could, maybe not, work in your favor. But one thing is obvious, this character will require the players to have the courage to take on the challenge of battling it out as it is an assault-based ability with a very short cooldown time at peak. Here's how much he upgrades his skills to each successive level. Level 1 Consumes 40 HP to increase damage by 10%. Duration 5 seconds. 45s Cooldown. Level 2 Consumes 38 HP to increase damage by 12%. Duration 5 seconds. 42s cooldown. Level 3 Consumes 36 HP to increase damage by 14%. Duration 5 seconds. 39s cooldown. Level 4 Consumes 34 HP to increase damage by 16%. Duration 5 seconds. 36s cooldown. Level 5 Consumes 32 HP to increase damage by 18%. Duration 5s. 33s cooldown. Level 6 Consumes 30 HP to increase damage by 20%. Duration 5s. 30s cooldown. ‘Going Bersek’ Skill Stats 3. New Plan: Bermuda Map The map of Bermuda is one of the oldest maps, and one of Free Fire's most famous maps. Recently this map has been revised to make it a little more packed to give rise to more tactics and become as tactical as the Kalahari map overall. Several new locations in the 'Bermuda: Remastered' Map Clash Squad mode have already been released. Now these locations are likely to be made available in both classic and ranked mode progressively as well. Even the famous tactical spots, such as the Clock tower, Bimasakti strip, Peak, etc., will be revamped. These improvements to the map are sure to make it gameplay-wise and competitive. Many of the new sites were inspired by real-life sites. The modified map is currently being implemented through the partnership between La Casa De Papel and Free Fire under Plan Bermuda.   4. New Weapons Recently, it has been customary to expect every update patch to be at least one new weapon in the game, to enhance and develop on the combat experience. Well, the update patch for Free Fire OB24 won't let you down on that either. Not one but three new weapons will be added into the game. Two of them are going to be Long Range rifles, more like sniper rifles that feed on AR munitions. The third arm is in the form of a flame thrower, a close-range tertiary one. Woodpecker The M21 Woodpecker can use AR ammunition, has high armor-piercing capabilities and is considered to be highly effective and lethal. It offers a base dmg of 72 on goals hanging on the training field. This could be considered an ideal replacement for the SKS. It supports all the attachments that you may like therein. All except a pre-attached 4x lens. ParaFAL This is also going to be an assault cum sniper rifle, consuming AR ammo in this game. The ParaFAL 7.62mm M964 A1 MD1 is a 7.62×51mm NATO battle rifle which is a lighter-weight modification of the 30-year-old Brazilian-licensed and built FN FAL, MD2, and MD3. It can support all the attachments which an AR gun would be able to support. From silencers, muzzles, foregrips, stocks, mag expanded to 2x, 4x scopes. It is a high-firepower firearm with a good fire rate. This could be a suitable alternative to the M14. Flame Thrower A tertiary weapon to bring into this game, a first of its kind. When using this tool, goal assist will be switched off. When near enough it bursts a gush of a flame giving the enemy chunks of damage. Can be a strong USP replacement, G18. Especially when it gets crowded it will be all the handier so you can just spray your way out of the battle spot. 5. New Pet Keeping up with what has now become a tradition, a new pet will also make its way into the lands in the game in this upcoming Free Fire OB24 update patch. It looks like a raccoon. Its skill name is Stay Chill. It wears a rather odd ‘punk’ styled outfit expressing its love for what it loves rather than following what’s in trend or popular. It is also going to have a skill that’ll reduce the cooldown period of the owner’s active skill. Its name will be Rockie. It’ll be apparently reducing the cooldown of active skill by 10% at pet level 5. Free Fire OB24 update: Other in-game changes New Display Interface to check out weaponry. The new weapon section looks much better than the previous one. Availability of armor in the Training Grounds. Players will now be able to wear helmets and vests while practicing on the training grounds. This was a much-needed feature demanded by the players all over the world. New emotes: Several new emotes, including one Indian emote called ‘Bhangra’ will be introduced. The Indian server players are going to like this emote especially, as it has a connection with the Indian tradition of expressing emotions through the dance form called the same. New Weapon Section will be available other than the one mentioned above. This section will be for crafting and collection of fragments for weapons just like players have been doing for the characters. New FFCS Content and Events: The Free Fire OB24 update patch will also feature contents related to the ‘Free Fire Continental Series‘ in which the best teams of the world will be facing off each other. The tentative date for the Asia server matches is 29th November. When is Free Fire OB24 update arriving? The final question that arises is that when will the Free Fire OB24 update be coming to the scene. There has been no official declaration regarding the date of release of this update but we can expect it to release in late September. More information will be released as soon as we get it.     Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

  • Last Shelter: Survival is Now Available to Play on PC

    [Last Shelter: Survival] is a Massive Multi-Player, Zombie themed strategy war game. The player will take on the role of a leader of a small Shelter where survivors have to survive a world devastated by an apocalyptic zombie outbreak. Build your base and develop your own empire. Train your troops and recruit legendary heroes. Defend your Base and attack your Enemies. Join your allies in a never-ending war for glory and fame. To survive or to turn into one of the walking dead, the choice is yours! MEmu is the best choice to play Last Shelter: Survival on PC as it offers the best gaming performance and control experience among all the similar products. In this article, you will quickly learn how to play Last Shelter: Survival on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your game experience on PC. Download Last Shelter: Survival on PC   【How to Play Last Shelter: Survival on PC】 The instructions below will teach you how to easily play Last Shelter: Survival with MEmu.   Step 1: Download MEmu on your PC   Step 2: Search and Install Last Shelter: Survival from the Play Store   Step 3: Enjoy playing Last Shelter: Survival on PC with MEmu   【Explore the Features of Last Shelter: Survival on MEmu】 MEmu’s overall gaming experience and rich functions smash all kinds of mobile phones!   Bigger Screen and Better Graphics You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore. With MEmu, play Last Shelter: Survival on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy. Time to say goodbye to the graphic glitches on your cellphone to free from eye fatigue, now enjoy the maximized resolutions and highest frame rates on MEmu.   Powerful Engine and Unlimited Gameplay Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game Last Shelter: Survival. Why always worry about battery life on mobile devices? With MEmu, you would enjoy the unlimited gameplay of Last Shelter: Survival on PC. There is no more hardware limitation, no more phone call disturbances, and you can save your lithium battery life.   Smoother Controls and Customizable Key-mappings Most games have the preset keymapping in MEmu, and some are equipped with the leading technology smart key. Customize the key-mapping for Last Shelter: Survival is also easy. In addition, there are numerous functions on MEmu for various purposes, such as multi-instance, macro keymapping, game automation, video record, online streaming, GPS simulation, command-line scripts, etc. Hardcore users, get ready to explore those exciting features on MEmu Play!     【A Brief Summary of Last Shelter: Survival】 -World Wide War Battle enemies across the globe, lead your Empire to greatness and fight until the last man's standing. -Realistic Graphics Everything from the units to the maps to the heroes seems very realistic and creates a complete "day Z" type experience. -Build Your Wasteland Empire Absolutely Free City Building, facilities upgrading, R&D, warrior and survivor training and powerful hero recruitment just for the sake of living a new day to conquer the new world! -Hero System Whether you like to attack your enemies from distance, defend at close quarters, or enjoy developing your base or farming, there are TONS of heroes that can help you with all that! -Strategic Gameplay One set of units just simply cannot conquer, Warriors, Shooters and Vehicles, you have to know your enemy and yourself to walk this World War Z kind of wasteland -Alliance Warfare Whether it's going against different servers, or fighting for the title of the president at home, your alliance will always be backing you up, as long as you find the right people of course.   Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube  

