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best proxy switcher Archives

What is a Proxy Judge?

A Proxy Judge is a script that is hosted online that outputs visitor's information that was sent to that server. The main purpose of such script is to check and validate proxy servers. The way most proxy checkers test and validate proxies, is by making a proxy connect to a proxy judge and parsing its output to determine what kind of information that particular proxy reveals, and then derive its level of anonymity, performance metrics, and other features from that information.

Without a proxy judge, a successful connection made to some random website through a proxy would only tell us that the proxy server "works", but it doesn't tell us much else such as the additional information sent with each request and the level of anonymity that that particular proxy provides.

Typical text response sent by a proxy judge.

Where can you find reliable Proxy Judges?

Setting up a proxy judge is very easy and it can cost nothing so there is no shortage of proxy judges on the Internet and finding them is easy. The problem is that most of the public proxy judges are unreliable because they are hosted on slow or unstable servers, so if a proxy judge gets too popular, then the server slows down or even shuts down. If that happens, then tests done with a proxy judge will either fail or timeout marking the proxy server as dead even if it's alive.

List of Proxy Judges

Instead of compiling a huge list of every proxy judge we could find, we decided instead to list only the most reliable and established proxy judges that are not likely to disappear.

Is a default proxy judge used by our online proxy checker and other software made by us and other people. It is one of the oldest proxy judges on the Internet that has been online since at least 2011 and is unlikely to ever go offline, because so many software applications depend on it. It is the default proxy judge for testing proxies on Elite Proxy Switcher.

Default list of proxy judges used by Elite Proxy Switcher

Online since 2012 and is being used as a default proxy judge by many premium proxy list providers.

Parsing information from Proxy Judge

If you are using some popular proxy-related piece of software, then all you need is to input the URL of the proxy judge that you wish for it to use, and the software will automatically figure out how to connect and parse information returned.

However, if you are building a custom piece of software, or your own script that requires testing some proxy server, then parsing that response is not as obvious. One popular use, for example, is figuring out client's IP address which is returned by "REMOTE_ADDR" of proxy judge response. TODO: figure out country and precise location that that proxy served is based at.

Hosting your own Proxy Judge

If for some reason you decide to host a proxy judge on your own server, you may do so by following these steps. First you need a server that supports either PHP or Perl. Once you have your server set-up, then you need to download these azenv script files and extract the downloaded archive into some folder.

Depending on what scripting language your server supports, upload one of those files to your server and you are done!

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What is the Best Proxy Switcher Software

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Looking for a proxy switcher download that works?  Well this post will hopefully help you choose the best proxy switcher software for your needs.  The choice is very much dependent on what your requirements are, so please read on and ask any questions in the comments below.

If You’re Looking for Anonymity and Privacy 

One of the problems with standard VPN and proxy programs is that although they add a layer of security in most cases, they also raise a red flag for anyone who looks at their data.

 To understand this concept just think of a standard log in your local ISP for an ordinary internet user.  The log will contain a list of all the websites that user visited, files downloaded, servers contacted.

Much of this data is readable, but some will be encrypted such as communication completed through an SSL connection such as banking sites.   However the locations and addresses of the web servers will all be visible.

What’s Different about the Logs of VPN Users?

There’s fundamentally two distinct differences between the logs of a standard user and those of a user who accesses the internet using a VPN service.

  1. Data is encrypted.   All the logs of a VPN user are encrypted, so there is no visible data which is readable by anyone looking a the logs.  This is of course one of the primary reasons people use VPNs to ensure that their communications are private and not accessible by any intermediate such as an ISP or other intermediate with access to this data.
  2. Destinations are hidden.  The log for a traditional user will contain all the server addresses and names that they visit.  However for the VPN user there will be only a single address visible – that of the VPN server that is being accessed.

There’s nothing wrong with this situation however the second point means that in some ways the VPN users data will stand out from the rest.  The repeated requests for a single unique address will mark out that connection as related to a VPN or proxy.  In some ways this is exactly the opposite effect that the VPN user desires, they still have more privacy than a non-protected user but their data is highlighted because it all travels through a single location.

There is a further issue that if anyone wanted full unencrypted logs, these would be accessible from one single location – the VPN server (although it should be highlighted that most of these servers don’t store the logs anyway).

So what are the options for a VPN user how can they stop their data from standing out and protect against the fact that it is all potentially available from a single source.  Well what a few of the more secure VPN providers have done is incorporate the best proxy switching software into their connections, like Identity Cloaker which offers the ability to switch the servers used automatically.  Identity Cloaker has a proxy switcher feature which automatically changes the server used for the VPN connection.  It can be configured easily and allows an automatic proxy switcher to connect via different servers, countries or physical locations after a specified duration.

This means that you could configure your connection to switch from a VPN server in the UK after ten minutes to switch to a US server, then a French one and so on.  Your data would never be accessible on a single location and the logs although still completely encrypted would now look much more like any other user with different connections being made to different servers over time.

