CCleaner Pro 5.49 patch Archives

CCleaner Pro 5.49 patch Archives

CCleaner Pro 5.49 patch Archives

CCleaner Pro 5.49 patch Archives

CCleaner Pro 5.70.7909 Crack + License Key 2020 Full Download


Today I am going to be going over CCleaner Crack and giving you a brief overview of the program. CCleaner Pro With Crack CCleaner Pro is the full version that contains all the advanced and paid features.

It will help you in the maintenance process and make your life very easy and hassle-free. So download the software from the link below and enjoy the software for free. So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Interface & Features Of CCleaner Pro Crack + License key:


So when you open it up, you’re first created with the cleaner tab. And under is the windows and applications tab, your windows are straightforward. It’s just everything that was installed with your OS, and you can go ahead and analyze that and run CCleaner on them.

And then you have your applications the third-party software, programs that you’ve downloaded anything from browsers to your applications utilities just stuff of that nature. Anything that you’ve downloaded.

Registry & Backup:

Next, we have the registry where you can scan for issues because issues with registries are pretty common. But then you can fix those issues like clicking the button down here fix selected issues, and then you’re greeted with a window where you can backup your changes, which is extremely useful. Just in case there’s a mistake because it does sometimes happen so you can backup your changes and go back if need.

Uninstall UI:

Also, you have other tools, so you have the uninstall UI. You can easily access them through CCleaner, where you can uninstall, repair, rename, or delete.


You have the startups which show you the programs that run as soon as you start up or boot up your computer.

Browser Plugins:

Moreover, you have your browser plugins where you have your browser add-ons. You have Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome any extensions that you’ve added can be found here.

Disk Analyzer:

Next, you have a disk analyzer so you can choose which disk you want to analyze, any categories, and then you go ahead and click analyze, and then it’ll show you which category is taking up the most space in your computer. It’s handy for organizing and figuring out which folders you want to delete.

Easily clean registry and browsing history

The list of operations that can be accomplished with the help of this tool is not a long one, but it’s pretty straightforward.

This utility can gather information on the machine, while offering the possibility to speed it up & free additional storage space by cleaning temporary files & cache, along with temporary system files & Windows registry.

You can use this utility only for performing an analysis of your PC, to manage the amount of free space created through removing said unwanted files. Also, or you can run the cleaner right away, as this utility will still inform you of what has been removed.

Additionally, users can run the Registry Cleaner tool to scan their computer for issues. It will also prompt us to fix any discovered problems, but we can select which of them should be resolved.

You can also uninstall apps, wipe drives.

Since temporary files aren’t the only ones that take up space on the PC, it can also be useful to uninstall applications that you no longer need.

At the same time, it’ll allow you to view startup applications and system restore points, or to find various files on the computer. If we want to free up even more space, we can easily wipe entire drives or make sure that the free space is clean.

Duplicate Finder:

We have the duplicate finder, so here you can choose any driver, folder, and you can usually duplicate come in with music or movie folders. Movie files and those take up a lot of space any duplicates, so removing it can give your storage more breathing room.

System Restore:

Alright, so next, you have system restore points. You can manage them all up here. All you can manage all of them and then you can also remove them. And removing them should free you a lot of space as well.

Wipe Your Drives:

Also, you have the option to wipe your drivers. So you select the drive, and then you choose which type of wipe. And then you can select one pass which is not that secure come or down to thirty-five very secure passes. It’s useful for compassionate information on your computer.


Moving on to other options. We have the settings, and this is your basic settings to control how CCleaner functions. Here you’ll have just little things like run CCleaner when it starts, the type of deletion of any files or folders. You can do a normal file deletion, or you can choose a secure file deletion. Similar to how you wipe your drive.

Whitelist Feature:

It is a cool feature. So when you log into Facebook, and you click, remember me, and the next time you log into Facebook, it remembers your credentials. Well, when you run a cleaning program like this, you delete all cookies, and it can be annoying to relog into Facebook or any social media like that and keep doing so.

Session cleaner has the option where you can whitelist a cookie, and that prevents you from real logging every time. It’s a handy feature.

Include & Exclude:

Moreover, you have your include where you can choose which files or folders you want to remove with CCleaner. And then you have the opposite with exclude.


Also, this is one of my favorite features, so you can completely customize the schedule of when CCleaner runs. So you have the time when the date starts, the date over here as well. And each month and then you could choose if it’s monthly, daily, or weekly. You can just completely customize it to your liking.


Next, we have the monitoring, so this allows you to choose the threshold of the data that then prompts you to do something with CCleaner. So you can either prompt to clean or prompt to open automatically open or automatically clean without notification. So you can customize that.

Besides, you can do automatic cleaning with your browsers as well, and then you have the option even to be asked or do not monitor in general.

Users Tab:

We have the users tab where you choose which users get CCleaner and which users don’t okay straightforward.

Advanced tab:

Finally, you have the Advanced tab, which allows you to show like any additional settings of how this app functions. You can control that with things like showing initial detail view or hide warning messages or close or shutdown after cleaning little stuff like that with CC cleaner.

System Requirments:

  • Windows OS: 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10.
  • Mac OS: 10.6, 10.11, and also 64 editions.

How To Crack:

  • First, download the software with Crack from the Below Link or button.
  • After that, install the file and open it.
  • Copy Activation key and paste it.
  • Finally, all process Done.
  • Now enjoy it.
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, CCleaner Pro 5.49 patch Archives
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CCleaner Pro 5.49 patch Archives

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