  • Play Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC

    Empires and Puzzles is a free fantasy game with novel take on role playing games (RPG), fantasy battlers, combining epic match 3 duels and base-building of a mighty castle Stronghold – all that topped with legendary PVP duels full of magic and action. Become a Hero and build your Empire now! MEmu is the best choice to play Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC as it offers the best gaming performance and control experience among all the similar products. In this article, you will quickly learn how to play Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your game experience on PC. Download Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC   【How to Play Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC】 The instructions below will teach you how to easily play Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 with MEmu.   Step 1: Download MEmu on your PC   Step 2: Search and Install Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 from the Play Store   Step 3: Enjoy playing Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC with MEmu   【Explore the Features of Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on MEmu】 MEmu’s overall gaming experience and rich functions smash all kinds of mobile phones!   Bigger Screen and Better Graphics You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore. With MEmu, play Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy. Time to say goodbye to the graphic glitches on your cellphone to free from eye fatigue, now enjoy the maximized resolutions and highest frame rates on MEmu.   Powerful Engine and Unlimited Gameplay Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3. Why always worry about battery life on mobile devices? With MEmu, you would enjoy the unlimited gameplay of Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 on PC. There is no more hardware limitation, no more phone call disturbances, and you can save your lithium battery life.   Smoother Controls and Customizable Key-mappings Most games have the preset keymapping in MEmu, and some are equipped with the leading technology smart key. Customize the key-mapping for Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3 is also easy. In addition, there are numerous functions on MEmu for various purposes, such as multi-instance, macro keymapping, game automation, video record, online streaming, GPS simulation, command-line scripts, etc. Hardcore users, get ready to explore those exciting features on MEmu Play!     【A Brief Summary of Empires & Puzzles: Epic Match 3】 • Solve Match 3 Puzzles Send your army to the victory by matching colorful shields and creating epic combos! • Explore Three Seasons of Content Set yourself for an epic adventure through different worlds! • Amazing Graphics Experience detailed monsters, fantasy creatures, epic loot, powerful heroes and visual effects in a majestic fantasy world! • Base-Building Rebuild an immense war fortress, where you can farm resources and train your army! • Hero Cards Collection Summon hundreds of legendary heroes and mighty troops! • Train and dress-up Level up your army of unique heroes! • Online Raids Clash blades in intense match-3 RPG battles with other Empires! • Great Loot Get rewarded for raiding enemies’ castles in PvP duels! • Crafting Craft legendary weapons to help your heroes in battle! • Upgrade Everything Level up your army, castle and special powers! • Farming Gather valuable resources to build your Empire! • Play together Fight epic Titans together with your Alliance!   Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube  

  • COD Mobile Season 10 (The Hunt update) Patch Notes

    In the month of April, Activision and Tencent Games had decided that they will implement a Monthly Seasonal model in Call of Duty Mobile, which would make it easy for players to know when the new season will begin and end. So, after The Conquest Update in August, its time for COD Mobile Season 10. This season has been named “The Hunt”. Now let’s dive into the details of Season 10. Download Call of Duty: Mobile on PC   COD Mobile Season 10: Battle Pass The new Battle Pass will be available on 10th September, 2020. Premium Battle Pass Rewards Epic soldiers: Mara – Valkyrie, Makarov – Splinter, Mace – Tombstone, Outrider – Amazonas New Epic Blueprints: Echo – Demon Eyes, GKS – Scion, LK24 – Backwoods, XPR-50 – Arachnophobia Epic Bloodline themed weapons New Legendary Calling card – Fatal Attraction Free Battle Pass Rewards New base shotgun: Echo. High-capacity Shotgun with medium rate continuous fire. The perfect weapon for intense and persistent close-range combat New Operator skill: Equalizer. Dual integrated machine guns with built-in suppressors for close-quarters combat. COD Mobile Season 10: Season event rewards New Perk: High Alert. Your vision pulses when enemies outside of your view see you. Mark an enemy for your team by aiming down sights.   COD Mobile Season 10: Multiplayer New Featured Game modes Hardcore: A more intense multiplayer experience. Lower health bar, no health regeneration, no killcam, limited HUD, and friendly fire damage. This mode will be available for the following Match-types: Team Death Match Domination Hardpoint Kill Confirmed You can play the Hardcore mode in the following maps: Crash Standoff Summit Crossfire Headquarters: In this mode, you have to capture and hold the Headquarters to earn points. No respawns when defending. This mode will be available in th following maps: Crash Terminal Standoff Summit Crossfire New Maps Terminal The long-awaited map has finally arrived in Call of Duty Mobile. You can now take the fight to the tarmac on this classic map with a new destructible glass feature. You can play the following modes in this classic map, Terminal. Team Death Match Domination Search & Destroy Hardpoint 10vs10 Team Death Match 10vs10 Domination Pine Another classic map from the COD franchise, Pine also arrives in COD Mobile Season 10. You can play the following modes in this classic map, Pine. Gun Fight 1v1 Duel   COD Mobile Season 10: Battle Royale The sole addition to the battle royale section will be the new class – Hacker. Hacker Using this class skill, you can hack the enemy’s minimap to conceal your position for a brief period, destroy most enemy devices, and prevent the enemy from activating class skills. Do remember that you are immune to other Hacker’s abilities. Here are the Active and Passive skill of this new class in Battle Royale. Active Skill: Ice Pick – Blackout the minimaps of all nearby enemies and prevent them from using gadgets. Passive Skill: Hard Wired – The radar in minimap will not be blocked by any interference nor detectable by the enemy. COD Mobile Season 10: Optimizations Battle Royale Blueprint weapons will no longer be pre-equipped with optic attachments by default. Sights/optics can be picked up and equipped to the optic slot. However, sights on customized weapons are unable to be swapped in a match. Other Improvements Players will now be able to move through the after-match reports quicker. The “Next” button will be displayed in the XP summary and event progress page, and players can skip all animated updates. An issue has been fixed where sniper rifle shots occasionally may not register as hits.   Download Call of Duty: Mobile on PC   Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