You also have the facility to configure different settings for each individual browser.  So you don’t have to mess around deciding on the best proxy for chrome or using a plugin as a proxy selector firefox.  You can configure one browser to always use an encrypted connection and then surf in the clear via another browser.  This method makes your browsing even more low key, and is useful for reducing the encryption overhead for streams like video without having to switch out the VPN all the time.

The software sits in your task bar and encrypts your connection automatically.  If you need a specific location just switch to the right server.  It’s also possible to use your account on other devices like iPads, phones and tablets, just look for the guides in the members area. There are also versions which work with Android and Mac OS X, all included in the subscription – use one or all of them on all your devices.

As always – try the short trial first to see if it works for you – 10 Day trial Identity Cloaker

Switching Proxies for Internet and Social Marketing Needs a Different Solution

On the face of it, Identity Cloaker looks a perfect match for switching between proxies in other scenarios too. However that’s not always the case. Take for example if you’re managing multiple Instagram accounts or some other social media platforms. To do this successfully you’ll need different IP addresses to avoid blocks and filters. Certainly you can change IP address automatically or manually by clicking on a button and indeed on a very small scale this could indeed work. However it’s definitely not the ideal solution for one simple reason – the type of IP addresses that are used in most secure VPN programs.

Important – Check What IP Addresses You Need

As we can see, the proxy switcher software is actually a fairly trivial part of the solution. all it does is switch either between the individual proxies or in the case of backconnect proxies, switches between different IP addresses automatically – i.e you configure your client to connect to a single proxy IP which then switches addresses on each connection. The IP addresses used by these servers are what controls your experience online.

There are two major classification on IP addresses that most people will use at some point – commercial and residential. There are a few others but for the majority of us these are the ones we’ll encounter. All the main VPN services which hide your identity use IP addresses which are classified as commercial. These are registered by individual firms and companies and allocated to places like corporate networks or datacentres. The second major classification is residential IP addresses which are reserved for home users and allocated by Internet Service Providers.

All IP addresses work the same and allow access to the internet, yet if you want to look like a genuine, real home user then a residential IP address is needed. This can be problem when using many websites, certain platforms will look at your IP address classification when you connect. If you’re not using a residential IP address then you may have trouble performing certain functions. It’s simply not enough to just find yourself a free proxy for Mozilla Firefox and then use that, because it simply won’t work.

Many social media accounts will flag as ‘suspicious’ any accounts using commercial addresses. In fact Netflix blocks access to all non-residential addresses in order to stop people switching versions using proxies. In many situations particularly for things like research, marketing and promotional activities, it’s the IP address that you are connecting with that’s important not the proxy switcher download that you have chosen.

So if you’re touting for sneakers, trying to make a killing on ticketmaster or just have a bunch of social media accounts to run discretely – what do you need? Well it’s absolutely simple, you need to look like a standard home user which means that whatever proxies you use must be loaded with residential IP addresses not commercial ones. The slight catch is that they’re difficult to obtain as you generally have to be an ISP to obtain them directly, so you’re going to need to use a company who has access to them. The other slight drawback is that because they’re difficult to obtain, residential IP addresses are much more expensive than standard commercial ones.

The solution, if you need residential proxies are these – rotating backconnect proxies. Now these are much less complicated than their name suggest, but actually refer to proxies which have access to pools of IP addresses which they can switch at will to individual customers. It’s a much more efficient way of distributing residential IP addresses and actually means that they can be shared at a much more affordable price. The customer receives a single proxy gateway address and can configure the IP addresses they need. The addresses are then rotated according to the configuration set up, perfect for most automated tools and bots. Plus if you’re using them for social media account management then there’s no worry of people using the same addresses concurrently.

If you want some reliable residential proxies which are very easy to use, this company have a great track record and affordable prices.

So to be clear, if you’re looking to secure your internet connection, hide your logs, stop people tracking your browsing and keep yourself completely anonymous online then it’s a VPN you need. The choice of IP address is relatively unimportant in these circumstances, what is important is the encryption level, the security configuration of the servers and how the client software connects. The vast majority of these services will connect through to servers situated in datacentres with commercial IP addresses. They are suitable for anonymity and staying hidden online and also many basic SEO tasks where specific digital identity is not so important.

For other tasks make sure you’re using residential IP Proxies which look exactly like normal home users. These are the key to successful internet marketing, e-commerce and online research.

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Tech Stuff

by Kulbir Saini on Extensions, Firefox, Linux, Proxy Server, Review, Tips - Tricks

A lot of people (especially working people with mobile devices like notebook/netbooks) need to use different proxy servers at home and office. There are several Firefox extensions available to achieve the required functionality but IMHO Multiproxy Switch(Mozilla Addon Page) is the best because

  1. Its simple and easy to use. It does what it should. No fancy/extra terrestrial stuff. Just switch proxies 🙂
  2. Easy and Firefox like interface to specify different proxies. Many extensions add their own fancy interfaces for specifying proxies which eventually suck big time.
  3. I am a fan of this one. The No-Proxy list. I could never understand those regular expression based no-proxy lists in FoxyProxy. Multiproxy Switch has Firefox like No-Proxy list which rocks and understandable 🙂

If you happen to come across a better proxy switcher for Firefox, do let us know 🙂

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