Agricultural games on PC Archives

Agricultural games on PC Archives

agricultural games on PC Archives

agricultural games on PC Archives

The best sports games on PC

Sports games come in various shapes and sizes, some of them have almost nothing in common, but they’re both undeniably fun to play. This post break sport games into four broad categories. Sports Simulations, which attempt to realistically describe a sport, Sports Management games which is quite self explanatory by the name itself, Arcade Sports, which demonstrate a stylised version of a real sport, and Fantasy Sports, which are newly invented. There’s also a lot of crossover such as Rocket League which is loosely based on football.

Fifa 2018

Developer: EA Sports

Release Date: Sep 2017

EA’s annual football series is absolutely popular right now, especially since a surprisingly compelling single player story mode is added. Different from PES, Fifa’s strength is on a Xavi-esque short, quick passing game. If you’re looking to play online, Fifa will be your top choice, as it has developed a strong and healthy online community to make sure it’s always easy to find a game. 

PES 2018

Developer: Konami

Release Date: Sep 2017

While Fifa is ideal for those interested in the single player story or online multiplayer, PES is perfect for local multiplayer, or when one wants to dive into the signature Master League. They are played slightly differently, as PES is a more frenetic game with long passes and lofted through balls at a faster paced.

Out of the Park Baseball 18 

Developer: Out of the Park Developments

Release Date: Mar 2017

It’s abnormal that there is only few sports have a Football Manager equivalent, but it is understandable that baseball has one. Out of the Park Baseball doesn’t change much throughout the year, still the underlying game remains the same with an engrossing way to live out your Moneyball fantasies.

Motorsport Manager

Developer: Playsport Games

Release Date: Nov 2016

It’s a sensible sport being adapted into a management game. Motorsport Manager is a combination of strategy and cars racing. Between races players spend time improving and upgrading vehicle, then develop strategic calls like what kind of tires to use or when to make a pit stop. Such a real experience without having to bother getting your hands dirty steering the thing.

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, agricultural games on PC Archives

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agricultural games on PC Archives

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