  • PUBG Mobile 1.0 patch notes: New Erangel, anti-cheat…

    PUBG Mobile is arguably the most popular battle royale in the mobile gaming world, and for a good reason. It’s fun as hell and lets players have the authentic PUBG experience on their smartphones. But it hasn’t been perfect. PUBG Mobile always lacked a bit of polish and optimization, and it’s fallen behind its predecessor in terms of content. Thankfully, that’s about to change in the latest patch. Here’s a list of everything that’s being added, tweaked, and changed, and when we can expect the patch to drop. Download PUBG Mobile on PC     New Erangel Erangel has been the most prominent and iconic map on PUBG since day one. But it received a complete overhaul on PC and Console, and now some of those changes are finally happening on PUBG Mobile as well. The revamped version of the map will feature all-new elements such as trenches, tree-trunk barriers, abandoned tanks, and bunkers. This will help players come up with new strategies and tactics. Many buildings and shelters around the map are also being changed and improved. There will also be some changes to large resource points. Popular places like Mansion, Military Base, Mine Zone, Mylta Power, Prison, and Sosnovka have been reworked to make their loot, gear, and resources rebalanced. And of course, the graphics and visuals on the map have been revamped from the ground up. An upgraded lighting system will help make the environment look more realistic, and players will be able to see reflections and shadows a lot better. Models and textures have also been significantly improved, and an optional Ultra HUD function will also be available. All in all, the changes to the map will help make it look much better without spoiling the fluid combat and gameplay.   Anti-Cheat Another important change is the addition of a new and improved anti-cheat system. It boasts an impressive list of upgrades, including improved striking against Auto-Aim, Cheat M, Cheat Z, and Grass Hack. The new anti-cheat system will also crackdown on Chat Channel Cheating Promotions and Ranked TDM. It will also fix engine security issues, optimize the impact of security monitoring on performance, optimize and tighten the process and tools of security protocols, and add a better replay review and spectating systems.   Additional Features PUBG Mobile’s latest update will also add a small list of additional features. This includes the addition of an all-new semi-automatic shotgun exclusive to Livik, as well as an event called Beyond A.C.E Themed Gameplay that can be activated after meeting certain conditions in combat. It will also improve the Cheer Park: Training Ground and add both a Halloween Theme and a Halloween Infection Mode on October 23. And last but not least, it will also bring back the popular Payload Mode.   Update Size PUBG Mobile’s latest update will reportedly be around 1.5 GB on Android devices and 1.0 GB on iOS devices. That’s not too bad considering how much the patch is adding to the game. Naturally, you’ll be able to download the latest version on the Google Play Store for Android devices and the App Store for iOS devices once it goes live. Unfortunately, players in India won’t be able to join after the government banned PUBG Mobile along with 117 other apps. But you may use VPN services to continually play PUBG Mobile on MEmu.   PUBG Mobile v1.0 patch notes The complete patch notes can be found on the official PUBG Mobile website. An abbreviated list can be found below. New Erangel: All-new Visuals Updated the sky, land, water, and vegetation to be more realistic and detailed Building Changes Changed the structure of some buildings. Large Resource Point Changes Mylta Power: Mylta Power has been remodeled with a new building layout to make resource points closer to one another for more unexpected developments in battle. Quarry: Improved the terrain structure, adjusted the layout of buildings, added 7 new large warehouses, and added landing points for even more looting options. Prison: Adjusted the terrain structure to add more walls in the surroundings. Adjusted some building layouts to give everyone new tactical options. Adjustments to other resource points in the Play Zone: Added a number of resource points in the Play Zone. New Map Elements Added trenches, wooden barricades, abandoned tanks, and constructions as cover to create a more compelling battlefield atmosphere across Erangel which will make new tactics and strategies possible. Building Structure Changes Adjusted the structure of some urban areas to give players an even better experience when attacking and defending. Some buildings now feature basements, and players will have to smash the wooden door of the basements with their weapons before they can enter.   Livik Improvements: New firearm: M1014 All-new semi-automatic shotgun. Load up to 7 rounds for outstanding close-quarters combat experience. It can be equipped with the Shotgun Muzzle or Bullet Loop attachment and is currently the most efficient Shotgun to use in combat. Ammo can be manually reloaded which allows everyone to adapt to emergencies that might catch you by surprise. Only appears on Livik on the Classic Battle Royale Map and Arena, along with other shotguns. Visual Effects Improvements Improved accuracy of rock textures with smoother graphics. Improved display of water textures with smoother graphics. Improved display of details when Monster Truck is seen from a distance. Improved display of waterfalls with smoother graphics. Improved close-up display of waterfalls. Improved effects during landing. Stage Balancing Adjustments Reduced advantages of the scaffolding opposite the waterfall. Increased water depth above the waterfall. Slightly increased the density of vegetation in the upper left area. The large boat is replaced with a speedboat, which refreshes, and can be used in narrow waterways. Minor changes to supply drops. Adjusted grass distribution. Bug Fixes Fixed bugs with clipping, floating objects, and gaps in the terrain. Fixed a problem with Monster Truck becoming stuck in walls. Fixed a problem with trees disappearing.   Beyond A.C.E.-Themed Gameplay Some mysterious Energy Towers survived the Implosion and remain on Erangel. Players will be able to redeem supplies at these Energy Towers by meeting certain conditions in combat. During the event, players have a chance to enter this mode during Erangel matchmaking in Classic Mode.   EvoGround Additions Payload 2.0 (coming soon) Payload Mode is back with all-new improvements! Fully armed vehicles, including the new armed helicopter, will provide massive firepower for you and your squad. Take the base and find the brand new Super Weapon Crates to gain heavy weaponry and new powerful items. Finally, the Advanced Communication Towers will allow players to recall defeated teammates which can turn the tide of battle. All-new armed vehicles: armed UAZ, Dacia, Buggy, and Pickup New heavy weaponry: AT4-A laser-guided missile and M202 four-barreled rocket launcher. New items: UAV controller, man-portable radar, bomb suit.   Halloween Infection Mode (available from October 23) Infection Mode is back! Zombies wear Halloween masks, with new atmospheric decorations, including jack-o'-lanterns, gravestones, and candles.     Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

  • Play Murderous Pursuits Mobile on Windows for Free!

    Welcome aboard a Victorian styled time-traveling airship, where you and seven other players must kill each other in the daring daylight without raising suspicion! Our mysterious party host, Mr. X, will constantly assign you targets to track down and kill. As you stalk your prey you are also pursued by other party-goers. And there’s always the guards who will lock you up if they witness your bad behavior! No one plans a murder out loud, you’d better keep an eye on others while not to make any wrong moves: MEmu is the best choice to play Murderous Pursuits Mobile on PC as it offers the best game performance and control experience among all the similar products. In this article, you will quickly learn how to play Murderous Pursuits Mobile on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your game experience on PC. Download Murderous Pursuits Mobile on PC   【How to Play Murderous Pursuits Mobile on PC】 The instructions below will teach you how to easily play Murderous Pursuits Mobile with MEmu.   Step 1: Download MEmu on your PC   Step 2: Search and Install Murderous Pursuits Mobile from the Play Store   Step 3: Enjoy playing Murderous Pursuits Mobile on PC with MEmu   【Explore the Features of Murderous Pursuits Mobile on MEmu】 MEmu’s overall gaming experience and rich functions smash all kinds of mobile phones!   Bigger Screen and Better Graphics You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore. With MEmu, play Murderous Pursuits Mobile on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy. Time to say goodbye to the graphic glitches on your cellphone to free from eye fatigue, now enjoy the maximized resolutions and highest frame rates on MEmu.   Powerful Engine and Unlimited Gameplay Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game Murderous Pursuits Mobile. Why always worry about battery life on mobile devices? With MEmu, you would enjoy the unlimited gameplay of Murderous Pursuits Mobile on PC. There is no more hardware limitation, no more phone call disturbances, and you can save your lithium battery life.   Smoother Controls and Customizable Key-mappings Most games have the preset keymapping in MEmu, and some are equipped with the leading technology smart key. Customize the key-mapping for Murderous Pursuits Mobile is also easy. In addition, there are numerous functions on MEmu for various purposes, such as multi-instance, macro keymapping, game automation, video record, online streaming, GPS simulation, command-line scripts, etc. Hardcore users, get ready to explore those exciting features on MEmu Play!     【A Brief Summary of Murderous Pursuits Mobile】 【Blend in the Crowd, Don't Expose!】 To get rid of exposure, step on special locations where you can partake in a variety of highbrow activities with NPCs to obscure your presence. 【Act Naturally, Fool Them All】 Mimic the actions of NPCs to fool your opponents. Awkward wandering, sudden changes of direction, otherwise jerky moves or running like hell could give you away! 【Be Focused! Sniff out Your Targets】 You’ll be equipped with a radar showing the direction and proximity of your targets, but it’s your job to figure out who among the crowd is the most suspicious one. Don’t let any any clue escape your notice! 【Sneak up, Finish with Tricks!】 No two murders are alike. Find the best secret path to your targets, play it cool and strike when the time is right! 【Danger is Looming, Use Skills Artfully】 Temporary disguise, flash grenade and pie bomb...There is a wide range of power-ups at your disposal to get out of sticky moments! 【Who Shall be the Best Suspect?】 Choose an innocent mask among multicultural expressive characters, put on your killer dress, and take a deep breath... The wicked play is live!   Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube  

