Alfred Security Cam app Archives

Alfred Security Cam app Archives

Alfred Security Cam app Archives

Alfred Security Cam app Archives


If you have a house that will be empty when you’re traveling, you’ll like Alfred!

Alfred is a free app and the only hardware it needs is an old smartphone or tablet that you’re not using anymore. Your house will also need a good, always on, Internet connection with WiFi. It started as an Android only App but recently released an iOS version. The Android version has a few more features, but both work.

The Camera(s)

  1. Using an old phone or tablet, connect to WiFi and download the Alfred App from the play store. Install Alfred and log in using your Google account.
  2. Set that phone in a location where it has a good view of what you want to watch, plug it into power and turn on the Alfred app. This is your Camera – just leave it on, using Alfred, all the time.

The Viewer

  1. With your current Android phone, install Alfred and log in to your google account so you can view what the camera(s) are seeing – this phone is your Viewer.

That’s it! And it’s Free! Alfred also handles sound, it could be a baby monitor where you hear the baby crying, or you could shout at burglars! Note: the iPhone camera does not support 2-way talk. It also has motion detection and can send a notification to your phone when something is happening. When the motion detector triggers a notification, it will also automatically record the camera stream for 5 seconds. You can manually record the view anytime.

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, Alfred Security Cam app Archives

Alfred Home Security Camera, Baby Monitor, Webcam

Over 20 million families around the world have chosen Alfred Camera to secure their home. We are the world's most popular and top-rated app for home security.


People love Alfred Camera! The all-in-one app provides more features than a basic, expensive security camera. You can get live stream, motion sensor, low-light filter, walkie-talkie, and siren to deter intruders.


If you want a CCTV or IP webcam to keep an eye on your belongings, a baby monitor to look after your newborn, or a dog monitor to entertain your lovely pets, Alfred Camera is the best choice!


DIY your own home security camera in 3 minutes. No cost, no hard skills; just one old phone! Alfred Camera is the easiest-to-install smart home solution.


You don’t need a security guard to defend your front door and backyard! Alfred will take care of what matters the most. Unlike a traditional CCTV camera or IP webcam, you can put Alfred wherever you need to strengthen home security.

If you rent an apartment, you might want to make sure that your landlord or roommate doesn’t enter your room without permission. When you travel, you might want to make sure your hotel room is safe. In either case, you need a portable video camera that lets you zoom in or put the low-light filter to see the details.


With crystal clear live stream, you'll always know exactly what's going on, no matter where you are. Additionally, Alfred's motion sensor will send you an instant alert when it detects an intruder. You can scare the intruder away by speaking through the walkie-talkie immediately. The auto-recorded videos will be kept in a free and unlimited cloud storage. You can download them and use them as evidence to help identify the suspect.


Alfred Camera has all of the standard features of a home security camera, along with the following:

• 24/7 LIVE STREAM: Watch the high-quality live video from anywhere.
• MOTION SENSOR: Get instant alert when the camera picks up any movement.
• CLOUD STORAGE: Playback, download, and share your video footage at any time.
• LOW-LIGHT FILTER: Reinforce security when it's dark.
• WALKIE-TALKIE: Deter thieves, interact with visitors or pets, and soothe babies.
• ZOOM, SIREN and more...


First time choosing a CCTV or IP camera? Still hoping to find good reviews on an expensive baby monitor or dog monitor? You can protect your home with this smart home solution. You don’t even need to buy a real CCTV camera, baby monitor, IP camera, or IP webcam.

Besides the cost of the equipment, these smart home appliances often charge a monthly fee. With security apps like Alfred, there is no complicated installation, IP settings, or contract. You only have to download Alfred to repurpose your old devices as a DIY WiFi Camera or baby monitor: pure and simple.

Alfred Camera can also be used as a parental control device. You can easily help your kids settle arguments by talking through the walkie-talkie, zoom in to see if they’re doing their homework or playing video games, and you can get crystal clear images by putting the low-light filter when they sleep.

Everyone is taking advantage of their unused smartphones by turning them into a walkie-talkie, parental control device, or video camera. So why not use yours as a baby monitor, dog monitor, webcam or IP camera?

Some features of this app require Device Administrator permission.