  • It’s Time to Play CrossFire: Warzone on PC Now

    CrossFire: Warzone is a strategy game in real-time where you take charge of a global defense organization trying to protect the world from terrorist attacks. Prevent large scale attacks, recover territory, and fight against incessant enemy attacks. Gameplay in CrossFire: Warzone is divided into two very different phases. On one hand, you have to manage the organization by constructing buildings and improving infrastructure. You also have to train troops, research new technologies and recruit generals. On the other hand, you have to fight battles in real-time by giving orders to your soldiers and put an end to all the CrossFire: Warzonethreats on the map. MEmu is the best choice to play CrossFire: Warzone on PC as it offers the best game performance and control experience among all the similar products. In this article, you will quickly learn how to play CrossFire: Warzone on MEmu and some tips that will benefit your game experience on PC. Download CrossFire: Warzone on PC   【How to Play CrossFire: Warzone on PC】 The instructions below will teach you how to easily play CrossFire: Warzone with MEmu.   Step 1: Download MEmu on your PC   Step 2: Search and Install CrossFire: Warzone from the Play Store   Step 3: Enjoy playing CrossFire: Warzone on PC with MEmu   【Explore the Features of CrossFire: Warzone on MEmu】 MEmu’s overall gaming experience and rich functions smash all kinds of mobile phones!   Bigger Screen and Better Graphics You don’t have to play the game with the tiny screen of your mobile anymore. With MEmu, play CrossFire: Warzone on PC with the monitor of your PC is so easy. Time to say goodbye to the graphic glitches on your cellphone to free from eye fatigue, now enjoy the maximized resolutions and highest frame rates on MEmu.   Powerful Engine and Unlimited Gameplay Mobile gamers reviewed that their battery ran down fast when they were playing the game CrossFire: Warzone. Why always worry about battery life on mobile devices? With MEmu, you would enjoy the unlimited gameplay of CrossFire: Warzone on PC. There is no more hardware limitation, no more phone call disturbances, and you can save your lithium battery life.   Smoother Controls and Customizable Key-mappings Most games have the preset keymapping in MEmu, and some are equipped with the leading technology smart key. Customize the key-mapping for CrossFire: Warzone is also easy. In addition, there are numerous functions on MEmu for various purposes, such as multi-instance, macro keymapping, game automation, video record, online streaming, GPS simulation, command-line scripts, etc. Hardcore users, get ready to explore those exciting features on MEmu Play!     【A Brief Summary of CrossFire: Warzone】 - Defeat Terrorists in Real-time Combat! ▣ Reclaim cities controlled by a vicious terrorist group! ▣ Stop Massive Organic Weapons that threaten humanity - Dominate the Battlefield with Superior Weapon Technology! ▣ Create and direct high-tech combat units ▣ Make your own tactical commands in real-time - Develop Your Base and Raise an Army! ▣ Collect resources and develop your base ▣ Train troops and research tactics to claim victory! - A Masterful Mix of Strategy, Simulation, and RPG! ▣ Collect and command 25 unique heroes ▣ Craft gear to empower your troops - Create an Alliance and Expand Your Sphere of Influence! ▣ Build a city and conduct alliance research with alliance members ▣ Participate in City Takeover and reap the benefits   Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube  

  • 25 Best Free VPNs for Banned PUBG and PUBG Lite

    Download PUBG Mobile on PC   Seeking security issues the Indian Government banned 118 Chinese apps on September 2nd including one of the PUBG Mobile's most successful online smartphone games. The ban was made to stop the data collection activities of these applications, according to the government. PUBG Mobile has over 33 million players in India that make it one of the country's most played online smartphone games. The game will be removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store after the ban. This means that no new users can play the game. You can also download the installation file from third-party websites such as APKPure or APKCombo and play the game with MEmu on Windows. Users who already have the game on their smartphones may be able to play it, but they may not be able to upgrade the game to newer versions. If you still want to play the game with the new updates then the catch is here. You need to use a VPN to play PUBG Mobile, which will allow you to encrypt your web traffic by routing it over a server from other countries around the world. VPN lets you bypass blocking the internet and keep anyone from tracking your online presence. When connected to a VPN, your IP address will change and you will be able to switch to any server as you wish. Here's the VPN list that you can use for the gameplay.   Best Free VPNs for Playing PUBG Mobile in India PandaVPN Ultimate VPN Thunder VPN FreeVPN Betternet Snap VPN Turbo VPN WangVPN V2VPN TST VPN Fast VPN Hotspot Shield VPN LION VPN Halley VPN Lantern Surf VPN MayiVPN SoloVPN FREE VPN VPN Proxy Master VPN USA Super VPN VPN Monster Secure VPN Speed VPN We listed the above-mentioned VPNs based on stable connectivity, a large high-speed server network that is compatible with MEmu Play. The best out of the lot are these VPNs, which help you to bypass blocking and play PUBG Mobile.   How to Use VPN for Playing PUBG Mobile First, you need to download MEmu from the official website, and download PUBG Mobile or PUBG Lite from the third-party websites APKPure/APKCombo. Install any VPN from the list above from Play Store on MEmu. Now you can start the app and choose the server you want to connect to. Notably, some VPSs are smart enough to connect to the fastest servers automatically. But you can configure them manually. You're all set to play PUBG Mobile with a VPN once the setup is done. Try to switch between those free VPN Apps to find a better server with low ping. Slow servers with lags and high ping could ruin your gaming experience. Download PUBG Mobile on PC     Discover More about MEmu Play MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube

  • Among Us Top 20 Tips for Impostors and Crewmates

    Among Us, an undiscovered gem has been in the dirt for some time. But with the introduction of streamers like XQC popularizing the game the count of players quickly fired up. So you gathered a bunch of buddies and loaded up your first 'Among Us' game - we're here to make sure you win every game with our 'Among Us top 20 tips!' The list is divided into two parts: Advice on being the impostor and advice on becoming a crewmate. Download Among Us on PC   Top 10 Impostors Tips in Among Us It's your job as an impostor to trick people into thinking that you are one of them and secretly killing crewmates. Looking busy, you do this by faking tasks. Throwing accusations around and attempting to lay low on other people's suspicions. All this while keeping a strong defense to back up your corner as well. Lock Doors Before You Kill Doors to the Impostor can be locked on the sabotage screen Sabotage is the best friend to impostors. Step into a room that looks like you're doing a job. Then when someone comes along with you to join. Lock them in, and remove them. Before venting/getting out and looking for a logical route away from where the victim is located.   Gain Their Trust Letting people live is a good way to make sure they're side by side with you on vital in-game decisions. If you've helped them fix either Oxygen or Reactor (tasks for 2 people) then they're more likely to consider you as trustworthy.   Prioritize Murdering The Safe People There are certain tasks in the game that offer people animations to see. Anyone who has seen these tasks do so is safe. And if you end up being final 4 with 2 safe people. Odds stacked heavily against you. Always consider the person you are murdering. Make sure that anyone proven to be safe is a priority target for you to kill. But it can be hard to kill them since a good team stays close to the safe crewmates.   Final 3 Guarantee The Win If you're the only killer left and there are 2 crewmates at the start of the round, or if 2 killer and 4 crewmates are left. Then finishes the game. What you need to do is at the start of the round activate either the reactor or oxygen emergency. As a result, the crewmates will not be able to call an emergency meeting due to the crisis. Letting you kill them once the cooldown of your kill expires.   Do The Tasks There will be times when you need to justify what task you've been doing on Among us. If you're standing where there's no job or giving the wrong description of the task you were "doing" You're going to be flushed out of the airlock more quickly than you can say "I'm not the impostor."   Accuse Else If Seen If anybody else watches you sell or kill anybody. That is then practically the end of your run. But if that happens, then. Try to get to the report first. And insist it is you who have actually seen them commit the act. At this point, this is a 50/50 People may side with you, and if they do that leaves you to kill somebody else before you find yourself guilty.   Employ Sabotage Sabotage is great at breaking up the group. This enables you to take control of the game. For example, you kill somebody in navigation (middle-right), then you sabotage the reactor (right side), the last place any normal person would go back to navigation afterwards. Then you can go help with the sabotage and people will vouch that you've been there.   Kill in a Crowd People have the mistaken idea that the best way to win the game is to sit in a community. But that can not be any further from the facts. That makes it really easy for the impostor when people are standing really close together. All he/she has to do is turn off the lights. Run into a crowd, and push the kill button. Anyone within that group of people may actually be the impostor. So run in, kill somebody and start pointing fingers at someone else. This only works when there are closely packed 4 or more people.   Destroy The Lights Lights on sabotage map can be shut off To disable the lights is favorite sabotage of mine. It makes the vision of peoples useless. You can kill someone in the dark and sprint for the nearest vent and people would not be able to tell who it was positive. Using the brain though. Don't kill anyone the same spot you turned off the lights. Travel as far away as you can from that point, and find someone to vouch for your whereabouts. Note that everyone's perspective had been changed during the subsequent discussion. If you believe you've seen someone when the lights are out then this could be contested. You land in hot water. Remember the restrictions on crewmates!   Cooperate with the other impostor If you both go to a room and 2 people run in, be mindful of what the other impostor is doing. You can lock the door quickly, kill double and escape through the vents. But on the other hand, you run the risk of being found guilty of murdering each other if you play too close to the other murderer. And don't vouch for the other murderer too hard. If you believe the odds are against him, be prepared to throw him under the bus. If you vouch and he's guilty they're going to turn up next to you. Download Among Us on PC     Top 10 Crewmate Tips in Among Us As a crewmate, you work with most of the others to achieve a shared objective of completing all the tasks (or destroying the impostors). You need to stay alert to the situation and take mental notes to help the team out. When can I use Medbay, Guns, or Trash? If you are a crewmate with access to the Medbay, trash, or weapons. Make sure that you use it when people come to see it! You are the element that determines between winning and losing. Don't waste the opportunity to prove innocence. Often, don't be afraid to call an emergency meeting when only one person has seen to get them to announce their innocence. Any crewmate will do exactly that. They are then a confirmed impostor if they don't. If you don't get them to vouch for it, they could die before it comes to light.   Use CCTV CCTV is like seeing one eye at a time everywhere. And a bad impostor wouldn't even consider watching anyone on CCTV. But don't just look to the CCTV for kills! Learn where each camera is placed, and see whoever goes between them. If you see red heading into navigation, then all of a sudden he races down another corridor into the canteen. Navigation has 1 inlet. The only way he/she can do this is through ventilation. Please note-do not hug the CCTV, be careful. You declare you're in the Security Room and you're going to be the Killer's hot target. Keep alert.   Keep Order This tip is particularly applicable when you play with randoms. People only want to suspect random colors, and hope that their guess is correct. Make sure someone believes someone. Firstly ask them why. If everybody is listening to the person pointing their fingers at everyone you won't win. You need to take away those people's legitimacy to stop getting drawn into the mob mentality.   Last 3: Time for Decision So among you is 1 impostor. And somebody just found one body. But you are sitting with 2 other people in a group. If you vote to skip it is game over at this stage. (Return to tip 4 of the section of the impostor) rationalize who is legitimate, who you doubt, and battle your case. If you don't know then you need to agree to place all eggs in one basket with the remaining survivors. It's a different game if everyone votes for each other and if nobody votes their game over. The only way to commit is by commitment.   Ask the False Accusers to Explain Themselves Example – Blue records a body claiming he saw this guy murder in red. Red gets thrown out of the ship but it turns out that they were innocent. It is most likely red at this stage actually walked in on murdering someone in blue. So before you move on you need to get them to explain themselves. If they can't justify why they've pressed for the execution so hard then they need to go.   Keep Healthy People Alive For the crewmates, people who are healthy are the most significant people in the game. They are people you can track comfortably, do openly with activities of deception, and they are one fewer person you suspect may be lying while trying to find who the perpetrator is. You must try to ensure these people's survival as any successful impostor would emphasize them as a priority. In the final 4 case, you'll be so glad you've got 2 people scanning in the Medbay.   Remember to Pay Attention Hear what people have to say! People talk too much about themselves in trouble so people skip it because they're thinking what they're going to say about themselves in their own heads. I have also seen someone scanning in an early medbay game get ejected into space because the other survivors forget that someone had previously vouched for that person. Even if you see someone running next to you. But make no mental note of who they were. Not only can this cause your story to sound false and you're disqualified, but it can also mean you and the team lose out on a decent chance to catch the killer.   Don't Just Head Off Alone That one is also inevitable. I try to still remain within a fair spectrum of others. But Don't stand on the toes of the people as well! (Look at tip 8, segment Impostor).   Bait The Killer If you see someone on CCTV. Stand helpless in a 'one-entrance' space or hallway. Even if you see 2 people were standing together in a room. Run out for a good 5 seconds before you turn back on yourself and check if these two people are still alive. The odds are that the killer would have exploited the opportunity. Do not be afraid of death if you realize you get a strategic advantage by doing so. Often try to tailback on yourself, as the murderer will act as you leave.   Don't Easily Vouch for Someone Who Doesn't Kill You I hear it all the time people say it wasn't anyone else, but together they raced down a hallway. You could be the friend they're trying to make to secure a win or a switch between kills and it's on cooldown. Trust just the people tested and checked! Download Among Us on PC     Discover More about MEmu Play Official Website MEmu Support Facebook Discord Twitter Reddit Youtube    

  • Reset and Fix Keymapping Issues

    (1): What if the in-game perspective cannot be moved or the view angle is stuck? If you are unable to move the angle of view or the angle of view is stuck after hiding the mouse, please use “Ctrl” to unhide and hide the mouse. You may need to switch windows by pressing Alt+Tab to fix occasional small glitches. (You may try different keys such as “~” or “F1” since the key is different in some games)   (2): My default button has been modified. How to restore to the initial mode? Open the key mapping setup panel and click on the icon in the image below.   (3) Some keys are not functioning well, and I have already tried to reload the key, what I should do? If your smart keymapping does not function well after a recent game update, please wait patiently, and the new smart keymapping will usually be updated within 1 business day. You will receive a notification when you start the game once the smart key update is ready. In other situations, you can try to reset the keymapping by modifying any key on the left screen and save the change once, then click the reload button in the drop-down menu shown in the picture below. This action will recover the data from your main keymapping database. If you still experience keymapping function issues after trying the solution above, please delete the memu2.db and memudef.db files in your MEmu main directory, and restart your emulator to redownload the keymapping data from the online server.   (4) Why my emulator could not be started after deleting the keymapping database files? You may have connection issues to the MEmu server if your emulator gets stuck after the file deletion. To check if you have a stable connection to the MEmu server, you can open Multi-MEmu and click on the "New" button. The connection is fine if all the Android options are shown normally like the screenshot below. Otherwise, you need to fix your DNS issues.

  • MEmu 7.2.5 is officially released!