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Alfred Security Cam app Archives

How to Turn Your Old Smartphone Into a CCTV Camera

Upgrading your phone every couple of years, if not every year, is fast becoming the norm, and while you would of course try and sell the old phone, sometimes the value of smartphones drops so quickly that selling older hardware isn't really worth the effort. The end result is that you could have a smartphone lying around the house, just taking up space in a drawer.

If you're looking for a simple way to find a good use for the device, we've got an easy to set up project that you can do without too much time or effort: you can turn the phone into a security camera.

There are a number of reasons why you might want a security camera in the house, to set up a simple CCTV (closed circuit television) monitoring your home, or office. Installing specialised CCTV equipment is pretty expensive though, and not something most people can do by themselves. But using an old phone is a cheap alternative that's also easy. All you need is an old smartphone or tablet, and the right software.

When it comes to CCTV apps, there are hundreds of it in each software repository. Search for 'CCTV' in Android Play store, and here's what the results page looks like:

Sorting through this list was a challenge, and we tested out most of the free apps that were available. Among the popular apps that we saw on Google Play, some such as CCTV Mobile didn't open on a Samsung Galaxy S7 or on a Lenovo Vibe K4 Note. Another app that had good ratings on Google Play, called Viewtron's CCTV DVR, worked for a few minutes before crashing, and reinstalling did not fix the problem.

LineCCTV, which is downloaded by thousands of people, turned out to be a fake app. We had plenty of other bad experiences until we tried out Home Security Camera - Alfred, and Web Camera Online: CCTV IP Cam. Both apps worked reliably, though they lacked many features that were mentioned elsewhere. Another popular app, FetchCam has a terrible user interface that made it hard to set up.

Finally, we zeroed-in on an app called AtHome. Apart from the straightforward UI and plethora of features, what separates this app from the others we tried is its reliability.

Having gotten a hold of an old phone, and finalised which app to use, the next step was to set it up and get things running. For this to work, you need one old phone that has a working Wi-Fi connection. You'll want to fix it in such a location that you can connect the charger to it as well; because you don't want the battery to run out in the middle of recording. You also need one phone or tablet to view the video feed, or you can also do this from your Windows PC. This is what you need to do.

1) Install AtHome Video Streamer- Monitor (Android | iOS) on your old smartphone. This handset will be used for streaming the camera feed.

2) Now, download the AtHome Monitor app (Android | iOS) on the device you want to receive the CCTV feed. This phone or tablet will be used for viewing the camera feed.

3) On the 'camera' and the viewing phone both, launch the respective apps. As soon as it goes online, the AtHome Video Streamer will generate a unique Connection ID (CID) along with a username and password. You can enter this information on the phone you'll use to monitor the feed.

Or you could just scan the QR code like we did, which saves a fair bit of time.

3) On the device you'll use to monitor the feed, you need to launch the AtHome Monitor app (called AtHome Camera on iOS) and then you can enter the account details above, or click to add a feed using the QR code generated above.

Scan the code and your CCTV streamer and receiver are up and running.

4) Want to access the CCTV stream on your desktop computer? If you're on Windows, you can. All you need to do is download and install the AtHome Camera desktop client.

If your machine has a webcam then it can scan the QR code just like in step 3; otherwise you'll need to create a username in step 2 and log-in that way instead.

You can add and monitor up to four camera streams in the desktop client.

5) The app is packed with features such as scheduled recording, and two-way talk. You can switch between the front and rear camera and enable the LED flash remotely.

More importantly, you can record the stream or take a snapshot. The video is stored in SD quality MP4 format. That is much better than what majority of CCTVs can pull off.

Saving a minute of stream takes up 3MB of storage. An entire day's (24 hours) feed can take up to 4.5GB, so if you're using the camera for round the clock surveillance you'll want to transfer the files to your computer daily.

Coming to the subject of data usage, the AtHome streamer used 64MB in 10 minutes. The viewer utilises the same amount of data. Undoubtedly, it makes sense to stick to Wi-Fi and not use cellular data. Thankfully, since the app can detect motion and notify you about it, you don't need to record the data or transmit it non-stop.

Almost every feature of this app works without any upgrade. The only paid feature that you might want is the cloud service that allows you to backup the stream on company's servers, which is optional.

That's all there is to it - four steps, a couple of easy to use free apps, and you've managed to salvage an old phone that was just wasting space in your house, and find a good use for it instead.

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