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As for vidya, graphics are not gonna improve …[View]524969037if you are having problems with the Snetterton 200 career event just pick the Ford RS1600 and max ou…[View]524969563>new consoles tout 4k 120fps >people with consoles get tv's not monitors >consumer gra…[View]524969748>Witcher 3 is a succcess and completely BTFOs Final fantasy XV >Let's try to copy it inst…[View]524965153$125: I remember when the Nintendo 64 launched, the games were $120-125 dollars each. Looks like the…[View]524969313When release silent hill?[View]524969760Will we ever see more dynamic and varied character-interaction mechanics in rpgs, or will it all be …[View]524965854Imagine being a consoletard: >too stupid to do any research on hardware whatsoever so he takes th…[View]524962084I'm ready, are you?[View]524969918Was it kino?[View]524960691>PS5 already sold out everywhere now >there are anons who did not get one >they won't …[View]524968047>tfw I just won a free PS5 and a free Xbox Series X Does anyone else here know this feel?…[View]524968252Bloodborne Remaster listed by French retailer FNAC: GOTG a 2nd time[View]524972816Will Nintendo ever stop winning?[View]524972839>pls unban me moot >'YOUVE GOT MAIL!' >no u…[View]524972410'one copy of hyrule warriors age of calamity please, my wife's boyfriend thinks it looks good'[View]524952449>Also available for PC[View]524946647>Wasn't fast enough to get a PS5 >now I'm an XBro I guess >if they sell out too I…[View]524961986>game setting: low>water effect : ultra[View]524952006.....[View]524965574>tfw every ps5 is sold out in my country Wtf Sonybros...I was so loyal to our brand...…[View]524969701Would you let your son play videogames overtime?[View]524971795>Black MC How do I get immersed in this game now?[View]524971948>but the PC will pay for itself after twelve years of xbox live[View]524902749One coin.[View]524968507brehs........................................[View]524967827>Kills a NPC >feels bad about it I just wanted to have a happy life, i'm sorry.…[View]524964007>crewmate again[View]524968809Demon's Souls Remake: wtf was this seriously? was hyped for this but it legit looked like ue4 f…[View]524968785.[View]524967638PS5 has [View]524968509How many times are we going to BTFO the never evers?[View]524967587After all these years, this is still one of the weirdest things about Mario. >Scary intimidating …[View]524968441NSR: Awesome game[View]524967352this game is better than peace walker: peace walker isn't bad but PO just feels more like a mgs…[View]524964106PS5 has no anime games so no buy.[View]524966814Is /v/ playing? What went wrong?[View]524965714>mushroom = penis what did sakurai mean by this[View]524966342Where is it ?[View]524958673Are there any games where stats affect the dialogue options like 1INT in fallout[View]524962457>character gets a tan[View]524955646Finally got around to playing this and no How did this happen? How did these developers ruin my favo…[View]524970847BOW YA SHITS![View]524970873NO MORE NIGGERS AND TRANNIES IN VIDEO GAMES PLEASE OK? EVERY GAME WITH THEM IS SHIT AND FLOPS[View]524970482>'one copy of hyrule warriors age of calamity please'[View]524963951It's finally time for me to come to terms with being unwelcome in modern multiplayer games. Esp…[View]52496334880€ MSRP: 80€ MSRP[View]524965414>…[View]524967984Do you think it will feature a Triwizard Tournament that our character can join as Hogwarts' ch…[View]524960057>Spiderman is a PS4 game >Horizon 2 is a PS4 game >FF16 and RE8 are both coming to PC >N…[View]524967374ITT: western vidya hotties. Bonus points for girls from the last decade.[View]524967892botw 2: I'll preface this by saying, don't ask for proof or ID of any kind because you won…[View]524967871Bloody Roar II - The New Breed[View]524964891M-mommy![View]524967830I'm glad Sony is doing $70 games. Games used to be $70 in the '90s. It's nostalgic.[View]524967667>options >settings >setup…[View]524967738Who here is only buying a 3080 to resell for profit.[View]524965857Fuck this shit rate the last game you played between 0 and 10 >Crusader Kings 3 >9/10 Pretty g…[View]524960940is this the most FUN level in any video game ever?[View]5249675572 HOURS[View]524970175ITT: How I single-handedly turned a CR13 encounter into a 2 1/2 hour shitpost. > Be me > Be Cl…[View]524967628This will also be on PS4.[View]524970072How much do you spend per month supporting other gamers?[View]524967167'You're laughing?' 'The PS5 is launching with no games, losing all of its exclusives and you…[View]524954506Doom popularized FPSes, SF2 popularized 1v1 fighters, GTA popularized open world, what are some othe…[View]524965406Disgaea thread: Why is Etna so beautiful?[View]524964585I'm in love with Cia![View]524963893there are 24 (TWENTY FOUR) uncracked denuvo games now press F to pay respects for poorfags[View]524969831when will there be a pokemon dating sim?[View]524964773Will installing an ENB fix my Skyrim graphics problem?[View]524967430You fucking fags, you told me that the game was tranny shit. it was actually good, not good as DA:O …[View]524934445UNICLR Thread: MOTIVATED[View]524967423Downloaded this game since it was <$4 just to check out character customization since I've b…[View]524962172Who else enjoy watching vidya reaction video like me?[View]524967349Soul[View]524962012>RE3MAKE came out 5 months ago[View]524966159Was I...of...assistance...?[View]524964929>PS5 console limited exclusive* >*Also available on PC for free Why do they do this?…[View]524963509>When you pre-order a game, you’re just committing to paying for something that some assholes in …[View]524967000>paperwork level What were they thinking?[View]524966983let's see what everyone is so hyped about..[View]524961756Filipino![View]524966283>Sony wins again >xbox incels on /v/ are genuinely SEETHING about it How do you become so path…[View]524963258GOAT xbox game[View]524960456this won: Rumor is it'll have easy piracy M$ knows the domination will be COLOSSAL[View]524959383Video games are a stupid fucking waste of time Spiderman? Fuck you[View]524966093I love you guys. Have a great day and play some good games, my friends.[View]524965886My major issue with PS5 (and also Xbox Series X)'s currently announced games is that, besides R…[View]524964446What CPU for the 3080?[View]524960276Realistically speaking, do we actually output any quality games?[View]524960275Imagine being a no PS5 xbone coper and trying to argue Valhalla is more exciting than Ragnarok XD[View]524966804Even a tranny knows Dark Souls 2 sucks[View]524955390okay how will they fuck it up?[View]524958385When's the next chance of elden ring? 26th?[View]524965514COVIDI-19: >report unusual behavior >barricade your homes >avoid all contact with infected …[View]524961235What game they playing?[View]524941996 Here are your male and female protagonists[View]524921087will i have a higher chance getting a 3080 if i go for this ugly fucking thing[View]524964634OMFG I can browse /v/ while I watch LetsPlay videos now!!!![View]524955083Why do retards buy consoles on launch holy shit. A console is worthless until after its lifespan and…[View]524965590These fucking Scalpers[View]524956387But in all seriousness, Sonybros: How do we stop Sony from releasing our exclusives on PC?[View]524965859>PC bros are loving why? haven't they played enough walking sims?…[View]524953446Have you ever taught an older person how to play videogames?[View]524966368what are some games[View]524965286Is he the only Indie character who stands a chance at making playable fighter?[View]524950405MONSTER HUNTER RISE LEAK: Thoughts?[View]524964046Why does Nintendo get a pass for supporting degenerate sexual disorders?[View]524957105realistically, how fast will the FE sell out?[View]524955520Thoughts on this qt?[View]524960890What is the video game equivalent of picrel?[View]524950164OH NO NO NO NONONONO: THEY DITCHED THE REALISM FOR CARTOON GRAPHICS PFFFFFFTTTTTTHAHAHAHA HAHAHAHAHA…[View]524963754Oh nononono Australian bros[View]524964801How do we fix this[View]524961526>Bannerlord II last longer than Crusader Kings 3. Why is /v/ like this? What happened to to /v/…[View]524959543Name a bigger mistake in gaming than voice acting.[View]524965239>Full Motion Video! As opposed to video that ISN'T Full Motion![View]524962870LMFAO Release games: Yearly multiplat on every platform 1 remake 1 resell 1 Reskin 70 dolleridoos pe…[View]524960685The one man left at nintendo that actually knows how to make a video game: Literally every series Ni…[View]524965061Hows disgaea 4? I've played 5 on ps4 and kinda liked it. Thinking about buying it again on the …[View]524964480The end of an era.[View]524961525 0:37 - 0:43, repeated at 2:17 - 2:23: YOUR LIMITED …[View]524947348cringe[View]524959580Worst trends in the gaming industry:[View]524952201*drops mic*[View]524965195For me it's silver hair elves.[View]524962705What Drink is Bonbon holding?: Could someone tell what drink is Bonbon holding? It's colored ye…[View]524962256wtf? this game is actually really good. how come I've never seen anyone play or talk about it b…[View]524836619Name a flaw. Spoiler: You can't. (Dead or Alive / DoA thread)[View]524964925Hey Pard: Found any special tracks yet?[View]524952504We can't get another generation worth of soi infused movie games and game devs crying over crit…[View]524963578Rumors about the new MH game for Switch…[View]524955038alright /v/ let's settle this. which one's better ?[View]524964562Xbox cucked Sony so bad lmao: Sony was most definitely going to unveil the PS5 at 600$ riding so man…[View]524963771MONSTER HUNTER SWITCH WAITING ROOM: 4 hours.[View]524960804>console 'releases' November 2020 >Real release date is some time in 2021 Why did they do this…[View]524944181>go to >take the tests >post your results and also your hop…[View]524956769BOWSER’S PUSSY[View]524962312Wow!!! Good thing they wrote it, otherwise I'd think this is real life!!! Amazing graphics![View]524944102After 10 years the new update This September 24th 20 survival maps New melee weapons 1 campaign (5 …[View]524963712WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO FLY >WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO FLY WHERE DID YOU LEARN TO FLY >WHERE DID Y…[View]524957492Hey anon! Come here! Yes, all the way over here![View]524961337I just gave in and bought an Xbone controller for my PC. Holy shit i wish i'd done this sooner,…[View]524958671what is the best boxing game?[View]524963968Imagine if I told you that FF16 would look even more boring than Demon's Souls remake.[View]524963787YGYL: The Game[View]524959919Behold. The Undertale/Deltarune killer.[View]524960224Will you buy at full price anon? Or will you hold off until proper prices are enforced and the 30% c…[View]524960673>Xbox Games Showcase from July 23rd >933k views >PlayStation Games Showcase from 14 hours a…[View]524960765How long till the PS5 Pro is revealed?[View]524956479>don't even say word >money stolen anyway Why is this allowed?…[View]524962892I don't know if we're gonna make it In the face of such domination, pcbros.....I think we …[View]524962015>wacky 'self-aware' game >has good gameplay as well Why are they so rare?…[View]524962894You can feel it in the air can't you? Comfy winter gaming is coming. No more hot sweaty room.[View]524961878WHERE WAS IT?[View]524962774>sequel contains all the levels of the previous game[View]524943985RE4: Part 2: >no thread about goty 2021 The fuck? Get in here, new trailer just dropped.…[View]524961913so you buying this garbage today?[View]524961942>love video games >have dyspraxia anyway post your favorite character…[View]524956445FF XVI looks better than VIII, IX, X and XII.[View]524960318Nier:Automata: I CAN'T ENJOY GAMES ANYMORE AFTER THIS GAME HELP ME AAAAHAHHHHHHHGGGHH I JUST KE…[View]524960349Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning: Why are you not playing Kingdoms of Amalur Re-Reckoning right now?…[View]524962253Magic is not real, faggot.[View]524958881What are some relaxing games that you can play and turn on a podcast or audiobook to listen to while…[View]524960104No Merula no buy. I don't care what year it's supposed to be, make a magical time machine…[View]524960440>appears in a few Mario Party games and then is never seen again What the fuck? Why would Nintend…[View]524954851Monster Hunter Rise:>Actually, it won't sell like crazy[View]524949621Classic VGM soundtrack shutdown: There's this channel with almost 5000 videos of old and very o…[View]524962035Fuck you.[View]524953762Dragon Ball FighterZ: How can we stop him bros?[View]524924019So now we have: >Classicfags that are fans of the original 6 games and think everything went to s…[View]524961708> It actually has graphics is this why PC friends are …[View]524957607>'I told you, you're not allowed in the city' What did he mean by this? What did they do?…[View]524954147ALERT PC BROS: Suddenly ALL games are requiring the following & making many PCs' OUTDATED …[View]524954309MGSV Demon Edition When?[View]524951008ITT: Open World Licensed RPGs that would've been a better choice than Harry Potter: Also cateri…[View]524954903based facebook[View]524960709shill me your favorite game. I need new shit to play. Ill shill mine, pic related: 1. grimdark lovec…[View]524948924Define artificial difficulty.[View]524961326It's not over yet. One more week to see if this event will have anything to add to the upcoming…[View]524943338Finally a FF MC that doesnt look like a twink[View]524959014repeat after me: anything above 1080p is a meme![View]524945208$70 for a game I already paid for and played two generations ago And somehow this is the best game S…[View]524914956A game in the 90s would cost 90$ adjusted for inflation today. There's literally nothing wrong …[View]524958354Can we all agree that sony won and /v/ got BTFO'd today? >/v/ shilling xbox cause they are c…[View]524960867>GOD OF WAR (FIVE) 5[View]524942283Vidya Gaems: 1st gen >The origin of it all. PONG, motherfucker. 2nd gen >Video games actually …[View]524959298Best Buy is forcing the full purchase at preorder. That's not a fucking preorder- that's a…[View]524924769>Only PS5 will get LDK, Turbo, Raytracing >No divergence mode, no fixed online, no alt costume…[View]524956584Consoles are dead, except Nintendo. No games, bad graphics. Grow up, get a Pc.[View]524956787>murders hundreds of people >experiences torture >just marries, has a kid, with no mental i…[View]524954521The ONLY thing I want to know, is CAN YOU PLAY QUIDDITCH IN A SERIOUS MANNER AND NOT SOME SHITTY MIN…[View]524957743DUTCH, I COUGHT THE 'RONA THING[View]524953516What. The. Fuck.: The Playstation is selling for 10000 NOK which is the equivalent of 1100 USD. What…[View]524960073>>be me pajeet >>look at the prices of consoles >>35k rs for xbox series s (475$) …[View]524957439Could a console-PC hybrid work? Gaming like on a console, but work like on a PC (Linux, Windows).[View]524958519>GET READY FOR THE NEW NORMAL What did they mean by this?[View]524958701Post your preferred gamer fuel[View]524962709>Reddit now makes better /v/-related content than /v/ ever did…[View]524959720>essential npc dies[View]524936561Ryse: Son of Rome: >Out-movie gamed anything ever released on the PS4 >Better cinematic experi…[View]524959821Congratulations, Erlson![View]524941735PLAYSTATION 5 Pre-order Thread 2: RIP Best Buy Sony please make more game boxes[View]524958804slay the spire clone with magic cards when?[View]524959735So /v/, what do you think of text+image playthroughs? It really depends on who's doing it.…[View]524959634...[View]524949495>removed the SLAY sound Souls status: lost[View]524954967>MUH ROBOTS HAVE FEELINGS NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Nah fuck off, I’m still gonna murder them all.…[View]524951954>Video game series starts becoming a parody of itself the longer it goes on Is every long-running…[View]524959084>trading wizard cards with other kids on the playground without the prefects or teachers catching…[View]524957416Will Fight Simulator be a launch title in Xbox? My PC doesn't run it too well. If yes I think t…[View]524959318i just jailbreak my ps3 slim and now i looking for some vidya what site anons use to download games …[View]524957160>One copy of Final Fantasy XVI please.[View]524958103Is it dead /v/?[View]524954510/v/, let's be honest. a lot of people buying the ps5 don't even have a proper television f…[View]524949891Why is Minecraft just not as good as it used to be?[View]524959018Just make it a Bully style game where you attend magic classes as well as having an overarching stor…[View]524955129They’re gonna add a new island / area right? whats the point of bringing it to next gen if theyre no…[View]524957513MDE hype thread.[View]524958909>steals your ray tracing technology >steals your VR mode…[View]524958345ROCK: ROBOT ROCK ROCK ROBOT ROCK[View]524958460Wow the new jannies are truly something: They are fast, they do their jobs, looks like the containme…[View]524954778>game has daily and weekly challenges[View]524951506OH NO NO NO NO[View]524958623Yoshida did it. He's saved Final Fantasy once again. How do I know? Because the FFXVI threads h…[View]524957582Do they fug?[View]524958305>[View]524948824PS5 = Trump XBox Series X= Biden[View]524953019Just started playing Jump Force: Why does this character suck at Gungi so much?[View]524957916Reminder, after that complete embarrassment of a Sony conference it's only 5 (FIVE) more hours …[View]524953343Do you think she smokes weed?[View]524953195FFXVI will be cute, but not funny.[View]524938594heh...[View]524935158*huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff**huff*......*huff**huf…[View]524944195>Sony paid for RayTracing timed exclusivity in DMC5SE[View]524955519WHO'S READY FOR THE 24TH?[View]524958016My favorite video game?:>Yeah tell me if you heard of this one[View]524957238fuck epic: fuck epic[View]524951971This is the VR gen: All these casuals hyped for consoles not realizing VR is what will dominate the …[View]524957774bullets per minute: what the fuck does the cleaning shield do and what the fuck does the mind flay h…[View]524952875Monster Hunter World: Iceborne vs Generations Ultimate: I have a switch and PC, and I wanna get into…[View]524957448Rune Factory 5 hopes: When will we get more news on Rune Factory 5? What are your expectations? What…[View]524957427>RDR2 and MHW can finally be maxed at 4k/60 and on a $700 GPU I'm happy, but even if they…[View]524952478Disgusting[View]524957404>tfw you have hacked ps4 and can just pirate all ps5 games probably pick up xbox instead desu…[View]524955742Today's the day, MHbros.[View]524957367Snowrunner: I have a theory. Snowrunner is set in the post apocalypse after a catastrophic war. 1. A…[View]524955753THIS is the new numbered Final Fantasy?[View]524953527Which games will be the PS5 day one launch titles available? Everything seems to always say 2021. Bu…[View]524957098Will there be more games at TGS for PS5 launch?[View]524956847itt: oh yeah, that happened[View]524940120Bros... Elden Ring news... where.. ah[View]524956950Why is MGS2 so much better than the rest of the trilogy? On my 2nd playthrough of it despite having …[View]524945470Let's have proper monster hunter thread! Which tigrex is your favorite? https://www.strawpoll.…[View]524922587Marvel Vs Capcom: What are your hopes for the next MVC?[View]524933989Which house are you going to pick?[View]524955394>When I questioned Mr Ryan about the possibility of a similar service, he said PlayStation was ab…[View]524953476What is he thinking about?[View]524956462FFXVI looking great so far.[View]524953242User scores for Majora’s Mask when it first came out 20 years ago[View]524956741Has Sony slipped FROM some cash to delay Elden Ring so that Demon Souls can take center stage with P…[View]524931546>Still can't play senran kagura 7even uncensored Snoy can literally fuck off forever…[View]524954440So you mean to tell me they let the faggot that directed this game direct a mainline FF title?[View]524952537What else /v/???[View]524951671Bros...[View]524956619Why did they sexualize zelda so much? Its really creepy of nintendo to do that. They only did it for…[View]524951458Are you ready for the announcement today, Etrianbros?[View]524953696Why does it look so Disney? The running animation looks like how Mickey Mouse runs.[View]524953741My wife Kasumi[View]524916298What went wrong?[View]524934629Virtual Reality: Just got my paycheck, boys. Is VR worth the price? I want to play that cute loli bl…[View]524941206*Hyper armors and stunlocks u* >heh, there can be only one dragon, kid. yakuza thread why cant K…[View]524956193based space man[View]524956295BASED FREE RTX 3080 / PLAYSTATION 5[View]524956264PlayStation® Console exclusive ***** Also available on PC Why is anti-consumer practices like exclus…[View]524950270I beat Bloodborne, so why i am i having so much trouble with RE4? It’s literally too hard for me to …[View]524954996Will I be able to atleast pre order series x?: Or will they run out like the ps5 did?[View]524949451Baldur is blessed with invulnerability to all threats, both physical or magical.[View]524954601What went wrong?[View]524955463just admit it, this scene made you cry[View]524955113What even was the point ?: Imagine spending three games shipping two characters together onky to hav…[View]524946119Dropping this game because of this shit playerbase.: I really don't mind the trash talking or r…[View]524928036how can anything compete with this?[View]524894182>NOOOOOOO YOU CAN'T JUST BUY LITERALLY THREE OF THE BEST GAMES EVER MADE!!!!! THEYRE LAZY RO…[View]524948839Epic moments in gaming[View]524951335You can only pick three[View]524953998>Thank God the PS5 isn't $599! >Proceed to spend $800 on one Snoys everyone.…[View]524955073Ps5: Will you hack your PS5, Anon-kun?[View]524953206>game you're not interested in >friends: its EXACTLY like (game)!!! >fine I'll fu…[View]524954645When is bloodborne coming to PC?: I literally bought horizon zero dawn day one for this.[View]524940009viva los juegos[View]524949787Aleste Collection just announced: Yup, I'm thinking it's kino. But: >tfw no Musha and R…[View]524948482This is literally, unironically, and definitively the best game of all time[View]524949668Eurobros, you're not seriously going to pay the equivalent of 100$ for the same old games, are …[View]524954768W̶̩̩͎̜̊̀̂̋̈́̀͗͠͠h̶̛̗̭̰̩͌͗̎̃̓̿͛̀̂̓͘͜͠͠y̵̖̖̠̭͍̳̒͂́̽̃̿̄́̚̕͠ ̷̢̘͙̯̬̟̰̼̰͇̿̎́͆̇̽̒́̈̂͒́ḑ̴̘̗͌̓̒͐̌̔́͑͌͛͗͘ì̴͘…[View]524952896'XBOX ON!' >'INITIATING YOUR XBOX EXPERIENCE' 'XBOX, ACTIVATE THE VIDEO GAMES!!!' >…[View]524936287Wishlist? >Explorable Chamber of Secrets >Quidditch >Explorable Forbidden Forest >Invisi…[View]524946786What's it about?[View]524942342Dota Won.[View]524938814>Sony first-party games for PS5 will be $70 Snoy boys will defend this.…[View]524952741Why are Americans so insensitive?[View]524954001Just finished this, weakest one in the series imo, but still a good game[View]524954356STOP: you have 10 seconds to give me a single FUN PS4 game and you can't say bloodborne because…[View]524953397>missed ps5 preorder and change of scalping retarded gamer[View]524953624Dragon's Dogma: What is the best party composition and why is it quad fighters? Also that crapp…[View]524948709d-dont forget to preorder an xbox too, guys[View]524952895>He bought an oculus How's it feel giving up your data?[View]524951398So what games does the PS5 have?[View]524954215Now that the dust has settled. Can we agree the 3DS is far better than the switch?[View]524950108>game has magic mechanic where enemys are usually weak to certain types of damage >i just use…[View]524944921Reminder if you buy a PS5 you are literally letting sony tell you what media you can and cannot cons…[View]5249003082hus: Is /v/ currently working on a specific 1CC clear? Went back to EoSD myself and Sakuya is still…[View]524954027Current rumors that FINAL FANTASY XVI is somewhat connected to XIV: What does /v/ think? Ardbert bro…[View]524952192Chuunibyo/Autism: share your chuinibyo/autism related gaming storie >be me >Around 10 to 12 ye…[View]524947642When will humans get nerfed? They've been dominating the meta for quite a while now. The Covid …[View]524952664CYBERPUNK 2077 SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS TO BE ANNOUNCED TOMORROW: During the Night City Wire[View]524949118>see a trailer for a game >it looks comfy as hell >all japanese symbols >can't eve…[View]524953559Is anyone else really annoyed by this? While it's nice to be able to play the game on the old c…[View]524948378Game Pass Ultimate >$15 a month >hundreds of games including first party titles at launch >…[View]524953678 When will China finally nuke the (((United States of Ame…[View]524953553Ps5 preorder sold out in less than 1 hour: Will you be waiting for the 2021 shipment? Fucking sony, …[View]524953158He did nothing wrong.[View]524953503>Check to see how MS responds to getting btfo today >see this This is cringe and cope. How do …[View]524950202>fighting boss>LVL: ?????[View]524948909Imagine being this called out by a CEO Meanwhile shills downplaying Fall Guys here 24/7 It's ov…[View]524950352FUCK YOU CORONA FUCK YOU Now I have to pay extra to get it from the store.[View]524950382I'm enjoying the /v/ seething and crying over remakes that look better than the original. You j…[View]524950034Shoots you in the head[View]524952872WTF did I just play?[View]524952007Selvaria bles.[View]524923606WAKE UP IN THE MORNING FEELING LIKE P DIDDY[View]524951965Stick with 1080TI and skip buying new consoles. That's your message?[View]524952612Retroid Pocket 2 THREAD >what are you waiting for, nintendo to make one? POST YOUR >color >…[View]524945487Why does Argus, the 15th colossus, not simply squeeze his hand?[View]524950090My wife.[View]524950228What are the chances that a new Monster Hunter game gets announced today at the Mini Direct?[View]524952309>Boss goes into his 3rd stage >He describes in detail that summer with billy >Transforms in…[View]524951609Did MGS2 really deserve a 97?[View]524952130Mario 3D All Stars: Say what you want and think what you want but this will succeed and no amount of…[View]524949319>PC gaming...…[View]524946948ITT: Video game characters that are literally you.[View]524951228This piece of shit will have thermal problems won't it?[View]524951731So I've only learn of this fact today. That it was Kitase who wanted the major change to FF7R s…[View]524951935where is it???[View]524951904I CANT FIND THIS BITCH ANYWHERE AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA[View]524945319Let's exclude MK8D because it was bundled Animal Crossings: 22,400,000*60 = $1,344,000,000 Sup…[View]524951924Game of the Century[View]524946912>Can't discuss the vidya industry in other counties because HURRR MUH OFFTOPIC AMURIKAH ONLY…[View]524951187Xbox: 'How come they dont want me' edition? Guys I dont think the gamepass argument is working anymo…[View]524951403damn Silvia looks like THAT?![View]524946283If I put a PS4 game disc into the PS5: Disk Edition, will it play the PS4 game disk?[View]524949748Isn't this kind of racist?
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